Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Infantile Nigger Mind

The infantile nigger mind, on full display in the above video, never ceases to amuse, disgust and otherwise boggle the mind. The nigger mind's grasp on reality and the way things work is tenuous at best. For this negress, it is non-existent.

This eye rolling, nostril flaring sheboon is bemoaning her status as a slave to usury, and the machinations of the rat race that is modern life....conditions and hardships that are the direct result of her own choices! She rightly identifies banking as a scam, but continues, of her own free will, to make the choices that ensure her life long servitude to her debts.

She has a chip on her shoulder bigger than her ape-like head, angry that there is no free ride.

Car payments, student loans(that obviously failed to yield desirable results) and rent payments for a home she is not happy with(and in all likelihood, probably trashed the place herself, creating the environment that reflects her skewed mentality).

Life offers a full range of choices. You don't "have to work." But the consequences of that choice will most likely not be pleasant. You don't have to pay for any of the crap you've bought on credit, but the jew will hound you day and night until he recovers that pound of flesh with exorbitant interest.

Early in adulthood, I made horrible financial choices. The modern money lenders dangled "easy" credit before me and like a fool I signed on Shylock's dotted line. I had cards I didn't even use. The banksters, in an effort to entice, increased the line by as much as $3000 on some of the accounts. Hitting a rough financial patch and joblessness, I ended up needing, for a time, to use credit merely for survival rather than buying useless baubles. The interest rates on the cards were extremely high, the lowest being 19% and the highest being something like 23%. I soon became the "dead beat" that White people are programmed through shame and brow beating to never be. I found myself simply unable to pay, so I didn't.

Until I read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" some years ago, I never understood the concept of money, usury, fiat currency, the scam of fractional reserve banking, and the "Federal" Reserve's mission to destroy the United States.

Long story short, I declared the jew's debt servitude illegitimate, and in Federal Bankruptcy Court, emancipated myself from the jewish system. I merely did what corporations do in this country every day; I walked away from a bad business arrangement. No shame, no guilt, no stigma.

I haven't used the jew's "easy money" in nine years. I buy my vehicles used and pay out of pocket. I do not buy anything which I cannot readily afford to pay for with my own cash. I have rejected materialism and have essentially told "the Joneses" to go fuck themselves. I would not even buy a house unless I could pay cash for it. I have no debt.

It was a lesson learned the hard way, but it was worth it. The feeling of having the jew's parasitic debt bondage shackles removed for all time? Priceless!

This foolish, childish woman keeps smashing her hand with a hammer, then blaming the hammer for causing the agony. She's wallowing in self pity, bitter about her lot in life, refusing to take any responsibility for the mess she's created. Even if she were to choose the path that I did, she would not learn a thing from the experience, and like so many Whites and blacks alike, would soon be slipping the debt bondage shackles on again. When I was in court awaiting my hearing, I observed many on their second and third bankruptcy! Sadly, every one of them were White men and women. "You can't fix stupid."

This pissed off sheboon said she'd rather live in Apefreaka. Unsurprisingly, she is unwilling to put her money where her boot lipped mouth is, issuing the ultimate cop out: "it cost money to do dat."

She lives in an idyllic nigger fantasy world, with the requisite afrocentric nincompoopery, about achievements and conditions that are simply laughable.

Some say this video is "in your face" gloating about scamming the system, or glorifying welfare. That's not the impression I get at all. Judging by the outrage this video has engendered with niggers who are shamed by the reality represented, and the tone of the whole thing, I get the sense that this is a mockery and a repudiation of the "gimme dat shit fo' free" mentality so prevalent in the African in America community.

I think people are just thrown off by the fact that blacks are breaking out of their racial solidarity in...well, calling a spade a spade.

It is hard to believe that we have a permanent underclass which we feed while they breed, serving as a constant drain on prosperity and progress.

This is breaking with convention, but I would absolutely subsidize the real life welfare queens this video portrays as well as provide the sedentary life style that the sheboon in the first video desires. In my perfect America, no nigger would ever work. In fact, hiring a subhuman savage would be against the law. I would provide them with as much dope and self destructive implements they required and desired....provided all negroes were remanded to what amounts to a government designated reservation, which they would not be permitted to leave under any circumstances. Their "culture" of death, destruction, murder, rape and irresponsible breeding would be allowed to follow its natural course, far from evil Whitey's "oppressive" society.

We could pay for it with a fraction of the money we give Israel every year...after we cut those parasites off too. It would be a short term investment yielding long term results. The nigger problem would eradicate itself within a generation.

Yeah, I know. It's a dream more far fetched and outlandish than ancient savage niggers in dung huts harnessing electricity.