Monday, December 22, 2008

Which Way to Go? Perspectives on White Nationalism Part 2

In the previous installment of this particular train of thought, I did not mention any names or identify organizations. There was no need to single out, say, Bill White, since the gist of the message was not against any one organization but rather to sound a general tone of caution when dealing with all such groups who differ only in name and leadership personalities, with the same ineffectiveness and civil and criminal liability inherent in all of them. In retrospect, it actually points up the fact that such groups are so cliched and ingrained in our collective psyches as media exposed Americans, that no identifier was necessary.

In this segment, which will address the other end of the White Nationalist spectrum, in order to make my point, naming names will be unavoidable. And here, we will be examining the "respectable racialists."

No one is more dogged and determined to drag us into the realm of respectability and legitamacy than Dr. David Duke, a man whom I have tremendous respect for and owe much of the knowledge gained in my own awakening to. I have no criticism of Dr. Duke's methods or his unwavering commitment to our mission and our Folk. I know he is derided by many in our circles and revered by even more. One of the criticisms is of his "playboy" life style which appears to be provided for by donations and contributions from White Nationalists. I have no idea how much compensation Dr. Duke receives for his tireless work, but it probably is not enough.

However, I think a lot of energy is wasted every time Dr. Duke goes on one of these television or radio news programs and must, time after time, defend and refute the lies contained in the preamble used to introduce the segment. Precious minutes lost countering the lies and distortions and partial truths. Every one of these ambushes I have witnessed always has Dr. Duke on the defensive and somewhat off point with his important message. Media exposure is good, even essential, but we have to be mindful that it's their media, not ours. Even a live segment can later be edited to make the scripted villain look like a fool and his more salient points excised from the program archives all together. Should he not do these interviews? I don't know. I think if one person can cut through the media hype bullshit, and a glimmer of an awakening can begin, all the better. But how many racially aware, or even minimally aware folks would sit and watch CNN to start with? If any of us should ever have the opportunity to speak to the media, I think we have to weigh the fact that we are in hostile, enemy territory. This is also a problem I have with these public racialist spectacles. When the media does venture to actually speak to White people they will quickly edit an intelligent person down to a micro second sound bite(or just leave it on the cutting room floor) and seek out someone who fits their "Bubba" template and give that inarticulate fellow enough time and rope to hang himself, making us look bad in the process.

I don't spend as much time worrying about this as David Duke and Don Black do. I have lurked at Stormfront for a couple of years, but, am convinced that I will never join. I could never be comfortable under an atmosphere of censorship, for any reason. I think it is quite laughable that they have attempted to "clean up" White Nationalism and sanitize it for the average White nigger-ball watching lump of shit who might wander in. The Swastika, from what I have read, is verbotten. So is using the word "nigger." Funny thing is, I have seen dozens and dozens of members with Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, Totenkopfs, SS runes, etc. as avatar graphics. And how does one keep track of all of those folks with 14 and/or 88 in their names without a score card? I am not against Third Reich imagery or nomenclature in the least(as this blog obviously attests to). I am just puzzled as to why Duke and Black would settle on a half measure like this. To selectively target the Swastika to the exclusion of all other Nazi regalia is kind of silly. I'd rather not deal with silly, crowd pleasing people. Personally, if you are so PC that you would curl up into a ball at the sight of a Swastika or break down in tears at being called a "racist" I don't want you, and I certainly don't need you getting in my way when the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device.

Besides, for all of their attempts at a carefully crafted public image, this is what the jew does to us time after time:

It is a tiresome, uphill battle, that, I think, ultimately cannot be won given the current conditions and the jew stranglehold on the mainstream media apparatus. We are always going to be derided as "Nazis", "Klansmen", "bigots", "haters", "extremists" "White Supremacists"(a redundancy!)etc. regardless of what we do, or how we do it.

In fact, this is how stacked the deck was in that media "report":

Don Black's neighbor could not be permitted to form his own opinion on White Nationalism by actually being shown Stormfront; he had to be prepped by ADL propaganda, so as to elicit just the right combination of shock and outrage to emphasize how evil White Self Determination really is!

At least Don has wisened up a bit, and refuses to play his scripted part as villain in these media cluster fuck hatchet jobs anymore.

But there is someone even more committed than David Duke and Don Black to sanitizing the image with suit and tie, non pejorative language, even going so far as to top the package off with a nice, respectable intellectual sheen. I am speaking of Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance. Wow. Nothing as nonthreatening or innocuous as something called "American Renaissance", huh? And yet the same tired refrain is heard from the same puking leftist detractors: "racist!!!"

I actually think Jared Taylor has a greater chance at ever achieving legitamacy with our views on race, than does perhaps someone like Dr. Duke. David Duke, we must be honest, is "damaged goods." He is, and always will be, David Duke, "former Klansman." Long before I was ever racially aware, the name David Duke conjured up visions of some rabid racist, possibly even violent person, in a white sheet. The exact opposite is of course the actual truth. But that is the power of the jewish controlled media. Jared Taylor has no such baggage that can be levelled at him and used to distract the viewer and discredit him before he even opens his mouth to speak. They still call him a "bigot" and "racist" of course, but, these toothless barbs appear to lose their sting every time they are used rather than actually refuting Taylor's argument, which, we know, as students of logic and fact, are irrefutable. I have seen and heard Jared Taylor debate liberals. It is the most masterful deconstruction of multi-kult bullshit I have ever witnessed. And Taylor never loses his cool or composure, which has caused many a liberal to be reduced to a raving, vein bulging lunatic.

As much as I rely on AmRen for news, information, and statistical data, I am troubled by one aspect of this consortium of conservative thinkers: they are very open to having jews join, and, in fact, do not address the jewish influence in what ails us at all. Jews are poisoners, defilers, wreckers of all that is good. To allow them to infiltrate any organization or to make appeals to them in an effort to legitmize that organization is, to my mind, playing with fire. It makes the whole thing suspect. But that's not our problem. We're Lone Wolves, and we don't join membership groups or compromise ourselves in any way.

This brings me to what Tom Metzger calls the "Racialist Petting Zoo." These AmRen Conferences and "Euro" Conferences which make for wonderful opportunities that allow ATF, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies to update their "home grown terrorist" dossiers with current photos and intelligence. I think it was pretty pathetic how Dr. Duke and his entourage were chased from hotel to hotel in order to make this last conference happen. We look even more weak and marginalized than we do when the costumed Hollywood Racists gather. But for what? What, other than personal self aggrandizement, could be the reason to go to such great expense and risk of entrapment in order to say....what? What could just as easily have been said on Stormfront Radio? I have heard most of the speeches from the podcasts of this last Euro Conference. I can tell you that I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know before listening.

These particular "greet, meet, and eat" parties may be more "respectable" and above board than a Klan rally or a skin head march, but, I would advise the same caution in publicly declaring myself at such events as I would when dealing with bottom of the barrel tattooed hooligans. You are better off not getting involved in that capacity.

Is this hysterical paranoia on my part? To even advise caution when meeting to discuss race and the future of White Self Determination at a catered room with fresh flowers and crystal water pitchers? Maybe. But, I have been monitoring for the past few years how we are slowly eroding into a Police State. It does not matter, in the current climate, that you plead "but I have done nothing wrong!!!" The last thing the "justice system" is concerned with is justice. I see a time when dissent of any kind, both left and right, that threatens the established order, will be crushed without mercy. It's in the winds. If the current financial crisis reaches apogee, then the ensuing chaos will be the only pretext needed for settling scores and "cleaning house."

Other than compromising ones self by affiliating with these higher end organizations, I must say emphatically that I am glad, grateful even, that those mentioned and others are doing what they are doing. As I said previously, the first and most proactive step any of us can take is the obtainment and dissemination of information. Things like The Color of Crime are the foundational bed rock of our positions, and our arguments would not be nearly as air tight and iron clad without these statistical resources backing up everything we say. The truth, as they say, is out there. Probably two thirds of the White population of this country would still be a lost cause even if 150 million White folks were exposed to our message. This is why I'm not too concerned with a mass awakening right now. There are some dire things on the horizon that are going to be happening that will move a lot of people back to tribalism and a racial view of the situation. It's already happening. White Americans are now, for the first time in a few decades, competing with alien mestizos for unskilled manual labor jobs. So long as there is a nigger-ball game on talmudvision and a fresh six pack in the refigerator, most suburbanite slobs cannot be prompted from the couch to even fuck their judeo-feminist wives(who are themselves probably fantasizing about being mauled by the nigger bucks they are programmed to desire). We have, as a collective, forgotten what it's like to survive, to fight, to mark territory, to carve out a destiny for ourselves and our progeny. Do you shudder like I do, when you think of our young loved ones enduring dispossessed minority status in a nation founded for them? Most don't even give it a single thought. "Diversity is our strength." I guess if you say it enough times, you might actually believe it, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

I have no delusions either, about a political, democratic, peaceful solution to the problems we face. They call the Republican Party the party of "White men." Eh? I have not seen a more anti-White agenda coming from a bunch of traitorous scum as what eminates on a regular basis from the Republican party. It was Nixon who pushed Affirmative Action. It was Republicans the decade before who were the driving force behind Snivel Rights(which allowed open non-White immigration to fly in under the radar). It was Ronaldis Maximus Reagan who signed into law Martin Loofer Coon Day recognition. It was also the Gipper who opened the sewer lines of third world immigration with the amnesty bill in 1985. It is the treasonous, scorched earth economic policies that republicans espouse, even as the country spirals into ruin. It is scum like Juan McCain and Jorge Bush who want unlimited numbers of mestizo scum to flood our country and descend upon our nation like a plague of subhuman locusts. This is also the same party that will assure endless wars for Israel as our best White young men and women sacrifice themselves on the altar of their jewish masters.

If they were honorable, the Republican party would and could be the party of White people. But, with the results of this election, they are already beginning to over correct for their defeat. Instead of taking up the mantle of White issues, rights, and concerns they are instead worrying about how to be more "inclusive". "How can we get more spics, niggers, faggots, etc. into our tent?" As there is already a party that caters to these particular group identities, the Republican party is headed for the ash heap of history, if they continue on this suicide path and try to become more "moderate." How much more weak and middle of the road can you possibly get than John McCain? They have to face reality. Bush was so destructive, incompetent, and pathetic that he is the true reason that a nigger will soon sit in the White House. He may well have destroyed his own party. That will be the "Bush Legacy."

Even if Republicans became champions of our basic rights as the heirs of the nation built for us, there would still be one major problem. They would still be mere pawns of the jews, subservient to jewish interests which are diametrically opposed to White interests. The political apparatus is rotted from branch to root. It is truly an alien, occupied government. It is as corrupt and vile as the traitorous sell outs who populate it. To buy into, or put faith in such a system only props up the weapon that will one day be our demise. There is only one real answer and that is a complete dismantling of ZOG and a purging of the jew. It is that simple. Which is what makes it so difficult. I would have said two months ago that I didn't expect ZOG to be toppled in my life time. Things, however, have begun to deteriorate at such an alarming rate since October that I am almost sure that revolutionary change, in one form or another, is inevitable, even if that change is the breaking of America itself(I will be posting in the near future the predictions of a Russian intellectual who believes that the U.S. is headed for breaking up into 4 or more regional parts that will, in effect, be racial enclaves).

As a Lone Wolf, you've got to be ready. Even if that preparation is only for your own survival and not for the movement as a whole, you've got to do it. For yourself. For your family. For your Folk. Your own survival and well being should be of utmost concern and priority number one.

Should the war come to our neighborhoods, we may all one day be real insurgents. In the meantime, remember that Al Quaeda and other guerilla fighters don't have P.O. boxes, membership lists, or hold meet and greets at the local motel. Be vigilant. Be patient. Our time is coming!


  1. Its scary when you watch Television and almost every actor/actress is a joo. Watch the shows and you'll see every way to degrade white men and women is there. Making every perverted thing the joos can cook up look normal..Its horrible and yet were called the rascist.And John Q. Public has their head so far burried in the sand they can't see it.
    The biggest Anti Semtic of all? Its the zionist joo. Period. Three miles from their big houses with swimming pools are their true Semitic cousins (not the converted kahzar parasite) living in tents, communal water spickets, lack of food, basic services and constant shelling and riffle fire.
    I think your right with lone Wolf approach. I do let people know my views and let them have something to think about...besides slapping the beanies off the filthy vampires....
    Dr. Duke opened eyes back in the mid to late seventies. Hey was so right in so many ways. But not many listened...muh money
    Great article brother...

  2. Thanks, Cleveland.

    I am somewhat open with my views also. It is very difficult to pretend to be a pansy assed liberal hippy fuck when things are being discussed that make your skin crawl and you just want to shout "NO!!!That is not true!!!"
    I am not that deep into hostile territory, given the nature of my business, so really, in situations where I might be compromised I tend to remain neutral rather than pretend to be a Marxist, which in all honesty I don't think I could do. It would really test my commitment if I had to have a cover like that.

    I only advise a bit of stealth to secure ones bottom line, i.e. on the job, business contacts, school etc. Don't be a martyr to the cause before the fight even begins.

    In casual contact, I like to read people and how receptive they are to our way of thinking. Bringing up negro crime is the perfect way of guaging things. Also, Walt and Mearsheimer's "The Israel Lobby" is another hook you can use to see what they think about the jew, without coming on too strong.

    If they parrot all of the tired liberal bullshit, you know that person is pretty much lost and you move on.

    I know what you mean about these jews on TV. I'm finding out people who I may have actually liked are fucking jews! (Harrison Ford. Han Solo a kike? Say it aint so...)

  3. The more I think about it, the more suspect that video is. The news team just "happened" to have ADL agit-prop on hand? Bullshit. I wouldn' doubt the ADL contacted them and told them to do the story...or else!! If they didn't prepackage the whole thing and say "run this."

  4. Great, great post. It's like you're reading my mind. Thanks so much for starting a blog. I look forward to acquiring a lot more info here.