Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farewell Address

This past year I have been wrestling with the obvious fact that this blog has run its course. I've been in denial for some time, waiting for some external burst of inspiration to fuel the passions that led me to create this blog in the first place. And in that respect, the well has run dry.

The reality is, I've simply said everything I wanted to say, and even repeated myself a time or two. And probably more.

You will have no doubt noticed the difficulty I've had in even eking out a single monthly post in 2011. The reality that it's over hit me last night as I was searching for a story, any story, just to post something to keep this blog current and relevant. The day I simply "cut and paste" and merely "phone in" a post is the day it's time to hang it up.

Is it over for good? For the foreseeable future it is. Call it an indefinite hiatus. I can't definitively close the door forever(anything can happen to change the current state of affairs), and the blog itself will not be deleted. I hope this repository of knowledge I've created over the past three years is of some value to someone who might stumble in here after the lights have been shut off on my way out.

This is not a decision based on "depression" or defeatism. Nor have I changed my views. I am, however, in a rut in terms of my thinking and analysis. As I've stated, I've said everything I have to say. It's time for study, reflection and seeking new stimulus in order to be effective and not just another voice in the White Nationalist echo chamber. This is going to require some time off-line.

I make this announcement at all for my own sense of closure, and out of respect to the people who faithfully read this blog and come here often, hoping today will be the day that a new post finally goes up. You deserve to know that I'm going to be going away for a while and the reasons why.

I also want to express my deepest gratitude to those who read the blog and an added thanks to those who actually take the time to comment. You have made the last three years worth it.

Hail Victory!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

McCain and Graham's Proposed Police State

I wonder how much more 'kwans are going to take, now that we're reaching the point where their very existence has almost been criminalized. Where do "tea party" retards stand on this? "Hurrah! Can't let the terrorists win. This is amurika! Can't wait 'til we nuke those Iranian bastards! They want to wipe Iz-rell off the map!!!" That might be an unfair assessment to blanket that entire "movement" with, but I'm willing to bet it's the attitude of at least 7 out of 10, especially since the tea party has morphed back into the republicunt party. Hey, vote for Newt Gingrich. He'll fix everything.

I never liked either of them, but let me just say that John McCain and the creepy faggot Lindsey Graham are a pair of the lowest pieces of steaming excrement anyone has ever scraped off of the bottom of their shoe. They should be dead ten times over for the laundry list of treasonous acts they've inflicted on the United States. But instead, "conservatives" keep electing them. Over and over.

The message of this legislation is clear. If you dare think you're going to live off the ZOG grid, even for a meager 7 days, you will be thrown into a gulag and all evidence of your existence will be wiped away. Who decides who is an "enemy combatant"? No court of law or court of public opinion. The Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General will decide who is deemed a "domestic terrorist"(what an Orwellian title, which aptly describes the ZOG itself).

I hope one day we're not all looking through the wrong side of a razor wire fence saying "y'know, maybe we should have done something..."

Monday, November 21, 2011

M.I.A.: Detroit is Crap

DIC has been down for the last 5 days. I don't know what's going on, but it looks to be more than a server issue, as these are usually resolved within several hours or a day at the latest. It may have either been shut down by external forces or Detroiter may have simply thrown in the towel.

All speculation at this point, of course. Anybody out there has some solid intel, let us know here.

Detroit is Crap has had it's up and downs over the years with prior shut downs, in-fighting and several months of what appeared to be an absentee land lord as far as the forum was concerned, but in spite of it all, I always stuck with DIC. It was the first place on the webs that I felt inclined to join, interact with like minded people, and contribute.

The fact of the matter is, this blog would not exist were it not for me contributing to DIC's sister site Diversity is Crap, which not only demystified the whole blogging process, but infused me with a passion to strike out with my own thing.

Many, I get the feeling, dismiss DIC as a mere "nigger bashing" site. Detroiter and many of his followers are some of the most jew-wise people I've ever encountered. Believe me, that pissed a lot of people off.

Detroit is Crap is a habit for many people, myself included. It would be a shame if this really is the end.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rendier Youtube Channel Removed From Links

I've looked the other way a few times before, but it's time to finally let White South African "Rendier" go.

Rendier never proclaimed himself a "White Nationalist" or a "racist" of any kind. He was just a fed up White South African who produced some pretty compelling rants about the conditions facing Whites in South Africa. I fully accepted what he was and what he wasn't, taking his videos at face value for their insight into a hell that is increasingly becoming our reality here in Amerikwa, often times excusing his embarrassing naivete.

I always felt he was somewhat ignorant of the reality of his situation, in that he never seemed to quite hit the nail on the head. Others convinced me that he was "just playing it safe" to avoid the jewtube censors.

But this? The second nauseating video of it's type, and an indication that more like it are to follow?

I'm now getting the sense that this fool is less concerned about his survival than he is about currying favor with his nigger tormentors. Rendier just wants the kaffirs to like him. How about some charity for the orphaned children of White farmers whose parents were raped, tortured and butchered by shitskin savages? Oh, that's right. Most of them were raped and murdered too. There are still a lot of dispossessed White professionals who have now been rendered destitute and homeless under this Planet of the Apes scenario that are far more worthy of consideration. Of course, philanthropy aimed at Whites is "racist."

The thing that really solidified my decision to drop Rendier from the resource links was the fact that I left a comment which was deleted(and pretty quickly at that). It's not sour grapes over being censored, it's more about being miffed at what was left up.

This was allowed: "take your NIGGER TAR babys and shove them up your arse"

This was deemed far too over the top for Rendier's sensibilities: "Misplaced altruism. These savages will one day rape and murder future generations of White South Africans."

My comment, far less offensive than the one that preceded it, hits upon a truth that Rendier would rather pretend is not the reality. He really does believe in this coexistence bullshit. Most of his rants are laments that Boer and kaffir "can't get along."

Does he really think he is buying himself a little mercy once they kick in his door and drag his bloody body through the streets?

I've kind of had it with South Africans in general. They are among the most stubborn and stupid people I've ever encountered. They think the jews and Israel in particular are their friends. To suggest otherwise and they will denounce you as a "jew hating nazi." Ask them about the jews who were openly behind the murderous ANC and the sound of crickets as a response is deafening.

Eugene Terre Blanche is lionized and revered by many on our shores. But what was he doing employing the blacks who murdered him, especially when so many Whites in South Africa are in dire need? I believe Apartheid was necessary for societal order, but it is probably Blanche's mindset that imported the nigger problem in the first place, just as a handful of greedy traitors infested our own country with these dangerous beasts in the quest for "cheap" labor .

We've all seen the horrible pictures of the atrocities committed against our Folk in South Africa. They are as heart breaking as they are rage inducing. Some people though, regardless of how much you sympathize with them, simply don't want your compassion. Perhaps it's best we let them go their way and fight their fight the way they see fit. We've got problems of our own.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Infantile Nigger Mind

The infantile nigger mind, on full display in the above video, never ceases to amuse, disgust and otherwise boggle the mind. The nigger mind's grasp on reality and the way things work is tenuous at best. For this negress, it is non-existent.

This eye rolling, nostril flaring sheboon is bemoaning her status as a slave to usury, and the machinations of the rat race that is modern life....conditions and hardships that are the direct result of her own choices! She rightly identifies banking as a scam, but continues, of her own free will, to make the choices that ensure her life long servitude to her debts.

She has a chip on her shoulder bigger than her ape-like head, angry that there is no free ride.

Car payments, student loans(that obviously failed to yield desirable results) and rent payments for a home she is not happy with(and in all likelihood, probably trashed the place herself, creating the environment that reflects her skewed mentality).

Life offers a full range of choices. You don't "have to work." But the consequences of that choice will most likely not be pleasant. You don't have to pay for any of the crap you've bought on credit, but the jew will hound you day and night until he recovers that pound of flesh with exorbitant interest.

Early in adulthood, I made horrible financial choices. The modern money lenders dangled "easy" credit before me and like a fool I signed on Shylock's dotted line. I had cards I didn't even use. The banksters, in an effort to entice, increased the line by as much as $3000 on some of the accounts. Hitting a rough financial patch and joblessness, I ended up needing, for a time, to use credit merely for survival rather than buying useless baubles. The interest rates on the cards were extremely high, the lowest being 19% and the highest being something like 23%. I soon became the "dead beat" that White people are programmed through shame and brow beating to never be. I found myself simply unable to pay, so I didn't.

Until I read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" some years ago, I never understood the concept of money, usury, fiat currency, the scam of fractional reserve banking, and the "Federal" Reserve's mission to destroy the United States.

Long story short, I declared the jew's debt servitude illegitimate, and in Federal Bankruptcy Court, emancipated myself from the jewish system. I merely did what corporations do in this country every day; I walked away from a bad business arrangement. No shame, no guilt, no stigma.

I haven't used the jew's "easy money" in nine years. I buy my vehicles used and pay out of pocket. I do not buy anything which I cannot readily afford to pay for with my own cash. I have rejected materialism and have essentially told "the Joneses" to go fuck themselves. I would not even buy a house unless I could pay cash for it. I have no debt.

It was a lesson learned the hard way, but it was worth it. The feeling of having the jew's parasitic debt bondage shackles removed for all time? Priceless!

This foolish, childish woman keeps smashing her hand with a hammer, then blaming the hammer for causing the agony. She's wallowing in self pity, bitter about her lot in life, refusing to take any responsibility for the mess she's created. Even if she were to choose the path that I did, she would not learn a thing from the experience, and like so many Whites and blacks alike, would soon be slipping the debt bondage shackles on again. When I was in court awaiting my hearing, I observed many on their second and third bankruptcy! Sadly, every one of them were White men and women. "You can't fix stupid."

This pissed off sheboon said she'd rather live in Apefreaka. Unsurprisingly, she is unwilling to put her money where her boot lipped mouth is, issuing the ultimate cop out: "it cost money to do dat."

She lives in an idyllic nigger fantasy world, with the requisite afrocentric nincompoopery, about achievements and conditions that are simply laughable.

Some say this video is "in your face" gloating about scamming the system, or glorifying welfare. That's not the impression I get at all. Judging by the outrage this video has engendered with niggers who are shamed by the reality represented, and the tone of the whole thing, I get the sense that this is a mockery and a repudiation of the "gimme dat shit fo' free" mentality so prevalent in the African in America community.

I think people are just thrown off by the fact that blacks are breaking out of their racial solidarity in...well, calling a spade a spade.

It is hard to believe that we have a permanent underclass which we feed while they breed, serving as a constant drain on prosperity and progress.

This is breaking with convention, but I would absolutely subsidize the real life welfare queens this video portrays as well as provide the sedentary life style that the sheboon in the first video desires. In my perfect America, no nigger would ever work. In fact, hiring a subhuman savage would be against the law. I would provide them with as much dope and self destructive implements they required and desired....provided all negroes were remanded to what amounts to a government designated reservation, which they would not be permitted to leave under any circumstances. Their "culture" of death, destruction, murder, rape and irresponsible breeding would be allowed to follow its natural course, far from evil Whitey's "oppressive" society.

We could pay for it with a fraction of the money we give Israel every year...after we cut those parasites off too. It would be a short term investment yielding long term results. The nigger problem would eradicate itself within a generation.

Yeah, I know. It's a dream more far fetched and outlandish than ancient savage niggers in dung huts harnessing electricity.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"...Had I heard a German accent, I would have lunged and killed them"

Hollyweird cum bucket Rose McGowan. Saw shoes, felt like she was holocausted

Nazi concentration camp left Rose McGowan scarred for life
Washington , Wed, 06 Jul 2011

Actress Rose Mcgowan has revealed that her recent trip to Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, in Germany(I thought it was in Poland? Ah well, it never happened so it doesn't matter) has left her scarred for life.

She insisted that the memories of the gas chambers where Jews were mercilessly killed during the Holocaust(used with permission, all rights reserved) would always haunt her.

"I truly think, had I heard a German accent anywhere in my vicinity, I would have lunged at them and killed them," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Black Book magazine.

"There was a point, when I came across the room filled with all the babies' shoes, where it took everything in me not to fall to the floor and start screaming like a madman.

"By the time I hit the gas chambers, I never wanted to stop screaming," she added.

This is a bit melodramatic and over the top, even for a libtard lunatic. I am sure that this message is intended for her chosenite overlords in Hollyweird, conveying the proper amount of jew worshiping reverence, holohoax guilt, and anti-White invective needed to curry semitic favor.

Since Rose McGowan hasn't been relevant since....well, actually, she's never been relevant- she needs to figuratively(and no doubt literally. Just ask Marilyn Monroe) fall to her knees to suck kosher cock. It appears that no one is hiring her anymore. She was in a car wreck in 2007, suffering a few facial scars and she became so paranoid and addicted to plastic surgery, she's looking more like a freakish cross between the kikess Joan Rivers and negro pedophile Michael Jackson. Nobody wants the goofy looking bitch mucking up their movies.

While she was a very attractive woman before her neuroses and on going self mutilation took place, aesthetic surface "beauty" is no substitute for what resides within. I'm reminded of another anti-White bimbo, Megan Fox, who is wrapped in an attractive package, deceptively concealing the rot within. If they had one to begin with, these people have sold their souls for the promise of fame and fortune that Svengali-like jews dangle before them in order to lure them into depravity.

I'm sure much of the sentiment expressed is genuine. She has, after all, appeared in movies with the caustic kikejew ass wipe Eli Roth and his anti-White cohorts Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Since her brain is a pretty vacant place to begin with, it wouldn't take much to fill it with whatever they wanted to, and their disgusting attitudes no doubt rubbed off on her.

This contrived story is just a pitiful epitaph for someone who is already spiritually dead. Healthy White women do not allow themselves to be defiled by jew-freaks like this:

Sick pervert kikenweasel Brian Warner/Marilyn Manson with his shiksa goy toy

Monday, June 27, 2011

Politics As Usual

It appears that it is now official. Israel's favorite boot licking, bought and paid for shabbas goy toady is going to make a run for the Whore House. All you really need to know about this lunatic is contained in the brief video above. New readers can refer to the piece I did on mizz Bachmann last year.

Is Bachmann a crypto-jew? Who goes to a "kibbutz" unless they are a chosenite?

In 2008, Bachmann appeared on the drooling faggot Chris Matthews' show "Hardball" calling for a "media investigation" of all the "anti-American" politicians in the Congress. This traitorous harpy should have first looked in her own mirror. Pledging one's allegiance to a foreign, alien power is an act of treason. In fact, it's about the most subversive, treacherous act of national betrayal one could possibly engage in.

Not that I expected it to be any different, but this years crop of Republicunt contenders amounts to a clownish collection of empty suited cyphers, perennial candidates, and rotting left over retreads from the last election. If none of those are to your liking there is always the boot lipped nigger Herman Cain. An endorsement of Herman will assuage that White Guilt and protect you(not really) from the "racist" tag, as is the primary concern of Tea Party retards. And don't worry about the color thing. AIPAC left a big pile of money on Whoring Herman's night stand, so you know he's "right" on Israel!

Ron Paul? Are you people still falling for that old line of bullshit? If anyone in pro-White circles is still placing their hopes in this goofy charlatan, then they are fucking stupid. Lone Wolf of Thy Weapon of War has a must read analysis of the Paul Delusion that should rub the sleep from the eyes of those not yet awake to reality.

The sad thing is, once you see the whole system for what it truly is, you become jaded. There is no refuge in the Blight Wing, even on an entertainment level. I have read most of Ann Coulter's books and even really liked a couple of them. She put a new one out a few weeks ago and I was thinking about buying it. The first barrier to me actually putting my money down was the premise of the book stated in the subtitle "Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America."

Sorry, but when I think of "mobs" that are "endangering America" I tend to envision scenes like what's been going on in Chicago, Illinois for the past two months, with shitskin savages running amok, targeting White victims. Not feminized birkenstock wearing hippies swinging their purses at a rally for fag "marriage."

The second thing that turned me off was the requisite press tour. Goofy Ann, flipping her locks around like a dimbo-bimbo, jabbering back and forth with the T.V. talking heads like she's on dope. Then she's going on about Thurgood Marshall. Not to bash him, but in proclaiming him as some kind of new found hero! She praised him for his legal skills in arguing Brown vs. Board of Education. You know, the landmark decision that opened the gates of hell, exposing subsequent generations of White children to rape, assault, robbery, intimidation and general TNB. Yeah, Ann thinks that was great.

She also thinks Michael(a.k.a. Martin Loofer) King is great too. Because he "peacefully" stood up to the "vicious racist"(her words) Bull Connor who was a ~gasp~ democrat! (I guess Ann doesn't know about the mudsharks and jewesses who were fornicating with nigger bucks on people's lawns, and savages defecating in public which enraged the communities we see in those old news reels).

Eventually I did make it to a book store and leafed through the thing to see what the general tone was. I read with interest a passage on the Ku Klux Klan. They belonged to the democrat party and terrorized "african-americans" and, yes, I'm not making this up, they also tormented "republicans." Generally, it was just a trite tome, beating the dead horse of partisan politics, which never gets any deeper than "republicans good, democrats bad". The jew was not named, nor were any racial truths revealed(surprise!). I set the book back on the shelf and walked away, concluding that the only thing "demonic" about this waste of precious timber were the lies and distortions put to paper by this hideous crone who does herself no favors by draping her cadaverous body with a slinky black dress in order to sell books to sexually repressed conservatards. The grapefruit sized adam's apple, the sunken cheeks, hallowed out eye sockets, man hands, knobby knees and bones protruding through her skin don't really do much for me.

But being jaded by the waste land of politics and media isn't such a bad thing. You can at least say with some confidence "wont get fooled again."

It helps if you've got a pair of these:
"Hoe-leeeee shit. There's a lot more jews walkin' around than I thought!"

The new republican boss. Same as the old democrat boss