Saturday, December 27, 2008

How Not to be a Victim

I posted this video before in the DIC forum under a thread I had started that show cased the alarming number of nigger assaults that seemed to occur in McDonald's restaurants. I'm going to dissect this one, because this vicious attack could have been prevented with a little bit of common sense.

First, this guy admits to noticing the shitskin lingering outside the store and is aware that he has been followed in. He has clearly been pussified by liberal thinking to not have a gut instinct that danger is imminent. It should have also tipped off his radar that the nigger had saddled up next to him, sprawled out on the counter looking around nervously, rather than getting in line behind him. Obviously, the savage wasn't there to buy a Big Mac. The White man, who is either oblivious to the danger, or is so debilitated by PC neutering, is standing in such a casual, relaxed position as if to say "yes, I see a black gentleman there, and he sure is acting suspicious, but, because I am a good person and not racist, I'm going to give this young man the benefit of the doubt..." His relaxed body language, which was probably a conscious effort to appear subservient and "non racist" to groids was an open invitation to getting smashed in the face.

I don't want to blame the victim, because this was a vicious, cowardly cheap shot. If he had been more aware of his surroundings he could have conveyed to the nigger that he regarded him as suspect. The nigger may still have attacked, but, he would have not been caught cold like that, and unless the coon was a desperate druggie, probably would have fled the scene at the first sign of resistance.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Always calculate the number of black and brown faces in a crowd. Keep an eye on all of them, but pay particular attention to the shifty, suspicious looking characters(I know, most spics and niggers fall under this category, but, you know what I mean).
I live in a rural area and when I go to the main small town in the county for reasons of commerce, I am aware of every nigger I encounter, even though they are relatively few in number. They are not as emboldened as urban shines, but, I still am vigilant. I'm not going to be the victim when these cow town niggers decide to act like their big city brethren. I practice and advise this sort of vigilance no matter where you go, and whether there's nothing but White folks present or not. In a world of bottom feeding egalitarian filth, everyone is suspect in my book.

This is not a macho thing and I don't go looking for trouble. No matter how adept you are at handling yourself in such a situation, I don't advise that you go looking for trouble either. Confrontations with subhuman savages are better avoided, if at all possible, especially considering that they are as protected as an endangered species by our traitorous jewish controlled gubmint. And if you carry a concealed weapon, permit or not, you'd better think clearly whether or not the situation merits the use of deadly force in the eyes of the "law." This is not cowardice or pacifism on my part. Joe Horn of Texas could have easily been convicted of murdering those home invading niggers if he happened to have gotten a liberal anti-White jury hearing the case. It's a headache and hassle I'd rather avoid, and I'd like to see you avoid it, too.

Niggers and non-Whites in general are basically cowards and seek out only what they deem easy targets. They prey on the weak and defenseless. They target those oblivious to their presence. I have never heard of a White Nationalist being the victim of this sort of crime(after they became WN, at least. Many were awakened by being on the receiving end of TNB). It's that awareness and common sense approach to dealing with these feral beasts that keeps us from ever being their victims. But it only takes a moment to fuck up. I haven't been in a bar or other such establishment where trouble is likely to ensue for over 4 years now. The prisons are full of young White men who were convicted of a "hate crime" for having uttered the word "nigger" in a heated moment while in a drunken state. And if you've got a membership card from one of those groups Terrible Tommy and I have been warning you about tucked in your wallet, then you're going to be going away for a while.

While dealing with and encountering niggers is getting more difficult to avoid in our multi-kult society, you can make an effort to not frequent establishments where niggers patronize. And in the case of a McDonald's, if you simply must support that anti-White travesty, then at the very least don't order from one where niggers man the kitchen. It is no urban myth that negroes spit in the food of White customers. Ask Jesse Jackscoon.

With a just a little bit of fore-thought, planning, and a whole lot of common sense, we, as fully awakened, racially aware people, can avoid being the willing victims of TNB.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Which Way to Go? Perspectives on White Nationalism Part 2

In the previous installment of this particular train of thought, I did not mention any names or identify organizations. There was no need to single out, say, Bill White, since the gist of the message was not against any one organization but rather to sound a general tone of caution when dealing with all such groups who differ only in name and leadership personalities, with the same ineffectiveness and civil and criminal liability inherent in all of them. In retrospect, it actually points up the fact that such groups are so cliched and ingrained in our collective psyches as media exposed Americans, that no identifier was necessary.

In this segment, which will address the other end of the White Nationalist spectrum, in order to make my point, naming names will be unavoidable. And here, we will be examining the "respectable racialists."

No one is more dogged and determined to drag us into the realm of respectability and legitamacy than Dr. David Duke, a man whom I have tremendous respect for and owe much of the knowledge gained in my own awakening to. I have no criticism of Dr. Duke's methods or his unwavering commitment to our mission and our Folk. I know he is derided by many in our circles and revered by even more. One of the criticisms is of his "playboy" life style which appears to be provided for by donations and contributions from White Nationalists. I have no idea how much compensation Dr. Duke receives for his tireless work, but it probably is not enough.

However, I think a lot of energy is wasted every time Dr. Duke goes on one of these television or radio news programs and must, time after time, defend and refute the lies contained in the preamble used to introduce the segment. Precious minutes lost countering the lies and distortions and partial truths. Every one of these ambushes I have witnessed always has Dr. Duke on the defensive and somewhat off point with his important message. Media exposure is good, even essential, but we have to be mindful that it's their media, not ours. Even a live segment can later be edited to make the scripted villain look like a fool and his more salient points excised from the program archives all together. Should he not do these interviews? I don't know. I think if one person can cut through the media hype bullshit, and a glimmer of an awakening can begin, all the better. But how many racially aware, or even minimally aware folks would sit and watch CNN to start with? If any of us should ever have the opportunity to speak to the media, I think we have to weigh the fact that we are in hostile, enemy territory. This is also a problem I have with these public racialist spectacles. When the media does venture to actually speak to White people they will quickly edit an intelligent person down to a micro second sound bite(or just leave it on the cutting room floor) and seek out someone who fits their "Bubba" template and give that inarticulate fellow enough time and rope to hang himself, making us look bad in the process.

I don't spend as much time worrying about this as David Duke and Don Black do. I have lurked at Stormfront for a couple of years, but, am convinced that I will never join. I could never be comfortable under an atmosphere of censorship, for any reason. I think it is quite laughable that they have attempted to "clean up" White Nationalism and sanitize it for the average White nigger-ball watching lump of shit who might wander in. The Swastika, from what I have read, is verbotten. So is using the word "nigger." Funny thing is, I have seen dozens and dozens of members with Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, Totenkopfs, SS runes, etc. as avatar graphics. And how does one keep track of all of those folks with 14 and/or 88 in their names without a score card? I am not against Third Reich imagery or nomenclature in the least(as this blog obviously attests to). I am just puzzled as to why Duke and Black would settle on a half measure like this. To selectively target the Swastika to the exclusion of all other Nazi regalia is kind of silly. I'd rather not deal with silly, crowd pleasing people. Personally, if you are so PC that you would curl up into a ball at the sight of a Swastika or break down in tears at being called a "racist" I don't want you, and I certainly don't need you getting in my way when the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device.

Besides, for all of their attempts at a carefully crafted public image, this is what the jew does to us time after time:

It is a tiresome, uphill battle, that, I think, ultimately cannot be won given the current conditions and the jew stranglehold on the mainstream media apparatus. We are always going to be derided as "Nazis", "Klansmen", "bigots", "haters", "extremists" "White Supremacists"(a redundancy!)etc. regardless of what we do, or how we do it.

In fact, this is how stacked the deck was in that media "report":

Don Black's neighbor could not be permitted to form his own opinion on White Nationalism by actually being shown Stormfront; he had to be prepped by ADL propaganda, so as to elicit just the right combination of shock and outrage to emphasize how evil White Self Determination really is!

At least Don has wisened up a bit, and refuses to play his scripted part as villain in these media cluster fuck hatchet jobs anymore.

But there is someone even more committed than David Duke and Don Black to sanitizing the image with suit and tie, non pejorative language, even going so far as to top the package off with a nice, respectable intellectual sheen. I am speaking of Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance. Wow. Nothing as nonthreatening or innocuous as something called "American Renaissance", huh? And yet the same tired refrain is heard from the same puking leftist detractors: "racist!!!"

I actually think Jared Taylor has a greater chance at ever achieving legitamacy with our views on race, than does perhaps someone like Dr. Duke. David Duke, we must be honest, is "damaged goods." He is, and always will be, David Duke, "former Klansman." Long before I was ever racially aware, the name David Duke conjured up visions of some rabid racist, possibly even violent person, in a white sheet. The exact opposite is of course the actual truth. But that is the power of the jewish controlled media. Jared Taylor has no such baggage that can be levelled at him and used to distract the viewer and discredit him before he even opens his mouth to speak. They still call him a "bigot" and "racist" of course, but, these toothless barbs appear to lose their sting every time they are used rather than actually refuting Taylor's argument, which, we know, as students of logic and fact, are irrefutable. I have seen and heard Jared Taylor debate liberals. It is the most masterful deconstruction of multi-kult bullshit I have ever witnessed. And Taylor never loses his cool or composure, which has caused many a liberal to be reduced to a raving, vein bulging lunatic.

As much as I rely on AmRen for news, information, and statistical data, I am troubled by one aspect of this consortium of conservative thinkers: they are very open to having jews join, and, in fact, do not address the jewish influence in what ails us at all. Jews are poisoners, defilers, wreckers of all that is good. To allow them to infiltrate any organization or to make appeals to them in an effort to legitmize that organization is, to my mind, playing with fire. It makes the whole thing suspect. But that's not our problem. We're Lone Wolves, and we don't join membership groups or compromise ourselves in any way.

This brings me to what Tom Metzger calls the "Racialist Petting Zoo." These AmRen Conferences and "Euro" Conferences which make for wonderful opportunities that allow ATF, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies to update their "home grown terrorist" dossiers with current photos and intelligence. I think it was pretty pathetic how Dr. Duke and his entourage were chased from hotel to hotel in order to make this last conference happen. We look even more weak and marginalized than we do when the costumed Hollywood Racists gather. But for what? What, other than personal self aggrandizement, could be the reason to go to such great expense and risk of entrapment in order to say....what? What could just as easily have been said on Stormfront Radio? I have heard most of the speeches from the podcasts of this last Euro Conference. I can tell you that I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know before listening.

These particular "greet, meet, and eat" parties may be more "respectable" and above board than a Klan rally or a skin head march, but, I would advise the same caution in publicly declaring myself at such events as I would when dealing with bottom of the barrel tattooed hooligans. You are better off not getting involved in that capacity.

Is this hysterical paranoia on my part? To even advise caution when meeting to discuss race and the future of White Self Determination at a catered room with fresh flowers and crystal water pitchers? Maybe. But, I have been monitoring for the past few years how we are slowly eroding into a Police State. It does not matter, in the current climate, that you plead "but I have done nothing wrong!!!" The last thing the "justice system" is concerned with is justice. I see a time when dissent of any kind, both left and right, that threatens the established order, will be crushed without mercy. It's in the winds. If the current financial crisis reaches apogee, then the ensuing chaos will be the only pretext needed for settling scores and "cleaning house."

Other than compromising ones self by affiliating with these higher end organizations, I must say emphatically that I am glad, grateful even, that those mentioned and others are doing what they are doing. As I said previously, the first and most proactive step any of us can take is the obtainment and dissemination of information. Things like The Color of Crime are the foundational bed rock of our positions, and our arguments would not be nearly as air tight and iron clad without these statistical resources backing up everything we say. The truth, as they say, is out there. Probably two thirds of the White population of this country would still be a lost cause even if 150 million White folks were exposed to our message. This is why I'm not too concerned with a mass awakening right now. There are some dire things on the horizon that are going to be happening that will move a lot of people back to tribalism and a racial view of the situation. It's already happening. White Americans are now, for the first time in a few decades, competing with alien mestizos for unskilled manual labor jobs. So long as there is a nigger-ball game on talmudvision and a fresh six pack in the refigerator, most suburbanite slobs cannot be prompted from the couch to even fuck their judeo-feminist wives(who are themselves probably fantasizing about being mauled by the nigger bucks they are programmed to desire). We have, as a collective, forgotten what it's like to survive, to fight, to mark territory, to carve out a destiny for ourselves and our progeny. Do you shudder like I do, when you think of our young loved ones enduring dispossessed minority status in a nation founded for them? Most don't even give it a single thought. "Diversity is our strength." I guess if you say it enough times, you might actually believe it, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

I have no delusions either, about a political, democratic, peaceful solution to the problems we face. They call the Republican Party the party of "White men." Eh? I have not seen a more anti-White agenda coming from a bunch of traitorous scum as what eminates on a regular basis from the Republican party. It was Nixon who pushed Affirmative Action. It was Republicans the decade before who were the driving force behind Snivel Rights(which allowed open non-White immigration to fly in under the radar). It was Ronaldis Maximus Reagan who signed into law Martin Loofer Coon Day recognition. It was also the Gipper who opened the sewer lines of third world immigration with the amnesty bill in 1985. It is the treasonous, scorched earth economic policies that republicans espouse, even as the country spirals into ruin. It is scum like Juan McCain and Jorge Bush who want unlimited numbers of mestizo scum to flood our country and descend upon our nation like a plague of subhuman locusts. This is also the same party that will assure endless wars for Israel as our best White young men and women sacrifice themselves on the altar of their jewish masters.

If they were honorable, the Republican party would and could be the party of White people. But, with the results of this election, they are already beginning to over correct for their defeat. Instead of taking up the mantle of White issues, rights, and concerns they are instead worrying about how to be more "inclusive". "How can we get more spics, niggers, faggots, etc. into our tent?" As there is already a party that caters to these particular group identities, the Republican party is headed for the ash heap of history, if they continue on this suicide path and try to become more "moderate." How much more weak and middle of the road can you possibly get than John McCain? They have to face reality. Bush was so destructive, incompetent, and pathetic that he is the true reason that a nigger will soon sit in the White House. He may well have destroyed his own party. That will be the "Bush Legacy."

Even if Republicans became champions of our basic rights as the heirs of the nation built for us, there would still be one major problem. They would still be mere pawns of the jews, subservient to jewish interests which are diametrically opposed to White interests. The political apparatus is rotted from branch to root. It is truly an alien, occupied government. It is as corrupt and vile as the traitorous sell outs who populate it. To buy into, or put faith in such a system only props up the weapon that will one day be our demise. There is only one real answer and that is a complete dismantling of ZOG and a purging of the jew. It is that simple. Which is what makes it so difficult. I would have said two months ago that I didn't expect ZOG to be toppled in my life time. Things, however, have begun to deteriorate at such an alarming rate since October that I am almost sure that revolutionary change, in one form or another, is inevitable, even if that change is the breaking of America itself(I will be posting in the near future the predictions of a Russian intellectual who believes that the U.S. is headed for breaking up into 4 or more regional parts that will, in effect, be racial enclaves).

As a Lone Wolf, you've got to be ready. Even if that preparation is only for your own survival and not for the movement as a whole, you've got to do it. For yourself. For your family. For your Folk. Your own survival and well being should be of utmost concern and priority number one.

Should the war come to our neighborhoods, we may all one day be real insurgents. In the meantime, remember that Al Quaeda and other guerilla fighters don't have P.O. boxes, membership lists, or hold meet and greets at the local motel. Be vigilant. Be patient. Our time is coming!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Which Way to Go? Perspectives on White Nationalism

Across the spectrum of this thing called White Nationalism, there are a varied number of approaches and strategies. Admittedly, not all of them are good. Some are better than others. I will examine these approaches based on my own observations regarding these things, and the insight and experience of those who have made the mistakes so that we can avoid them. I do not pretend to have all of the answers, but I can say for certain that things that do not work, or are even detrimental to our cause and the individuals in it, should be abandoned.

Recent events should be glaring guide posts warning us to adopt Leaderless Resistance, or Lone Wolf strategies. The leaking of the BNP membership lists in Great Britain and the latest bullshit law suit won by Morris Dees anti-White organization, the SPLC, against Imperial Klans of America illustrate perfectly the liability and ineffectiveness inherent in organizational groups which maintain membership rolls and other sensitive information. Such groups have been targeted by Morris Dees and his cadre of kike lawyers for years now. But these people seem to never learn.

I believe this reluctance to learn from past mistakes boils down to two things: vanity and the need to be perceived as "doing something."

Vanity runs from the top down. First, there is the "mini-Fuhrer." He seems to have modelled himself and his organization after Hitler and his inner circle, completely (possibly willfully) unaware that conditions that made the success of the NSDAP in Weimar Germany possible simply are not in play in this country, and given the geography, size and uniquely "American" experience of our nation, it never was.

In many cases, these costumed membership groups seem to be an outgrowth of the "mini-Fuhrer's" ego and may be more for his own self aggrandizement rather than any real commitment to White survival. For the more unscrupulous, it's also about lining one's own pockets.Most often these organizations crumble into squabbling, directionless factions should the mini-Fuhrer die or become incarcerated. Eventually they fade out all together or become absorbed by yet another Hollywood "Nazi" group. Stay as far as you can from such groups. They are breeding grounds for informants, Feds, and agent provacateurs. They attract the worst elements: drunkards, druggies, kooks of all varieties, mentally ill people, "professional joiners", and a lot of unproductive dead weight. When the heat is on, 95% of these costumed clowns will roll over on each other before a grand jury in order to save their own skin.

There is a vanity too, among the rank and file who, outfitted in nostalgic SA uniforms feel like a "big deal." They want credit for "doing something." This manifests itself in the high visibility of such groups. A visibility that plays right into the hands of ZOG, a visually oriented and sensation starved media, and a slack jawed public ready to ingest this load of media hyped vomit. They become, in direct proportion to their visibility and antics, trained sea lions in the jewish media circus spectacle which serves as fund raising fodder for Morris Dees and the ADL. Also, marches, rallies, and simply stating their existence gives the drug addled, sewer dwelling "anti racist/anti-fa"(which are merely front groups for commie scum) a target at which to fling their feces, and otherwise give meaning to their pathetic hippie existences. How could a pile of shit like Darryl Lamont Jenkins post the names, addresses and pictures of these people if they were Lone Wolf operatives? If you've been paying attention, you know the answer to that one.

This whole notion of "doing something" is rooted in a dangerous machismo that we would do well to evolve out of. I fail to see where fifteen or so guys in costume waving Third Reich battle flags, doing Roman salutes to a crowd of jeering multikult, egalitarian slobs constitutes "doing something." Without the sufficient numbers necessary to make a powerful statement, it is the ultimate sign of weakness. Let them try to calculate instead the strength they cannot measure and see! It also reinforces jew media stereotypes that are used to effectively guilt other Whites out of ever even lifting their heads for their own self determination.

I can think of no rally, march, or the stomping to death of some random Somali or other indigenous shit skin that has propelled the cause of White Nationalism or gained us any ground what so ever in this struggle. The march and subsequent nigger riot in Toledo, Ohio a few years ago was certainly useful for provoking TNB and putting it before the entire nation. But, as Katrina and this most recent "Black Friday" have shown, niggers need very little such prompting or agitation in order to revert to their subhuman, savage nature. I predict big chimp outs in the coming months and years. Niggers can't help but be what they are. Why give them excuses and make more of a media mountain out of the presence of Hollywood Nazis thus diverting attention and blame from the true villains? General niggratude will do far more to awaken the average White person than all of the pomp and circumstance that such groups combined could ever provide.

What I have said here will inevitably ruffle the feathers of those who have a vested interest in and/or have identities that are bolstered by affiliation with such groups. I do not really care about suffering the indignity of being called a "keyboard kommando" or the predictably derisive comments regarding my masculinity. Neither of which are sufficient motivators that would goad me into throwing all logic out the window and engage in activities and strategies that I know to be abject failures.

At this stage of the game, gathering and disseminating information and preparing to survive in a third world America are the most positive, proactive steps any of us can take. Find a safe harbor. Make sure your family is out of harm's way when this mother fucker all comes crashing down. I gave up quite some time ago worrying about the majority of White people in this country who show no signs of slowing as the cliff gets closer and whether or not they will "wake up" or survive. This is not to say I've given up trying to reach as many as possible. It just isn't my responsibility to hold your hand and make sure you get all of that jew think out of your system, especially if your cursing me and wishing for my death as I'm doing it. I expect a Darwinian thinning of the herd.

I predict that many non racially aware but capable people who can hunt, grow food, and organize resistance are going to be far more valuable and likely to survive than any costumed Nazi. Survival is one instinct that the multi-kultists can't eradicate from the primal nature inherent in all living things(though that doesn't stop the bastards from trying). I guarantee such rugged individuals will know exactly who the enemy is when roving bands of niggers and mestizos start robbing, raping, and murdering en masse. Yes, it's going to have to get that bad before most people realize we've got a problem.

NEXT: "Suit and Tie" Nazis, intellectualism and political means of achieving White Self Determination.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Werwulf Erwache!

Anyone is capable of being a Lone Wolf. Resistance is a lifestyle; each performs to his or her individual abilities. Success and experience will come in time. Always start off small. Many small victories are better than one huge blunder (which may be the end of your career as a Lone Wolf). Every little bit counts in a resistance. Knowledge is power. Learn from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. Never rush into anything; time and planning are keys to success. Never attempt anything beyond your own abilities, failure could lead to disaster.

The less any outsider knows, the safer and more successful you will be. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Never truly admit to anything. Communicate your message to others having the same beliefs as yours. Communication will add to your knowledge base. After all, having an opinion is still legal (I think).Communication is a good thing, but keep your covert activities a secret. This will protect you as well as others like you.

When someone from a membership group taunts you by saying "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AS A LONE WOLF? Simply say, "That would be telling." DUHHHHH!!!! Remember, even the smallest things make a difference. You will see that what you are doing is making an impact. If you never get caught, you are better than any army.Others will notice your activities, but never try to take any credit for them, your success should be all the recognition you need. Never keep any records of your activities that can connect you to the activity. Keep in mind that repeated activity in one area would lead to increased attention to the area and possibly to you. The more you change your tactics, the more effective you will become. Random chaos is never predictable.

Have a "rainy day" fund set aside in a safety deposit box (out of your local area and not in a high activity area), complete with new ID just in the event that something unexpected goes wrong. Only you will know your limitations. Never utter more than the 5 Words to any agent or representative of ZOG: "I Have Nothing To Say." There are no exceptions. Anyone who does talk must be shunned from the movement forever. Former associates of the talker may consider much harsher punishment. Never talk to a Grand Jury even when faced with Contempt of court. No exceptions.

Never join a membership group unless it is to monitor any threat to lone wolf operations: Support some activists and publications with periodic freewill donations covertly. You will be able to live without a membership card- also known as a security blanket. No meetings (that includes rallies, conventions, concerts and rendezvous) that are not for a compelling, specific activist reason that cannot be accomplished through other communication means (mail, E-mail, Net, phone, etc.).

Exist and fight as lone wolves or in a small cell and you will last longer and be at peak performance. I have never said their will never be a time when all small cells and lone wolves may evolve into a highly structure but ruthlessly militant organization with steel hard leaders.

That time is not now and will not be for the foreseeable future. No present leader including myself will be leading that phase. We are only to prepare the way. Hopefully what we say and do now will make future victory possible. Remember, those who have come before you are counting on you, those who will come after you are depending on you. Think white, act White, be White! THE BEGINNING

Tom Metzger
April 2003

White Survival in an Increasingly Hostile World

Excerpts from Tom Metzger's Mini Survival Manual. No matter what level of activism you find yourself in, read and heed!

Joining a group, or attempting to recruit the public en masse, is a common error of logic that many people make. The enemy fail-safe limitations are well in place to control such approaches. We have many such groups around the country who believe their 'eat, meet, and retreat' logic is a winning formula. I call it intellectual masturbation. It may feel good, but nothing changes after the thrill is gone.

There comes a time when the body is so infested with parasites that band-aids no longer have any effect. Be it parasites or cancer, it's time for major surgery. The general public never has sufficient courage to do that. So it is up to the small percentage of serious surgeons to use a different approach. I call that Revolutionary Racism.

Agreed, the general public will not like our approach but, on the other hand, they will not seriously interfere -- unless they sit on a jury. It is simply a WAR between the minority in power and the minority out of power!

Trying to satisfy the public will drive you mad. The public in general doesn't have an individual mind. They have a mass mind! They follow the leader, or whomever is successfully gaining power.

No my friends, the time for parlor manners and polite politicking is long over. It is now time to alter or abolish by any means possible.

The following are suggestions to help keep us healthy. Those who ignore these ideas will learn the hard way, and pay the price.

1) Beware of strangers. Historically, resistance to political criminals has taken the form of small autonomous groups (cells) whose members know and trust one another from long personal experience. Even better is the one person unit. There is plenty of written and electronic material to guide you. Holding hands can be deadly.

The head of the DEA recently lamented that, once the major South American drug cartels were broken up, they were left with hundreds of small groups which are extremely hard to infiltrate and destroy.

After all, how many group actions have taken place where a single determined activist could not have accomplished even better results? In most cases, where three or more participate, it is expected that at least one will talk if caught. In many cases they will rat on each other. Three people can keep a secret if two are dead!
[And always remember, when in contact with men of the Iron Heel, stick to the 5 words: "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY". No one can help you but you yourself once you are in the hands of the enemy.]

2) Beware of the man who is "too perfect". He says all the right things and needs little persuasion, plus he supplies a substantial amount of money. Several white separatist membership organizations fall for this trap. They tend to make allowances for people who give larger amounts of money. Sure it takes money to operate, but at what cost? Don't lower your standards or security for money!

3) Beware of handling someone else's firearm, or other weapon. You may find your fingerprints showing up at a crime scene. Anyone who hands you a weapon for your inspection should politely be told "NO THANK YOU"!

Always carry a small low cost audio tape recorder in your pocket or car. Keep one at your front door also. They only cost $20 bucks, but can save your lilly white butt. I know this personally. (And remember, never let any agent of the Government into your home without a warrant.)
Always begin recording if a suspected agent from any level of government approaches. If you can afford a used camcorder, keep it ready at all times with batteries charged. If you spend much time in your car take the camcorder with you. Begin to record especially at any "ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP".

Carry a low cost 35 mm camera with you at all times. Auto advance and collapsing telephoto lens preferred. All this equipment can be picked up cheap at a swap meet or garage sale. You have a choice, spend a few bucks on equipment or possibly spend years in jail.

I have known people who did hard time primarily because they were too cheap to buy a police scanner. Of course, most police communication is now scrambled, which changes the picture somewhat.

We are becoming a knife and 'edged blade' society. Carry a legal length knife and know how to use it. Box cutters come in all sizes and are a good defense item. They are disposable and cheap, and are more easily explained.

In a pinch, there are dozens of weapons lying around: rocks, bottles, bricks, lumber, anything just lying around. In a riot with the JDL a few years ago a comrade used a floor standing ashtray to nearly beat a Jew attacker to death. A carpenter carries tools of the trade. Hammers are deadly. An auto mechanic carries tools; a pipe wrench can ruin the day of an attacker. Almost anything feasibly can be used as a weapon. Pencils or ballpoint pens used properly will also ruin an attackers day.

If you can lift a refrigerator, it too, could become an offensive weapon. Yes, that is a little extreme, but if caught unarmed in the street, a broken off car antenna may become your best friend. You are only limited by your imagination.

Easy-Off oven cleaner kept near home access points, and out of a child's reach, can be a housewife's savior. If an intruder tries to break in, a shot of that stuff in the face will give him a lot more to think about than raping your wife or girl friend. A can of Easy-Off under your car seat is simply 'groceries', right?

Most people go to jail for having guns, not for using them! I have been active for 30 years and have never been in a situation where a gun was necessary. Pepper spray and a blade should suffice, unless you are stalking big game. It is not a sign of cowardice, when confronted with superior numbers, to exit the scene and live to fight another day. It is best to avoid simple street confrontations if at all possible. What's to gain???

Wearing racial symbols is not wise and creates a possible no win situation. You may claim victory in the street brawl but be charged with a hate crime, even if you are 'in the right'.
Do not drink and then go into the streets. Most young people doing hard time were drinking alcohol when their alleged crime occurred. What possible connection does killing a Negro or Spic vagrant, or even a gang banger, have with our Racial Revolution? If you go to prison for stupidity, don't expect to be recognized as an ARYAN POW! Only the finest Racist soldiers deserve that label.

4) Be doubly aware of any new acquaintance who proposes unlawful activities. That person is likely either stupid or an agent. Don't be surprised to find him or her testifying against you in state or federal court.

5) Beware of those who draw checks from the enemy! They may have divided loyalties. Some retired military personnel fit this picture. I have personally known three retired generals in my day. They may have been great at sending privates into harms way, but in civilian life they weren't worth a damn for our cause -- either for action or simply for contributions. As far as normal Government checks are concerned, I support liberating as much cash as possible from the Iron Heel. Nearly every dime they control came from Our Race.

6) Avoid drunks, drug users, and anyone of unstable character. Always choose quality over quantity. Unfortunately, this often does not show up until too late. Keep your eyes, ears, and nose active. Do not be embarrassed to be nosey. If a person objects to your investigations, simply walk away. Better safe than sorry.

7) Beware of someone whose intellect, education, and background appear radically different from those with whom he attempts to associate. Most people interrelate with others of similar interests and background.

8) Do a lot of investigating. To be sure, Federal and State cops can create a good cover, but they seldom bother. Right wing style membership resistance groups rarely check associate backgrounds, especially police and military records.

Above all, don't forget to check civil records. Angry divorce proceedings have given us great intelligence information in the past. I once flushed out a police informant by reading his divorce record. The wife was demanding part of his police pay.

Some infiltrators use the 'military expert' ploy. Check their DD214 military record. If they will not produce it, walk away. Even then, an agent of the Naval Investigative service may assume any rank from lowly Seaman to Admiral. The same goes for other military security agencies.
Miltary associates: IMPORTANT -- If you declare in any way that you are a Racist, you will be booted out of the military and possibly even jailed. You are then of little use to the struggle.

Military operatives must be totally lone wolf and deep cover. In other words, keep your mouth shut no matter what. I have known a few military men who joined the struggle claiming great deeds. In one case, a 'Marine Sergeant' had actually been kicked out of the military after only 2 weeks, and he was a homosexual to boot! He led several men straight to federal prison through his lies.

Another was Patriot Party leader Glenn Miller, who was a Green Beret. He was a Green Beret alright, a supply sergeant -- not a combat soldier! He later testified against good movement soldiers in federal court. At one time he led several hundred troops astray in the streets.

Remember, most organizations are sold out from the top -- not the bottom. Just another reason to be lone wolf or part of a small cell.
NEVER TAKE A PERSON AT FACE VALUE. No one is ever above suspicion. Sad, but that's the way it is.

9) Recognize the ruthlessness of the Iron Heel and be prepared to use the same tactics. All governments rule by force or implied force. They will mass murder innocent families, including the women and children. They will not play "fair" with you. Forget all you learned in Government class. There is no justice in the courts, or in the streets, for White Racial Separatists. Do not expect it and do not plead for it!

10) Beware of signing up for any membership organization. You may find yourself taking orders from the Iron Heel itself. Many membership organizations mean well, but they are at the mercy of federal agents and civilian investigators. In many cases such groups are tolerated simply to provide a listening post or 'miner's canary' thermometer to gage resistance intentions and strength.

Operating in a totally legal manner means nothing to our oppressors. If you have a successful career, the Iron Heel or other group can ultimately destroy you -- not for what you do but for what you think. I have seen it happen over and over again. Membership groups often have good intentions when recruiting up in class, but if you are pulling down $100k plus and attend these meetings, prepare yourself for bread lines when the Iron Heel decides your time is up.

11) Recognize media's tactics. Do not worry about labels if you are already a public figure. When they call you a Racist just smile and say: "Thank you, aren't you?". If you prefer to remain private, refer the press to one of several well spoken people who have lots of experience with the press. DO NOT refer the press to some candy ass mealy mouth double talker.

12) Learn to live within your means. Do not let debt overtake you. Debt makes you a slave, as millions of White Americans are finding out the hard way. Most divorces are triggered by money problems and debt. Credit cards properly used can make you money, but they are only for the truly clever. If you cannot use credit cards to make money, get rid of them and pay cash. Debt is an addiction disease which our oppressors rely on.

In the South after chattal slavery was outlawed, another form popped up. It was called share-cropping. The land owner got folks so far in debt in spring and summer that when harvest time came they barely had enough to pay him off. If they ran away the Sheriff would chase them down -- just like slaves. That went for Blacks and poor White share-croppers alike!
Learn to live off discards. Buy used. Learn to repair older cars and appliances. Don't ever try to keep up with Nigger Jones. That's a JEW trap! Buy your needs at swap meets, garage sales, thrift shops and through newspaper thrifty ads. Learn to network and barter.

Don't pick up and move every year thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. Those who move far from familiar stomping grounds will lose valuable contacts, both political and economic. Many of these networks take a lifetime to create.

Develop an economic support network with friendly businessmen. Many white people will not join, but they do understand and sympathize. Behind closed doors many are fire-breathing Racists too.

These types are very useful in an economic network. In many cases it is not good to recruit them into active cells. They serve a good purpose without being asked to commit more than they are willing or able to do. In any war, most personnel are in the support units.

Cut Politically Correct budgets in half by using Aryan brains!
When on the run, don't forget dumpster diving for fun and profit (and remember to never compromise a comrade by making contact!). Go where least expected. Large urban areas are much easier to disappear in than open country or woods.

Most people's knowledge of survival is woefully inadequate. Being detected is more likely in the wild, considering the sophisticated equipment now used. In the wild you can be killed with no 'eyewitnesses'. (So what if your hands were over your head!)

The toughest crew that George Lincoln Rockwell ever put together was the Oakland Suicide Squad. This small group lived in the middle of the Black Ghetto and was feared by the natives. Who would have the nerve to hassle 6 Nazi's that lived in the middle of the ghetto?

Keep tuned to the news. Most people listen to rock and roll or whatever the in thing is. To a true activist, checking local, national and international news is like breathing. Most large urban areas have 24/7 news radio stations. News today is almost instantaneous, so keeping up at all times is simple. Most of it is pure BS and Nigger ball scores, but between the lines a sharp listener can keep very well informed. Any Aryan soldier who thinks he or she can survive without being keen on world and local affairs is simply playing games.

We must also develop our own means of informing the public, keeping them at least neutral in the struggle. Covert literature and black propaganda work best. Effective literature will promote decreasing confidence in the Iron Heel. Many have learned to despise the Iron Heel -- keep that fire growing. (Learn to fish in friendly waters.) We must be committed to winning by any means possible.

Don't let them kid you: THE ENDS DO JUSTIFY THE MEANS! People in power sleep with that statement under their pillows.

Always send messages which will ring true in the ears of our dwindling White Worker population. There is an enormous amount of moral and ideological high ground which has been abandoned by our enemies. Claim it and use it! On the other hand, do not waste valuable time trying to convince an intractable relative or friend. Go around such people and find troops wherever else they may be. Millions of Whites are not salvageable and will even fight to the death to protect non-whites and Jews. Do not cast pearls before these swine. We are all part of an extended family now. Sad to say, in many cases this extended family may prove to be more reliable than your own blood relatives.

We must all bear in mind that we are unpaid volunteers from all walks of life. Rich sometimes but rarely, middle class a lot, and occasionally poor. Fanatics is a good term for us because only fanatical zeal will keep us going much of the time. To be good leaders, we must first be willing to be servants. Study the books "The Art Of War" and "MIGHT IS RIGHT." You must EARN respect, not expect or demand it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Tightening Tendrils of Jewish Supremacism

Mossad front group ADL to partner with Youtube to crush free speech

NEW YORK, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- YouTube has reached out to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for its expertise in dealing with hate on the Internet. In one outgrowth of that partnership, the League is now a contributor to YouTube's newly launched Abuse & Safety Center, where users are empowered to identify and confront hate, and to report abuses.

The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center features information and links to resources developed by ADL to help Internet users respond to and report offensive material and extremist content that violates YouTube's Community Guidelines on hate speech. "YouTube is an incredible tool for sharing videos and giving individuals an opportunity to broadcast themselves, but like other social networking sites it can be abused or used for sinister and dangerous purposes," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

"There are those who may try to exploit the technology to spread racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate." "We commend YouTube for their efforts to provide users with access to important information from those with expertise, such as ADL and others, on how to effectively respond to hate on the Internet and to report abuses," said Mr. Foxman. "Obviously, the industry has a vested interest in providing a safe online experience for the community of users, but they cannot go it alone. Maintaining a prejudice-free zone on the Internet means constant vigilance on the part of everyone. Parents, educators, industry, government and nonprofit watchdogs must work together. The bigots can only be sidelined if people of good will are actively reporting abuses, so that the Internet service providers can take action."

Since the advent of the Internet, ADL has played a leading role in working to combat hate on the Internet through education and advocacy. The League monitors extremism and hate on the Internet and works with major service providers, including Google, to identify and respond to offensive content. Last year, the League launched a major initiative to counteract cyberbullying by providing access to educational resources and information to parents, teachers, students and caregivers.

ADL also serves as the U.S. representative to the International Network Against Cyber-Hate (INACH). More information is available on the League's web site at The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center was unveiled on December 11 at the annual conference of the Family Online Safety Institute in Washington D.C. and can be found at A link to the Center is also available at the bottom of every YouTube page. The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

SOURCE Anti-Defamation League

Reichsmarshal says: "Most of us have been calling this enterprise "jewtube" for a few years now. Can there be any doubt now? You know what to do, kids. Upload all of your anti-zionist, holohoax, and racialist videos to Get all the information, PDFs, articles, etc. that you can from White Nationalist sites and download it all to your hard drive to make sure none of it gets flushed down the Memory Hole."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calling All Insurgents!

As many of you who may have stumbled upon this lonely outpost have surmised by now, the name of this venture is a reference and homage to Dr. Goebbels' original "Radio Werwolf" broadcasts which were used to rally Germans to the cause of defending the Fatherland from the hordes of jewish controlled Bolsheviks and "allies" streaming into the Reich. An insurgency, a guerilla movement that was, unfortunately for all White people living today, too little too late.

It is in that spirit then that I continue to be a beacon from deep within the bowels of the jewish Moloch called ZOG, spreading the truth to any and all who may wander here.

My goal does not include sanitizing the message for the legions of brain dead masses, in the hopes of reaching a "main stream" audience and gaining wider acceptance. Instead, these "broadcasts" will be aimed at whoever may be out there who is not only receptive to these truths, but, are also inclined to apply some of the more practical information I will be disseminating from this bunker. And that is, you will find, the beauty of the Lone Wolf Strategy. You don't know who is out there listening, and you don't know who is doing what. Which means that our enemies are in the dark as well. They cannot infiltrate and/or disrupt what is not there.

To be clear, there will be no "marching orders" issued from this outpost, nor any discussion of illegal activities, provocations to violence, etc. What there will be is White survival strategies which are general in nature, and practical in their application. Also, we will be debunking and exposing the jew and the often repeated myth that "diversity is our strength." In short, news and information that ZOG does not want you to have.

Stay tuned, Volks...