Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes: Part 2- Reconquista

Mao Tse-tung held that there are three necessary conditions for a guerrilla movement to succeed:

Condition 1 is the active support of a significant portion of the population, say 10%. It is sufficient that the remainder are apathetic or terrorized into submission.

Condition 2 is secure sanctuaries for the guerrilla formations to operate from. An adjacent country whose government actively supports the guerrillas is ideal, but in-country sanctuaries such as jungles, swamps or mountains will suffice.

Condition 3 is ongoing aid from a foreign government in the form of financial assistance, armaments, diplomatic and other support.

Mao Tse-tung stated that, generally speaking, without these three conditions, guerrilla
movements have historically been defeated or have devolved into bandit gangs.

Demographics and affirmative action will purge the Anglos out of police departments and other branches of local government.

Bilingualism will increasingly be mandatory for both government and private employment.

Eventually, a working knowledge of English will not be a requirement for government employment at all.

Anglo citizens who speak only English will be hard pressed to obtain any government employment or services.

The entire border area is a sinkhole of crime and gunfire. Gangs of Mexican banditos are looting Southern Pacific freight trains that pass near the border

The southwest will be transformed into a Spanish-speaking, de facto province of Mexico.

Enforcement of immigration laws by Hispanic-controlled police departments will disappear
entirely. Some Hispanic-controlled police departments will publicly announce their defiant refusal to enforce immigration laws.

Millions of desperate, poverty-stricken Mexicans will
stream across the border.

Mexico is utterly corrupt, a swirling cesspool of corruption. Hundreds of rich Mexicans have been kidnapped for ransom in the past several years, mostly by gangs tied to drug cartels and Mexican police departments.
(Phoenix Arizona is now said to be the kidnapping capital of the world, as the mestizo scourge and all it entails is well within our borders now.)

The entire border area is a sinkhole of crime and gunfire. Gangs of Mexican banditos are looting Southern Pacific freight trains that pass near the border.

Eventually, the corrupt Mexican establishment will be overthrown and replaced, most probably by leftist, gringo-baiting revolutionaries not unlike the Sandanistas of Nicaragua.

Economic collapse and increasing population pressure will drive millions of Mexicans across the border where only a few will find work, and most will survive on government assistance in slums and refugee camps.

These poverty-stricken illegal aliens will further aggravate the artificial labor surplus in the Southwest, driving wages down even further, accelerating the ongoing flight of working-class whites.

Multinational corporations will squash all efforts to turn this tide of events. They will continue to bribe our corrupt American politicians with PAC money. Even more NAFTA style treaties will be put into effect, which will farther impoverish working-class people in both Mexico and America, and hasten the downward spiral into Civil War II.

Bitter, energetic, and unemployed young Mexican and Mexican-American males will flock to guerrilla training camps south of the Rio Grande, camps actively supported by a radical Mexican government. The reconquista will then shift into its active military phase.

The seeds of this future have already sprouted. There exists a campus-based group of Chicanos advocating an independent Hispanic nation in the American southwest, a nation they have given the name of "Aztlan." . You will hear more of this Aztlan in the future, because illegal immigration, tribalism, and white flight are constructing this new nation day by day, every day.

If you are an Anglo living in the southwest, or in fact any non-Hispanic living in the southwest, you are well advised to leave as soon as practical, certainly within the next five years.

the Hispanic guerrilla movement in the southwest will enjoy all three of Mao
Tse-tung's conditions for a successful guerrilla movement: Support of the people; suitable sanctuaries to operate from, both in-country and across the Rio; and the ongoing support of a foreign government.

the future revolt in the southwest should not be thought of as Hispanic guerrillas fighting the American military on U.S. soil. Rather, it must be more accurately recognized as an invasion of northern Mexico by the American military, a task
whose inherent difficulty is more readily apparent.

Recall that the southwest will in reality
be Mexican, and foreign invaders - by which I mean the U.S. military - will have no choice but to resort to ethnic cleansing to win, because mere occupation will result in continuous guerrilla raids against the occupiers, exactly as would be the case if the American Army
crossed the Rio Grande and occupied northern Mexico today.

The Reconquista Checklist

Item 1: A requirement by any local or state government that its employees must be fluent in Spanish.

Item 2: A lack of requirement by any local or state government that its employees must be fluent in English.
Item 3: The adoption of policies by school boards that Spanish classes be mandatory or that instruction in English be optional.

Item 4: The demand by a Mexican political party or a major politician that the southwest of the United States be returned to Mexican sovereignty.

Item 5:
The formation of an Hispanic-based political party in America.

Item 6: The increasing display by many Mexican-Americans of nationalistic symbols such as the Mexican flag, in much the same manner that many African-Americans now commonly wear Malcolm X hats.

Item 7: The emergence of a revolutionary guerrilla movement in Mexico.

Item 8: The overthrow of the Mexican establishment, either by an election, coup d'etat, or revolution, that brings an ultra-nationalistic government to power, either right- wing or leftwing.

Item 9: A general economic collapse in Mexico followed
by a massive surge of illegal aliens into America.

Item 10: The expansion of the Border Patrol or its conversion into a military force equipped with heavy weapons.

Item 11: The massing of American military units near the border, or the involvement of our federal military in border control.

Item 12: The massing of Mexican Army units along the border.

Item 13: The public refusal by a police department controlled by Hispanics to enforce immigration laws, for individual Hispanic policemen to refuse to enforce these laws, or for any association of Hispanic law enforcement officers to equivocate about these laws. Also watch for the first instance of an Hispanic-American law enforcement officer who can not speak English.

Item 14: Any cross-border raid by Mexican revolutionary guerrillas into America, however small. This will breach an important psychological barrier and lead to more such incursions.

Item 15: The common occurrence in America of urban riots by Mexicans or Mexican-Americans as riots by African Americans are now common.

Item 16: The formation of Hispanic militias in the southwest.

Item 17: The recognition of dual citizenship by the Mexican government for Chicanes andfor Mexican immigrants who become citizens of America. The Mexican government will use this concept of dual citizenship to involve itself in internal American affairs such aspromoting racist affirmative action for Hispanics, influencing American elections, and interfering in matters concerning control of our borders.

Item 18: Watch for Mexican-Americans claiming legal rights to land currently owned by Angles, claims based on the old Spanish royal land grants.

Item 19: Watch for the appearance of third-world slums in American cities. They will almost certainly appear first in the sprawling urban barrio centered in East Los Angeles,... or adjacent to border towns like El Paso. Any attempts to evict them will bring accusations of racism, and will spark riots.

Item 20: Watch for border incidents involving exchanges of gunfire between Mexican police and/or military on one side and American police and/or military on the other side.

Item 21: Watch for a general exodus of working-class whites out of the southwest, especially the border area, and increasing mention of this flight in the establishment press. This will be accompanied by a downward spiral and even a collapse in real estate prices in the southwest.

Item 22: Watch for all manner of violent and disruptive incidents in Mexico—Derailments and looting of trains; hijacking of trucks; seizure of the Haciendas of the wealthy; bank robberies and ransom kidnappings of the wealthy by revolutionaries; food riots; all manner of sabotage;; corpses dumped along roads; a general exodus of the wealthy to Europe and America; another and even more serious collapse of the peso and a massive flight of capital; a collapse of the stock market and the economy in general....


  1. Look on the bright side. The conditions leading to corruption, chaos, and insurgency will also help foster the rise of White Nationalist groups and White paramilitaries.

    If the central government is unable to check the growth of Mexican-American insurgents, there is little chance it will be able to cope with organized, armed, resourceful White paramilitaries.

    Instability is our friend.

    We're just going to have to fight for our independence all over again.

    We need an army of dedicated political soldiers willing to wield the sharp edge of cold steel.

  2. Have to agree with NR to a point...but their is filthy,hairy, beanie wearing filth that has had a hard on for us for 2000 plus years.

    The centralised goverment has/had checked the growth of us. We will be the first targeted. Mostly wiped out. The muds will be joos main servants. The muds are not bright enough to figure it out.
    Datsch duh vay..muh money

  3. NR, the central government may not be willing to use the necessary amount of force against the spics, but it may be willing to use such force against *us*. Those FEMA camps may easily be meant for us, not the Mexicans.

  4. In truth Ronduck, my friend was a prison guard for a long time got out of it. Drove a truck with me for awhile.

    We saw those camps all over the country. Mostly in the Midwest though. At first he could not figure out what they were for.

    They were not regular prisons he could tell by the fencing and security measures. I told him about the fema camps and it all fell into place for him.

    You see this big gulag empty except the front gate guards and the cameras. It is a scary reality.

    Many still do not believe that its going to come down to that.

    When??? Who knows...

  5. Have ya read Bracken's stuff RM ? Yep, U.S. government policy actually enables all these heathen to run rampant amongst us as definable combatants. The "law" only seems to come down hard when the whites resist in any appreciable way. Bitch ... but don't dare raise a finger against it.

    If their (ZOG) track record is indicative of anything, I wonder if they'll even bother (at least at first) to try and hinder the heathens when the SHF. Perhaps they'll use that as a plausible (in the submissive sheeps mind) excuse to go after all those "white terrorists" they've been demonizing for years. Perhaps sit back and enjoy the bloodletting for awhile and let 'em thin the ranks of those they hate anyway.

    I wonder how many of these "weekend" white nationalists are really gonna rise up in righteous indignation anyhow - I'm not as optimistic as some. I do not think they have accurately tallied the actual numbers opposing them or even mentally prepared for what must happen. This is not to detract from the hard core element, to whom enemy numbers are just that - mere figures. It is what it is and you deal with it.

    Once more I'll make the statement that Christ is our only true source of strength, deliverance and guidance to victory. He alone can enable us to accomplish what must be done. I'll be among those slinging lead but I'll be watching for His miracles also. We aint seen nuthin' yet.