Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Stolen Bike is Far Less Expensive Than a Stolen Future

While most WN commentary that I've read about this video speculates endlessly about how this guy is a liberal or a pussy or what he should have and could have done by chest thumpers who had the luxury of it not happening to them, I'm going to comment on a different aspect of the story and what it bodes for our future. (and for the record, I think the guy was fairly courageous. I saw a lot of niggers milling around and very few White people, yet he called the shitskin thief out in what looked like hostile territory.)

This, in essence, is what we can expect on a macro level as Whites cede territory and control to nigger savages and other subhuman scum. Instead of nigger "security" guards turning a blind eye to your plight, it's going to be the piglice and the local, state and federal authorities who will be telling you that "no crime occurred." You will be experiencing the same sort of "justice" system that Whites in South Africa now face daily.

It doesn't end with the attempted theft of a bike. This video is just a slice of nigger life that's going to be our future unless a drastic change in direction is taken. From my observation here in the relative comfort and safety of the Lair, such a collective White shift is highly unlikely. Or as Magic 8-Ball says: "outlook not so good".

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The Camp of the Saints" comes to life

This is but a single camera's view of what the final demise of White Western Civilization will look like: a mud slide of subhumans (mostly mexcriment in this case) dancing around the fire gleefully celebrating the demise of our race and the destruction of all monuments to our once greatness.

The 'kwa is a lot like that ransacked and burning taxi. The savage subhuman mind lashes out at the engines of prosperity and, because it can only destroy, takes out its impotent rage on some one else's means of livelihood. A more violent and direct form of the Marxism that these turd world pieces of shit need to implement lest they die off because of their own Darwinian inability to sustain their own existence.

It's a good thing the piglice showed up before that cab got really damaged...

*note: jewtube videos, as of late, at least on this particular blog, seem to be cropped or cut off so that the full screen of what is actually occurring can't be seen. After pressing play you can click on the video again and it will take you to jootube where you can see the video as it was intended.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FBI = Federal Bureau of Israel?

I appreciate the way this lady toyed with these regime criminal goons and made them look as stupid as they are, but, conversing even in this round-robin fashion is a dangerous game to be playing.

It's been a while since I said it, so a refresher is in order. Always remember, when agents of ZOG approach you, no matter what alphabet soup organization or police department they belong to, invoke the 5 Words: "I have nothing to say."

She did invoke her right to remain silent...then was anything but. I chalk this up to playing it up for the cameras, knowing this would make an ego aggrandizing jewtube video. She did keep the pigs out of her house, which was the right thing to do. Never let Zog Dogs in. They want to get a gander at your reading and viewing material and they are searching for anything to give probable cause.

Don't play games with these people and don't assume you can outwit them. You just might talk yourself into something you can't get out of. Martha Stewart was locked up not for any wrong doing, but for lying to a federal agent. She talked. Don't be stupid like Martha.

"I have nothing to say!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Radio Werewolf Sending Signal...This Is Radio Werewolf Calling

My apologies to regular readers who eagerly await new content, but we've had a run of bad luck here at the Wolf's Lair. As if being incredibly busy were not enough, I live in a region that was struck by tornadoes over the weekend and power has been out since yesterday around 8 p.m. Since the juice has been back on I've been busy troubleshooting some computer hardware problems, which, touching my wooden totenkopf noggin, appear to be resolved.

The Lair sustained minimal damage(a grill was moved from the front of the house to the back and a plastic shed was blown apart like a house of cards, the roof of which is somewhere in Lake Erie) but many houses in the neighborhood of the tiny White lakeside village in which I live sustained moderate to very severe damage with windows blown out, massive trees uprooted, power lines down(and telephone poles bent in half) roofs ripped off and in a few extreme cases, homes completely leveled.

A funny thing happened, though. Or rather it didn't, which is telling. There were no murders, rapes or looting. No TNB. None. Oh, that's right. There are no niggers here, just hard working White folks who brush themselves off after a tragedy and go on and rebuild. No "Christian" missionaries were anywhere to be seen, and (not that they'd be welcomed here anyways) no regime criminals offering to "help." I'd also be willing to bet that the Commander in Chimp didn't mention us.

What we did have though, which is also telling, is White folks, outsiders, from the suburbs and surrounding environs, showing up with a bad case of rubber neck syndrome, gawking at the damage like it was a tourist attraction. These are the same apathetic zombies who couldn't give a fuck about the casualties and destruction caused daily by nigger savages and mestizo invaders or the international theft and de facto genocide committed by kikejews. Sad.

I hope to be back to regular "broadcasts" soon, and if you've been in personal correspondence recently, I haven't forgotten to respond nor am I ignoring you. I'll be getting back to you as soon as I can.