Monday, August 31, 2009

"That's what racism is" (updated with video)*

This is the most sickening swill I have heard since...well, the last sickening swill that assaulted my good senses only an hour before this(which, in the 'kwa, is a regular occurrence as jewthink swill permeates much of our public discourse)

I don't have much respect in general for anyone who would write in to one of these crypto jew "advice columnist" know it alls in the first place, but, at least on a primal level, this woman knows that miscegenation is wrong, even as she must reflexively offer up the disclaimer of "I'm not a racist, but..."

White women, and especially young girls, are under enormous pressure to conform to the directive that they open their legs for any non-White savage who approaches them lest they be deemed "racist." Here, in this column, the guilt is laid on pretty thick in my opinion. Men and women of all races pass over each other for a whole host of superficial reasons, but the one that is perhaps the most important of all, the continuation of your unique European heritage and identity with a compatible partner, is scoffed at as something less than noble. "What, you want to be with your own kind and produce children that look like you while at the same time having a stable life and a sustainable future?! You rayciss!!!"

It is not enough for the multi-kult sadists like this "columnist" to have this woman adopt a "live and let live, to each his own" view of the whole mess. No, she must surrender fully to the race mixing agenda and partake of it herself. Anything less is "racist."

Dear Carolyn: Some friends of mine had been talking up this guy they thought would be perfect for me, so I finally went on a blind date with him. It turns out he's black, and while I am not racist and have no problem with interracial dating in general, it's not for me. I just prefer to date white guys.

I told my friends why I wouldn't be seeing him again, and they were, shockingly, horrified. Did I miss something here? I know interracial dating is more prevalent now than it used to be, but I didn't realize it was so common that you get in trouble if you don't want to do it. I figured if I'm the one who needs a kick in the pants, you're the perfect person to give it to me, but I'm hoping you'll tell me I'm right, that no one should have to date anyone they don't want to.


Carolyn says: You're right -- no one should have to date anyone s/he doesn't want to.

And your friends are right, too -- they shouldn't have to pretend they're not horrified by something they find morally repugnant.

And you're right, interracial dating is more prevalent now, but its prevalence here is the cart; the issue here is the horse.

More people date interracially because more people realize that the only alternative to being racist is to judge each person as a person.(We iz all eekwals afta all!)

Your decision not to date this man wasn't about his character or lack thereof, it wasn't about his sex appeal or lack thereof, it wasn't about his intellect or lack thereof, it wasn't about his sense of humor or lack thereof, it wasn't about his work ethic or lack thereof, it wasn't about shared history or lack thereof, it wasn't about his goals or lack thereof, it wasn't about his compatibility or lack thereof. (I disagree. Her decision was based on these things because she didn't want to learn the hard way that he "lacked thereof" on so many statistically proven fronts.)

To your credit, you're owning your opinion; all you had to say was that you didn't find him attractive, and this conversation doesn't happen.

(Except the dimwit "friends" continue to think that she's a mudshark like the rest of them and keeps on sending her these shitskins until she gets the one who ends up pouring Drano down her throat and puts her dismembered body into Hefty Cinch Sacks a.k.a. "a nigger's first date").

However: We're having this conversation because you didn't find his race attractive. That's what racism is. (Ahem. "People shouldn't have to pretend they're not horrified by something they find morally repugnant")

*Detroiter posted this video today(9/1/09) over at DIC, and I'm adding it to this story due to its timely nature and relevance to the topic at hand. Like a lot of the posters over there, I believe this woman is White, a naive fool who, for whatever reason, wanted to taste the forbidden fruit and the "joys of diversity". This is what our friend "Sacramento" said "no" to, thereby saving herself a lot of heartbreak, misery and grief. It could have ended worse...


  1. Of course this woman's biggest mistake is to hang out with a bunch of coalburners that either want her to be like them, or want her to be the first to take the plunge before they go over the edge. Or else her liberal friends want to assuage their racist feelings by sacrificing a friend.

    As for the niggers that constantly pursue White women well...damn niggers, always trying to shit in the human gene pool.

  2. I tell ya, I feel very sorry for the younger whites mixing with animals. I saw one tonight attractive and had a niglet.

    She must of never been told that White Men would never want a skank with coon kid. Unless their one of those joo induced perverted sickos who let women their screw nigger bucks while they watch.

    She must of never been told that women out number men two to one in this country,

    She must of never been told she will stuck with niggers and other nigger babies for the rest of her life.

    She must of never been told niggers in general are not like the niggers she sees on joo tube.
    Or most are not even like our house nigger muhdickie.

    So sad at her young age she will be looked at as a hoe by Whites and coons the rest of her life. Paying for that niglet the rest of her ruined life,

    Yes I am a racists and a bigget and a homophobe.

  3. I agree, Ronduck. These "friends" will eventually steer her down the coal burner chute, because even though she finds black bucks distasteful, she lacks the sound reasoning of a truly racially aware person to back her convictions and resist this poison.

    Cleveland, I have seen a few good looking mudsharks, but, generally, in this town, they are the most god awful, sloppy, oozing with fat "women" you never want to lay your eyes on. They usually have an amateurish tattoo creeping up their neck, or on their hand, wear sweat suits that are discolored and stained with Odin knows what and appear twenty years older than they actually are. You never really see the nigger bucks, just the mulatto pack of nappy headed high yellows in the shopping cart, like little albatrosses of shame.

    "So sad at her young age she will be looked at as a hoe by Whites and coons the rest of her life. Paying for that niglet the rest of her ruined life,"

    Cleveland, my grandpa(r.i.p.) taught me this very thing when I was 14. "When a white girl lays down with a nigger, no decent white man will ever want her..." I remember that as clear as the day it was said 25 odd years ago. I guess pappy was a racist too. We're in good company, Brother.

  4. This does show why sites like Niggermania are still valuable. Tom Shelly is doing good work letting Whites (and others) know that they are not alone in hating niggers.

  5. I dont know if this is true, but someone told me that, that niggermania site is run by a white guy, with a mexican wife, is this true, i heard you cant say any thing about mexicans on that site or your get banned, thats why i didnt pay much attention to that site, i like the dic, and this site, you guys tell it like it should, be told. I was never a nigger hater, till there bad behavior, and savage killings of whites, made me never want to be anywhere near them, the white in the country need to wake up, before its too late.

  6. One of the co-founders, "Raptorman" has a spic wife. So does Louis Farakoon, our "friend" from the DIC forum. Shelley, according to the stuff sent to me from someone who doesn't like him, provided me links to pervy forums where Tom Shelley admits he likes to hide in the closet and watch while his wife has sex with niggers. I can't verify whether that's true, but, whoever it is they are using Shelley's known internet handles.

    Aside from all of that nonsense you are not allowed to name the jew. You are not even allowed to mention the mestizo invasion. I think the asinine juvenile antics on those sites does more to turn people away. The brilliance of DIC is that even though the word "nigger" is used fearlessly, the stories speak for themselves and Detroiter doesn't need to stoop to photoshopped watermelon and kfc sight gags.

  7. Hey Brother,
    Remember when I pissed them off exposing the joo? That was to funny.Did it three times.they kept banning. I remember mr.farakoon always trying to start shit with our old house nigger...Although every time I would mention on DIC about nig main or chimpo he would tell me the same shit about just niggers only.
    What a schmuck

  8. Yeah, I remember. They said you "chimped out" on their forum. That's how they treat fellow Whites.

    To anyone who hasn't read it before, you can see a more detailed critique of these assholes in my "Rants from the Lair" entry from January.

    To hell with these mudsharks.

  9. I read the rants from the lair, i agree, i got to the dic a little late to see this exchange of words between you and louis, I agree the cartoons are cute, the the third grade shit gets alittle old, i enjoy the hard core facts, The niggers have been called out on the carpet, for the their behavior and actions, the truth speaks for its self. it is what it is.

  10. I agree with your general point that we need to give Whites broader racial awareness, but for some Whites like the woman seeking advice in this column just seeing the truth about niggers online is a good first step. Niggermania is the Dr Suess of racial awareness, getting Whites like this woman to first admit that her revulsion to Africans is natural and should not be suppressed. You are correct in calling Niggermania juvenile, but that is exactly what it is, stater racism.

    Eventually this woman will have to go from hating one race that deserves such scorn to actively working for her own kind. But if this woman can't even get advice other than the dreck she got from this columnist, then she may require far longer to become racially aware, if she does at all.

  11. I was on the new Detroit is Crap website(Detroiter's back! go check it out if you haven't been there yet) and, for a goof, I clicked on the niggermania link.

    Looking over that banal garbage again, I don't find anything constructive about it. If anything, it would turn most intelligent people away. Something like American Renaissance would be of far more value in getting fence sitters to step onto our side of the yard. At least there they can get a valid, intellectually sound explanation for why they feel the way they do about niggers and multikultism.

    It's only my opinion, but I think that the over the top lampooning going on over there would actually elicit sympathy for niggers. But think about that for a moment. Maybe that's what it's really all about. False flag op from the opposition?

  12. I'm glad Detroiter is back up.

    I know Jared Taylor's site is effective, I emailed The Color of Crime to an acquaintance in Globe, AZ who was unfamiliar with Black and Hispanic crime really is. The problem is that not everyone is willing to read the CofC.

    I still believe that we are better off having a place where Whites who are confused can at least get started down the road to racial awareness. You have gone way beyond where the people over on NM are, so its natural that you find it Juvenile.