Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Steaming Pile of Bull(y) Shit

This one contains all of the usual suspects. Mostly crypto kiken-weasels, niggers, White liberal lunatics, and various shades of mystery meat. I don't even know who some of these low level "celebrities" are, but Chaim Witz and Saul Hudson(Slash) show their fugly kike mugs. Even John McAmnesty's dipshit daughter and trophy wife(sporting her new butch hair cut) get in on the charade.(Will Mrs. McCain dump the wheezing, impotent old codger and "come out" as a flaming rug munching dyke?)

This video raises my ire on so many levels...where to even begin?

First, what's with all of these new classifications for what was once considered simple perversion and sickness? "LGBT", "Bi-Curious", "Transgendered(?!)" etc. But this is the lunacy of jewthink liberalism; every fetish, proclivity and deviance, gets its own victim class status. The push behind this video, of course, is not merely about "bullying". It's about pushing "tolerance" for deviancy and perversion. As disgusted as I am by faggotry, I'm a live and let live kind of guy and if I don't know what you're doing in your bedroom, I tend not to care. It's not my business until you make it my business. But I can't help but notice that there is a distinct agenda at play being driven behind the scenes by the Chosenites(for the most part). Their sodomy and filth is now pushed in our faces, often in the most grotesque of ways. The unnatural must now be accepted as if it is and always was natural. Just another "life style" choice.

And we must keep in mind that this has nothing really to do with "tolerance" for homosexuals(at least for those in the shadows, pushing the agenda). It has everything to do with poisoning the populace and using this mind warping as a weapon to further destroy the traditional family, which has been the stated goal since even before the Frankfurt School, with the "work" of Lucaks and Gramsci. Does a six year old really need an introductory course on sodomy, much less sex education of any kind? Plant the seeds of perversion early enough and the debate about "are they born that way or do they choose it" goes out the window as a moot point.

As porn and perversion in general have been mainstreamed, I have noticed the tendency over the past decade or so for young teenage girls to engage in a sort of "faux lesbianism", kissing and groping in public, because they believe that boys find this "hot" and their equally morally bankrupt idols have paved the way. And since the boys are conditioned with the same stimuli, they of course approve. It is taught in the government run indoctrination centers(called "schools") that experimentation is desirable, nothing is taboo, and anyone who would find it unacceptable is a hateful bigot.

And the environment must be "safe" for the fags and dykes to come out of hiding. If they're in the shadows as they were in decades past, then they can't effectively contaminate the culture. This just will not do for the subversive nation wreckers. They must be allowed to serve "openly" in order to denigrate and degrade our military, turning it into a carnal carnival sideshow social experiment.

To the subject of bullying. Firstly, from what violated, AIDS ridden ass pipe do they pull out these statistics? Teen suicide has been an issue since I was a teen growing up in the 80's. These stats have to be doctored. Perhaps, if a lot of faggots are offing themselves, it's because the mental illness of homosexuality itself leads to this bleak outlook on life. What future does a societal misfit and genetic dead end have really? Family is not an option, no matter how they try to pervert the definition for their own immoral ends. Even the family of which they are already a part of will either disown them outright, or regard them with much disgust and/or sorrow at how things turned out.

Secondly, as part of the overall agenda of perversion, we are turning out new generations of feminized males. The girls, through feminist dogma, are becoming more aggressive and violent(jewtube has hundreds of videos involving teen age girls engaging in cat fights). The Cultural Marxists have successfully blurred the gender lines and turned our world on its very head in a relatively short amount of time. Boyhood itself is now treated as a disease. A restless, aggressive and easily bored boy is diagnosed as having some sort of attention deficit or hyperactivity "disorder." Stupid and lazy parents are all too willing to take the easy route and sign off on chemically castrating their male offspring with nary a second thought.

Further, boys in this Brave New World, are conditioned to be pussified in the face of bullying. "Just walk away." "Be the bigger man." "Take the high road." "Just ignore them."The message is clear. Lay down like a beaten spaniel and give your tormentor free license to abuse you as he pleases.

Bullies, quite simply, have to be crushed. There is no other way. When I was a kid in grade school I had experience with a kid in my class who, for whatever reason, took to bullying me. At first it was verbal. Then it became physically threatening. One day he and about eight of his cohorts, older kids from the next grade, were waiting for me in an abandoned gravel parking lot, with the presumed intent of giving me a beating. He was a popular kid. I didn't think the other kids in our class would back me up, so I suffered this punk's taunts and abuse(and those of his accomplices) secretly and in silence. I took a different route to get home. My mother saw me exiting the back yard of a neighbor's house across the street. She demanded to know why. I told her. She said that I either handle the situation or she would tell dad. "Your father doesn't tolerate cowards," she said. The ultimatum was simple. Either face the wrath and disappointment of the Old Man(not an option) or face my fear and stand up to a scrawny little fuck not much bigger than me. My mother's instructions were clear. The very next moment this punk began to pick on me, in or out of class, I was to take him down.

That following morning he attempted to "thump" me on the head(his favorite method of tormenting me), but before it could land I was up and out of my chair and had the little bastard by the throat and rammed his head full force into the chalk board behind him. I was more angry than scared. I had been given permission to handle business. Mom said she would back me with school officials if it led to trouble with the teacher (And called on it a few weeks later at a parent-teacher conference, she made good on the promise). The wide eyes and bewildered face on the kid was priceless.

The kid never bothered me again. And neither did his cohorts from the upper grade. Most bullies(much like niggers) are themselves cowards. Were I to do the same thing in today's upside down world I, the victim of the bully, would be hauled in for "sensitivity" training and "anger management." (and had my assailant been a non-White protected minority, slapped with the additional insult and injury of hate crime charges.)

But on further reflection, this video is not about "bullying" either. It's about elevating and promoting the pervert, for the reasons I touched on above. There is nothing wrong, in the eyes of these Marxist pieces of shit, with a White kid being bullied by a group of savage niggers or mestizo invaders(he, by virtue of his ancestors or his own racism, probably deserved it). Nothing wrong with faggots sodomizing and drinking each others urine on public streets, bullying law abiding citizens into silent acquiescence, lest they be branded a homophobic bigot. The next step of course, is for the "bullying" of queers to fall under "hate crime" laws.

If you're going to prance around wearing mommy's stuff, you have to expect some degree of harassment. If you're going to wear pantie hose and mascara to school, you'd better have the physical prowess and testicular fortitude to back up that decision.

"And we're not just talking about fists here...jewthink often starts as just a joke..." Once they've ram rodded(no "homophobic" slight or pun intended) sodomy as acceptable in the public mind, pedophilia will then be the next frontier to further debase and destroy the Western world. "Hey you fuckin' hater! Child molestation is as natural as any other life style choice, you backwards bigot!! Get a life, Jesus freak!!!!"

This is what they want our sons to become: a feminized androgynous bi-sexual[sic] freak of jewthink nurture


  1. "This is the what they want our sons to become: a feminized androgynous bi-sexual[sic] freak of jewthink nurture"


  2. I am still trying to figure out if mrs.juan mccainstein still agrees with mr.juan mccainstein..She did one heck of a sidestep on this one.

  3. She's a jew, whatever is deceptive and damaging for Whites is her aim and perspective.

  4. RM, check your email, I sent you some info, I am using a Yahoo account.

  5. Thank you, Joy. I've had my reservations about that individual for a long time, too. Jeff and myself have discussed it at length via email exchanges several months ago.

    I'll message you with my particular take on it. What might appear to be an endorsement, isn't necessarily so.

  6. I had no idea McLame's wife was a kikess. The way these parasite hi-jack our genes and engage in their subversion out in the open is like something out of a science fiction movie.

    But as I've said before, differentiating between jews and their shabbas goy lackies is splitting hairs. They've all got to go.

  7. Yes I knew she was joo. Her father owned all of the Anheiser Bush distribution of Arizona...Now she does..

    Before she was all against queers and now she is for them and she is also against them. That is the angle I was trying to figure out..juan mccainstein is saying no on the don't ask don't tell//Made it quite clear..She is was/is/was going against him ..

  8. I would not doubt that McCain is part jew too. His name means "Son of Cain". Cain of the Bible was a very bad boy.

    Thank you RM, I got your email and I understand completely.

  9. Oh yeah Cleveland, you just described the jew to a "T". They play both sides of the fence. Can anyone say "Republican and Democrat"?

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  11. How can they say there is an increase in bullying, since when, when did they start keeping track? The only real indicator they have to go on now is the suicide rate, since they didn’t keep track of bullying even back twenty years ago. Has there been any studies showing that those teenagers that are committing suicide are all gay? I knew of a few people who committed suicide growing up, I don’t recall them being teased or bullied any more than normal. I do remember them to morose and moody.

    Why is it that the large pharmaceuticals are not ever even brought into the light on these issues? Parents want to zombify their kids, and then when their child is finally fed up and makes a permanent decision all because of a temporary problem, instead of admitting their might be a problem at home decide it is all the fault of someone else’s fault. I do not know one person who has escaped their whole life without being ridiculed at least once in their life. Being called names or being fucked with by someone else or even a group of people would not even bring to mind taking it out on myself. Worst case scenario would be beating the offending person for something as minor as name calling. Now if a child is not happy enough or perhaps too happy they have to medicate your child. Try just once talking to your family doctor about how active your child has been becoming and watch how quickly drugs are brought up. Heaven forbid if your child is just not that bright or unable to pay attention to the “education” being given to them.

    Most parents should know that all these drugs for children they supply to them have severe side effects, mainly higher thoughts of suicide. Now if they want to suggest that there is a higher suicide rate now than there were 10-20-years-ago, I would think there would be at least a bit of light shown on these drugs and the idiotic parents who use them. In my opinion drugging your child instead of teaching discipline can be disastrous.

    My opinion as to why the social structure is so devote to pushing labels is that once a certain group is labeled it becomes easier to focus energy and resources on them, like special protection under the law and even to the point that they can now be labeled disabled. Once they labeled drugs and alcohol addiction as a disease now they are entitled to the same benefits as someone with cancer. Labeling gays as a certain group enables them the protection and funding of a minority group.

  12. Why do you care about shitsack bodies ?

  13. Your take on this whole faggot infestation forced upon us doesn't need any additional words from me. So many young folks take it as the norm but it is truly life inside Sodom and Gomorrah amplified a thousand times and repugnant to the core of all decent people. Nowadays I just boil it down to the promise given - "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled." I'll not even argue with these sodden brains anymore.

    Yep, the perverted lifestyle has the protection of the jack booted beast system at present ... but that's gonna change as they get busier than they can handle. Think of it as scanning out the herd knowing the season is about to open. Yeah, go ahead and flaunt !

    As in your earlier experience, there's a sunami load of anger pent up in our people that's about to unleash. Anger, desperation, frustration - and they still keep finding another button of ours to push. It's all going to be looking for a place to call home.

    (meant to say in my last comment .. I stumbled across Savage Chick's account a while back also. Quite the asset for our folk)