Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Talmudic Fashion, Kikejews Mock Jesus Christ

While I don't call myself a Christian, even I am deeply offended by the rank blasphemy and hatred on display here from the usual "Synagogue of Satan" suspects. The pathology and utter sickness that emanates from these murderous deceivers on a regular basis would be unbelievable were I not so steeped in their methodology of supremacism and anti-White invective.

While preacher men with saggy jowls like John Hagee worship at the foot of the bandit state, urging their followers to do the same(and simultaneously picking their pockets), G_d's Self Chosen laugh at them, mock them, curse them, spit at them, and cast all manner of derision upon them behind their sanctimonious backs.

The next time your zio-Christian friends, neighbors and relatives lay that chosenite trip on you, direct them to a couple of these videos. In fact, there's more videos on the subject than I even have time to sift through and view. These are just two of the more concise examples of kikes behaving badly.

The video below is in their unnatural "hock and phlegm" tongue, so you'll have to read the captions. It doesn't get any clearer than "you're a Nazi, Jesus."

In additional news, I'm a bit behind in getting the news to those who may not yet know that Original Savage Chick's(of which we're a big fan of here at RW) jewtube channel has been deleted. Yes, the usual kikenweasels were behind it, this time using some kind of bogus "copyright infringement" clause. Her "synagogueofsatan" blog was also deleted in what appears to have been an orchestrated attack against her. The truth must sting for those not in possession of it.

Fear not though. She was back up within a few days with a new channel. Update reflected in the side bar also.

For those unfamiliar with the work this proud White woman is doing: