Monday, April 19, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945


  1. The history books say this man died on 4-30-1945. My wanderings on this interweb indicate otherwise. It seems this man may live to be a thousand.

    As I study the many angles the hasbarats and their brainwashed cohorts use to strangle the words from our mouths silent, It has becomes obvious the goal is total disenfranchisement of those with cause and it's message. They are becoming bolder and bolder these days, both in their media and the "underground". That's not working on me. In fact, it has made me more adamantly motivated. I'm not alone in this struggle... None of us are! These kike's hyperbolic hubris will be their undoing!

    Happy birthday uncle Adolph, may you have many more!

  2. The death of Hitler will always be mired in mystery. Whether he died by his own hand or as I believe at the hands of the GRU, after some strict questioning, doesn’t really matter, and can never be proven without a body.

    What must be remembered and recognized were his words and ideas. While I may have my doubts with the planning and executions of the exercises of the Nazi regime, their ideals and the people were well intentioned. They wanted what any rational person wants to be able to control their own lives, land and prosperity, and at the time, with the infiltration of the jewish interests destructive to the country along with sanctions from the previous World War.

    They lashed out and I can hardly blame any society for that. Whether they intended to exterminate people or simply relocate them, the fact remains the jews were viewed as subversive and were not welcome in Germany anymore. It strikes me as odd that out of every country or state they have resided in for any length of time they have been forcibly expelled usually with violence. Some core problem must reside in this group of people if no other society can tolerate their behavior for any extended period of time.

  3. I think its funny that the joos have gone out their way to make Uncle Adolph a bad guy and it has back fired on them.

    The more joos claim the halohoax and the evils of Hitler the more and more White Nationalist and others are seeing through the joo bullshit and the halocausting they are doing today with the Free Worlds tax dollars from the halohoax shake down.

    Uncle Adolph will always have the official beaning slapping post through out history..

  4. the death of Adolf Hitler is one of the greatest mysteries of modern times....i think it was JFK who said that, too!....the accepted, "official account" of his demise is clearly bogus....especially in light of recent DNA tests on supposed remains still held in Moscow!

    there was a book published a few years a German called Hans Baumann, i think...."Hitler's Escape"....that pretty much debunks the official account...and claims Hitler ended up in Sth America....although, to be frank, the evidence for that is circumstantial, at best!

  5. haha! I share the same birthday!

  6. Sister Joy,
    I knew there was many things I like about you.
    Happy Birthday to you too