Tuesday, December 16, 2008

White Survival in an Increasingly Hostile World

Excerpts from Tom Metzger's Mini Survival Manual. No matter what level of activism you find yourself in, read and heed!

Joining a group, or attempting to recruit the public en masse, is a common error of logic that many people make. The enemy fail-safe limitations are well in place to control such approaches. We have many such groups around the country who believe their 'eat, meet, and retreat' logic is a winning formula. I call it intellectual masturbation. It may feel good, but nothing changes after the thrill is gone.

There comes a time when the body is so infested with parasites that band-aids no longer have any effect. Be it parasites or cancer, it's time for major surgery. The general public never has sufficient courage to do that. So it is up to the small percentage of serious surgeons to use a different approach. I call that Revolutionary Racism.

Agreed, the general public will not like our approach but, on the other hand, they will not seriously interfere -- unless they sit on a jury. It is simply a WAR between the minority in power and the minority out of power!

Trying to satisfy the public will drive you mad. The public in general doesn't have an individual mind. They have a mass mind! They follow the leader, or whomever is successfully gaining power.

No my friends, the time for parlor manners and polite politicking is long over. It is now time to alter or abolish by any means possible.

The following are suggestions to help keep us healthy. Those who ignore these ideas will learn the hard way, and pay the price.

1) Beware of strangers. Historically, resistance to political criminals has taken the form of small autonomous groups (cells) whose members know and trust one another from long personal experience. Even better is the one person unit. There is plenty of written and electronic material to guide you. Holding hands can be deadly.

The head of the DEA recently lamented that, once the major South American drug cartels were broken up, they were left with hundreds of small groups which are extremely hard to infiltrate and destroy.

After all, how many group actions have taken place where a single determined activist could not have accomplished even better results? In most cases, where three or more participate, it is expected that at least one will talk if caught. In many cases they will rat on each other. Three people can keep a secret if two are dead!
[And always remember, when in contact with men of the Iron Heel, stick to the 5 words: "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY". No one can help you but you yourself once you are in the hands of the enemy.]

2) Beware of the man who is "too perfect". He says all the right things and needs little persuasion, plus he supplies a substantial amount of money. Several white separatist membership organizations fall for this trap. They tend to make allowances for people who give larger amounts of money. Sure it takes money to operate, but at what cost? Don't lower your standards or security for money!

3) Beware of handling someone else's firearm, or other weapon. You may find your fingerprints showing up at a crime scene. Anyone who hands you a weapon for your inspection should politely be told "NO THANK YOU"!

Always carry a small low cost audio tape recorder in your pocket or car. Keep one at your front door also. They only cost $20 bucks, but can save your lilly white butt. I know this personally. (And remember, never let any agent of the Government into your home without a warrant.)
Always begin recording if a suspected agent from any level of government approaches. If you can afford a used camcorder, keep it ready at all times with batteries charged. If you spend much time in your car take the camcorder with you. Begin to record especially at any "ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP".

Carry a low cost 35 mm camera with you at all times. Auto advance and collapsing telephoto lens preferred. All this equipment can be picked up cheap at a swap meet or garage sale. You have a choice, spend a few bucks on equipment or possibly spend years in jail.

I have known people who did hard time primarily because they were too cheap to buy a police scanner. Of course, most police communication is now scrambled, which changes the picture somewhat.

We are becoming a knife and 'edged blade' society. Carry a legal length knife and know how to use it. Box cutters come in all sizes and are a good defense item. They are disposable and cheap, and are more easily explained.

In a pinch, there are dozens of weapons lying around: rocks, bottles, bricks, lumber, anything just lying around. In a riot with the JDL a few years ago a comrade used a floor standing ashtray to nearly beat a Jew attacker to death. A carpenter carries tools of the trade. Hammers are deadly. An auto mechanic carries tools; a pipe wrench can ruin the day of an attacker. Almost anything feasibly can be used as a weapon. Pencils or ballpoint pens used properly will also ruin an attackers day.

If you can lift a refrigerator, it too, could become an offensive weapon. Yes, that is a little extreme, but if caught unarmed in the street, a broken off car antenna may become your best friend. You are only limited by your imagination.

Easy-Off oven cleaner kept near home access points, and out of a child's reach, can be a housewife's savior. If an intruder tries to break in, a shot of that stuff in the face will give him a lot more to think about than raping your wife or girl friend. A can of Easy-Off under your car seat is simply 'groceries', right?

Most people go to jail for having guns, not for using them! I have been active for 30 years and have never been in a situation where a gun was necessary. Pepper spray and a blade should suffice, unless you are stalking big game. It is not a sign of cowardice, when confronted with superior numbers, to exit the scene and live to fight another day. It is best to avoid simple street confrontations if at all possible. What's to gain???

Wearing racial symbols is not wise and creates a possible no win situation. You may claim victory in the street brawl but be charged with a hate crime, even if you are 'in the right'.
Do not drink and then go into the streets. Most young people doing hard time were drinking alcohol when their alleged crime occurred. What possible connection does killing a Negro or Spic vagrant, or even a gang banger, have with our Racial Revolution? If you go to prison for stupidity, don't expect to be recognized as an ARYAN POW! Only the finest Racist soldiers deserve that label.

4) Be doubly aware of any new acquaintance who proposes unlawful activities. That person is likely either stupid or an agent. Don't be surprised to find him or her testifying against you in state or federal court.

5) Beware of those who draw checks from the enemy! They may have divided loyalties. Some retired military personnel fit this picture. I have personally known three retired generals in my day. They may have been great at sending privates into harms way, but in civilian life they weren't worth a damn for our cause -- either for action or simply for contributions. As far as normal Government checks are concerned, I support liberating as much cash as possible from the Iron Heel. Nearly every dime they control came from Our Race.

6) Avoid drunks, drug users, and anyone of unstable character. Always choose quality over quantity. Unfortunately, this often does not show up until too late. Keep your eyes, ears, and nose active. Do not be embarrassed to be nosey. If a person objects to your investigations, simply walk away. Better safe than sorry.

7) Beware of someone whose intellect, education, and background appear radically different from those with whom he attempts to associate. Most people interrelate with others of similar interests and background.

8) Do a lot of investigating. To be sure, Federal and State cops can create a good cover, but they seldom bother. Right wing style membership resistance groups rarely check associate backgrounds, especially police and military records.

Above all, don't forget to check civil records. Angry divorce proceedings have given us great intelligence information in the past. I once flushed out a police informant by reading his divorce record. The wife was demanding part of his police pay.

Some infiltrators use the 'military expert' ploy. Check their DD214 military record. If they will not produce it, walk away. Even then, an agent of the Naval Investigative service may assume any rank from lowly Seaman to Admiral. The same goes for other military security agencies.
Miltary associates: IMPORTANT -- If you declare in any way that you are a Racist, you will be booted out of the military and possibly even jailed. You are then of little use to the struggle.

Military operatives must be totally lone wolf and deep cover. In other words, keep your mouth shut no matter what. I have known a few military men who joined the struggle claiming great deeds. In one case, a 'Marine Sergeant' had actually been kicked out of the military after only 2 weeks, and he was a homosexual to boot! He led several men straight to federal prison through his lies.

Another was Patriot Party leader Glenn Miller, who was a Green Beret. He was a Green Beret alright, a supply sergeant -- not a combat soldier! He later testified against good movement soldiers in federal court. At one time he led several hundred troops astray in the streets.

Remember, most organizations are sold out from the top -- not the bottom. Just another reason to be lone wolf or part of a small cell.
NEVER TAKE A PERSON AT FACE VALUE. No one is ever above suspicion. Sad, but that's the way it is.

9) Recognize the ruthlessness of the Iron Heel and be prepared to use the same tactics. All governments rule by force or implied force. They will mass murder innocent families, including the women and children. They will not play "fair" with you. Forget all you learned in Government class. There is no justice in the courts, or in the streets, for White Racial Separatists. Do not expect it and do not plead for it!

10) Beware of signing up for any membership organization. You may find yourself taking orders from the Iron Heel itself. Many membership organizations mean well, but they are at the mercy of federal agents and civilian investigators. In many cases such groups are tolerated simply to provide a listening post or 'miner's canary' thermometer to gage resistance intentions and strength.

Operating in a totally legal manner means nothing to our oppressors. If you have a successful career, the Iron Heel or other group can ultimately destroy you -- not for what you do but for what you think. I have seen it happen over and over again. Membership groups often have good intentions when recruiting up in class, but if you are pulling down $100k plus and attend these meetings, prepare yourself for bread lines when the Iron Heel decides your time is up.

11) Recognize media's tactics. Do not worry about labels if you are already a public figure. When they call you a Racist just smile and say: "Thank you, aren't you?". If you prefer to remain private, refer the press to one of several well spoken people who have lots of experience with the press. DO NOT refer the press to some candy ass mealy mouth double talker.

12) Learn to live within your means. Do not let debt overtake you. Debt makes you a slave, as millions of White Americans are finding out the hard way. Most divorces are triggered by money problems and debt. Credit cards properly used can make you money, but they are only for the truly clever. If you cannot use credit cards to make money, get rid of them and pay cash. Debt is an addiction disease which our oppressors rely on.

In the South after chattal slavery was outlawed, another form popped up. It was called share-cropping. The land owner got folks so far in debt in spring and summer that when harvest time came they barely had enough to pay him off. If they ran away the Sheriff would chase them down -- just like slaves. That went for Blacks and poor White share-croppers alike!
Learn to live off discards. Buy used. Learn to repair older cars and appliances. Don't ever try to keep up with Nigger Jones. That's a JEW trap! Buy your needs at swap meets, garage sales, thrift shops and through newspaper thrifty ads. Learn to network and barter.

Don't pick up and move every year thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. Those who move far from familiar stomping grounds will lose valuable contacts, both political and economic. Many of these networks take a lifetime to create.

Develop an economic support network with friendly businessmen. Many white people will not join, but they do understand and sympathize. Behind closed doors many are fire-breathing Racists too.

These types are very useful in an economic network. In many cases it is not good to recruit them into active cells. They serve a good purpose without being asked to commit more than they are willing or able to do. In any war, most personnel are in the support units.

Cut Politically Correct budgets in half by using Aryan brains!
When on the run, don't forget dumpster diving for fun and profit (and remember to never compromise a comrade by making contact!). Go where least expected. Large urban areas are much easier to disappear in than open country or woods.

Most people's knowledge of survival is woefully inadequate. Being detected is more likely in the wild, considering the sophisticated equipment now used. In the wild you can be killed with no 'eyewitnesses'. (So what if your hands were over your head!)

The toughest crew that George Lincoln Rockwell ever put together was the Oakland Suicide Squad. This small group lived in the middle of the Black Ghetto and was feared by the natives. Who would have the nerve to hassle 6 Nazi's that lived in the middle of the ghetto?

Keep tuned to the news. Most people listen to rock and roll or whatever the in thing is. To a true activist, checking local, national and international news is like breathing. Most large urban areas have 24/7 news radio stations. News today is almost instantaneous, so keeping up at all times is simple. Most of it is pure BS and Nigger ball scores, but between the lines a sharp listener can keep very well informed. Any Aryan soldier who thinks he or she can survive without being keen on world and local affairs is simply playing games.

We must also develop our own means of informing the public, keeping them at least neutral in the struggle. Covert literature and black propaganda work best. Effective literature will promote decreasing confidence in the Iron Heel. Many have learned to despise the Iron Heel -- keep that fire growing. (Learn to fish in friendly waters.) We must be committed to winning by any means possible.

Don't let them kid you: THE ENDS DO JUSTIFY THE MEANS! People in power sleep with that statement under their pillows.

Always send messages which will ring true in the ears of our dwindling White Worker population. There is an enormous amount of moral and ideological high ground which has been abandoned by our enemies. Claim it and use it! On the other hand, do not waste valuable time trying to convince an intractable relative or friend. Go around such people and find troops wherever else they may be. Millions of Whites are not salvageable and will even fight to the death to protect non-whites and Jews. Do not cast pearls before these swine. We are all part of an extended family now. Sad to say, in many cases this extended family may prove to be more reliable than your own blood relatives.

We must all bear in mind that we are unpaid volunteers from all walks of life. Rich sometimes but rarely, middle class a lot, and occasionally poor. Fanatics is a good term for us because only fanatical zeal will keep us going much of the time. To be good leaders, we must first be willing to be servants. Study the books "The Art Of War" and "MIGHT IS RIGHT." You must EARN respect, not expect or demand it.

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