Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sliding Towards South Africa

From one White man to another, I empathize with the kid in this video. However, I find his naivete appalling. Someone living in the sort of stark reality that is SA really should know better.

The fundamental flaw in his thinking is his belief that niggers would and should be "grateful" that apartheid has been abolished since they have been given not only a place at the table, but sit at the head of it, with the Whites who built the country now relegated to begging dog status waiting for the scraps to hit the floor. He expects them to treat White South Africans according to the same uniquely White characteristics of civility and fair play. In effect, he fails to realize that it is not just the melanin levels that differentiate us from these brutish beasts, but that even allowing them into a civilized society is akin to walking through a lion exhibit with a pork chop dangling from your mouth. The outcome of either scenario is tragically predictable. There were reasons for apartheid. There were reasons for Jim Crow. In the 1950's there was no nigger crime problem in the south(as chronicled in the Time magazine article that has resurfaced in recent years on sites like AmRen). Niggers behaving badly was the exclusive provenance of the big industrialized cities of the north such as Chicago, New York, Detroit, etc.

The speaker in this video is living in a multicultural delusion, thinking that he should be singing "kumbaya" with his black "brethren", rather than fend off dispossession and genocide. He speaks often of "democracy" not knowing that it is the well spring of poison from which all civilizations eventually die. He speaks of Jacob Zuma and John Mugabe as being "corrupt" yet denying that the racial differences which define their characteristics have nothing to do with why he opposes them, a similar disclaimer I hear from White Americans who oppose obongo on "strictly ideological" grounds.

We are sliding towards South Africa. The difference is that they dismantled their entire society virtually over night. We are merely handing ours over piece meal, over the course of the past 40 years, culminating in the debacle we now find ourselves in(and this is but the beginning of the end). The more ground that is ceded, the more that is taken. When we have next to nothing left, they will take that too. At least due to the toxic shock of such a vast change, they know they have a problem. We are virtually being lulled to sleep as the theives rob us blind and dispossess us of our rightful place in the country built by and for us. The slow death by a thousand cuts has so weakened and debilitated us that our very survival is imperiled.

Welcome to the cult of nigger victimhood, my South African friend. Discover what we here in Amerikwa have been dealing with for multiple decades, as past grievances are systematically thrown in our faces in order to expropriate and extort. It wont end. Not in South Africa, and not here. Not until the cancer is removed and the body can get on with the healing that comes from self determination.

What is to come? It's largely in our hands(and the dilemma is it's also largely out of our hands, given the magnitude of what we face). There is no cavalry coming over the mountain, no charismatic Fuhrer on the rise to lead us out of the darkness. Just you and me. And the will to survive.

When will it be enough?

A little hard to read, but this is an ad for CIA recruitment appealing to "da hip hop generation". In the years to come, as we mirror South Africa more and more,this is the sort of disheveled shitskin agent of ZOG who will be on your porch flashing a badge, leering suggestively at your wives and daughters as his fellow ZOG lackeys ransack your personal belongings.

As disheartening as such a scenario is and should be, keep in mind what my friend Hammer of Thorr had to say when I showed him this photo: "The more Blacks and others infest the alphabet agencies, the less effective those agencies will be against Whites. AA hirelings BELONG in government. They help push the boulder off the cliff."


  1. Yep, if this young fella is just now getting really pissed in 2007, he's missed out on alot of violence already committed against his people. Hopefully he by now has a grasp that it was Apartheid that allowed whites relative safety in the sea of black that is SA.

    Hope he has hooked up with some more racially aware brethren by now ... for you're right RM, there is no room for "discussing matters" with the nigger there (or here for that matter). It is open season on whites. Reason long ago went out the window.

    Any attempts at "appeasement" by deluded whites is only looked upon as exploitable weakness. There will NEVER be enough to satisfy them ... never. I marvel that our folk ANYWHERE have not realized this yet.

    He looks German - noticed his shirt. Wish he could get plugged into "South Africa Sucks" blog ... they would get him updated in a hurry.
    Alot could of happened in 2 years though, good or bad.

    That CIA poster looks like something from a bad acid trip, but I was thinking the same as you quoted Hammer of Thor - if it had to be, so be it the best choice. Rather line him up ...

    That nigger chunked a 40 at that lady ? At least someone phoned it in ... I expected a free for all on the groceries.
    They definitely need a thinning out ... long overdue.
    "What is to come? It's largely in our hands(and the dilemma is it's also largely out of our hands, given the magnitude of what we face)."

    I like the way you worded that. If folks really had a grasp ... "men's hearts would be failing them for fear of what was to come." But come it will, and come it must.

  2. I don't know if the kid has a better grasp of the situation than he did two years ago. He's got a ton of videos and still makes them, though I only discovered this guy at all because I have a jewtube account and they have this "recommended for you" line up of videos upon log in, and was intrigued enough to click on it. I think I was reading the other day that the jewish overlords of youtube were censoring him and sabotaging the audio/video quality of his clips, so maybe he's on the right track. I'll go back for another look when I get the time to.

    I have read the quotes of more than one kaffir stating they wish they were under White rule again. Gone is the innate sense of fairness and justice that comes from being governed by Whites. Niggers eat their own under any circumstances. Giving them absolute power just makes it easier for them to do so. The White government knew the "nature of the beast" as it were. The Whites within SA who lobbied for this insanity must surely have come to rue the day now...the ones still alive, at least.

  3. I've been subscribed to R3NDI3R's channel for a while and I don't think he's as nieve as you might think.

    Reading between the lines his mission seems to be to wake people up about the situation in SA without getting his channel suspended and without getting arrested by the authorities. So that means he has to keep stating he's not 'racist' etc, etc. Even then his videos are restricted by youtube despite the high ratings he gets.


  4. I stand corrected, then. The video posted here is the first and only one I actually watched(thus far).

    On the other hand, the message of this particular video led me to that conclusion, because it seemed to me that he was hurt that the kaffirs weren't joining him around the camp fire for a few verses of "kumbaya."

    I'm going to look at a few other vids to get a general sense, then I think I'm going to message him personally to find out where he's at, and like Jeff says, if he's not on our page,and is receptive to what I have to say, give him some links to SA Sucks and what not to get him headed in the right general direction...

  5. Thanks for that info - I'm gonna check it out too.

  6. Reichsmarshal. I wouldn't bother telling him about SA Sucks. I know he knows all about that site and the others like it as well.

    Loads of WN's have left messages and sent PM's to him and he just tells them to get lost because he doesn't want any 'racists' on his channel (LOL). He is adamant that he is going to do things his way.

    I just stay subscribed to keep up with the latest in SA niggerfuxation. I don't always watch his vids all the way through and I don't even bother to comment anymore.

    This one is short but sweet:


  7. Thank you, Mr. Murray. That saved me a lot of time and frustration.

    I guess this "racist" will just stick to his own tiny piece of cyber-real estate and watch from afar.

  8. Stayed up late and think I watched all of his vids ... and alot of others concerning SA. I too believe I've seen enough of his - he appears to place hope where it'll not bear fruit. But he's young and I wish him well ... meaning, either split (which he alluded to, but he would most likely carry the same mindset wherever), or get "radical". You aint gonna make sense out of nigger chaos.

  9. Everytime I look at that stupid grin on the negro (CIA), my blood starts boiling.
    Despite a grueling day at work, I did have one high point. A regular customer came in and we talked about the state of affairs. He made a comment about how viral all his friends are whenever the Kenyan monkey is mentioned, and I told him, that yes he is a problem, but the root of it all is the jew. As God as my witness, he agreed! We then went into a short discourse about them, it was sweet to my ears and heart. This is an older gent who served in the Vietnam war, a country gentleman from deep in the heart of Texas. Most narcisstic sophisticates would consider him a redneck idiot, but this true blue American knows and is learning the score. The
    'FOLK' are waking up!
    Just wanted to share that with you all that no matter where you are, what you are doing, try to connect with our People. We have got to band together and share our knowledge and understanding.

  10. I'm glad to hear it, Joy. A lot of things like Madoff, banksters, and these organ harvesting/money laundering "rabbis" are helping turn the tide in our favor.

    Can you believe there are many in our ranks who know about the jew but think that "discretion is the better part of valor" when broaching the subject of the jew(if they advocate going public with it at all)? Talk about avoiding the proverbial 2 ton elephant in the room.

    Now, if you all will excuse me for a moment, I have to jet over to Detroit is Crap to swat a petulant fly...