Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail the Victory!(The Best of the World White Web)

Since I've recommitted to continuing the blog (thanks to all for the positive feedback) I've decided to take a look at the back end of this thing, which I haven't really done since beginning in December of 2008. I haven't added a single gadget or changed even one setting since I began.

If you notice the sidebar to your right, you'll see some new additions. I've decided to add a blog roll and links to White sites and resource pages. This is by no means complete, and more will be added in the future. These sites and blogs are simply the resources I use the most.

Also, in digging around in the back end of my Blogger dashboard, I've noticed that there is a somewhat primitive stat tracker. I see that most of my traffic comes from Detroit is Crap and Access St. Louis. I appreciate being linked to such high quality and high traffic sites that have certainly been instrumental in people finding me. I wanted to do what I could to send some traffic to the sites that I particularly like and spread some of that good will around. The links merely being on my profile where few might even think to look just wasn't cutting it anymore.

Another thing about Access St. Louis that I feel worth mentioning is that, aside from being an excellent blog with hard hitting content, Orion's (and let's not forget Bloody Bill over there) resource links and blog roll are something that I frequently check, and is one of my most highly valued resources in and of itself. He has turned me on to a lot of things that I might otherwise not have discovered. One of his best finds of late and worth spotlighting here as well is the proud White female warrior Original Savage Chick, who has an excellent youtube channel. She also has a blog that I've linked to as well, Synagogue of Satan. I've decided to add Craig Cobb's blog to the roll also. I know some have their suspicions about him, but I've heard Craig on Metzger's Insurgent Radio, Jim Giles' Radio Free Mississippi and I've watched a few of his Pod Blanc broadcasts and pretty much like what I hear.

And yes, I've linked to Jim Giles and Radio Free Mississippi in spite of the carnival side show that Jimmy has devolved into over the course of the past year. If you venture over that way, consider it absurdist entertainment with a White racialist edge. He's basically a nut job. I just hope he's our nut job, and not their nut job.

Another strong White woman worth spot lighting here, is the blog Racial Realities. In my lurking at Stormfront I happened across a poster with the handle Angry White Female. I liked what I read and just happened to click on the link in her signature, taking me to her blog. I was surprised and happy to find a link to Radio Werewolf there. She does value quality over quantity, though, so don't be disappointed by the infrequent updates.

Since we're on the subject of strong White women here, I should note that I've included Joy's Sojourner in the roll, even though she has been forced to make it private for the time being due to a domestic situation whereby our enemies are attempting to ruin her life because of her beliefs. I hope the mess blows over and she can get back at it soon.

Jeff of In Season, Out of Season also deserves mention here, since he's been a great source for me in finding and passing on excellent resources. Check out Yankee Prepper's youtube channel to see what I'm talking about. (Incidentally, it was Jeff's site that led me to the discovery that Louis Beam even had a web site.) Jeff doesn't "speak" as much as he used to, but when he does, I listen.

I hope regular readers and lurkers alike will check these blogs and sites out, if you have not already done so. I've gotten something of value out of each and every one of them. I hope you do, too.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are You a "One Percenter"?

Are these the intended beneficiaries of the "cause" that keeps me up at night, contemplating a dark(figuratively and literally) future of White dispossession and genocide, writing and researching in the hopes of somehow contributing to turning back the tide?

These corpulent sacks of human excrement, packed to the point of bursting, are probably the rule rather than the exception. The high ratings and unabated popularity of such ridiculous shows state that it is so. These are the empty amusements that the contemptible dregs among our Folk have chosen(?) to occupy their time and define their very existence...even as jewish banksters rob them blind by destroying the currency in their pocket and subhuman savage muds over-run the town in which they live. So long as the latest installment of their favorite form of "bread and circus" is delivered as promised and on time, they couldn't care less. They are completely oblivious to the cultural rot in which they wallow like pigs and has debased them so.

Knowing that such beached behemoths incapable of personal restraint are out there, and are what comprises the vast majority of our Folk(if not perhaps in girth, then certainly in mindset), it stands to reason that my spirits dampen when thinking about our plight, where we toil uncompensated to educate those who would curse us if given the chance, as per their jewthink programming.

But then I laser in and remember the spirit in which this blog was launched. It was never intended as an appeal to the wider masses. "Waking people up" was to be left to more devoted and capable minds than mine. No, my purpose was and is to communicate to those who already know the score. Call it "preaching to the choir" if you will, but that choir is more receptive to the truth and what must be done.

Compassion is an almost exclusively White trait, but it can be a dangerous and self destructive thing when that compassion is wasted on ingrates and the unworthy. By necessity a culling of the herd is going to be inevitable. Upwards of 95% of our kindred are likely going to end up as collateral damage before all is said and done. The survivors will comprise the nucleus that will rebuild our civilization, reclaiming our atavistic greatness, free of the chosenites and their deceptions and mental chains. "Never again!" will be our mantra, not theirs! The lies they've spun will be buried along with them.

I'm about to embark on a seemingly unrelated tangent here, but bear with me as I tie it all together.

After World War II a bunch of disaffected, angry, bored White men returned to the States, and to what was to be a return to civility and normality. These maladjusted misfits, whose manhood was forged on the killing fields of the Pacific and Europe, weened on a life of being fighter pilots and fighting men, did the next best thing to stave off the boredom of living among the "squares." They took up motorcycle riding.

They donned leather aviator jackets and adorned themselves with trophy Nazi regalia and formed clubs with names like The Booze Fighters, The Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington, and The Hells Angels. They embarked on a life of beer drinking, hell raising, fucking and fighting that was at complete odds with the sensibilities of 1940's and 50's suburbia.

But motorcycling was also a respectable hobby. The American Motorcycle Association denounces the outlaw rabble in a written statement proclaiming that 99% of the hobbyists are fine, upstanding, and law abiding citizens. This fringe element was to be shunned. As a point of pride, the 1%er patch is born. It's a statement. "We're not citizens." It's an absolute repudiation of societal norms.

There is no hard data available, but I have surmised that among the truly racially conscious, those who will be willing to take the necessary steps for survival when push becomes shove, and live (and one day fight) accordingly, comprise about 1%. If you're reading this blog, and you don't find the heresies contained within it absolutely abhorrent, then you're a 1%er. Your mind isn't constrained by politically correct thought and force fed unreality. You're living on the societal edge. Wear that patch with pride. You might live alone with your ideals, surrounded by the walking dead and potential enemies who are your own kinsmen, but you belong to a sacred Brotherhood. One that hasn't had our atavistic greatness indoctrinated out of us. One that knows the score. One that knows we're going to win.

Hail Victory!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breaking the Silence: Now What?

It's been a solid month between posts. A few trusted and respected confidants know the reasoning behind this extended period of radio silence. It is because of those individuals and their positive feedback, encouragement and advice that this latest post sees the light of day.

It's only been hinted at publicly, but for those who aren't aware, I have simply grown tired and disillusioned by the lack of any meaningful progress in remedying our plight. Further, the state of the bowel movement, which really only seems to exist in the cyber world, is pathetic to say the least. Between the masturbatory intellectual hand wringing, the trolling, counter productive in-fighting, and a deadening sameness in the way things are approached, I can't help conclude that I might very well be wasting my time.

I am not advocating defeatism, nor am I "giving up": neither on the blog nor the wider war we are in. Nor am I casting aside firmly held beliefs, truths and the realities of the situation. What I am advocating in this public address is, for myself at least, a reassessment of how I approach things and for what reason I am doing this. In short, what is the way forward and how do I contribute something of value. Something that I will not have wasted my time in writing, nor yours for having read it.

I am grateful for sites which make it their mission to expose the kikejew and/or chronicle each nigger atrocity, for such ventures (over)state the case of what our reality is. It's most likely the hope of the creators of those sites that they act as clarion calls to wake the White Every Man from his stupor and get on board with what we know. I don't doubt that these sites have brought a few folks to our view of things, but these must surely be mere grains of sand in the mighty Sahara. The feminized liberal(which, sadly, is the majority of our Folk, regardless of political affiliation) will simply shrug his shoulders at the mud malfeasance and repeat their well ingrained mantra of "they're not all like that", as they prance away, but not before denouncing the truth teller as a "hater", "Nazi", "racist" or some other Marxist inspired pejorative.

I am not saying that these blogs, forums and websites cease and desist or even change the message/focus of what they are doing. The free flow of information is essential, particularly in being available for those seeking the truth. The sad reality though, is that the White Every Man, simply doesn't give a fuck. Unless he immerses himself in our worldview, it's not long before the call of the jewtube pulls him back into his pre-constructed reality, with the lobotomizing rose colored spectacles nailed firmly back into place, and the baubles and amusements dangled before him lull him back into his morphine drip existence.

At some point though, recounting these tales of savagery and atrocities committed against our Folk, in a non stop, never ending fashion simply has a demoralizing effect on the already converted. Tom Metzger knew this a long time ago. I am coming, albeit slowly, to see the wisdom of his words.

In spite of this epiphany born of malaise, not much is going to be perceptibly different stylistically or even content-wise with this blog. The frequency of new posts may go to weekly or even bi-weekly, depending upon the need for them(sorry, Jimbo).The truth will still be told and I'm still going to address topics that I find relevant. I make no pretense that what you read here past, present or future is going to be weightier than anything anyone else is writing out there, but, I hope to make a conscious decision to create posts that offer some new perspective or additional insight on what many others may also be talking about. If you're a regular reader, I value your time just as I do my own, and I thank you for sticking with me through this brief dry spell. I don't have a crystal clear vision of where we're going with this, but, if you're willing to go along for the ride, I'm grateful to have you.

A special nod of thanks to top notch poster at Detroit is Crap, MoonCricketKicker and Orion of Access St. Louis for being my sounding board and offering their highly respected insights and perspective. And a thanks to Jeff who does the In Season, Out of Season blog for writing this particular post, which sort of crystalized many of the things I've been feeling these past several weeks: http://inseason-outofseason.blogspot.com/2010/09/as-in-days-of-noah.html

An aside to Jimbo: I don't think a blog can truly fail, unless it strays significantly from its mission and purpose. Short of simply deleting the whole thing and walking away, even if I never posted again, the relevance of what has been posted here would not be diminished in the least. The same holds true for every quality WN site. I'm not the movement. No site is. There will always be someone to carry on. That's the beauty of the web: enjoy it before the kikenweasels figure out a way to shut us all down.