Friday, January 15, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes Part 5: Gangland

How will the armies that fight Civil War II come into being? Who will join them, and why, and where will they get their weapons?

America is saturated with armed organizations that will blossom into the tribal armies of Civil War II: The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, their reserve components, and fifty state national guards. The Border Patrol, the Secret Service, the BATF, the DEA, the FBI, the CIA and U.S. Marshals.

All totalled, there are 46 civilian agencies of the federal government that have agents who carry guns and have the power to make arrests.

State police, county police, city police, housing police, transit police, Indian reservation police, prison guards, and private security companies.

Just some of the tribes:

The Mafia, the Colombian cocaine cartels, Jamaican posses, The Ghost Shadows, the Flying Dragons, anti-Castro paramilitary units, Moslem terrorist cells, the Jewish Defense League, the Fruit of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, the Christian Identity movement, armed religious cults, the Black Guerrilla Family,

Crips, Bloods, the Gangster Disciples, the Black Disciples, the Latin Disciples, the Latin Kings, the Simon City Royals, the Mexican Mafia, the Big Time Criminals, Hispanics Causing Panic, the LA Boyz, the Netas, the Zulu Nation, the Jungle Boys, the Jungle Brothers, the Abdullahs, Los Solidos,

the Hazard Gang, the Nuestra Familia, United Raza, the Fresno Bulldogs, the Two Sixers, the Insane Deuces, the Insane Unknowns, 20 Love, the Bottoms Boys, the Vice Lords, the Harpys, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Aryan Nations, the White Patriot Party, the Michigan Militia, the Blue Ridge Hunt Club,

the Alabama Militia, the Arizona Militia, the Butte County Militia, the Indiana Militia, the Michigan Militia, the Montana Militia, the Georgia Militia, the Oregon Militia, the Colorado Free Militia, the Texas Constitutional Militia,

the Carbineers, the Minnesota Patriots Council, the Texas Emergency Reserve, the Alabama Minutemen, the Special Forces Underground, Hell's Angels, Banditos, the Gypsy Jokers, Pagans, Warlocks,

the International Posse, the Black Panther Militia, the Aryan Republican Army, White Aryan Resistance, the Islamic Liberation Army, the Freemen, skinheads, and other armed groups too numerous to mention.

These belligerent groups are almost all ethnically oriented, and our police
departments are increasingly becoming ethnically oriented as well.

America is plainly splitting up into armed camps along ethnic fault lines, but no one seems to have noticed, certainly not the establishment media.

Street gangs will doubtless form the core of future black and Hispanic urban militias. Consider these particulars of urban street gangs:

1. They are self-financed by the drug trade.

2. They are ethnically oriented.

3. They are heavily armed.

4. They are organized and disciplined. They have constitutions that ensure organizational survival despite the death and imprisonment of their leaders.

5. They are numerous almost beyond belief. The Los Angeles Sheriff has files on 100,000 gang members. San Antonio has an estimated 5,000 gang members. Chicago has an estimated 50,000 gang members. Malcolm Klein, perhaps America's leading authority on street gangs, estimates that there are over 400,000 street gang members in America.

6. Their leadership is composed of courageous, industrious and intelligent young men - not dim-witted punks as commonly depicted by Hollywood - because promotion is based exclusively on leadership, business acumen, and successful application of ruthless violence.

These urban gangs are evolving into serious armies, armies hostile to the
established government.

These gangs cannot be eliminated by any amount of police activity, just as police activity never succeeded in eliminating the Mafia. These gangs were conceived in, and thrive in, the environment of vast, desperately poor and densely-packed slums - slums neglected and abandoned by the establishment.

The huge black and Hispanic slums are not shrinking, they are expanding, and the gangs are growing in proportion. These minority ghettos are permanent and expanding fixtures of our society, and their expansion beyond a certain indefinable extent means inevitable civil war.

Watch for the first public protest demonstration by gang members, which will further signal that the gangs are taking on political goals. If any black politicians attend it will be a clear sign that the street gangs and black politicians do indeed have a common agenda, a common political and military agenda.

These gangs have even infiltrated the very organizations that are supposedly going to protect us from them during Civil War II. According to the Chicago Sun Times, in the last three years 15 Chicago policemen have been charged with crimes, forced to resign or investigated for membership in a street gang.

Incredibly, the Chicago police brass now allows known and even self-admitted gang members to masquerade as police because the police brass claim they can not fire these gangster/cops until they actually violate a law. Why can't they fire them for lying on their applications?

From a purely military perspective, the urban gangs could probably defeat some of our urban police departments right now...

The federal military itself has been infiltrated by street gangs...these gangs are
active in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. They are active at more than 50 American military bases. They stake out "turf on aircraft carriers, and gang members were photographed flashing gang hand signs during the Persian Gulf War.

On Dec. 4, 1992, gang members, including an army specialist 4th class, hacked a man and his three small children to death, one an infant, to protect a gang drug operation.

This is the military that is supposed to hold the country together in Civil
War II, a military that can scarcely hold itself together today.

Bandit gangs evolve into armies, and armies devolve into bandit gangs.

When civil authority breaks down in America, our criminal gangs will instantly fill the power vacuum, just exactly as has been the pattern in other lands. The gangs have the organization and firepower to serve as the nucleus for actual armies. And since they will be self-financed in the coming time of chaos, they will grow like wildfire. Militias, cults like the Nation of Islam, and other armed organizations will also rapidly grow into full-blown armies.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hate Mail

Hey, it happens. Your beloved Reichsmarshal is not as universally loved as you might have thought.

So, I was having some fun with this Haiti thing over at jewtube, celebrating the fact that several thousand potential rapist/murderers expired. I was in such a magnanimous mood of good cheer that I asked where I could send my care package to, which consists of a bucket of KFC, some grape soda and a couple of 40's.

Some libtards took notice of my "racist" comments and stopped their blaspheming of Christ and wishing that kooky christo-zionist Pat Robertson would die, just long enough to say even more stupid shit that I ripped to shreds with precision and fury.

Then it happened. The personal message. Boy, did I really get told by this androgynous(I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl, it's name is "Stefan" but the writing and some of the other comments from it lead me to believe this is a girl. Or a very faggotty male) jew-thinker.

that's where i'm pretty positive - if there is one (which duh there isn't) - you Should be.

bye now. and unfortunately for you, while you are smart enough to structure a sentence quite well, you're reasoning abilities fall short when it comes to generalizing human behavior by man made institutions, like race.(parotting Marxist drivel like the ed-jewcated lemming he/she/it is) i guess you must realize that, or, maybe you feel deep down, that your chance at being anything significant on this planet has come and gone, so you'll lower yourself worshiping at the alter of race-based (fiction) 'absolutes'. what a waste of life, brain, time, and how pathetic. (Damn. I've been found out. I hate niggers not because every encounter with these beasts was negative and that they have destroyed my country, but because I'm such an abject failure. At leest i kin rite pritty goood.)

why did i write this to you - to show you that people who are significant, or at least still live in truth, can see your hate for the pathetic retreat it is(uhhh why did you write this again?). sad. but do I care? no.(you cared enough to craft a personal message) Do i care about you? hell no, in fact, if there was a way to zap idiots like you off the planet like we do roaches in a kitchen, i'd sponsor it. it's not like you've already committed suicide anyway. hail hitler lol

Really got my number, doesn't he/she/it? Once again, these diversity mongering multi-kult freaks show their hypocrisy by always ending their estrogen soaked rants with wishing some sort of death, violence, misfortune etc. on us. So it would zap me like a cock roach? Do you also notice that with these nigger loving lunatics that words often outweigh actual violence, i.e. calling a nigger savage who rapes and murders a--well, nigger savage is more aggregious than the rape and murder itself in their mushy minds, and that anyone who dares speak the obvious should be killed in like fashion(or worse)?

When Christian Identity people like Pastor Lindstedt say that 95% of these whiggers are going to die, I'm starting to believe it. Hell, I'm hoping it happens, and hope to be able to do my part while I'm still young enough to have steady aim. I'm certainly not spending my time, talents and energy for pukes like the above Marxist lemming. When Chittum's vision comes to pass, it's dip shits like this hate mailer who will run to its nigger companions with open arms...only to be met with a brick in the face.

I didn't write this person back, and don't plan to. More than likely this was a hit and run piece, and I've been blocked from responding anyways. I'll let him/her/it go on thinking that he/she/it really told off the mean old racist, and that those "cutting" barbs are going to keep me up tonight. A person who's already living in that much delusion, well, hell, a little more isn't going to hurt. "lol".

Civil War 2 Notes Part 4: Nigger Apocalypse in the North

The heart of America, its culture and its wealth, beats in the European, English-speaking North. Here we see the pattern of black inner cities surrounded by primarily white suburban and rural areas. Blacks will seize the municipal governments and urban blacks will become increasingly poverty-stricken due to mismanagement and corruption of black one party rule...

Riots will increase, and black mayors will not put them down so as not to alienate their power base.

New York's Mayor Dinkins gave his tacit blessing to the Crown
Heights riot of 1991.

"A Hasidic Jew named Isaac Bitton told investigators he was
walking home with his 12-year-old son on Tuesday night, and asked police if Schenectady Ave. was safe. They assured him it was. But an aggressive crowd on the other side of the avenue approached him. He was hit with a brick and fell. The mob pulled his son away and beat him. This all took place in view of the police."

When some citizens sued the city over this withholding of police protection, city attorneys responded thusly in court: "The plaintiff simply had no constitutional or federal right to have the police respond to their calls for assistance or to receive police protection against potential harm caused by private parties."

This ... response gives us a clear preview of what urban life will come to when the demographic and political transformation of our cities is completed. And bear in mind that you won't be allowed any firearm to defend yourself. In fact, if you dare to, the police will arrest you.

Crimes of all sorts will increase, driving out whites. The surrounding white areas will grow increasingly radical. Walled suburbs will spread as America takes on the appearance of medieval Europe. As in the South, white militias will form.

Our government and institutions will effectively abolish many of our traditional liberties -such as freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms - to appease radical blacks. White and black police will clash with each other, first within police departments.

Later, white suburban and black city police will have firefights where their boundaries meet. Predominantly white national guard units will likewise clash with black city police in the course of putting down riots.

These racial firefights will escalate in frequency, duration and scope as black police departments acquire the armaments of armies in order to control urban riots, but also to give radical black mayors an intimidating bargaining chip in negotiations with the white federal government.

Eventually, open warfare will erupt. Open war may erupt when minority politicians and their radical, leftist allies seize power in federal elections, precipitating total disintegration of our regular military along racial lines.

...the blacks in the cities confront an insurmountable military disadvantage.

First, most heavy weapons are at this time located in federal military bases outside the cities in predominately white areas, and therefore should fall primarily into the hands of white formations.

...cities are completely dependent on food, water, fuel and electrical
power that must constantly flow in from surrounding areas inhabited by whites.

As these are easy to cut off, the cities should be quickly reduced to nothing but masses of freezing, starving targets subject to artillery bombardment at the discretion of white besiegers...

However, demographics and other circumstances may well tilt the balance of power to the blacks. If the federal government is captured by an alliance of radical whites and minorities, they may prudently transfer heavy weapons to military bases loyal to them.

the federal military will be primarily minority by the time of Civil War II in the north.

A minority-dominated federal military and the military formations of southern blacks might well have more firepower than white suburban and rural populations who may well be without privately-owned firearms by the time these events come to pass.

It is clear that in a straight up black versus white confrontation in the north, the blacks loose. This reality dictates a strategy of a black alliance with establishment white imperialists, and internationalists.

This is a high risk strategy because blacks will almost certainly be thrown overboard by the establishment if the percentage of their population decreases, and it may well result in a white genocidal fury against them if it is unsuccessful and the whites win.

If the blacks are initially successful, white guerrillas will certainly fight back.

Canada, which itself may break up into English-speaking and French-speaking sections, may provide sanctuaries for white guerrilla formations.

Foreign governments may give assistance to either side as their self-interests dictate, and the UN may occupy parts of America. is impossible to make confident predictions about the complex set of circumstances that will give victory to one side or the other because time and demographics are eroding the military potential of northern whites.

It is in the North that the final and climatic battle over the carcass of imperial
America will be fought, and an exclusively white nation will likely arise.

The black cities will either be wiped out or allowed autonomy, perhaps in confederation with the black South.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes Part 3: Niggers Revolt in the South

"I am not an American; I am one of twenty-two million black people who are victims of Americanism." Malcolm X

The black population of the south is growing faster than the white population, partially because of the higher black birthrate, and because blacks of the northern cities are increasingly returning to their southern home states because crime has turned the northern black slums into concrete killing fields.

This trend of blacks returning to the south should continue as third-world immigrants,
particularly Hispanics, have taken much low-skilled employment that is the primary source of black income in northern cities.

Blacks should remind themselves that many third-world immigrants are entirely without the sense of historic guilt that many northern whites embrace.

After the Mexican reconquista of the southwest, all will realize that America as a multi-ethnic nation is psychedelic fiction from the '60s, and ethnic conflict will flash across the south.

The Black Majority/White Minority Scenario

By 2050 AD, blacks will certainly be the majority in the states of the deep south. The southern black establishment will seize political control, first of the major cities, exactly as they've already done in Atlanta, Georgia. The whites will flee to defacto white enclaves, exactly as they're now abandoning Atlanta.

As in the southwest, demographics and racist affirmative action will force out the whites, starting with the non-property owning, working class whites.

the new black establishment will gorge itself [on]... increased taxes that will intentionally bankrupt and drive out white business owners - from municipal contracts from which white businessmen will be barred by racist affirmative action - from kickbacks and corruption of all sorts - from protection payoffs from black gangs grown into mafias, and from stolen federal aid meant for the poverty-stricken citizens of their cities.

The power base of the black establishment is the slums of poor, bitter, and radical blacks. And the black establishment will prudently see to it that their power base remains poor, bitter and radical.

White flight will accelerate, and blacks will become the voting majority in one southern state after another. The black establishment will then legally seize entire state governments in elections, one after another, precipitating even more white flight.

The whites of [the remaining] enclaves will increasingly become radicalized and form self-defense militias. Clashes with black militias and black-controlled police forces will occur, and they will steadily increase in frequency, duration and violence until most white enclaves are abandoned or overrun.
Only those white enclaves on the periphery of the black heartland have any real chance, of long-term survival.

As in the southwest, the federal government will face the dilemma of massive and indiscriminate use of heavy weapons against its own citizens, or acquiescing to southern black independence.

Civil War II in the south will be... utterly without
mercy due to the mutual hatred and loathing so deeply rooted in southern history.

...the first guerrilla and/or terrorist formations to appear in the south will almost certainly be white. Military virtues, traditional values, patriotism, religious fundamentalism, adherence to cultural norms, and distrust of central authority have long been features of southern white culture.

...genocidal warfare could erupt in the south.

The whites and blacks in the south... are intermingled, they are in economic, political and psychological competition, and they have no mutual history except that of mutual loathing and hatred.

Blacks are seizing political power in the south, and white southerners face the stark reality
that guerrilla warfare will be their only realistic reply to legally constituted black political/military pressure in the form of black politicians and black police who will combine to abuse whites, seize their property under color of law, and generally make life untenable.

...all this will be done with the cooperation of the federal government, the federal police, the federal judiciary, and the federal military.

...casualties will be massive as remaining white enclaves within the new black nation are overrun and black enclaves in white territory just outside the boundaries of the new black nation are likewise eliminated.

When the concept of a multitribal America dies riddled with AK47 slugs and epithets, those with orderly minds will cast about for some concept to organize their new society around. They may well look to the past. Manifest Destiny covered with a glossy coat of tribal war paint may be just the idea.

Blacks should pause from time to time and remind themselves that the establishment's abandonment of the white working class was not based on moral principles, but self-serving computation.
Should the white establishment give them("angry white males") the go-ahead, the blacks will not survive.

Evidence of Chittum's uncanny precognitive insight, with breaking news I read only yesterday. Is this the earliest rumblings of a White awakening?

Atlanta secession effort raises race issues
Renewed push for mostly white suburbs to split off from Fulton County

ATLANTA - In the cradle of the civil rights movement, a new secession effort is under way that would break off Atlanta's predominantly white, wealthy suburbs to the north from poorer, black neighborhoods in the south.

There's a renewed push to take some suburbs out of Fulton County, Georgia's most populous and home to most of the city of Atlanta, and put them under the now-extinct Milton County.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes: Part 2- Reconquista

Mao Tse-tung held that there are three necessary conditions for a guerrilla movement to succeed:

Condition 1 is the active support of a significant portion of the population, say 10%. It is sufficient that the remainder are apathetic or terrorized into submission.

Condition 2 is secure sanctuaries for the guerrilla formations to operate from. An adjacent country whose government actively supports the guerrillas is ideal, but in-country sanctuaries such as jungles, swamps or mountains will suffice.

Condition 3 is ongoing aid from a foreign government in the form of financial assistance, armaments, diplomatic and other support.

Mao Tse-tung stated that, generally speaking, without these three conditions, guerrilla
movements have historically been defeated or have devolved into bandit gangs.

Demographics and affirmative action will purge the Anglos out of police departments and other branches of local government.

Bilingualism will increasingly be mandatory for both government and private employment.

Eventually, a working knowledge of English will not be a requirement for government employment at all.

Anglo citizens who speak only English will be hard pressed to obtain any government employment or services.

The entire border area is a sinkhole of crime and gunfire. Gangs of Mexican banditos are looting Southern Pacific freight trains that pass near the border

The southwest will be transformed into a Spanish-speaking, de facto province of Mexico.

Enforcement of immigration laws by Hispanic-controlled police departments will disappear
entirely. Some Hispanic-controlled police departments will publicly announce their defiant refusal to enforce immigration laws.

Millions of desperate, poverty-stricken Mexicans will
stream across the border.

Mexico is utterly corrupt, a swirling cesspool of corruption. Hundreds of rich Mexicans have been kidnapped for ransom in the past several years, mostly by gangs tied to drug cartels and Mexican police departments.
(Phoenix Arizona is now said to be the kidnapping capital of the world, as the mestizo scourge and all it entails is well within our borders now.)

The entire border area is a sinkhole of crime and gunfire. Gangs of Mexican banditos are looting Southern Pacific freight trains that pass near the border.

Eventually, the corrupt Mexican establishment will be overthrown and replaced, most probably by leftist, gringo-baiting revolutionaries not unlike the Sandanistas of Nicaragua.

Economic collapse and increasing population pressure will drive millions of Mexicans across the border where only a few will find work, and most will survive on government assistance in slums and refugee camps.

These poverty-stricken illegal aliens will further aggravate the artificial labor surplus in the Southwest, driving wages down even further, accelerating the ongoing flight of working-class whites.

Multinational corporations will squash all efforts to turn this tide of events. They will continue to bribe our corrupt American politicians with PAC money. Even more NAFTA style treaties will be put into effect, which will farther impoverish working-class people in both Mexico and America, and hasten the downward spiral into Civil War II.

Bitter, energetic, and unemployed young Mexican and Mexican-American males will flock to guerrilla training camps south of the Rio Grande, camps actively supported by a radical Mexican government. The reconquista will then shift into its active military phase.

The seeds of this future have already sprouted. There exists a campus-based group of Chicanos advocating an independent Hispanic nation in the American southwest, a nation they have given the name of "Aztlan." . You will hear more of this Aztlan in the future, because illegal immigration, tribalism, and white flight are constructing this new nation day by day, every day.

If you are an Anglo living in the southwest, or in fact any non-Hispanic living in the southwest, you are well advised to leave as soon as practical, certainly within the next five years.

the Hispanic guerrilla movement in the southwest will enjoy all three of Mao
Tse-tung's conditions for a successful guerrilla movement: Support of the people; suitable sanctuaries to operate from, both in-country and across the Rio; and the ongoing support of a foreign government.

the future revolt in the southwest should not be thought of as Hispanic guerrillas fighting the American military on U.S. soil. Rather, it must be more accurately recognized as an invasion of northern Mexico by the American military, a task
whose inherent difficulty is more readily apparent.

Recall that the southwest will in reality
be Mexican, and foreign invaders - by which I mean the U.S. military - will have no choice but to resort to ethnic cleansing to win, because mere occupation will result in continuous guerrilla raids against the occupiers, exactly as would be the case if the American Army
crossed the Rio Grande and occupied northern Mexico today.

The Reconquista Checklist

Item 1: A requirement by any local or state government that its employees must be fluent in Spanish.

Item 2: A lack of requirement by any local or state government that its employees must be fluent in English.
Item 3: The adoption of policies by school boards that Spanish classes be mandatory or that instruction in English be optional.

Item 4: The demand by a Mexican political party or a major politician that the southwest of the United States be returned to Mexican sovereignty.

Item 5:
The formation of an Hispanic-based political party in America.

Item 6: The increasing display by many Mexican-Americans of nationalistic symbols such as the Mexican flag, in much the same manner that many African-Americans now commonly wear Malcolm X hats.

Item 7: The emergence of a revolutionary guerrilla movement in Mexico.

Item 8: The overthrow of the Mexican establishment, either by an election, coup d'etat, or revolution, that brings an ultra-nationalistic government to power, either right- wing or leftwing.

Item 9: A general economic collapse in Mexico followed
by a massive surge of illegal aliens into America.

Item 10: The expansion of the Border Patrol or its conversion into a military force equipped with heavy weapons.

Item 11: The massing of American military units near the border, or the involvement of our federal military in border control.

Item 12: The massing of Mexican Army units along the border.

Item 13: The public refusal by a police department controlled by Hispanics to enforce immigration laws, for individual Hispanic policemen to refuse to enforce these laws, or for any association of Hispanic law enforcement officers to equivocate about these laws. Also watch for the first instance of an Hispanic-American law enforcement officer who can not speak English.

Item 14: Any cross-border raid by Mexican revolutionary guerrillas into America, however small. This will breach an important psychological barrier and lead to more such incursions.

Item 15: The common occurrence in America of urban riots by Mexicans or Mexican-Americans as riots by African Americans are now common.

Item 16: The formation of Hispanic militias in the southwest.

Item 17: The recognition of dual citizenship by the Mexican government for Chicanes andfor Mexican immigrants who become citizens of America. The Mexican government will use this concept of dual citizenship to involve itself in internal American affairs such aspromoting racist affirmative action for Hispanics, influencing American elections, and interfering in matters concerning control of our borders.

Item 18: Watch for Mexican-Americans claiming legal rights to land currently owned by Angles, claims based on the old Spanish royal land grants.

Item 19: Watch for the appearance of third-world slums in American cities. They will almost certainly appear first in the sprawling urban barrio centered in East Los Angeles,... or adjacent to border towns like El Paso. Any attempts to evict them will bring accusations of racism, and will spark riots.

Item 20: Watch for border incidents involving exchanges of gunfire between Mexican police and/or military on one side and American police and/or military on the other side.

Item 21: Watch for a general exodus of working-class whites out of the southwest, especially the border area, and increasing mention of this flight in the establishment press. This will be accompanied by a downward spiral and even a collapse in real estate prices in the southwest.

Item 22: Watch for all manner of violent and disruptive incidents in Mexico—Derailments and looting of trains; hijacking of trucks; seizure of the Haciendas of the wealthy; bank robberies and ransom kidnappings of the wealthy by revolutionaries; food riots; all manner of sabotage;; corpses dumped along roads; a general exodus of the wealthy to Europe and America; another and even more serious collapse of the peso and a massive flight of capital; a collapse of the stock market and the economy in general....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes: Part 1

One aspect of every New Year for me is wrapping up loose ends and completing things that have been put off. One of those(many) things has been the reading of Thomas Chittum's Civil War 2 which Ronduck has been urging me to read for quite some time now.

As I suspected, I am not learning things that I did not, to varying degrees, already know. Even so, Chittum's prescience in regards to certain things that have come to pass since he wrote it(a publication date of 1997) are remarkable.

My purpose in creating this series of blog posts is to break down the basic points of the book and having a quick reference for myself and those who haven't the time or inclination to read the book on their own.

The book is not so much laid out in chapters as it is particular sections. These excerpted notes are from the first two sections. As I read further, I will break the rest of Chittum's thesis down in similar fashion, in manageable, small bites.

Civil War II, [is] a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations.

America will explode in tribal warfare in our lifetime.

And as America breaks up the very concept of multiethnic democracy will likewise be forever shattered.

Long columns of doomed refugees will clog our highways.

Bands of guerrillas will stalk about the countryside— raping, looting, murdering, clashing with each other. Food production will all but cease.

The hungry will fight to the death over scraps of garbage. Millions will starve, and millions more will die from infectious diseases.

Throughout world history, all multiethnic empires have broken up, and almost always in cataclysmic violence.

ongoing and dramatic changes in this country's ethnic composition are rapidly transforming America into a more empire-like entity, a naturally unstable political cardhouse doomed to collapse exactly as every other multiethnic empire throughout world history.

Urban riots have long been a fact of American life, and many were ethnic in nature. Today, they are almost exclusively ethnic in nature, and it doesn't take much to ignite one. Electrical blackouts, unpopular legal decisions, traffic accidents, real and imagined police brutality, and racial incidents of all sorts are commonly followed by ethnic riots.

Eventually, being an American will be meaningless in practical terms, and therefore there will be no point in the continued existence of America at all.

Eventually for working-class
white Americans our ethnic group and income level will be our de facto nationality.

The racist euphemism for this systematic dismantling of the rights of English-speaking Europeans is affirmative action. Increasingly, economic opportunities and even legal rights are determined not by your status of being an American citizen or not, but by your ethnic group. Increasingly, government documents require that individuals state their ethnic group. This data is not merely for informational purposes.

The politically-correct social planners have assigned English-speaking Europeans to the very bottom layer of imperial America, and racist affirmative action is the tool they're using to construct their brave new world. Even though racist affirmative action will suffer occasional setbacks, eventually this racist concept will triumph completely.

Eventually, the growing minorities and their New Order allies will seize absolute political power and expand racist affirmative action to all areas of everyday life in the new multiethnic American Empire.

The politically-correct elitists who run the multiethnic American Empire keep telling middle class, white Americans that they are now whites first and Americans second. Have the imperial elitists seriously considered what will follow when most white Americans actually start to agree with them?

Our corrupt politicians will grant amnesty to illegal aliens so they can become citizens and receive racist affirmative action special privileges. When our corrupt politicians give amnesty to illegal aliens, it's another flashing red warning indicator that Civil War II is that much closer.

watch to see if the establishment media drops the term illegal alien and substitutes the politically-correct euphemism, undocumented immigrant.(this has come to pass)

Watch for more such amnesty acts in the future. There are millions of illegal aliens residing in America, almost all of them nonwhite. Should they be granted citizenship, the cultural and political landscape of this nation will be radically and permanently altered beyond peaceful modification.(amnesty for mudstizos is a high priority for obongo and company in 2010)

[the]...goal is nothing less than destruction of American citizenship and therefore, ultimately, the destruction of America itself.

Now that America is being re-engineered into an undemocratic, multi-ethnic empire, our concept of citizenship must be (and is being) destroyed, and is being replaced by ethnic group and social class, because the concepts of a multiethnic empire and rights based on citizenship are absolutely and completely incompatible.