Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breaking the Silence: Now What?

It's been a solid month between posts. A few trusted and respected confidants know the reasoning behind this extended period of radio silence. It is because of those individuals and their positive feedback, encouragement and advice that this latest post sees the light of day.

It's only been hinted at publicly, but for those who aren't aware, I have simply grown tired and disillusioned by the lack of any meaningful progress in remedying our plight. Further, the state of the bowel movement, which really only seems to exist in the cyber world, is pathetic to say the least. Between the masturbatory intellectual hand wringing, the trolling, counter productive in-fighting, and a deadening sameness in the way things are approached, I can't help conclude that I might very well be wasting my time.

I am not advocating defeatism, nor am I "giving up": neither on the blog nor the wider war we are in. Nor am I casting aside firmly held beliefs, truths and the realities of the situation. What I am advocating in this public address is, for myself at least, a reassessment of how I approach things and for what reason I am doing this. In short, what is the way forward and how do I contribute something of value. Something that I will not have wasted my time in writing, nor yours for having read it.

I am grateful for sites which make it their mission to expose the kikejew and/or chronicle each nigger atrocity, for such ventures (over)state the case of what our reality is. It's most likely the hope of the creators of those sites that they act as clarion calls to wake the White Every Man from his stupor and get on board with what we know. I don't doubt that these sites have brought a few folks to our view of things, but these must surely be mere grains of sand in the mighty Sahara. The feminized liberal(which, sadly, is the majority of our Folk, regardless of political affiliation) will simply shrug his shoulders at the mud malfeasance and repeat their well ingrained mantra of "they're not all like that", as they prance away, but not before denouncing the truth teller as a "hater", "Nazi", "racist" or some other Marxist inspired pejorative.

I am not saying that these blogs, forums and websites cease and desist or even change the message/focus of what they are doing. The free flow of information is essential, particularly in being available for those seeking the truth. The sad reality though, is that the White Every Man, simply doesn't give a fuck. Unless he immerses himself in our worldview, it's not long before the call of the jewtube pulls him back into his pre-constructed reality, with the lobotomizing rose colored spectacles nailed firmly back into place, and the baubles and amusements dangled before him lull him back into his morphine drip existence.

At some point though, recounting these tales of savagery and atrocities committed against our Folk, in a non stop, never ending fashion simply has a demoralizing effect on the already converted. Tom Metzger knew this a long time ago. I am coming, albeit slowly, to see the wisdom of his words.

In spite of this epiphany born of malaise, not much is going to be perceptibly different stylistically or even content-wise with this blog. The frequency of new posts may go to weekly or even bi-weekly, depending upon the need for them(sorry, Jimbo).The truth will still be told and I'm still going to address topics that I find relevant. I make no pretense that what you read here past, present or future is going to be weightier than anything anyone else is writing out there, but, I hope to make a conscious decision to create posts that offer some new perspective or additional insight on what many others may also be talking about. If you're a regular reader, I value your time just as I do my own, and I thank you for sticking with me through this brief dry spell. I don't have a crystal clear vision of where we're going with this, but, if you're willing to go along for the ride, I'm grateful to have you.

A special nod of thanks to top notch poster at Detroit is Crap, MoonCricketKicker and Orion of Access St. Louis for being my sounding board and offering their highly respected insights and perspective. And a thanks to Jeff who does the In Season, Out of Season blog for writing this particular post, which sort of crystalized many of the things I've been feeling these past several weeks:

An aside to Jimbo: I don't think a blog can truly fail, unless it strays significantly from its mission and purpose. Short of simply deleting the whole thing and walking away, even if I never posted again, the relevance of what has been posted here would not be diminished in the least. The same holds true for every quality WN site. I'm not the movement. No site is. There will always be someone to carry on. That's the beauty of the web: enjoy it before the kikenweasels figure out a way to shut us all down.



  1. How ya doing ther RM? Hanging 'in there' as the rest of us it seems. Seems like we are all suffering through something akin to apathy,not exactly, but really close to it. It is really difficult to trod forward when the scenery stays the same. It's best to remember that it is a race we are in, and finish and win we will do! We are fast approaching the end, we must endure to reach that finale, to drink from the golden cup filled with victory and life.

    BTW, please do not accept any emails from me at the HOTMAIL account. It has been hijacked and sending spam. I'll let you know my new addy.

  2. Thanks, Joy. Good to hear from you again and your encouraging words in this pessimistic period I find myself in are much appreciated.

    Thanks for the heads up on the hacked email account. I figured it wasn't really you sending me links for cheap pharmaceuticals though.heh.

  3. "RM": you can't blame yr-self for the lack of progress in white racial consciousness!

    (seems to me, that was, pretty much, the "sub-text" of yr above post!)

    any-way: we have no real way of knowing how "clued in" white people are now to racial realities! could be 5%, 10%, 15%...maybe even more...

    the internet has been around in its present form for rather less than 15 yrs!

    how long has ZOG "mind control" & "attitude manipulation" been with us?

    well over a century, at least!

    you can't over-come that sort of "mind snatching" in a few years....especially when WN/white racialist web sites constitute probably less than 1% of web sites altogether!

    even StormFront, the premier WN site on the web, has less than 100000 active members!

    we gotta go with what we got...little as that is!

    because we're so small in actual numbers, we've got to wait for ZOG to make a seriously fatal blunder like, for instance, attacking Iran! and/or another, much worse GFC!

    apart from the Internet, we're, basically, being prevented from organising and separating our-selves from the Jew World Order wholly & solely by FORCE!...applied by and through the cops, the courts and the ZOG!

    the most we can do at present is endeavour to organise our-selves into small, self-sustaining white communities as "Kievsky", formerly of VNN & else-where, has advocated! prepared! a "survivalist"!

    ZOG will not continue for much can almost "taste" it in the "air", now! an approaching thunder-storm!

    when (not "if"!) ZOG falls, we've gotta be prepared to carpe diem!...TAKE what is ours....our heritage and birth-right!....TAKE our own land/country/continent!

    until then, endeavouring to neutralise the controlled, corrupt ZOG media via the internet is our "best bet"!

  4. I agree, Jimbo.

    I don't feel any personal or collective responsibility for there not being a wider racial awareness. We all do what we can. I'm really dismayed though at the apathy and ignorance that exists in the flesh and blood world when I encounter people who just don't and never will "get it." Things like that tend to get my spirits down.

    Giving up and giving in, though, are simply not options for me. I'll grumble from time to time, complain about the general stupidity of the White sheeple, but, knowing the truth means that turning a blind eye to it are not possible.

    Probably, part of the course correction for this blog is going to be getting back to practical matters of survival and preparedness, which was my initial intent when launching it.

    I only hope to sip from that gold cup of life and victory that Joy mentions in my life time.

    Hail Victory!

  5. I don't really give a flying fudge if you're depressed. or not, RM. You've spoken the truth here many times before and I look forward to more in the future. Certainly, we don't have to like each other or agree on every little thing for the battle to continue.

    Here you go! Cheer up!

    That's it! Now, march on!

  6. Hey brother - let me first extend my apologies for the lapse in more timely visits lately .. I offer no excuses other than I know you understand being busy nowadays. Every day we're given to prep and continue our mission are blessings like money in the bank (well, make that $ under the mattress !) and I strive to keep the anvil hot.

    The word "failure" cannot be applied to you, man. Even if you never posted again (but I hope you continue), your words will remain engraved upon the portals of cyber space (yeah, less'n the jew gets us all in that respect - they're indeed working on it) as a witness to your efforts for your folk.

    You're right we all get frustrated .. fed up, with these brain dead individuals who ... well, you said it best -

    "Unless he immerses himself in our worldview, it's not long before the call of the jewtube pulls him back into his pre-constructed reality, with the lobotomizing rose colored spectacles nailed firmly back into place, and the baubles and amusements dangled before him lull him back into his morphine drip existence."

    But like ya said ... we throw it in neutral every once 'n awhile because the gears just get too hot, the metal gets a bit fatigued from constant stress .. but one "problem" about grabbing hold of truth is that sooner or later you just gotta get back to yer bull horn. That's just the way it works and you find you'll have no peace if you fight it.

    And it's not an arrogance thing or a "you gotta see it my way" thing. I'm convinced it is ingrained within us by God to warn our kinsmen - to sound the alarm that needs to resound throughout the land. There is way too much silence today in the area of relevance.

    Truth of the matter is, the larger majority don't wanna see or understand ! Sucking up that "morphine" is a "better deal" than what a serious study of reality would present them with. Ignorance will not be bliss much longer.

    I'm aware that my viewpoint is probably quite often deemed as "defeatism" as well, when I, like yourself wonder - what next ? I'm fairly certain that we're in agreement that NOTHING will be accomplished "thru" the system. Even if some magic loophole could be found, the "elite" would self emplode this country before willingly releasing the reins.

    (installment #1)

  7. (installment #2)

    You know my position as regards Christianity and the part I'm convinced it will play in restoring our nation (the world even). I've become more convinced though that it will be more a mopping up action AFTER the storm has abated somewhat. But the storm itself may be 2 or 3 fold and unlike anything we could imagine.

    If you've watched any of Yankee Prepper's vids and saw those dealing with "MZB's" type ... might this not be the first wave after the "crash" (in whatever fashion that may prove to be) ? The jack boots would certainly have less to deal with if they just allow us to thin each other out a bit first and let mob rule prevail.

    But how appealing might our broken down national state potentially be to another, I wonder. Would any take advantage of this (they've certainly made us an enemy of most nations of the world) ?

    The difference you and other bloggers have made is in that you were not cowered into quiet submission in this late hour ... many know these same things but who will dangle themselves out on that limb of exposure to warn others, well knowing the risk you're taking ?

    We're all fine tuning our methods, prioritizing what must be done and cutting off the dead wood of what don't work. My position anymore is not one of salvaging but rebuilding from the soon to be rubble. What has been set in motion will precede undeterred and that by Godly design .. IMO. If past history is any indication of future events, our people will once again exhaust all options before seeking Christ. Me thinks we're in for a ruff ride bro.

    Well, let me stick a tape Peters in and clean a rifle .. another day in the trenches ! Keep 'er dry, man.

    (sorry man - you know me when I get up on the stump !)

  8. Make that a Peters (Pastor Pete) tape .. been a looong day.

  9. Jeff: no need to ever apologize, friend. I know there's simply not enough hours in the day, and I'm sure that, like me, your time becomes more precious with each passing day.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you stopped in. As always, you offer much of substance to consider. I appreciate the kind words, which add to the strengthening of my resolve to ride this personal storm out and get back at it. You “get” what I was trying to convey. Looking at the comment above yours, I have to wonder if certain people have even read the post. At least with an attentive mind.

    I agree, Jeff. I'm never going to be able to put the bullhorn down and step off the soap box. Not for too long anyways. What am I to do? Turn on the talmudvision and pretend I don't know what I know? None of us can truly do that. Yep. “The Google” has already got our names, no matter how careful we've been in trying to maintain anonymity. Hanging out our respective shingles and telling the truth, has ensured an unnamed price to be paid at a later date.

    Make no mind of your lengthy comments given on the installment plan. I appreciate the feedback and your taking the time to leave it. Time is a more precious commodity than the false hopes placed in gold that the chosenites are huckstering on T.V.

  10. Sorry, Dave. You're only allowed one snotty comment in this thread. You're a welcomed guest in the Wolf's Lair, provided you offer something of substance. Petty attempts to bait me and turn this into the caustic, toxic sewer you've made of Incog's blog and the DIC forum simply aren't going to happen here.
    If you wish to be relegated to persona non grata status at the Lair as well, I'll accommodate you by putting every inane, nonsensical post you make into the proper trash bin. Detroiter may have allowed your cancerous presence to contaminate things for months on end, and Incog may, for whatever reason, tolerate your hasbarat antics, but here, I have sole discretionary power to nip your bullshit in the bud before it even begins.

  11. I am glad you decided to at least keep the soap box around. Aside from the few who seem to only want to distract from the issues at hand, most that come here like to read your perspective on the issues. The discouragement is something I believe we all face from time to time, because there comes a point when either you have to re-evaluate your position or constantly repeat yourself, and most of us are dead set in our ways that it doesn’t seem likely that our position is going to change anytime soon.

    Quality over quantity every time wins the day.

  12. Brother,

    I can speak for myself but I would bet most agree with that you have a gift.. A gift from God, the Creator whoever you or us believe in if you do or we do that is...And it is a very powerful gift that your pen is mightier then any sword..And in truth I am very envious of..You remember before your posting at D I C along time ago ended up in Oregon even on a non White Nationalist Site..Wish one of us would of kept that.That was pure brilliance plain and me it seems like you come by naturally.

    I am not tooting my own horn so to say,,but I can be very charismatic without realising it in the oratory way.. Put us two together someday....who knows? Stranger things have happened. Maybe the long term plan of it all is that we are suppose too...

    I am not doing as much as usual...Some of it is like you in (whats the use)..Some of it is pain management and when the weather turns bad its crippling sometimes..So I have to take some happy pills..Its very frustrating trying to write while taking them.

    I am glad to see Sister Joy and Brother Jeff come back online so say. I really miss reading their post.Without either one of them realizing it they have opened a few eyes I can personally attest to..Such as well it says in the Bible..Without their knowledge I never would have figured out how to tell some of these sheeple idiots they are worshipping false Gods..So I believe what Brother Jeff stated..His Spirituality is/will be needed here soon...We will make him our Religion Minister..

    By the way Jimbo cheer up my Friend..Many of the Sheeple are awaking, and I would say some are quite aware.They are just afraid. Afraid to be anti semitic..I tell them that's kinda hard to be because these khazar impostors are Asiatics hammer that home.. for instance.. Some are brainwashed with the false Bible quotes from their mega churches or television Preachers and have really never even opened their own Bible up to read..They just take the word of these puppets who get their pockets lined two times.. Tax exempt and the joos paying them to preach their bullshit ..Where does the joo get its money for that? See Sister Joy/Brother Jeff and their Ilk are very important and needed.,,,,,,Have faith they are awaking..

    One of my favorite ways of getting sheeple interested? When they bitch about taxes and all and their proud tea party movement tell them.. I know ,,I am tired of paying twenty to thirty dollars per hundred at the grocery store for the damn kosher tax.. I am not a joo why should I pay a tax on kosher bleach or garbage bags? Learn about it..Hit them with facts you would be surpised how pissed that makes them.That one is a real good one to get them started...

  13. Hail RM! Hail the Victory!

    You know, sometimes we think our efforts are for nothing. And in this little corner of the internet galaxy we're not exactly the lion's roar. But whenever I get discouraged or think about throwing in the towel, I remember what a little obscure website did for me to get me on the right path and on to the truth. We never know who reads what we have to say and can never measure the impact of our words but if it can lift the veil from the eyes of even one person, if it can help someone to disconnect from the matrix, then it's all worth it.

  14. Remember, someone gave Uncle Wolf that one pamphlet that changed his life forever. I think it was two elderly ladies that turned GLR on to the truth with a booklet.

    You'll never know who you'll influence. I just hope I can influence as many Timothys as I possibly can.

  15. You are so right Orion. Actually my life changed from a little booklet given me, refuting the "hoaxaco$t". That was eleven years ago. All it took was for me to at least give it a read, listen to what was being said, and that is what is so difficult for folks because they have been conditioned to respond with horror with anything that goes against the jew's lies.