Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White People: Shut Up and Accept Your Dispossession and Extinction

Mike Peck(er head). He's smiling because he has accepted his place on the ash heap of history. Why haven't you?

No future in being an Angry White Male(even less of a future in being an emasculated White coward of dubious gender)

Am I a candidate for becoming an Angry White Male?

I'm already plagued by two of the three. Being white. And male(debatable, given your emasculation).

From the looks of things around the country, the Angry part of my cohort seems to be gaining popularity(because even the most brain dead are beginning to wake up, look around and realize things are FUBAR).

At the fringes, you've got the recent reports of a plot by white Christian militiamen in Michigan to kill cops and start a war against the government(no, no. You've got a ZOG trap/sting operation that says they had a plot to "kill cops and start a war against the government")

Angry White Male bumper stickers are popular. For $3.95 you can buy one that shows President Barack Obama's face superimposed on the diabolical mug of The Joker entwined with the words ''chaos'' or ''socialist.'' I saw one on an SUV at Starbucks.(Wow. The rage, the unbridled fury. Scary shit. Way more terrifying than the rape of 37,000 White women per year at the paws of subhuman nigger savages).

A poll released by Harris Interactive just a few days ago found that:

-- 40 percent of Americans now think Obama is a socialist(I don't think so. I know he's a Marxist).

-- 23 percent think he wants the economy to collapse so he can become dictator(All of his policies are designed to destroy free markets, create dependency on gubbamint handouts, stifle growth...)

-- 20 percent think he is doing things that Adolf Hitler did(comparing a smooth talking nigger with an IQ of 99 is an insult to the brilliant man that was the Fuhrer).

Now that's angry(You aint seen nothing yet, gelded one).

In some ways, I'm a likely recruit to join the Angry White Males(Maybe. If you pull your head out of your ass).

Heck, my job isn't guaranteed. I work in the newspaper industry, for heaven's sake. My pension has been frozen. My 401(k) contributions aren't matched. My health insurance premiums are going up(For heaven's sake, show a little more passion about your dispossession and the generational theft being committed against your family).

What's more, my dentist hasn't been able to fix the tooth that hurts every time I drink a cold beer.

That can really frost you(not as much as smarmy liberals being...well, smarmy).

At home, I sympathize with the worries and concerns expressed by Angry White Males(when I'm not openly mocking them in my tenuously held "job" as a hack "journalist").

I don't like it that my house has dropped in value and the banks won't lend money. I fret that my truck has 135,000 miles on it(How unreasonable! Stop being an "Angry White Male", racist!).

I'm not sure that my son will have a better life in America than I did(He wont. Pussies like you have ensured that his children and their children will be victimized by non-White savages as a routine daily occurence...kind of like it is now, Peck(erless)).

All this could all well up inside like a giant case of indigestion(how about a burning fire of atavistic fury that reminds you of your ancestral greatness and finding the spine to fucking do something about it?! Is a eunuch like you capable of something like that?).

The future? Well, it looks cloudy. Medicare is running out of money(Sorry, it's already broke). The terrorists are working overtime to give us a jolt(I'm more worried about nigger flash mobs and other TNB than Mossad agents pretending to be Muslims). Other countries are coming up fast.

And maybe toughest of all is the realization that my time is running out.

By 2012, the baby boomer generation will be neither the largest, nor the most dominant player in American politics or the economy.

No, white males like me will be retiring -- and looking to the government for health care and Social Security. The opportunities we had to change the world, run the world, will be handed off to a younger generation. And that generation in America most certainly won't be majority white(and Mikey is more than fine with that).

Still, I just don't see the upside of getting so angry about all of this. Getting so worked up that you start spouting and sputtering inevitably makes it more difficult to listen, and much more difficult to find a way through a tough spot(Unbelievable. This coward's basic survival instinct has been neutered right out of him. Pathetic. He should just wrap his cock sucking lips around the business end of a shotgun.).

And that's what really worries me as a white male. I worry that the guys in my demographic are running the risk of really messing up this country with their anger -- when their focus clearly should be on addressing the issues underneath(Now you're making sense. You mean the jews right...?).

Mad about government being too big? Well, consider this. Since I was born in 1950, the government's payments to Americans who are out of work, sick or coming back from a war have increased to a point today in which 25 percent of all personal income in this country is paid for by tax dollars.

So, yeah, government has grown. And the beneficiaries of that growth are the Americans who collectively now rely on government payments for 25 cents of every dollar in personal income. That's your grandma on Social Security, your veteran son on a college loan, yourself when you retire("Servitude debases men to the point where they end up liking it."-Vauvenargues, 1746)

Mad about not getting ahead in this economy?

Well, did you finish college? Did you keep your debts down? Did you stay married? If not, you may well have been left behind some others. But is that Nancy Pelosi's fault?(College is a guarantee against dispossession and scorched earth economics?! How much is a "journalism" degree worth these days? No, Whitey, you deserve your economic screwing because you may or may not have gone to an elite liberal indoctrination center where you would have been lobotomized and none of this destruction and chaos would be bothering you).

Mad about so many nonwhite people living in this country? Well, that game is over. Done.(You may be right about that, but I wont be laying down without a fight and just giving the women in my family over to nigger and mestizo savages to simply have their way with them like you apparently are resigned to.)

By 2050 the white population in America will be the minority. And that includes Tennessee and Mississippi. Knowing that, is now the time you want to brand yourself, your family, your town, as a place with racist tendencies? How smart is that for your kid's future? Your business?(Deluded fool. You are already showing "racist tendencies" because of your white skin, and neither you nor your children will be given any quarter by those who seek our destruction).

What I most regret about the red-faced renaissance of the Angry White Male is the sense that they are being used. Used to make ratings. Used to try to raise money in politics. Used to further agendas that quite possibly are against their own best interests(kind of like the indoctrination you received when you were becoming a "journalist", no?).

And there is something more. We all know someone whose anger turned to paranoia, then to the point of being unhinged. In our open, well-armed society, that moment can be deadly, as it was in Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge, and could well be again on April 19 when the radical anti-government fringe often rallies to show their rage. (Ruby Ridge is "paranoia"?! Randy Weaver's wife and child were murdered, even his dog, by ZOG scum who were unsuccessful in turning him into an informant for them. By this fool's assessment, Jefferson, Adams, Washington et. al. were "unhinged radical anti-government fringe").

A generation from now, the Angry White Males will mostly be old men(but no less lethal).

Most of us, angry or not, will have our share of regrets that life didn't turn out exactly as we had imagined. We will know that we could have hugged our families more. We could have laughed louder. And danced, and prayed, and communed with nature to try to gain some long-term perspective on the meaning of it all(or stored more ammo, or had more provisions, or pulled that trigger when we had the chance...).

But when it comes time to chisel on a tombstone, will there be much appetite for the words, ''He died angry"?(Better that than the mass grave without a marker that you would so willingly file into. Go fuck yourself, libtard freak).

Chris Peck is editor of The Commercial Appeal. Contact him at 529-2390 or at Peckerless would especially like to hear from Angry White Men)


  1. I have heard this form of opposition from many different avenues, this whole, why be angry it solves nothing attitudes. If you see the world around you for what it is and what it is becoming and still do not feel anger stir inside you then maybe you are a better man than I. I see the systematic rape and plundering of our culture all in the name of equality, this pisses me off. I see money being stolen out of the pockets of every man, woman and child, this pisses me off. I see the misappropriation of our vast economic wealth this country once possessed, whether this is used to help another nation get over some great travesty or funneled to a nation all the while these same shylocks give the money back to our government in payoffs and kickbacks, this pisses me off. The silencing of the people, whether by ridicule or by violence, this pisses me off.

    Maybe if they are able to allow such injustices to occur, like water off of a duck’s back, they should stick the important issues of today. Maybe investigate the endangering of our youth not by any angry savages but by the threat of tobacco use on television. Not how the banks are robbing the people of their livelihoods, but instead concentrate on how to assist the banks in their time of great struggle. Don’t worry about the nations that want to be able to defend themselves against real tyrants but instead focus on the nations that need the most advanced military hardware available to defend themselves from rock throwing terrorists.

  2. Tom Metzger often says that if a man doesn't learn then he will have to feel. Shuffling zombies like Mike Peck are going to be the ones swept up in the destruction. Their laid back attitude of "it aint no big deal" will not serve them well in the days of chaos yet to come.

    What is amazing is that all of the things this guy has listed would not be tolerated even 20 or 30 years ago. Reminds me of the callous jerk some years ago whose advice to women in the process of being raped was to just lay back and enjoy it.

  3. I was cheering yer comments all the way thru RM. Roared with laughter
    (although this is serious) at your .. "Wow. The rage, the unbridled fury. Scary shit." !

    The guys face clearly says defeat, submission, take advantage of me (and by extension, all those who look to me for protection). This is indeed the stereotypical white male they have striven to cultivate.

    I (none of us) cannot fathom how his type can exist in such denial with all evidence to the contrary slapping them in the face daily. They respond to labels they fear being tagged with just as they were programmed to - it's disgusting to witness.

    You're right that they are truly deceived if they think their continued and increasing "sucking up" will buy them favor or a pass. Like "Reese" said over on Orion's blog (and it applies to our people in particular) -


    Get a clue.

  4. Thanks, Jeff. None of us makes light of the situation, but, when confronted with line after line of whiny, defeatist drivel, there is little other recourse than to make a mockery of it.

    Peck might as well get on his knees and start practicing his "I'm not a racist" mantra for the day he'll be begging for the life of his wife and children...and as we know, to no avail.