Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Domino Falls

Denying Holocaust Made a Crime in Hungary

Dey vas holocausted. How do we know? Because deez are pictures of the victims, sir! Just like picture of pile of shoes...da evidence does not lie. Ya. Dats da vey.

Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom signed a law which threatens a three-year sentence for anyone who denies that the "Holocaust" happened, reported Associated Press.

The law was adopted last month by Parliament and later approved by the head of state, who found it does not violate the constitution.

Earlier versions of the draft law, which would have criminalized being pro-Nazi or pro-Hungarian Communist regime, were rejected. The ruling Hungarian Socialist Party and the Jewish community in the country both greeted the new legislation. About 550,000 Hungarian Jews and 50,000 Gypsies were murdered during the Holocaust.


Jobbik Party, where are you?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blinded By the Right

When I was thinking about doing a post a few days ago, it was going to be called "What's up with Jim Giles?" I noted a few weeks ago that he scrubbed his entire web site down to what amounted to a blank page, and then repopulated it with only his non-racial interviews. None of the interviews with Jared Taylor, Alex Linder, Mark Potok or the nigger crime series that made for pretty good radio were put back up. His recent interviews have been with military types and strategists. I was wondering if he was trying to sweep his 'racist' past under the rug in an attempt to reinvent himself and present himself as a respectable radio host.

In listening to his shows on "conservatism", in which Revilo Oliver's book on the subject was to be the topic, but never quite gotten around to, I sort of got the answer to my question, making that post unnecessary. As it turns out, the nigger crime stuff was getting too heavy for him, and the constant contemplation and dwelling on it was having a negative effect(though I don't know how we could tell if something was bothering "Roid Rage" Giles). He kind of hinted at trying to be "non-racial" but he's back to identifying niggers by their proper terminology. (and is now again saying jews are a problem. Like the weather here in Michigan, that will change next week...)

In examining the fraud of conservatism he started calling "Tea Party" activists at random and asking them questions, particularly if there was a racial component to the "movement." Of course, all four or five of the people contacted bristled at the notion and went out of their way to explain how non-racist they were;"we are all the same", "we are all precious in God's eyes", and "we have black conservatives at our rallies!"

This is the general prevailing sentiment that I have found in dealing with these patriotard "conservative" types. People like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Shaun Hannity and the rest of the standard bearers of kosher kahn-servatism, in spite of the constant accusations from the usual suspects, are really not racists. They have this romanticized view of the world, clouded by their blind patriotic fervor, that an "American" can be of any race, creed or culture. Niggers are just Whites underneath who haven't embraced republicanism yet. Just give 'em time! They of course, fervently believe that Israel's existence is our only reason to have any foreign policy, and they probably believe these endless desert wars are for "freedom and democracy at home and abroad."

I will go so far as to say though, that these Tea Parties are implicitly White and I'll bet the majority of attendees are uncomfortable with a mulatto Marxist nigger in the command chair, and the nigger fuxation going on around them. It's so in line with human nature that, if I'm wrong, we are in worse shape than even I imagined.

Keith-O the Clown keeps asking "where are all the black faces". Typically, the response to this by TP dispshits has been to trot out the lamest response of all to charges of "racism": "we have members of all different races!" which is tantamount to saying "I can't be an anti-semite. Some of my best friends are jewish!"

The psychosis of thought that is betrayed by these weak, cowardly and defensive responses is nauseating. Why can't someone with a spine respond: "So what?! So what 99.9% of the faces are White? Are White people not allowed to assemble? To have their own interests?" This response, the correct one, of course, is so obvious to anyone not infected with self loathing jewthink, that it becomes aggravating watching these eunuchs run around in circles from the side lines.

Then there is the aspect of this Tea Party movement where the usual regime criminals want to co-opt it, like Karl "turd blossom" Rove and this aptly named spic loving curmudgeon "Dick" Armey.

"Who in the Republican Party was the genius who said now that we have identified the fastest-growing demographic in America, let's go out and alienate them? This is a nation of immigrants. ... There is room in America," he said.

This is republicunt stupidity in a nut shell. Let's keep trying to woo the same mestizoid aliens who repudiate us at the polls cycle after cycle and expect a different outcome each time, all the while the very face of the nation gets further and further away from anything recognizable as a White, First World country. Dickey, they don't want to be "Americans". They despise your old Anglo ass and can't wait to dance on your grave and rape your grand daughters while doing it. This country is being taken back, piece by piece, for Mexico. There is no "room" in America for seditious, hostile, criminal disease ridden mongoloids! And certainly none for anti-White traitors.

"When I was Republican leader, I saw to it that Tom Tancredo could not get on a stage because I saw how destructive he was," Armey said of the anti-immigration former congressman. "Republicans have to get off this goofiness. Ronald Reagan said, 'Tear down this wall.' Tom Tancredo said 'Build that wall.' Who's right? America is not a nation that builds walls. America is a nation that opens doors, and we should be that."

Yeah, get off this goofiness. What kind of a dork believes in borders, national sovereignty and keeping out thieving, murdering and raping criminals who drive down wages and create a swath of disease and destruction every where they go? Kahn-servatives, your god Ronald Reagan was a fraud. He opened the door to the flood of mexcriment with the Amnesty Act of 1986. I hear he was also responsible for getting Martin Loofer Koon day recognized as a national holiday. He's also long dead. Get over it already.

So long as these sell outs think like this, nothing is ever going to change. Well, a lot is going to change, but, they will still be left in the dust, trying to "conserve" some distant memory of what Amerikwa was, while wondering what the fuck happened to it. I utterly despise these people more than I do the most anti-White flaming faggot liberal maggot infested hippie fuck. At least these people are so repugnant that the stench alone tells you what they are. Republicunts, however, dupe a lot of White people into thinking they have their best interests at heart.

They can deny "race has anything to do with it" right up until the moment niggers and mestizos kick in the door and rape their wives and daughters right in front of them. I don't care. They are the walking dead to me. They just haven't gotten the under taker's bill yet.