Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stepping in Mexcriment

I don't like to grab things off of Western Voices World News or other pro-White news sites and repost, because you can obviously go there and read or look at these things yourself. This video, however, is the sort of thing that makes my blood boil, and needs to be spread far and wide.

Niggers, as dangerous and problematic as they are, amount to little more than unorganized buffoons when compared to the emerging threat posed by these turd worlders who are descending on us like a plague of subhuman locusts.

Bad things are in the winds and on the way.


  1. GMTA!(great minds think alike)
    I just posted this before seeing it here. Haha!

  2. haha! Well, as I said above, the more widely spread these things are the better. We may be just "preaching to the choir" with these blogs, but what if even one of our readers showed this to brain dead family and friends and planted a tiny seed? That's why the jew is desperately trying to do everything he can to reign in the internet and stop the truth from being disseminated.

  3. Did you finally read Civil War 2?

  4. I confess that I haven't yet, but you're going to shame me until I do.

    I have the PDF (well, I've got a ton of pdf books) but if there's one thing that causes me to procrastinate it's the thought of sitting in front of a monitor reading something longer than an article.

    I'm just going to go to Amazon and get my hands on an actual hard copy next week. There's nothing like the tactile experience of actually turning the pages of a for real book. Also, I need something that I can highlight(I buy highlighters by the box) and refer to when I want that information again.

    I like this new fangled technology, but for reading books, it just aint gettin' it.

  5. Got me looking for my copy ... and it's wherever my other missing ones are ! A location move almost 2 years ago and I still aint triangulated all my goodies !

    I'm like you RM, guess that would be old school. I want hard copy if I can get (afford) it, paper if not but I make notations also and use for reference. Whatcha gonna do if the juice is cut ?

    Isn't this the one written by the fella that fought with the Rhodesian forces before they fell ?

  6. If you use Foxit PDF reader you should be able to make annotation marks. I used Foxit, and it used to leave a small stamp at the top of the file if you wanted to keep using the free trial version.

    And yes, I will bring up Chittum's book every time you mention Mexicans. In fact, if you click on my profile name you will find a link to a PDF copy of the book in my personal description.

    Enjoy, I certainly won't if I can't leave AZ.

  7. I forgot to mention: I just read The Turner Diaries by Andrew McDonald/William Pierce. If I can piss away a little time reading that on PDF you can read CW2.

  8. What's with the contentious, pissy attitude? I explained my rationale, which includes the fact that I dislike reading from a monitor for extended periods of time. If I must expand on my reasoning then I will also include the fact that it bothers my eyes and causes irritation/dryness.

    I will read the book, but do you really think there's anything in it that I am not already acutely aware of(other than what Chittum may proffer as his particular take on the situation)? You are preaching to the converted.

  9. Have to agree with you Big R. Maybe it is we are getting old, older? The eyesight starts to go the neck gets weaker,I myself find much it better to get into my favorite chair with a big cup of coffee and read a book.

    Aut Pax Aut Bellum,,,Nemo Me res verba

  10. What's with the contentious, pissy attitude?


  11. Think no more of it, Ronduck. We're all basically on the same page here sans a few minor points.

    Like Jeff and Cleveland pointed out, us older folks are just "old school."