Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Stolen Bike is Far Less Expensive Than a Stolen Future

While most WN commentary that I've read about this video speculates endlessly about how this guy is a liberal or a pussy or what he should have and could have done by chest thumpers who had the luxury of it not happening to them, I'm going to comment on a different aspect of the story and what it bodes for our future. (and for the record, I think the guy was fairly courageous. I saw a lot of niggers milling around and very few White people, yet he called the shitskin thief out in what looked like hostile territory.)

This, in essence, is what we can expect on a macro level as Whites cede territory and control to nigger savages and other subhuman scum. Instead of nigger "security" guards turning a blind eye to your plight, it's going to be the piglice and the local, state and federal authorities who will be telling you that "no crime occurred." You will be experiencing the same sort of "justice" system that Whites in South Africa now face daily.

It doesn't end with the attempted theft of a bike. This video is just a slice of nigger life that's going to be our future unless a drastic change in direction is taken. From my observation here in the relative comfort and safety of the Lair, such a collective White shift is highly unlikely. Or as Magic 8-Ball says: "outlook not so good".


  1. I don't think it is fault of being a liberal.
    I do think its his fault of being a dumbass confronting a coon when there are other coons standing around doing the muh dick thing.

    I look at as well, you got what asked for..Isn't diversity grand? These people sometimes they need a good dose of niggerism to wake up and find out what they were taught is bullshit.

    If we tell them they automatically close their ears and call us bigots, racist, etc.

    Someday they will awaken..

  2. Yer right man ... and like Cleveland said, this increasing nigger behaviour against our less prepared (often by choice) will either knock 'em off the fence and awaken them, or they'll continue to suck up seeking mercy that will never be given.

    I think he did exhibit some courage balling him out a bit - but he doesn't seem to understand that a nigger caught 'n confronted has no shame or remorse and can only lash out like the unreasoning animal he is. What .. an apology ?

    Yep, when it goes full tilt, we can expect the larger portion of the Beast system enforcers to look the other way at atrocities committed - if not join in. We all know their proven track record. Just witness has far they've allowed things to progress.

    Well, when it's all 6 'o clock news clear to the brain dead and apathetic .. which can say we did not sound the alarm ?

  3. Jeff, glad to see you back! I've been contemplating sending out a search party for a while now.

    If this guy is a dippy liberal riding his bike through nigger town as others have speculated, this sort of experience is the sort of bucket of cold water needed to wake dipshits from their multi-kult trance. Will it be enough? Will it be too late?

  4. RM - I 'preciate the concern but it's all good. Just been tremendously busy like everyone else - more bricks, less straw .. ya know. The only way to get it done is to get out there and make it happen.

    Apologies for not upholding my end of the field exercises surrounding the Lair. The forces of evil tried to route me in a flanking maneuver, but with Gods help were repulsed. The DEFCON level has been raised another notch - battle stations remain at full alert.

    Man .. I've been flipping back thru yer field reports and you got some good stuff brother - might have to get up on the stump 'n holler a bit !

    There's still hope the folk will awaken (to their identity and their racial plight). Richmond is a powder keg itching to go off nowadays and the gun show next weekend is guaranteed to be packed (well, when has it not been in recent memory ?). I'll be there (along with buddies) with dollars in my pocket, pamphlets in my hand and love for my brother in my heart.

    (Ha ! I was just thinking of a few gun shows back ... Henrico county cops shaking their heads in disbelief as the white boys stream out carrying case after case of ammo !)

    Can yall hear that rumble headin' this way ...