Friday, April 23, 2010

Curt Maynard Murder-Suicide

Curt Maynard kills ex-wife, then himself

Lake Jackson murder-suicide followed bitter divorce, woman's lawyer says

The Lake Jackson woman shot to death by her ex-husband before he killed himself during a police chase had gone through a bitter, contentious divorce from him and suffered personal attacks from him on the Internet, her attorney said on Thursday.

Melissa Meza, 34, a Dow Chemical engineer, was shot multiple times in the front yard of her home Wednesday night by 42-year-old Curtis Boone Maynard, a registered nurse, who later shot himself. The couple had been divorced for more than a year.

Maynard also shot his 16-year-old stepdaughter, Celeste Morales, in the face inside the home before fleeing in his car. Morales remains in stable condition at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

Maynard and Meza's two children, a 12-year-old girl and 2-year-old girl, fled to a neighbor's house and were not hurt, said Lake Jackson police Lt. Paul Kibodeaux

“The 12-year-old picked the 2-year-old up and ran to the neighbor's house — very brave,” Kibodeaux said.

Lenette Terry, the Angleton attorney who represented Meza in her divorce from Maynard, called the slain woman's ex-husband “a nut.”

Lone Wolf of Thy Weapon of War(a great blog by the way) was among the first to break this story.

I didn't approve of Maynard's mudsharking and bedding down of latrinas, but, on speaking truth about the jew, he had few equals.

I suppose if the story is as it's been portrayed, and the "lurid" details about Curt's political beliefs come to light, they'll paint him as another Von Brunn style crazed "right wing White Supremacist."

This turmoil has likely been brewing for a while now as Maynard first issued a notice a few months ago that he was "going on vacation" as far as Politically Incorrect Apostate was concerned, then several weeks after that, access to read his blog has been "by invitation only."


  1. I'm positive some I've spoken with view me as insane. Truthfully, I had that suspicion of myself at times in the beginning. Anger, is a tool of our enemy and he uses it to the best of his ability. Anger has great value; it allows you the clarity to identify and deal with your adversary while at the same time eliminating all other distractions.

    Yeah, anger can be good and it can be bad. We must never allow it to be used against us. Curt seems to have failed that test. We can not allow the distractions and diversions in our struggle to overcome our true purpose. That said, we must know our enemy and yes, be angry with it. The time for war may come soon but, we must not jump the gun. We must not attempt to reap a crop that has not fully come to fruit. The time WILL come and it WILL bring us OUR victory!

    Curt, for all it's worth; I forgive you (perhaps, the valkyrja will decide your fate)...