Monday, December 6, 2010

"Americans United for the Separation of Church & State"(Guess Who?)

I am patiently awaiting a time when subversive shit disturbers such as this kike family are dragged from town hall meetings and dealt with accordingly for sticking their hook noses into our affairs and destroying our time honored traditions. The same beady eyed kikejew who finds offense at a Christmas tree or some other such symbol would be the first one kvetching if they did away with the menorah lighting at the White House.

A beanie ripe for the slapping off.

What to do when your "cause" is getting roundly booed by a hostile public growing ever more perturbed at these squeaky wheels who just wont shut the fuck up? Start the water works. Bring out the jewish crocodile tears. Throw in some fake hate crimes.

She vas holocausted all over again.

I doubt this kike-ess had Swastikas scribbled on her belongings...that she didn't put there herself. Most of the brain dead among us simply don't and won't connect those dots, coming to the realization that subversion and nation wrecking are a jew thing.

Vhere vas G_d? Do you see vhat the goyim have done to my daughter?

I long for the day when things like this start happening in the 'kwa. Hail Moldavia! Hail Victory!