Monday, November 30, 2009

Declaration of War

In November of 1984, Robert Jay Mathews of The Order issued this declaration of war. It's even more relevant today than it was 25 years ago, as our situation has grown far more dire and a sense of urgency is required.

Declaration of War

"It is now a dark and dismal time in the history of our Race. All about us lie the green graves of our sires, yet, in a land once ours we have become a people dispossessed. Our heroes and culture have been insulted and degraded. The mongrel hordes clamor to sever us from our inheritance. Yet our people do not care.

Throughout this land our children are being coerced into accepting nonwhites for their idols, their companions, and worst of all for their mates. A course which has taken us straight to oblivion. Yet our people do not see. Not by accident but by design these terrible things have come to pass. It is self-evident to all who have eyes to see that an evil shadow has fallen across our once fair land. Evidence abounds that a certain, vile, alien people have taken control of our country. How is it that a parasite has gained dominion over its host? Instead of being vigilant our fathers have slept.

What are we to do? How bleak these aliens have made our children's future. All about us the land is dying. Our cities swarm with dusky hordes. The water is rancid and the air is rank. Our farms are being seized by usurious leeches and our people are being forced off the land. The capitalists and communists pick gleefully at our bones while the vile, hook-nosed masters of usury orchestrate our destruction.

We hereby declare ourselves a free and sovereign people. We claim a territorial imperative that will consist of the entire North American continent north of Mexico. As soldiers of the Aryan Resistance Movement(ARM) we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

We now close this Declaration with an open letter to congress and our signatures confirming our intent to do battle. Let friend and foe alike be made aware: This Is War! We the following of sound body and mind under no duress, do hereby sign this document of our own free will, stating forthrightfully and without fear that we declare ourselves to be in a full and unrelenting state of war with those forces seeking and consciously promoting the destruction of our Faith and our Race. Therefore, for Blood, Soil and Honor, and for the future of our children, we commit ourselves to battle. Amen."

The Order, BrĂ¼der Schweigen


  1. I clicked on their banner thinking you might have that FTO website. Some good reads there.

    Alot of folks might not realize he was just 31 when he died. While we may not agree with all that each member believed in, hindsight tends to be 20/20 from the comfort of our homes. They were family men mostly, thrust into action by the zeal they held for their people and their God.

    Right or wrong, he took it to the highest level of commitment.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. I've actually never been to the FTO website.

    If anyone's interested in learning more about these Patriots:

    "Right or wrong, he took it to the highest level of commitment."

    I respect these men, just as you do, Jeff. It pains me to hear our Kindred curse them and impugn their deeds. Some gave their lives, others, their freedom. Let's honor them with the reverence we would any soldier.

  3. The David Lane section of the FTO website is pretty interesting, and it opens on the first page with a short essay entitled "Why Wotan?"

  4. I hear the cries of the Ocean Dying. Whales, Sharks, Tigers. Fish and Orangatangs and other species. The Species facing the greatest destruction is the pure WHITE RACE. SUPER IEDS, COSMIC PIPES with KRYPTONITE to rid our enemys is needed. We must do all in our power to save our Race. BE LONE WOLF and SNEAK Better than our Hocked Nosed Counterparts. Its a long WAR.and NEVER GIVE UP!!!..