Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kikejews Shut Down Incogman

As most of you know by now, Incogman's Wordpress blog has been flushed down the memory hole by the usual suspects, in this case some kikejew hasbarats who set up Incogman for his fall by posting comments advocating violence, from my understanding of the situation.

I like Incog and have a tremendous amount of respect for his writing as well as his unwavering commitment to exposing the jew for the subversive nation wrecking parasites that they truly are. Before I ever laid eyes on his blog, I lurked at Stormfront and he was one of the most notable posters that I have yet to come across there.

The thing I disliked most about Incog's blog(though not really his fault) and the very thing that ultimately led to it being put in the recycle bin, was the high number of shit disturbing hasbarats who hijacked threads and just generally stunk up the place with vile jewthink.

May he go on to a self hosted Wordpress theme and redouble his efforts against the forces of pure evil.

Incog speaks: "Yes, they did shut me down. Permanently.

Although I have no specific knowledge of why they did it at this time (I've been up almost 3 years and had 1.8 million hits, even as a semi-censored blog). Possibly all this Lieberman bill business made them want to forestall any government request.

I was classified as "mature" and foolishly believed that this gave me a degree of "invisibility." This complete censorship came out of the blue. I have noticed a major uptick in searchs for my blog and my listing was often at the top for a wide variety of search strings. I was getting close to 4000 hits a day and was in the 400,000 range for Alexa (I'm told is pretty good for a blog).

I am not sure what exactly I'm going to do now. I can put up the email address to the Wordpress guy who responded to my email on why they did it and people can email him about the matter, should SF allow that. Maybe enough emails might change their mind.

Let me state for the record: Soon enough they'll shut down every place on the Net for White people to freely talk. Maybe even here.

The White race cannot be allowed to talk freely in any public venue, if the Jews have their way.
Are we going to let these people keep cutting off our balls forever"


The reasons this blog was shut down are perfectly clear: it was a highly trafficked, successful site that spoke hard hitting truths with each and every post. That it was effective (and therefore dangerous) is a testament to that fact. When you get too big, the kikes come gunning for you. Incog did it right. A round of applause, please...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stupid White Men (or "How to Win Friends and Influence People")

Any time that I interact with the public (which I rarely do) I am immediately brought back to the reality that most White people in America comprise the massive human block of mediocrity simply called "whiggerdom."

I went to a high school graduation party this afternoon at a neighbor's house 3 or 4 doors down, with the usual trepidation and loathing that I have for any social gathering, even (or rather especially) including familial ones.

I'm not the neighborly sort and so I don't even know if half of these people were from the neighborhood or family members of the graduate or some combination of both. After scarfing down some free grub I caught bits and pieces of a conversation at the end of my table between four fifty-something White males. One of the sacks of shit said something like "he said it should be a right to work state." Another guy, wearing a stupid t-shirt with a larger than life picture of the kike stooge "Curly" emblazoned on the front of it, gave a middle finger to that notion. A third guy said "he should move down South then." The guy with the itchy middle finger said of his Southern kinsmen "they're stupid enough to do it, too. That's why they live in those shacks down there." Some more chatter I was unable to hear because of the classic rock being piped into the garage we were sitting in, and then one of these dip shits said "that state voted for Reagan and Bush" to a round of unanimous guffaws.

I did not involve myself in the conversation, but the look of contempt that I was shooting at this clown collective was very noticeable, because for the remainder of their time at the table, one of them who was in my direct line of sight kept looking at me. They disbanded quickly and shuffled away, probably for more beer.

What these gentlemen were going on about was the fact that they were pro union saps. Somebody made mention of one of them being laid off. At the comment, a walrus-like tub of shit slapped both hands on his ample gut, now roiling with beer, and joked that the condition was due to his living the "high life" of unemployment now.

The irony was lost on them that their conditions of unemployment and hanging on tenuously to the jobs they still do have are due in part to the gouging by parasites of producers and their over priced wages and artificially created, unsustainable middle class life style. They mock the South and it's shack dwelling rubes, yet Michigan, last I checked, was hovering at or near the 50th slot in terms of states enduring economic devastation, thanks in no small part to our democrap Marxist governor.

I am unabashedly anti-union. Unions are collectivist in nature and have been a breeding ground for commie recruitment since their inception. In my experience, unions seem to exist to protect and promote the most useless bottom feeding, lazy, and non productive pieces of human refuse. I have worked in half a dozen union shops in my life time and about the only "service" they provided was a direct tap to a portion of my paycheck week in and week out.

The unions of today are pro-illegal immigration and aggressively promote a pro faggot, anti-White agenda. But the fat, drunken slobs I encountered today don't care about that because they're still, at least in some small degree, getting a piece of the pie and are still able to afford their baubles and empty amusements.

I had a conversation with a 78 year old lady who watches MSNBC religiously and praises the Kenyan Pretender but has ranted incessantly in all the years I've known her about mexcriment immigration ...oblivious to the unconnected dot staring her straight in the face. She lamented the erosion of American economic status and the culture of corruption that has allowed it. Somehow, through the course of the conversation I mentioned jews as being instrumental in the decline of Amerikwa. She said "that's what Hitler said, blaming the jews for the trouble in Germany." She then said "boy, that Hitler, he was something else, huh?" An effeminate looking boy of about 21, whom I had barely noticed sitting at our table, stopped shoveling cheesy potatoes into his mouth long enough to say "evil. Hitler was evil. Insane. He wanted to kill all those people. I seen stuff on TV about it." Incredulously, I looked at him and said that the only reason he believes that tripe is because Hitler lost the war and the victors(kikejews) write the history.

"But all those bodies on TV!" he cried. Then the old lady said, "ya know, there's people who don't believe there were concentration camps, that there wasn't mass killings." I said "How can you be sure it did happen?" "Pictures of skeletons!!!", she countered. I said I could give you a picture of anything, put a caption on it, and if it's published in a prestigious enough format I could get you to believe any absurdity I wanted you to.

Turning to the boy, I asked why would you use a delousing agent like Zyklon B for mass exterminations when they had on hand ample supplies of serin gas that could wipe out a whole train load of kikes with a single drop. "Well, that was before they was using gas" the kid said. I said, "no, Zyklon B was the gas! Why use something as inefficient as that?!" He looked down at his plate and said, "well, I don't know much about gas or nothing like that". In between all the talk of skeletons and kikejews, some other lout in a cap with a deer on it shouted "Hitler was tryin' to create a master race!" I didn't have time to tell this buffoon that this was a false notion and that he was already a part of the "master race" and had better wake the fuck up, because he got up from the table laughing and shaking his head and exited. Apparently, he was a fully jewdaized White American male, what Pastor Martin Lindstedt would call a "zogling whigger ass clown."

I asked if Hitler was the first person in history to expel the jews. The old lady said no, it's been happening for thousands of years. I asked why she thought that might be. Doesn't it say something about the jewish character, I offered in order to get her to the right conclusion. A light went on for the span of two seconds...but quickly went dim as she said, "well, maybe everybody just picks on them." The boy looked uncomfortable. He quickly shoveled the rest of his food down so he could get the hell out of there and away from the "crazy Hitler lover."

The table had been cleared and the old lady went silent. Rather than continue the discourse she made mention of how good the cake was. It was time to go. I walked past some shuffling drunks and went home. I walked by a group of young twenty or thirty something punks. One of them said something like "hey, hows it going". I replied with the sort of empty, phony salutation one makes in such situations. As I was walking away, I heard his friend say "who is that guy?" Fitting that I should be a stranger in my own neighborhood just as I seem to be a stranger to my race whom I have increasing difficulty relating to as the years pile up. The banality and general stupidity of most people has turned me into a misanthrope. We don't have a jew and nigger problem, we've got a whigger problem.

Why even bother broaching these taboo subjects in public anymore? Why endure the undying stupidity of White people who just don't have a clue? It's impossible in such situations to bring people up to speed with information that took me years of study and consideration to arrive at. Well, for one, I detest the idiotic small talk that most people engage in at these events. Any chance to alleviate the boredom and engage in at least a one sided substantive discourse is worth taking in my book.

It does point out the irony of the jewsmedia meme that "white soo-premacists" are ignorant buffoons and generally uneducated dumb dumbs. Quite the contrary, it's the WN who is the most steeped in history, science, knowledge of current political events, and a host of other things that a well read individual would be steeped in, if not just a simple sense of reality. On the other hand, the whigger's knowledge of bullshit is limitless. He knows all the stats on the star nigger ball player, the latest celebrity scandal, and what the jewsmedia tells him.

It gets lonely, holding views that are heretical to the general population, and in possession of knowledge and insights that I simply cannot relate to others in the flesh and blood world. That, I think, is the very reason I continue to post on this blog. And I'm grateful to those who read what I have to say, and even more grateful to those who take the time to comment on it.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"We're gonna have a Mel-ocaust...I love seeing him burn"

First choice for a candidate for "Slap a jew Day"

Eli Roth, for those who don't know, is a caustic little jew faggot who makes torture porn "movies" like Hostel and Cabin Fever, and played in Tarantino's anti-White propaganda piece "Inglorious Basterds."

Here he is uncensored where he cannot refrain from expressing his contempt for Mel Gibson nor his glee in what he surmises will be his ultimate destruction. The video has embedding disabled so you'll have to go to the jewtube link to view it...if you can stomach a preening little kike sodomite spewing his anti-White invective.

Roth waxes hypocritical: "Now we have the perfect villain (in Mel), everything that is disgusting in Society." Is this hook nosed filth merchant fucking serious? And who's "we", Shlomo? Would that be The Tribe?

Also worth noting about the video is that TMZ founder, Harvey Levin can be seen seated on the right. Levin is a muck raking filthy heeb(is there any other kind?) who got rich from setting up Gibson the first time with that supposed drunken "anti-semitic rant", which may not have actually gone down as we were led to believe. TMZ was destined for bankruptcy before this "windfall" landed in Levin's lap.

A kikejew like Levin is the sort of parasitic bottom feeder who is so low he sucks the shit of the other bottom feeders

And this is all occurring even as the perverted child rapist Roman Polanski's pursuers have been denied extradition from Switzerland, preventing the administering of justice long over due. Funny how a White man utters a few "offensive" words and he's publicly stoned day after day until the next Thought Crime occurs, but niggers and kikes can call for, if not actually commit, crimes of rape, violence and murder...with nary an eye brow being raised.

Mel Gibson isn't perfect and I don't approve of his mud sharking with this "Russian" woman of dubious ethnicity. But then I don't hold Gibson to a White Nationalist standard since he has never declared himself as such. He doesn't need to because he is a throw back to the proud White man who reminds me of the era of my father and grandfathers. And when I hear this Roth scumbag revel in Mel's destruction and fantasize about reprising his Basterds role, it makes me sick and puts me in the pro-Gibson camp 100 fucking percent. Compare his body of work as both an actor and director/producer to Roth's pathetic (and skimpy) resume and the quality of the man and his craft are glaringly apparent.

Mel is rumored to be working on a Viking movie. If it ever sees the light of day I'll be there on opening night.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mel-o Drama Continues...

So, the tape does exist. But the question is "why"? Note how Mel's voice sounds like every phone recording you've ever heard and her end sounds crystal clear. This cunting whore doesn't even look White to me.

While this tape, obtained under illegal pretenses, is being used by the jew to further stir up hatred for Whites(and destroy a man they utterly despise in the process), the story of High Yellow Holder's "Justice" Department dropping charges against the nigger panthers in a voter intimidation case, and the subsequently discovered incendiary commentary, has slipped under the radar.

A movie star (in a town where celebs can do no wrong provided it's immoral and debasing) chooses, in a heated moment, to correctly point out the true nature of the nigger savage and it is roundly condemned by the usual suspects. Using the word "nigger" to describe a subhuman is "wrong". Calling on your minions to "kill crackas" and murder White babies...not so much.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Mel Gibson a Race Realist?

O.K. Some celebutard tabloid type website (likely a kikejew enterprise) claims that Mel Gibson engaged in the sort of race reality that is verbotten by the gate keepers of PC and jewthink dogma. First, I'll believe it when I hear the actual tape of this, which they claim to be in possession of, and second, I hope it's true...because Mel, who I already thought was pretty cool, just may have upped his "bad assery" by several notches with me. Hail The Gibson!

In one of the most "explosive, racist and vile outbursts" [and true. Don't forget true] by a celebrity ever caught on tape, Mel Gibson told the mother of his love child that the way she was dressed would get her "raped by a pack of niggers," has learned exclusively.

It's a shocking and blockbuster development in the couple's bitter legal battle, and Mel's "disgusting" words are on audio tape. His "racist", misogynist statement is one of the secrets lurking in his war with his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. has heard the tape, which also includes Mel telling Oksana he will burn down her home. is bringing you this exclusive because we hate the goyim upstart Mel Gibson who dared to tell the truth about the jew. When cops arrested Mel in 2006 on suspicion of drunk driving, Mel barraged them with obscenities, tried to escape custody and spewed "bizarre anti-Semitic remarks."

"Fucking jews... The jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mel said.
[What exactly is "bizarre" about that simple and direct statement of the truth?].

Mel knows what evil lurks in the empty hearts and emptier minds of subhuman nigger savage beasts!