Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White People Can Survive

Country music. Heavy metal concerts. Ice hockey. NASCAR. Tolkienesque high fantasy. Legends of the Old West. These things, among many others, represent what I have heard a few White Nationalist writers on other sites call "Implicit Whiteness." That is to say, something that is undeniably White both culturally and in the expression of ideas (justice, for instance) that historically could only have existed in the noble mind of a White man, and are unquestionably and exclusively "White" without even the need to mention it. All attempts to niggerfy (or otherwise taint with multikult poison) these things for commercial or socially destructive reasons have failed. It is rejected both by the Whites who hold these things dear, and by the muds who find these genres and concepts so alien that they inevitably take a pass and it dies in the marketplace.

This Hank Jr. song can only be about White people. It speaks of and to our spirit of rugged individualism and the can do nature of our Folk. It's the people championed in this song who stand the best chance of surviving what is coming. I'm not a "country boy" by birth, but I am one by choice. As David Allan Coe said in song, "I am that Yankee's Rebel Son."

No slick video for this one but, Charlie Daniels is a no nonsense kind of man that I respect, and this fan made clip with its single static image works really well with the song. The views expressed in this song are traditionally White, and the fact that we think like this makes kikejews, niggers and White liberal traitors cower in fear. They hope that this atavistic nature never re-emerges among the wider White population, given as they are to coddling criminals and other vermin. In times past, the ideas that Charlie sings about here were generally referred to as "common sense."

This one, both lyrically and visually, is a documentation of a small sample of our lore and historical achievements. It's a "White Thing", nigger. You wouldn't understand.

I generally don't care for "Monkey Gentry" as they are a part of this modern crop of slick, over produced and packaged commercial "country" music artists that lack the soul and creativity of the old school performers. I especially don't like the fact that they have this bullshit video I saw on CMT where some "Klan" guy recants his "racism", burns his robes in absolution, and he goes nigger lover and it's just one giant cluster fuck. But, in spite of themselves, and in spite of some out of context quick shot of Martin Loofer Koons ape face that has no reason for being here, other than to downplay their own "Whiteness" because it's so Uber Cool and makes the haters jealous, they have managed to create a song that is quintessentially White and an expression of White values.

It doesn't get any Whiter than this. Vikings, sailing the seas, conquering new lands, adventure, courage, a dramatic recounting of our rich and varied heritage. There are a number of bands who, in spite of being ignored by the mainstream, are actively exploring these themes and tapping into our ancient histories and heritage. What irresponsible darkie with a victim complex or weakling jew could possibly relate to this sort of musical fare?

This clip has been widely circulated over the years, but it bears dusting off for our purposes. Phil Anselmo, sadly, a few years after this, degenerated into a slobbering heroin addict who could barely keep his eyes open let alone get through a performance without falling over. But he is absolutely right in what he's telling the kids here. If only there were more in the entertainment world who not only thought like this but were willing to speak this fearlessly.

It's interesting that the White people who are fans of these types of artists, past times and cultural elements are called "red necks" and other disparaging terms by the "elite" jewish media. It's all part of their program to dispossess us of our identity and alienate us from our past, while trying to counter it with corrosive degenerate multikult swill, which further confuses, creates chaos and promotes the very destruction of our People.

Never let some snot nosed glob of slime who was indoctrinated with jewthink in some ivy league ivory tower tell you that "white people have no culture." We not only have a culture, we set the standard for how cultures are measured. It's the indelible foot print of White Western Man that allows these over educated cretins the luxury of leisure required for navel contemplation and the self indulgence of whining into a "blue tooth" while simultaneously cursing the very ground their hippie sandals walk on, as if point Z were possible without first achieving points A,B,C, etc. It is that same indelible footprint that the dark hordes are eager to repudiate and cover up through revisionism while taking advantage of the benefits our ancestors, through blood and genius, have provided.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Frightening Pandemic of White Pride Disrupts Sleepy Suburbia

I'm somewhat at a loss here. The word "discrimination" is used countless times throughout this video, but I, for the life of me, cannot find the discriminatory element inherent in a seemingly innocuous statement such as "White Pride World Wide."

This whole thing reeks of the paranoia I grew up with in the 80's with the "Satanic Panic" phenomena where teenagers with Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne albums tucked under their arms were evidence of a wide spread coven complete with "breeders"(presumably for a steady, uninterrupted source for "sacrifices" to Old Scratch himself) and a super secret cult of Satanic baddies further sensationalized by cretins like "Geraldo".(Being one of those kids, I thought the whole thing was quite a hysterical hoot.)

But this is far more ridiculous (and insidious) to me. The implication here is that pride in one's heritage is equated with some evil that dare not even speak its name. Look at the pampered suburbanite mom in the Greta Van Susteren mask, who finds the whole thing "disturbing". "It's nothing I believe or teach my children to believe." On what fucking planet do these people reside? So apparently mom is doing nothing to counter balance the brainwashing her kids are receiving whereby they are taught to hate themselves, the Founding Fathers, and Western Civilization itself. I doubt these people live in an area that is even 50% nigger. Even if she did, note that she drives her kid to school, and doesn't subject her to the animal holding pen on wheels that most public school buses have come to represent.

Contrast this video with the previous story of the bus beating I posted. Police were dispatched, notices warning of the impending "danger" were sent out and a community quaked with fear because of a....couple of stickers? Where there is actual violence(and always directed at White people) it is met with apologists bending over backwards to not make a "rush to judgment", searching for the motive(from the victims, not their attackers) and the reactionary, almost rote proclamation that "race did not play a part in this crime." And that, of course, is if reports of the atrocity even see the light of day at all. The attitude is so "blah-zay" in fact, that when it does occur, able bodied adults(like the driver) feel no particular duty or inclination to stop it.

This is how far we've fallen and how suicidal our society has become. Words, even harmless ones that proclaim pride, supersede actual acts of violence and sexual assault. Calling attention to criminal acts has become more despicable than the act themselves. The good news for us is that such an upside down world adhering to these insane and ruinous ideas cannot for very long sustain itself before toppling and descending into chaos.

The message of this anti-White piece of propaganda is clear, when they have made the incredible leap by linking "let's kill people" with "White Pride World Wide." To quote the 9th grader in the story who's upset by this whole nefarious pride plot: "it's like uhhhh...bad and people shouldn't do it and stuff." I agree. Knock off this anti-White horse shit.

Oh, and lest I forget: "White Pride World Wide" everyone!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Savage Nation

I'm looking at my watch and it appears to be time for yet another savage nigger attack on a public transit system. Forget for a moment about the nigger assailant(s) and the mob of savages who cheered them on. Forget even about the flaccid, impotent response of the bus driver who did nothing to avert what could have been a fatal assault, and in my opinion is every bit as culpable as the nigger beasts. I want to instead focus on the White kid who was beat.

He did nothing. Not a fucking thing to defend himself or make the aggressor pay for targeting him. This isn't macho, arm chair analysis about ass kicking or how "I woulda done this...". This is the fact that we as White people are in this war alone, and we can't even count on our own Folk to come to our aid in these circumstances. If your choice is to die on your knees or die fighting, but die nonetheless, would you not want to go down swinging and draw some of your tormentor's blood in the process? Aside from that, I've said time and time again that these niggers are absolute fucking cowards who can smell the palpable fear of Whites like hyenas can detect a rotting carcass. Fighting back and bloodying the flaring nostrils of these apes is the only deterrent they understand.

I look out over the sea of White sheeple and, by and large, what I see is a bunch of pussified cowards. I take no pleasure in saying that. We are raising plump pigs ripe for slaughter, and our enemies are only too willing to oblige.

This is usually the part where I ask "how much more are we going to take"? Apparently a lot more. So much more, in fact, that it's time that I stopped asking the question all together.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Neo-cohen hopes kikejews will see that Obongo is not da vey

Norm Podhoretz is a neocon(a "conservative" kikejew or goy ally thereof who cares only about "foreign policy", that is to say, "israel" exclusively) and one of the chief architects of the Iraq war, a misadventure that was to be the first in a series of conflicts to annihilate israel's perceived enemies in the region(Iran, Iraq, Syria). Like all of the jewish neo-cohens, he is a "former" Trotskyite leftist who, finding no traction for their agenda in liberal circles, infiltrated and hijacked the Republican party. I would also add that he, along with Paul Wolfowitz, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Charles Krautmammer, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and a host of other criminal heebs should be executed for war crimes.

But a curious thing is happening. The jewish commitment to the Marxist liberalism and the destruction of White Western civilization is beginn
ing to conflict with the well being of the bandit state. Obongo, who is not aware that he has a leash around his ape neck, has not demonstrated a significant amount of concern for izrahell. In fact, he's quite indifferent. I can even detect the slightest hint of hostility towards the subject. A man who actually believes he serves because of the will of the people and is an autonomous executive is a dangerous thing to the puppet masters. It will prove to be even more dangerous for Barry himself, when the Mossad decide that he is no longer useful.

Why do I say this? Since jews are in command of
the situation, they care very little who comes out on top in these dog and pony show "elections". They are confident that whoever it is, they will swiftly bring him under their control and enforce compliance. Until now. The war at all costs with Iran that the kikes have been salivating over and anxiously rubbing their hands together in anticipation of, has stalled. Barry will not budge. (I expect a false flag op whereby the Mossad causes an international incident which will be blamed on the Iranians, but this is a topic for another day. )

Podhoretz knows that the prospect of Amerikwa doing the parasite state's dirty work becomes less likely with each passing day. So, here he is, urging his fellow kikejews to do the right thing for israel. Join the republican party.
This wont happen. For as much as "Judeo" Christians bow in awe before these devils, jews despise them even more than they do the average goy. In the words of "blue collar" comedian Ron White, "I don't think so, scooter."

While the jews have a tight control on our government, media and institutions, they cannot control everything. Sometimes the events they set in motion conflict and come into diametric opposition, creating unintended consequences, including things that may destroy them along with the intended host. I believe that is the underlying reason for this article.

Why Are Jews Liberals?

"I'm hoping buyer's remorse on Obama will finally cause a kikejew shift to the right."

One of the most extraordinary features of Barack Obama's victory over John McCain was his capture of 78% of the Jewish vote. To be sure, there was nothing extraordinary about the number itself. Since 1928, the average Jewish vote for the Democrat in presidential elections has been an amazing 75%—far higher than that of any other ethno-religious group. (and yet some still fail to make the connection between these subversive nation wreckers and all of the filth we are neck deep in.)

Yet there were reasons to think that it would be different in 2008. The main one was Israel. Despite some slippage in concern for Israel among American Jews, most of them were still telling pollsters that their votes would be strongly influenced by the positions of the two candidates on the Jewish state. This being the case, Mr. McCain's long history of sympathy with Israel should have given him a distinct advantage over Mr. Obama, whose own history consisted of associating with outright enemies of the Jewish state like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the historian Rashid Khalidi.(This lays bare the outright hatred they have for White Western civilization and Christianity. It's also called "cutting off your nose to spite your face.")

Heebs for Obongo. Podhoretz says dis vas not da vey.

Nevertheless, Mr. Obama beat Mr. McCain among Jewish voters by a staggering 57 points. Except for African Americans, who gave him 95% of their vote, Mr. Obama did far better with Jews than with any other ethnic or religious group. Thus the Jewish vote for him was 25 points higher than the 53% he scored with the electorate as a whole; 35 points higher than the 43% he scored with whites; 11 points higher than the 67% he scored with Hispanics; 33 points higher than the 45% he scored with Protestants; and 24 points higher than the 54% he scored with Catholics.

These numbers remind us of the extent to which the continued Jewish commitment to the Democratic Party has become an anomaly. All the other ethno-religious groups that, like the Jews, formed part of the coalition forged by Franklin Delano Roosevelt(crypto jew) in the 1930s have followed the rule that increasing prosperity generally leads to an increasing identification with the Republican Party. But not the Jews. As the late Jewish scholar Milton Himmelfarb said in the 1950s: "Jews earn like Episcopalians"—then the most prosperous minority group in America—"and vote like Puerto Ricans," who were then the poorest.

Jews also remain far more heavily committed to the liberal agenda than any of their old ethno-religious New Deal partners. As the eminent sociologist Nathan Glazer has put it, "whatever the promptings of their economic interests," Jews have consistently supported "increased government spending, expanded benefits to the poor and lower classes, greater regulations on business, and the power of organized labor."(and illegal third world immigration, "civil rights", fomentation of anti-White and anti-Christian sentiment, destruction of the nuclear family, normalization of homosexuality and pedophilia, pornography, miscegenation, abortion, and nearly every other vile thing leads a slug trail back to the jew.)

As with these old political and economic questions, so with the newer issues being fought out in the culture wars today. On abortion, gay rights, school prayer, gun control and assisted suicide, the survey data show that Jews are by far the most liberal of any group in America.(This is called "stating the obvious.")

Most American Jews sincerely believe that their liberalism, together with their commitment to the Democratic Party as its main political vehicle, stems from the teachings of Judaism and reflects the heritage of "Jewish values."(more like "Talmudic values") But if this theory were valid, the Orthodox would be the most liberal sector of the Jewish community. After all, it is they who are most familiar with the Jewish religious tradition and who shape their lives around its commandments.(Which merely substantiates the point that their subversive nature has little to do with their "religion".)

Yet the Orthodox enclaves are the only Jewish neighborhoods where Republican candidates get any votes to speak of. Even more telling is that on every single cultural issue, the Orthodox oppose the politically correct liberal positions taken by most other American Jews precisely because these positions conflict with Jewish law. To cite just a few examples: Jewish law permits abortion only to protect the life of the mother; it forbids sex between men; and it prohibits suicide (except when the only alternatives are forced conversion or incest).(C'mon, Norm. It's not that hard to figure out. The kikejew is "a people apart." It's perfectly fine for the goyim to defile themselves, it's even a kike's duty to encourage it while at the same time profitting from it.)

The upshot is that in virtually every instance of a clash between Jewish law and contemporary liberalism, it is the liberal creed that prevails for most American Jews. Which is to say that for them, liberalism has become more than a political outlook. It has for all practical purposes superseded Judaism and become a religion in its own right.(these Kazar devils are not the least bit "religious". Judaism exists solely to prop up their "self chosen" claim.) And to the dogmas and commandments of this religion they give the kind of steadfast devotion their forefathers gave to the religion of the Hebrew Bible. For many, moving to the right is invested with much the same horror their forefathers felt about conversion to Christianity.

All this applies most fully to Jews who are Jewish only in an ethnic sense. Indeed, many such secular Jews, when asked how they would define "a good Jew," reply that it is equivalent to being a good liberal.(I define a "good jew" as one who is dead, or boarding a plane for Tel-Aviv with one way ticket in hand.)

But avowed secularists are not the only Jews who confuse Judaism with liberalism; so do many non-Orthodox Jews who practice this or that traditional observance. It is not for nothing that a cruel wag has described the Reform movement—the largest of the religious denominations within the American Jewish community—as "the Democratic Party with holidays thrown in," and the services in a Reform temple as "the Democratic Party at prayer."

As a Jew who moved from left to right more than four decades ago, I have been hoping for many years that my fellow Jews would come to see that in contrast to what was the case in the past, our true friends are now located not among liberals, but among conservatives.(This is what Commander Rockwell referred to as "friends of the Captain, friends of the Crew")

Of course in speaking of the difference between left and right, or between liberals and conservatives, I have in mind a divide wider than the conflict between Democrats and Republicans and deeper than electoral politics. The great issue between the two political communities is how they feel about the nature of American society. With all exceptions duly noted, I think it fair to say that what liberals mainly see when they look at this country is injustice and oppression of every kind—economic, social and political. By sharp contrast, conservatives see a nation shaped by a complex of traditions, principles and institutions that has afforded more freedom and, even factoring in periodic economic downturns, more prosperity to more of its citizens than in any society in human history. It follows that what liberals believe needs to be changed or discarded—and apologized for to other nations—is precisely what conservatives are dedicated to preserving, reinvigorating and proudly defending against attack.

In this realm, too, American Jewry surely belongs with the conservatives rather than the liberals. For the social, political and moral system that liberals wish to transform is the very system in and through which Jews found a home such as they had never discovered in all their forced wanderings throughout the centuries over the face of the earth.(Is Norm basically saying that Amerikwa is the ultimate parasite haven?)

The Jewish immigrants who began coming here from Eastern Europe in the 1880s were right to call America "the golden land." They soon learned that there was no gold in the streets, as some of them may have imagined, which meant that they had to struggle, and struggle hard. But there was another, more precious kind of gold in America. There was freedom and there was opportunity. Blessed with these conditions, we children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these immigrants flourished—and not just in material terms—to an extent unmatched in the history of our people.(Expecting a people with subversion and nation wrecking in their very DNA to adopt a different way is like trying to get a lion to lose his taste for zebra meat.)

What I am saying is that if anything bears eloquent testimony to the infinitely precious virtues of the traditional American system, it is the Jewish experience in this country. Surely, then, we Jews ought to be joining with its defenders against those who are blind or indifferent or antagonistic to the philosophical principles, the moral values, and the socioeconomic institutions on whose health and vitality the traditional American system depends.(Kind of hard to do, Norm, when you are operating under the over riding command to topple the crown jewel of Western civilization.)

In 2008, we were faced with a candidate who ran to an unprecedented degree on the premise that the American system was seriously flawed and in desperate need of radical change—not to mention a record powerfully indicating that he would pursue policies dangerous to the security of Israel. Because of all this, I hoped that my fellow Jews would finally break free of the liberalism to which they have remained in thrall long past the point where it has served either their interests or their ideals.(Norm, you're killing me here. I'll have to wipe away the tears of laughter before proceeding.)

That possibility having been resoundingly dashed, I now grasp for some encouragement from the signs that buyer's remorse is beginning to set in among Jews, as it also seems to be doing among independents. Which is why I am hoping against hope that the exposure of Mr. Obama as a false messiah will at last open the eyes of my fellow Jews to the correlative falsity of the political creed he so perfectly personifies and to which they have for so long been so misguidedly loyal. (the leopard does not change his spots...)

Jews and Immigration: Keeping the Sewer Lines Open

Monday, September 7, 2009

People Getting Wise, Kikejews Getting Nervous

Kikejews alarmed by
"far-right" gains in Europe election

Alarmed at far-right gains in recent European parliamentary elections, Jewish groups across Europe urged the EU on Tuesday to do more to tackle racism and intolerance.(Ya. People vaking up to da truth iss very bad for biz-a-niss. Dis is not da vey!!!)

The European Jewish Congress, which represents Jewish communities across Europe, said winning seats in the European Parliament based on "racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic platforms" pointed to an erosion of tolerance.(Yes, the erosion of tolerance for lies, bullshit and the open sewer line of third world filth)

Results of voting for a new European Union assembly showed that far-right parties in the Netherlands, Britain, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and Romania posted significant victories.(Here, here! I raise my glass in salute!)

In a statement, the Paris-based Jewish Congress called that a "clarion call" for the EU to tackle racism and intolerance through legislation and dialogue. (These "clarion calls" are like so many cries of wolf from little boys, they are as exhausted as your very presence in our lands)

"Europeans of all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions are looking to our elected officials to unite, rather than divide us," it said. (They ARE uniting: against jewish vermin!)
The congress also said the victory of groups using racist and xenophobic platforms "belies a disturbing acquiescence of government to this type of incitement and a need for immediate action and education."(blah blah blah...these wretches will be talking incessantly all the way to the gallows...)

It said it was troubled by the fact that far-right forces did better than in the last EU assembly elections in 2004 and that they were scattered across the 27-nation EU. (Here, here! Another round for everyone!)

"The success of such rabid groups as The Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Freedom Party in Austria, the Danish People?s Party, the British National Party, and Jobbik in Hungary(Here here! whoa, I better slow down...), among others, will sadly only serve to embolden those who espouse the dangerous concepts of extreme nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia," the congress said.(It would only be "dangerous" to subversive nation wreckers, like say, kikejews.)

It urged the European Parliament and the European Commission, the EU executive, to work for effective anti-racism legislation. (You can't question the holohoax, you can't do a Roman salute in Germany or display any Nazi regalia and most thought crime is punishable by imprisonment. What more can be done? Game over, kikes. Your parasitic tendrils are slipping, and the hosts are finally building up the immunity required to drive you out for good!)