Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Mouth of Mississippi Vs. The Occidental Dipshit

Jim Giles, Radio Free Mississippi

Thanks to a feature Orion did over at Access St. Louis about Jim Giles and his radio show I have been immensely enjoying as many interviews and broadcasts as time will allow. I had not been aware of Giles before, but, enjoy his demeanor and interview style, making me want to hear more.

Then, this weekend, things got kind of bizarre. Some character of dubious credentials came out of the woodwork last week claiming to be an associate of Bill White. The details can be seen at Radio Free Mississippi, but, the long and short of it is that Giles felt a Fed trap was being laid for him, so, he essentially came forward to authorities to protect himself. A reader took notice, and forwarded it to Tom Metzger, calling Giles an informant. Metzger, whom Giles had recently interviewed, simply stated in reply “Giles is a coward.”

Giles responded on his radio show. I was kind of taken aback by the voracity of the attack, which was an unhinged expletive “F-bomb” laced rant. Prior to this I had been listening to reasoned interviews with Arthur Kemp, Jared Taylor and a few others.

My affinity for Tom Metzger is not a secret. But I worship no man, and so I took no particular offense at the heated comments, just quite surprised at the usually mild mannered(as far as I knew from limited exposure) man making them. I have learned since about the attempts by local Mississippi authorities, who have had it in for Giles, to rail road and imprison him. His explanation for his actions, given this additional information, is sufficient for me to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tom should know better.

This out of character behavior then set the stage for the following day’s interview, with some geek going by the name “Hunter Wallace” who runs a blog called “Occidental Dissent”, a gathering place for hand wringing intellectual egg heads(and, as it turns out a hot bed of faggottry) .

As part of the subtext for this next debacle, there is some kind of feud between Alex Linder of VNN and this egg head and his cohorts at Occidental Dissent. Giles, who also interviewed Linder recently, seems to have made it his mission to drop Linder’s name every other sentence. Linder, apparently, made inference or an out right declaration on VNN that jews will have to be exterminated.

This notion of a theoretical(and that’s important to keep in mind in reading this post and listening to the broadcast) “genocide” of the jews was one of the things Giles pressed “Wallace” on. Wallace seemed more concerned about “jewish girls” being killed. Giles countered that niggers are killing White girls and not a damned thing is happening to jewish kids. Hunter Wallace would not acknowledge that there is a genocide against Whites being prosecuted. At least four more times he voiced concern about how horrible it would be to “kill jewish girls.” Giles tried to get him to admit that in publicly denying a “genocide” as retribution, we still had to acknowledge privately that removing the jew would be necessary and not be a bloodless prospect. The interview did not go well for this goofy kid. Basically, Jim Giles bitch slapped the fuck out of this kid.

And it’s the aftermath of that bitch slapping that really is my purpose in even doing this post at all. You see, I’d maybe seen “Occidental Dissent” on a few blog rolls, but never actually ventured there myself. After all of the “hulla-balloo” I had to have a look to see what this ass wipe was really all about. I did not like what I found.

The first troubling thing is that Hunter Wallace, as a result of his being verbally man handled first by Linder on the VNN forum and then by Giles on live radio, is now calling into question his own beliefs. How weak and irresolute can one be if a harsh word can spin your head around on the core fundamental issues facing our race? I would have packed it in a long time ago if all it took was a less than kind word from some of our Kindred.

Take a gander at some of these pussified statements:

“I won’t touch the Jewish Question again before examining it with a moral eye. How did I become so morally broken that I was willing to engage these degenerates?”

“In my entire life, I have rarely felt so guilty or ashamed, or embarrassed…”

“I’m also taking a small break from blogging. I need a few days to sit down and seriously reflect upon everything else I may have been wrong about.”

“It is clear to me now that the extreme anti-Semitism within the White Nationalist movement promoted by genocidal maniacs is a serious problem. “

“Here is the major issue that we need to address: does blogging about the Jewish Question, that is, drawing attention to the issue, is that aiding and abetting the exterminationist anti-Semites? Are we making their job easier? Are we making people more receptive to the idea of killing Jews and non-Whites? What are the moral implications of that?” [don’t you feel good knowing these intellectual pin heads are hand wringing and furrowing their brows contemplating such questions while niggers rape and murder White women and children?]

“I’m suspending my activities here for a few days. I need some time to consider the moral implications of anti-Semitism. Is this project aiding and abetting exterminationists? I will return to posting when I have answered that question.” [this emasculated eunuch makes me fucking sick]

His head has been completely twisted by a theoretical notion(fantasy) about “exterminating” jews, but seems unmoved by the genuine atrocities our Folk face every day. Oh, and one blog is not enough for writing bland essays, navel contemplation and intellectual masturbation. He's got a whole blog dedicated to analysing to death the "Jewish Question":

As if that were not bad enough, there seems to be an over all air of trying to extend an olive branch to jews in order to peacefully co-exist in an all White society that permeates this wretched blog, or otherwise bring them into White Nationalism. Here are but a few of the too numerous examples to post, by one of their most revered posters “Friedrich Braun”:

"We need to appeal to the Right-wing (Orthodox or other), Islamophobic Jews. Priority number one. God knows there’s a lot of them out there!"
“By working with Jews and including them in our ranks we will have, among other good things, polarized the Jewish community and successfully inoculated ourselves against charges of a Nazi-like hidden agenda.” [It’ll never fucking happen, Shlomo.]

What we need to do is to adapt to post-modernity by couching our case as a defence of liberal democracy, the way Geert Wilders has done, thereby stealing from liberals their rhetorical weapons and showing them to be the true illiberal ones. The ultimate rhetorical coup! [Braun probably re-read his own statement 10 or 20 times, smugly satisfied with his own "brilliance" at having churned out such a pretentious line of utter bullshit]

“Israel is on the first front defending the West from Islam” This has the advantage of being factually correct. Have you been to western Europe? Islamic immigration is the number one problem. I have noted that the JDL has praised and defended the Swiss vote. I want to work with the JDL. [Are your red flags going up yet, friends?]

[Jared] Taylor’s hobnobbing with known neo-Nazis and Holocaust-deniers is problematic. [to whom, exactly?]

Let me be clear, I want Jews inside the tent. They can be an incredible asset and appeal to the eugenicist in me. They are a people of immense talent, energy, organization, skill, work ethic, determination, drive, intelligence…I want to extend my hand in genuine friendship and love and say: “I want you to work with me for a better future for us!” I want White Nationalism to not only include Jews, I want them at all levels of power and authority. [“friedrich” is obviously a kikejew hasbarat who has infiltrated this blog and is leading these dupes by the nose on what amounts to a fool’s errand]

A random post I picked out:

"70Race Realist Rick":

“The main problem is White Liberalism, not some nutty ‘ZOG conspiracy’!”

Jim Giles, who ended the interview on a pretty congenial, friendly note, even offering to have Wallace back on again, went into another rampage on the following day’s show. Here’s only a small sample of his choice words for these clownish goof balls:

“Fuck you little pussies. Fuck you intellectuals. Fuck every last one of you. You chickenshit. Where is your fucking honor. You anonymous sorry shit. Fuck you Occidental Dipshit. God damn. I feel embarrassed for having associated myself with some of these people. There is something wrong with your courage, manhood, mental stability, faith. That’s why I talk about Wyatt Earp. Legal! Wyaat Earp. None of this horseshit. You don’t care enough about your own to protect them.”

- Jim Giles

Other than denouncing these Occidental Dipshits as frauds , I don’t and won’t take sides in any of this insanity: Metzger hates David Duke, Giles hates Duke and Metzger, David Duke is out for himself, Linder hates pretty much everybody, but has unleashed particular scorn against Jared Taylor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, and Patrick J. Buchanan(?!) and at the end of the day, we’re no further than when we started. Maybe this is all by design?

I like Jim Giles and will continue to listen to him, but I can’t help but wonder if his credibility hasn’t been destroyed beyond repair with the last 4 or 5 broadcasts. His latest few shows have him delving into these long buried nigger on White rape and murders dug up from the Mississippi court system. He sits in his “$16,000 trailer at the end of a gravel road” gulping down black coffee by the pot, pondering each and every word of these atrocities recounted in court documents and police reports, working himself up into a rage. He might be damaged goods at this point, after a winning streak of interviews with some pretty influential, serious people.

I will say, I’m beginning to see what others have been saying about David Duke. I wont denounce him or the great work he’s done in exposing the jew, but, I’m a little less enamored with him as many of the rumors floating around out there turn out to be substantiated.

I don’t consider myself a part of the “Movement”. I despise the term, in fact. It’s clear, just from this mini-soap opera, which is but a microcosm of the discord and tribal warfare going on, that there is no “movement”. Any (serious) talk of a “movement” is dead on arrival. It’s an impotent, disjointed, and often times fraudulent paper tiger, much like the “militia” movement. I put absolute zero faith in charlatans, money changers and mad men. A veritable circus side show.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Year of Radio Werewolf

I didn't set out to create something that would be marked for posterity each year as a kind of ego-maniacal self monument, but, I had just realized this week that we have gone a full year with this blog. In fact, as many of you know, this thing was born on the heels of the initial Detroit is Crap shut down last November and the loss of my "second home" so to speak, and I needed an outlet for carrying on the fight and addressing the things that mattered to me.

I want to personally thank my readers(whom I have come to call friends) for their contributions and comments in keeping this thing interesting and worthwhile, particularly(though in no particular order) Jeff, Joy, Cleveland, Ronduck, and the mighty Orion from Access St. Louis. I thank all of those also(the DIC crew who managed to find their way here, especially) who signed up to follow and those Lone Wolf lurkers out there who need to fly under the radar. Detroiter deserves his due here, also, as he essentially paved the way and passed on the "blogging bug" to me.

I do this for myself because I need to, but without all of you on the journey with me, what would be the point really?

New posts have become less and less frequent and I vow to remedy that in the coming weeks and months as we gear up and get back on a serious footing, as I mentioned two or three posts back. I've no intention of giving up anytime soon, even if they drag me to a FEMA camp. As long as there's a stick and some dirt, I'll still scratch out this Insurgent message.