Monday, December 6, 2010

"Americans United for the Separation of Church & State"(Guess Who?)

I am patiently awaiting a time when subversive shit disturbers such as this kike family are dragged from town hall meetings and dealt with accordingly for sticking their hook noses into our affairs and destroying our time honored traditions. The same beady eyed kikejew who finds offense at a Christmas tree or some other such symbol would be the first one kvetching if they did away with the menorah lighting at the White House.

A beanie ripe for the slapping off.

What to do when your "cause" is getting roundly booed by a hostile public growing ever more perturbed at these squeaky wheels who just wont shut the fuck up? Start the water works. Bring out the jewish crocodile tears. Throw in some fake hate crimes.

She vas holocausted all over again.

I doubt this kike-ess had Swastikas scribbled on her belongings...that she didn't put there herself. Most of the brain dead among us simply don't and won't connect those dots, coming to the realization that subversion and nation wrecking are a jew thing.

Vhere vas G_d? Do you see vhat the goyim have done to my daughter?

I long for the day when things like this start happening in the 'kwa. Hail Moldavia! Hail Victory!


  1. She vas holocausted all over again. Oi Vey! Haha!

    Merry Christmas brother, and don't forget to thank any business that says the same. It's a war out there!

    BTW, Craig Cobb's blog has been holocausted from blogger. When he gets another one up I'll let you know.

  2. I long for that day too brother!

    Have a Merry Christmas xxxooo

  3. Merry Christmas to Joy, Orion and all friends of RW.

    Did he self-nuke, or did blogspot pull the plug on him? I liked it, but I think Craig should come up with a new name for it. His headlines were a little wacky too...

  4. I am not the most religious person by anyone’s standards, but it does disgust me this whole idea that Christmas should be Christless. It defies all logic to think that a people should have to tone down their celebrations, especially considering it is one of the major holidays of the Christians. I strictly refuse to say happy holidays, if I am not allowed to say Merry Christmas, like I am at work, I say bah humbug. We are not celebrating any other holiday when we say happy holidays so why should I be vague about it. Another thing that pisses me off about what Christmas has become as of lately is the rampant materialism that seems to be just the given when it comes to Christmas.

    They want us to eliminate Christ from Christmas, but continue to celebrate, as long as the definition of celebrate is to buy a bunch of shit we do not need with money most do not have. That to me seems the epitome of evil. Like I stated I am not the most religious person, but I cannot recall even one instance where Christmas was forced on the people, to the degree that the removal of Christ from Christmas is being forced on the Christians.

    I have seen reports about the billboards too, I know they claim that it is the atheists doing it but honestly I can easily see a jew’s grubby hand behind that whole ordeal.

    Either way, Merry Christmas guys, and I hope the new year finds you all well.

  5. It's funny how you and your wife waste time judging people's morals on here when you used to be a Satanist hippie douche. You used to promote amorality and acceptance of Charles Manson all over various videos on the net. You and your ugly wife have no fucking morals. What is it with this whole white supremacist shit you have going on now? Why do you care so much about decomposing wastebags? You can call Gene Simmons ugly, but have you looked in the mirror lately? One ear. You look like a werewolf.

  6. Since you love kissing Christian ass so much try reading the bible.

    You do know that Yahweh shared the same wife as classical Zeus... Asherah, Dione, Baalist...

    Your wife is a kike, right? Yeah..... I can see it. There's nothing wrong with being a Kike... They're only Russians, Germans, Spaniards, Franks, Africans, Asians and Turks and the list goes on.... Jews have no central race, so they are quite mixed. They have mixed in to the point of looking alike, like most european ethnicities have their own trademark appearance. Jews and Italians look the most alike if you pay attention.


    Do you endorse Germanic anal rape?

    Go worship the effeminate Odin and yodel at the moon...
    You know it's funny how you stick up for Christianity after years of sucking satan's cock...

  8. You probably should have done a little further reading of the site before you wasted your time with these estrogen soaked rants. I am not Nicholas Schreck and have nothing to do with Zeena LaVey or the Church of Satan. This site, in spite of its shared moniker, has nothing to do with that shitty band.

    Radio Werwolf is an homage to Goebbel's original broadcasts used to inspire insurgency and drive out the judeo-bolshevik invaders. Something that has also been made perfectly clear through out this site.

    I am leaving up your inane, insane ramblings for all to see. They are quite amusing. They say more about your character than any stinging barbs I could throw your way.

  9. There's nothing wrong with being a Kike

    only a dirty, filthy kike would say that!

    uh....there's "nothing wrong with being a kike"?

    in that case: there's nothing wrong with being a baby butcher, a mass murdering psychopath and/or a serial child molester!

    to call any-one a kike is the grossest, foulest insult imaginable!

    to actually be a kike is to be deserving of death a thousand times over!

  10. (comm 1, comm 1 .. this is southern insurgent, do you read me. Over)

    Hey brother .. had to bypass several large pockets of enemy emplacements right outside yer zone. Intel report to follow ..

    Man, you've sharpened up the visual appeal 'round here - great job. Looks like you've had an infiltration though ... good idea to leave their carcass up on the fence to decompose for all the rabble to see. Whiny bastards.

    Per your post - Christians need to get a backbone again and quit these apologetic, sniveling responses to every infringement against Christ and His Word. Yeah, the water hose would be fun but there's more serious consequences coming - and they know it, man. I can smell the fear. Folks are indeed waking up - FINALLY. 147 grain diplomacy will go a long way in restoring righteousness.

    There is no separation of church and state in Gods kingdom (this will be here and now ... not off in some nebulous, in the clouds atmosphere). Why then do they even pray - "thy kingdom come, thy will be done - ON EARTH .."

    Kingdom = government
    thy will = His law

    This is the crux of the matter - they (as do all perverted / immoral)know upon implication they will be dealt with and I guarantee ya they know it is at hand. Makes ya wanna sing all 37 choruses of "O happy days !"

    See Joy has made it back above ground. Will try to blaze a trail out there and get a sitrep. Gonna grab a cup of coffee (thanx) and peruse your intelligence folders. Good to see you holding the line. A blessed and safe Christmas season for you 'n yers.

  11. Good to see you back at the Lair, Jeff. The place is definitely lacking without your perspective and insight to spruce it up. Glad you're back above ground for as long as you're able.

    Yeah, we get all kinds here. This aptly named "loon"-aria has made a grave miscalculation in his/her/its case of mistaken identity. Imagine my shock at finding out I was married to a kike, then slowly came to the realization that it was another one of these Satanophile weirdos who come crawling out of the woodwork every so often because of the blog's title.

    Nothing you can do but string their corpses up, as you say, to let the others who might be so inclined to realize the error of their ways before they open mouth and insert foot.

    Merry Christmas, Jeff. And a safe prosperous New Year to you and all of our Folk the world over.

  12. I will be at some point. There are posts I'd like to do in the near future, but are taking some time to flesh out. The other reason for the infrequency is the fact that there's just not much left to say. I don't like repeating myself, and at this point, all I see in the unfolding current events is the same old, same old.

  13. Yes it is the "same old, same old", sigh. I did start another blog, imported alot of the old stuff, but still having a time getting it going.

  14. Sure as christ was on the cross at least some of these people have lost family members to rabbid jews in the spectacle called ww2 during and many afterwards,so it is personal for these in a close way.The bill of rights sez" no law regarding religion" not separation or elimination of religion from public life, so you can post all the talmudic proscriptions for relations and treatment of gentiles in all the public and non public areas plastered all over the lands of the whole wide werld.would not the jews then have no complaints?