Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yet Another Way to Malign and Slander White People:"Environmental Racism"

The Marxist coward who has posted this video dutifully deletes any comments that are left in opposition to what is (erroneously) posited in this piss poor production. I have commented on the user's page(pending approval, of course!)asking that the offensive material be removed. I have further flagged the video with the jewtubers. I wont be holding my breath given the fact that only "protected groups" are extended the courtesies that we are routinely denied as per article 5 of their preposterous "guidelines":

"Promotes hatred or violence against a protected group
Hate speech is content that promotes or encourages hatred or violence towards a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status and sexual orientation/gender identity.


  1. Actually Brother it is true to point...Although this knot head is in all truths going after the wrong (White). All of these recessions the last ninety years a certain group of beanie wearing filth have bought everything for pennies on the dollar..

    This is the kind of fool that needs educated.
    Probably to conditioned to realise who the real polluters are.

    Muh Money

  2. White liberals. Our biggest enemy.

    We need to start treating these people like the jews treat what they call "self-hating jews" like David Cole or Norman Finkelstein.

  3. Here's the letter from European Americans United to the school that adapted this propaganda and fed it to the White children:

    "To whom it may concern;

    We were distressed to hear that you are uncritically employing a Public Service Announcement from the Jane Goodall Institute in your curriculum (Service Learning-You Tube Nation ).The particular announcement portrays European-American children as a group, and without qualification, as abusers of children who are of other ethnicities ("environmental racism").

    If the ethnicities of the participants in the PSA had been reversed; you wouldn't dream of showing this to children.

    In addition to this, the information in the PSA portrayed as factual is deceptively skewed. If you were to draw a map of every land fill, every closed gas station with possible leaking tanks and so forth; you would find that practically every American lives within a short distance of such a site.

    While we understand that environmental issues are a very important concern for all Americans, we are really disappointed, indeed angry, that you felt that the best way to put forth their importance was to portray European-American children as somehow evil just by virtue of their birth.

    By leveraging your time and energy toward putting vilification into your environmental cause--by equating the existence of landfills and toxic waste sites with white racism--we can only conclude you hold the same views with avarice toward all persons of European extraction, which clearly implies a definite level of bigotry.

    As an educator, you should be well aware of the importance of self-image for educational achievement. And as an educator, you should also know that this PSA, and the discussion surrounding it, could only do harm to the self-image of European-American children with unquantifiable but undoubtedly adverse consequences coming down the road.

    This sort of deliberate psychological abuse of children just because of their ethnicity at birth is really unconscionable, and unworthy of a professional educator.

    We therefore demand the following. Either remove the materials or accompanying anti-European-American discussion from your curriculum, reform your views of European-Americans so that they don't have to suffer psychological abuse, or remove yourself from a position of power, control and authority in dealing with innocent children who have no choice but to absorb the harmful material you are feeding them.

    Very truly,

    Mr. Drago Rendal
    Mr. Frank Roman
    Mr. Robert Tanner
    Board of Directors, European Americans United
    Western Voices World News"

    It's not about whether pollution is real or not, Cleveland. It's about using yet another issue to disparage White people and turn our young people into the self loathing cunts Mr. Murray is talking about.

  4. I have been shaming self hating Whites for a while now. In many instances I ask them point blank: "why do you hate yourself and your own kind?" Not only have I never received an answer to the question, I have yet to have the fact that the question was even asked acknowledged.

    The kids in these videos and the pukes that this "Jane Goodall School of Marxism" cranks out are a bunch of unwitting dupes. A bunch of hippie dippy goof balls who curse their heritage yet enjoy the amenities that were paid for in blood. Utterly disgusting. As Charlton Heston so aptly put it in Planet of the Apes: "it's a mad housssssssssssssse!!!"

  5. I have no idea why some idiot liberal marxist would produce some lame video like this, niggers in detroit love having a run down house and trash in front of it( 40 oz's and drug needles in the street), they expect whitey to fix everything and take care of them, like that cunt up in lansing with that fresh veggie and fruit trucks driving around in the detoilet, I live in the downriver area and never thought Id start seeing niggers by the groups, Damn kikes allowing niggers to have a strong hold downriver, thanks to the housing market allowing those shit skins any where south of Detoilet. May need to build my safe haven somewhere west of us 23 out in petersburg. Im seeing more nigger loving white women in my area, just disgusing.
    Detroit is the planet of the apes. no doubt about it.

  6. That's a good point, Don. Niggers wallow in trash and filth. It's just not home to them unless there are maggots and cockroaches scurrying all over the place. Is it whitey who's dumping his garbage in these nigger neighborhoods?

    I also asked the poster of this video in a comment that was deleted what about the environmental toll that mestizos leave in the desert(mountains of trash,dead animals that have choked on plastic bags and garbage, etc.) or the "biological racism" of these mestizos bringing in unchecked disease and the pandemic of AIDS and STD's in the nigger "community."

    Besides, even if this nonsense were real, a few chip bags thrown out the window on I-75 doesn't compare to the rape, murder and savagery that these feral beasts commit on a daily basis.

  7. Hey Big R,
    Was kinda tired when first replied. I agree with all the postings. I should of added the joo who owns everything force them to live there. (the other white) Actually though you see alot of ragheads are starting to buy the properties and rent them to the mexishits and coons

  8. No problem, friend. I just get so tired of these kinds of attacks against us. "Everything is whitey's fault!"

    Good luck to the a-rabs. I can't think of anything that is more a losing proposition than to rent to subhuman filth who just destroy their own habitat then expect you as land lord to clean it up. This is the real reason niggers and mexcriment live in ghettofied filth. The people that own the property have stopped giving a shit because it's a no win situation. Niggers want you to do everything for them, including worrying about their living conditions. If not for how dangerous they are, they would be nothing more than infants wallowing in their own dirty diapers without a stupid White person to come along and clean them up.