Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ZOG Committed to America's Destruction

High Yellow Holder: U.S. May Challenge Arizona Immigration Law

The most hateful anti-White niggers always seem to be the high yellow halfricans

The U.S. government may challenge Arizona's new immigration law, Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday as Arizona officials blamed the Feds for forcing the state into passing its own immigration enforcement mechanisms.

Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters on Tuesday that he fears the new law is subject to abuse. He said that the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department are in the midst of conducting a review of the state law.

The attorney general said a number of options are under consideration including the possibility of a court challenge.

Civil Rights Groups Protest Arizona Immigration Law, File Suit Over Federal Program

Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill Friday to give state police the authority to question whether an individual is in the United States legally and would consider it a crime for people to be unlawfully in the state. She said she was forced to act because Washington has failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico.

Opponents of the law, who have staged protests in the state capital of Phoenix since last week, used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol and have demanded a boycott of the state, have said they want to take the case to court for a judge to decide whether the state can enforce federal laws.

"If you look or sound foreign, you are going to be subjected to never-ending requests for police to confirm your identity and to confirm your citizenship," said Alessandra Soler Meetze, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which is exploring legal action.

President Obama has also questioned the legal authority for Arizona to enforce federal law, arguing it would be a violation of civil rights for state law enforcement to question the legality of an individual's residency.

Currently, many U.S. police departments do not ask about people's immigration status unless they have run afoul of the law in some other way. Many departments say stopping and questioning people will only discourage immigrants from cooperating to solve crimes.

Under the new Arizona law, immigrants unable to produce documents showing they are allowed to be in the U.S. could be arrested, jailed for up to six months and fined $2,500. That is a significant escalation of the typical federal punishment for being here illegally -- deportation.

People arrested by Arizona police would be turned over to federal immigration officers. Opponents said the federal government could thwart the law by refusing to accept them.

Supporters of the law said it is necessary to protect Arizonans. The state is home to an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants and is the nation's busiest gateway for people slipping into the country. Brewer has ordered state officials to develop a training course for officers to learn what constitutes reasonable suspicion that someone is in the U.S. illegally.

The crux of opponents' arguments is that only the federal government has the authority to regulate immigration.

"If every state had its own laws, we wouldn't be one country; we'd be 50 different countries," said Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Kevin Johnson, dean of the law school at the University of California-Davis and an immigration law professor, said such a lawsuit would have a very good chance of success. He said the state law gets into legal trouble by giving local law enforcement officers the authority to enforce immigration laws.

However, Gerald Neuman, a Harvard Law School professor, said Arizona could make a compelling legal argument that it has overlapping authority to protect its residents.

Kris Kobach, a University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor who helped write the Arizona legislation, said he anticipated legal challenges and carefully drafted the language. He said the state law is only prohibiting conduct already illegal under federal law.

Jon Garrido, who produces a Hispanic website and ran unsuccessfully last year for Phoenix City Council, told The Arizona Republic Monday he pulled organizing papers for a petition drive to repeal the law. A referendum would require the signature of 76,682 registered voters to get on the November ballot. If successful, the effort would block the law from taking effect until the vote.

San Francisco's city attorney has urged policymakers in the city to stop dealing with Arizona and Arizona businesses. Leaders in Mexico also demanded a boycott, as did civil rights leader Al Sharpton.

During a town hall meeting Monday in Tucson, Brewer dismissed the threat of a boycott, saying she doesn't believe the law is "going to have the kind of economic impact that some people think it might," the Arizona Daily Star reported.

The law has strong public support in Arizona, where passions have been running high since a rancher was killed close to the Mexican border last month, apparently by drug smugglers from across the border.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Curt Maynard Murder-Suicide

Curt Maynard kills ex-wife, then himself

Lake Jackson murder-suicide followed bitter divorce, woman's lawyer says

The Lake Jackson woman shot to death by her ex-husband before he killed himself during a police chase had gone through a bitter, contentious divorce from him and suffered personal attacks from him on the Internet, her attorney said on Thursday.

Melissa Meza, 34, a Dow Chemical engineer, was shot multiple times in the front yard of her home Wednesday night by 42-year-old Curtis Boone Maynard, a registered nurse, who later shot himself. The couple had been divorced for more than a year.

Maynard also shot his 16-year-old stepdaughter, Celeste Morales, in the face inside the home before fleeing in his car. Morales remains in stable condition at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

Maynard and Meza's two children, a 12-year-old girl and 2-year-old girl, fled to a neighbor's house and were not hurt, said Lake Jackson police Lt. Paul Kibodeaux

“The 12-year-old picked the 2-year-old up and ran to the neighbor's house — very brave,” Kibodeaux said.

Lenette Terry, the Angleton attorney who represented Meza in her divorce from Maynard, called the slain woman's ex-husband “a nut.”

Lone Wolf of Thy Weapon of War(a great blog by the way) was among the first to break this story.

I didn't approve of Maynard's mudsharking and bedding down of latrinas, but, on speaking truth about the jew, he had few equals.

I suppose if the story is as it's been portrayed, and the "lurid" details about Curt's political beliefs come to light, they'll paint him as another Von Brunn style crazed "right wing White Supremacist."

This turmoil has likely been brewing for a while now as Maynard first issued a notice a few months ago that he was "going on vacation" as far as Politically Incorrect Apostate was concerned, then several weeks after that, access to read his blog has been "by invitation only."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Not Really My Cup of Tea

Is this guy really a liberal patsy sent in to infiltrate the TP to make them look bad? Or is he just a White Nationalist checking the situation out? Personally, I think he is not a libtard troll. First, it would take a large set of cajones for a dummycrat to walk around with Seig Runes on his back. At the first sign of opposition, this guy would have ran away, or he would have gone into the wild histrionics that liberals do in these situations and made a scene. Second, he appeared to have conviction in what he was saying. Then again he could be a good actor.

It matters not. What was more revealing was the reactionary, almost hysteric response to his presence in the first place by kosher kahnservatives. It really isn't about race for them. Apparently, the Founding Fathers could have been shitskins. It's not about race, even as every other ethnic group is uniting according to their racial interests, with the ultimate goal being our dispossession and extinction. It's not about race, even with 37,000 White women raped annually by subhuman nigger savages, and nigger flash mobs and the direct targeting of Whites for rape, robbery and murder. It's not about race, as millions of mestizos stream across the border every year, with the express purpose of taking back even the territories beyond the south west.

And I imagine it still wont be about race even as we edge closer to South Africa-like conditions, and Whites are driven out of professions, marginalized, arrested on trumped up charges and "Tea Parties" such as these will be outlawed all together because Whites will never again be allowed to form a unified front. They'll still think the first president could have just as easily been George Jefferson as George Washington.

If you look at the back log of posts on this blog, you'll see that I've been suspicious of this "tea party" since its inception. Will they be this "angry" when a Mitt Romney sits in the command chair and steers us back on the course of mediocrity and Israel uber alles? I highly doubt it. What a wasted opportunity. The White Titan awoke, but only to finish the journey to the ash heap.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Libtard Freak Self-Flagellates in Public

I am a(n anti White) racist
Portrait of a self loathing bloated pile of shit. Looks like a kike to me. A faggot too.

Mark C. Chu-Carroll

(Unfortunately, this post has been linked to by a white supremacist[sic] site. Instead of providing a forum for their foulness, I'm shutting down comments on this post...because the good folks at Am-Ren have completely destroyed my liberal stupidity and exposed it as the Marxist jewthink drivel that it is)

Unfortunately, I lost the link that inspired this. But I recently saw a post by a conservative about "reclaiming" the word racist. It went on to list a collection of reasons why he was a racist. The gist of it was that all of us dirty liberals were the real racists - because there's no possible reason for us to support things like affirmative action, welfare, etc., unless we really, deep down, believe that minorities - particularly blacks - are stupid animals incapable of taking care of themselves.

It's typical bullshit. So I'm responding in my own way. Because, you see, I am a racist. I'm not proud of that fact - but growing up in a deeply racist and sexist culture, you can't avoid absorbing racist and sexist messages and attitudes into your worldview. And the blogger who inspired this is, like me, a member of the privileged elite. The difference between us is that I at least try to notice the effects of my privilege. I don't support social justice programs like affirmative action, welfare, and job training because I think that poor black people need help because they're less smart than me: I think that people like me have unfair advantages that we rarely appreciate, and that everyone deserves the same advantages that I've been lucky enough to receive. But however idealistic I am, however commited I am to social justice, the fact remains: I am, to my shame, a racist.

  1. I am a racist - because I never noticed all of the unearned privileges that are given to me until someone pointed them out.
  2. I am a racist - because even after learning about the unearned privileges that I recieve, I still don't notice them.
  3. I am a racist, because I have grown up in a culture that, at every turn, teaches me that to be white is to be better, and smarter, and I have absorbed that lesson.
  4. I am a racist, because I instinctively react to members of minorities with fear.
  5. I am a racist, because I live in a sunset town.
  6. I am a racist, because I believe that I deserve the success I have, even though I know people who are more smart, capable, and talented than I am never had the chances that I did to be successful, because of the color of their skin.
  7. I am a racist - because I am a white man who has directly benefited from the unfair preferences that have been directed towards me all of my life.
  8. I am a racist - because every day, I benefit from the denial of basic privileges to other people.
  9. I am a racist, because I do not notice the things that are denied to people who are different from me.
  10. I am a racist, because I do not notice the advantages that I have over others.
  11. I am a racist, because even when I do manage to notice what is denied to people of different races and backgrounds, I don't speak up.

The point of this isn't just to do a sort of "walk of shame". The point is that I am an incredibly lucky person, who has benefited from all sorts of things - from where I was born, to the color of my skin, to the background of my parents, to my gender. I have recieved, and continue to receive benefits because of those, and many other factors that have nothing to do with my own merit. And except for very rare occasions, that goes unremarked, unnoticed.

People like me think of ourselves as the default - as "normal" people. We consider the incredible advantages that we receive to be normal, unremarkable. We don't notice just how much we benefit from that assumption of our own normality - the benefits we receive fade into invisibility. We don't even notice that they exist. And then when someone who doesn't get those benefits has trouble, we naturally blame them for not being as successful as we are.

The underlying theme of people like the jerk who inspired this post is: "I made it by myself, without any help. So they should be able to make it by themselves, without any help either."

But that's bullshit, because none of us "made it by ourselves". We're the beneficiaries of the system we live in.

I grew up in a wealthy town in NJ. We didn't consider ourselves wealthy - but by comparison to lots of other people, we really were. I went to a very good school system. We complained about it a lot: the textbooks were too old; the equipment in the science labs were too beaten up; the classes were too easy, and so on.

When I was in college, I got to teach a summer program for top students from schools in Newark, Camden, and Jersey City. And I discovered that my students went to schools where they didn't have to worry about their books being too old - because they didn't have any books. I mean that literally: in their english classes, they didn't have books, because their schools had never been able to buy new books since it opened - and the books had long since fallen apart. They didn't complain about the lousy lab equipment - because their schools had never had science labs at all. How could people coming from schools like that possibly hope to compete with students from a school like mine? I didn't admitted to college over people from their schools because I was smarter. I got admitted into college over people from their schools because I was richer and whiter.

And when my students went to the campus bookstore to buy basic supplies like paper and pencils, the people who worked there followed them around the store - because what would a bunch of poor black kids be doing in a bookstore if they weren't there to rob it?

I write this math blog for fun. How did I get the background to do it? I come from a highly educated family. They taught me to read before I even started preschool. I'd learned about statistics from my father when I was in third grade. I learned about algebra in sixth grade, even though my school didn't teach it until 8th or 9th. I learned calculus in my freshman year in high school - even though my school didn't teach it until a senior year AP class. I was learning this stuff long before the school taught it to me; and my parents made sure that they bought a house in a very expensive school district where there would be things like AP classes. My parents paid for me to go to college - which gave me the time to take courses not just because I needed them to graduate, but because they covered things that I wanted to learn, just for fun.

How could a person from a family that just managed to scrape by, who lived in a school system that couldn't afford textbooks for the basic classes, much less the AP classes, how could they compete with me? It's damned close to impossible. Not because they're any less smart, or any less talented. But because I've had an absolutely uncountable number of advantages. Every day of my life, I've been given benefits which helped make it possible for me to become who and what I am. I'm here partially because I've worked damned hard to get here. But that work, by itself, wouldn't have gotten me to where I am, without luck and privilege.

People like me need to remember that. We didn't earn what we have all by ourselves. We may have earned part of it - but only part. An awful lot of what we have is built on privilege: on the advantages that we've been given because of race, gender, wealth, and family.

The sad fact is that the vile thoughts expressed by this self hating lump of shit are not uncommon among White people. Like all libtards though, this clown is a hypocrite of the highest order. He will never divest himself of his "white privilege" i.e. the cash he has made from his job at Google as a computer scientist. Why wont he just go out and find a nigger to give it all to? No, that's not the liberal way. They themselves can never deign to live in a nigger infested ghetto or subject their own children to the "treasures" of diversity that they moan endlessly about. Mingling with unwashed savages is for thee, not for me.

"...none of us "made it by ourselves". We're the beneficiaries of the system we live in."

Yes. A system created by and for Whites. A system that niggers could never build or sustain. Rather than hate and malign the people who built Western Civilization, he should turn his scorn towards the mud savages who would (and are) destroying it. Dipshits like "Chu-Carroll" seem all too willing to let them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White People: Shut Up and Accept Your Dispossession and Extinction

Mike Peck(er head). He's smiling because he has accepted his place on the ash heap of history. Why haven't you?

No future in being an Angry White Male(even less of a future in being an emasculated White coward of dubious gender)

Am I a candidate for becoming an Angry White Male?

I'm already plagued by two of the three. Being white. And male(debatable, given your emasculation).

From the looks of things around the country, the Angry part of my cohort seems to be gaining popularity(because even the most brain dead are beginning to wake up, look around and realize things are FUBAR).

At the fringes, you've got the recent reports of a plot by white Christian militiamen in Michigan to kill cops and start a war against the government(no, no. You've got a ZOG trap/sting operation that says they had a plot to "kill cops and start a war against the government")

Angry White Male bumper stickers are popular. For $3.95 you can buy one that shows President Barack Obama's face superimposed on the diabolical mug of The Joker entwined with the words ''chaos'' or ''socialist.'' I saw one on an SUV at Starbucks.(Wow. The rage, the unbridled fury. Scary shit. Way more terrifying than the rape of 37,000 White women per year at the paws of subhuman nigger savages).

A poll released by Harris Interactive just a few days ago found that:

-- 40 percent of Americans now think Obama is a socialist(I don't think so. I know he's a Marxist).

-- 23 percent think he wants the economy to collapse so he can become dictator(All of his policies are designed to destroy free markets, create dependency on gubbamint handouts, stifle growth...)

-- 20 percent think he is doing things that Adolf Hitler did(comparing a smooth talking nigger with an IQ of 99 is an insult to the brilliant man that was the Fuhrer).

Now that's angry(You aint seen nothing yet, gelded one).

In some ways, I'm a likely recruit to join the Angry White Males(Maybe. If you pull your head out of your ass).

Heck, my job isn't guaranteed. I work in the newspaper industry, for heaven's sake. My pension has been frozen. My 401(k) contributions aren't matched. My health insurance premiums are going up(For heaven's sake, show a little more passion about your dispossession and the generational theft being committed against your family).

What's more, my dentist hasn't been able to fix the tooth that hurts every time I drink a cold beer.

That can really frost you(not as much as smarmy liberals being...well, smarmy).

At home, I sympathize with the worries and concerns expressed by Angry White Males(when I'm not openly mocking them in my tenuously held "job" as a hack "journalist").

I don't like it that my house has dropped in value and the banks won't lend money. I fret that my truck has 135,000 miles on it(How unreasonable! Stop being an "Angry White Male", racist!).

I'm not sure that my son will have a better life in America than I did(He wont. Pussies like you have ensured that his children and their children will be victimized by non-White savages as a routine daily occurence...kind of like it is now, Peck(erless)).

All this could all well up inside like a giant case of indigestion(how about a burning fire of atavistic fury that reminds you of your ancestral greatness and finding the spine to fucking do something about it?! Is a eunuch like you capable of something like that?).

The future? Well, it looks cloudy. Medicare is running out of money(Sorry, it's already broke). The terrorists are working overtime to give us a jolt(I'm more worried about nigger flash mobs and other TNB than Mossad agents pretending to be Muslims). Other countries are coming up fast.

And maybe toughest of all is the realization that my time is running out.

By 2012, the baby boomer generation will be neither the largest, nor the most dominant player in American politics or the economy.

No, white males like me will be retiring -- and looking to the government for health care and Social Security. The opportunities we had to change the world, run the world, will be handed off to a younger generation. And that generation in America most certainly won't be majority white(and Mikey is more than fine with that).

Still, I just don't see the upside of getting so angry about all of this. Getting so worked up that you start spouting and sputtering inevitably makes it more difficult to listen, and much more difficult to find a way through a tough spot(Unbelievable. This coward's basic survival instinct has been neutered right out of him. Pathetic. He should just wrap his cock sucking lips around the business end of a shotgun.).

And that's what really worries me as a white male. I worry that the guys in my demographic are running the risk of really messing up this country with their anger -- when their focus clearly should be on addressing the issues underneath(Now you're making sense. You mean the jews right...?).

Mad about government being too big? Well, consider this. Since I was born in 1950, the government's payments to Americans who are out of work, sick or coming back from a war have increased to a point today in which 25 percent of all personal income in this country is paid for by tax dollars.

So, yeah, government has grown. And the beneficiaries of that growth are the Americans who collectively now rely on government payments for 25 cents of every dollar in personal income. That's your grandma on Social Security, your veteran son on a college loan, yourself when you retire("Servitude debases men to the point where they end up liking it."-Vauvenargues, 1746)

Mad about not getting ahead in this economy?

Well, did you finish college? Did you keep your debts down? Did you stay married? If not, you may well have been left behind some others. But is that Nancy Pelosi's fault?(College is a guarantee against dispossession and scorched earth economics?! How much is a "journalism" degree worth these days? No, Whitey, you deserve your economic screwing because you may or may not have gone to an elite liberal indoctrination center where you would have been lobotomized and none of this destruction and chaos would be bothering you).

Mad about so many nonwhite people living in this country? Well, that game is over. Done.(You may be right about that, but I wont be laying down without a fight and just giving the women in my family over to nigger and mestizo savages to simply have their way with them like you apparently are resigned to.)

By 2050 the white population in America will be the minority. And that includes Tennessee and Mississippi. Knowing that, is now the time you want to brand yourself, your family, your town, as a place with racist tendencies? How smart is that for your kid's future? Your business?(Deluded fool. You are already showing "racist tendencies" because of your white skin, and neither you nor your children will be given any quarter by those who seek our destruction).

What I most regret about the red-faced renaissance of the Angry White Male is the sense that they are being used. Used to make ratings. Used to try to raise money in politics. Used to further agendas that quite possibly are against their own best interests(kind of like the indoctrination you received when you were becoming a "journalist", no?).

And there is something more. We all know someone whose anger turned to paranoia, then to the point of being unhinged. In our open, well-armed society, that moment can be deadly, as it was in Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge, and could well be again on April 19 when the radical anti-government fringe often rallies to show their rage. (Ruby Ridge is "paranoia"?! Randy Weaver's wife and child were murdered, even his dog, by ZOG scum who were unsuccessful in turning him into an informant for them. By this fool's assessment, Jefferson, Adams, Washington et. al. were "unhinged radical anti-government fringe").

A generation from now, the Angry White Males will mostly be old men(but no less lethal).

Most of us, angry or not, will have our share of regrets that life didn't turn out exactly as we had imagined. We will know that we could have hugged our families more. We could have laughed louder. And danced, and prayed, and communed with nature to try to gain some long-term perspective on the meaning of it all(or stored more ammo, or had more provisions, or pulled that trigger when we had the chance...).

But when it comes time to chisel on a tombstone, will there be much appetite for the words, ''He died angry"?(Better that than the mass grave without a marker that you would so willingly file into. Go fuck yourself, libtard freak).

Chris Peck is editor of The Commercial Appeal. Contact him at 529-2390 or at Peckerless would especially like to hear from Angry White Men)

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Am I Not A Man?"

Before seeing this video today, I had no knowledge of Eugene Terre Blanche, a name I'm only seeing in recent days because of his unfortunate death.

I am, however, familiar with the weak, effeminate, spineless slug from the BBC who has made a career of interviewing/documenting "racists" like Tom Metzger, Prussian Blue, etc. What a contrast. A real man, a White man, with a bone crushing grip and an emasculated eunuch who has no problem with White Genocide, and further seems perplexed that anyone else would object to the notion. Maybe the libtard is a kikejew simply being who and what he is.

I didn't even know your name a week ago, Eugene, but your murder at the hands of nigger subhumans is truly tragic. There simply are not enough White men such as this walking the earth. This is the force we need to exert in confronting our enemies who are all too eager to hasten our extinction; uncompromising and unapologetic in arguing for our existence and what is rightfully ours.

As the Irish say: "May ye be in Heaven an hour before the Devil knows yer dead."

Nigger Savages Murder AWB Leader

A top member of a South African white supremacist group(wanting to survive is "supremacism"?) said Sunday that the slaying of their leader was “a declaration of war” by blacks against whites, as the president appealed for calm amid growing racial tensions in the once white-led country.

Andre Visagie of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging movement, better known as the AWB, said the group would also urge soccer teams to avoid the upcoming World Cup tournament in South Africa out of safety concerns. He said the group would avenge the Saturday death of leader Eugene Terreblanche, but did not give details.

“The death of Mr. Terreblanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for ten years on end,” Visagie said. He echoed other members of the group in blaming a fiery youth leader for spreading hate speech that he believes led to his killing.

The ruling African National Congress disputed Visagie's statement.

“The black community has never declared war on any other nationality in South Africa,” ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu told The Associated Press. “It is in fact incorrect and these are sentiments that fuel polarization of the South African populace.”(a declaration need not be made. The rape, torture, mutilation and murder of Whites tells the tale.)

President Jacob Zuma appealed for calm following “this terrible deed.” In a statement, he asked “South Africans not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fueling racial hatred.”(Too late, nigger. As I understand it Zuma is one of those "agents provacateur" fomenting black hatred of Whites)

Terreblanche's violent death — police said he was bludgeoned to death by two of his farm workers in an apparent wage dispute — also heightened the din around an ongoing controversy over ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema's performance last month of an apartheid-era song that advocates killing white farmers.

Malema on Sunday denied responsibility, during an official visit to neighboring Zimbabwe.(niggers are never responsible. Even though afreakins don't speak American ebonics, it's "not dey fawlt, y'all.)

“ANC will respond to that issue,” he said “On a personal capacity, I'm not going to respond to what people are saying. I'm in Zimbabwe now, I'm not linked to this.”

Terreblanche's killing also comes amid growing disenchantment among blacks for whom the right to vote has not translated into jobs and better housing and education.(the truth about nigger rule comes to light; niggers cannot rule)

Some consider themselves betrayed by leaders governing the richest country on the continent and pursuing a policy of black empowerment that has made millionaires of a tiny black elite while millions remain trapped in poverty, even as whites continue to enjoy a privileged lifestyle.(I don't see the "privilege" of being dispossessed and targeted for systematic rape and murder)

But an unknown number of white farmers have been killed since the end of apartheid in 1994, many of them in land disputes. Some critics blame the government's badly organized land reform program and allege that corruption is a problem. Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa appealed for calm and asked the public to not make assumptions about the crime.

“We call on all South Africans, across whatever divide ... to desist from making any inflammatory statements(you mean like singing "kill whitey" songs?) which are not going to help in any way on the case we are dealing with,” said Mthethwa, who visited the crime scene. “Nobody should obstruct us by what he or she says pertaining to this case. We want to get to the bottom of this case and we want nobody to obstruct the police in getting justice.”

Relatives and friends of Terreblanche gathered near his homestead Sunday morning to pay their respects.

The opposition Democratic Alliance party blamed increasing racial tensions for the killing.

“This happened in a province where racial tension in the rural farming community is increasingly being fueled by irresponsible racist utterances” by two members of the governing African National Congress, said the Democratic Alliance legislator for that constituency, Juanita Terblanche.

Terblanche, no relative of the far-right leader, said her party did not share his political convictions but warned that the attack on him could be seen as an attack on the diverse components of South Africa's democracy.

The killing comes 10 weeks before South Africa prepares to host the first World Cup soccer tournament on African soil, with massive expenditures on infrastructure being questioned as hundreds of thousands of tickets and hotel rooms remain unsold.(I can't wait for the TNB those few who are going are in store for)

The South African Press Association quoted police spokeswoman Adele Myburgh as saying that Terreblanche was attacked by a 21-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy who worked for him on his farm outside Ventersdorp, about 110 kilometers (68 miles) northwest of Johannesburg.

Myburgh said the alleged attackers have been arrested and charged with murder. She said the two, whom she did not identify by name, told the police they were not paid for work they had done on the farm.

“Mr. Terreblanche's body was found on the bed with facial and head injuries.” She said a machete was found on his body and a knobkerrie — a wooden staff with a rounded head — next to his bed.

Terreblanche had threatened war on South Africa's white minority government in the 1980s when it began to make what he considered dangerous concessions to blacks that endangered the survival of South Africa's white race.

A symbol of white resistance to democratic black majority rule, he had lived in relative obscurity in recent years but had not changed his views.

He revived the AWB in 2008 and had rallies that drew growing crowds whom he wooed with his declaration that white South Africans are entitled to create their own country, a fight he declared he would take to the International Court at The Hague.

An AWB member who said his name was Commandant Pieter Steyn noted the aptness of Terreblanche's name, which in French translates to “white land.” Steyn said the name is a common name among South African descendants of Dutch Huguenot settlers, and that Terreblanche was born with the name.

Steyn wore a khaki uniform which read “100 (percent) Boer.” The uniform also had a patch of South Africa's apartheid-era flag.

Terreblanche launched his political career in 1973 amid growing opposition to the white minority government and its racist policies, forming the AWB with six other “patriots” of the Afrikaans-speaking whites descended from Dutch immigrants. The group wanted to create three all-white republics within South Africa in which blacks would be allowed only as guest workers.

The AWB was a semisecret organization for years. When it “came out” in 1979, the movement displayed Nazi-like insignia and declared opposition to any parliamentary democracy.

Terreblanche would arrive at meetings on horseback flanked by masked bodyguards dressed in khaki or black and became a charismatic leader for a small minority that could not envision a South Africa under the democratic rule of a black majority.

In 1983, Terreblanche was sentenced to a two-year suspended jail sentence for illegal arms possession, though he said the arms were planted by black opponents. The same year, two AWB militants were jailed for 15 years for conspiring to overthrow the government and assassinate black leaders.

Terreblanche finally was jailed in 1997, sentenced to six years for the attempted murder of a black security guard and assaulting a black gas station worker.

He became a born-again Christian in prison, and declared on his release in 2004 that his experience had convinced him that “the real hour to revive the resistance had arrived.”

Terreblanche threatened to take the country by force if the white government capitulated to the ANC. After the white government conceded, the ANC overwhelmingly won 1994 elections and has won every election since with more than 60 percent of votes.