Friday, April 16, 2010

Not Really My Cup of Tea

Is this guy really a liberal patsy sent in to infiltrate the TP to make them look bad? Or is he just a White Nationalist checking the situation out? Personally, I think he is not a libtard troll. First, it would take a large set of cajones for a dummycrat to walk around with Seig Runes on his back. At the first sign of opposition, this guy would have ran away, or he would have gone into the wild histrionics that liberals do in these situations and made a scene. Second, he appeared to have conviction in what he was saying. Then again he could be a good actor.

It matters not. What was more revealing was the reactionary, almost hysteric response to his presence in the first place by kosher kahnservatives. It really isn't about race for them. Apparently, the Founding Fathers could have been shitskins. It's not about race, even as every other ethnic group is uniting according to their racial interests, with the ultimate goal being our dispossession and extinction. It's not about race, even with 37,000 White women raped annually by subhuman nigger savages, and nigger flash mobs and the direct targeting of Whites for rape, robbery and murder. It's not about race, as millions of mestizos stream across the border every year, with the express purpose of taking back even the territories beyond the south west.

And I imagine it still wont be about race even as we edge closer to South Africa-like conditions, and Whites are driven out of professions, marginalized, arrested on trumped up charges and "Tea Parties" such as these will be outlawed all together because Whites will never again be allowed to form a unified front. They'll still think the first president could have just as easily been George Jefferson as George Washington.

If you look at the back log of posts on this blog, you'll see that I've been suspicious of this "tea party" since its inception. Will they be this "angry" when a Mitt Romney sits in the command chair and steers us back on the course of mediocrity and Israel uber alles? I highly doubt it. What a wasted opportunity. The White Titan awoke, but only to finish the journey to the ash heap.


  1. Right to the point, man. The fact that our folk finally get pissed, but it's because of the loss of their shiny trinklets as opposed to the multitude of violations against our race, as you listed, says quite alot.

    I thought this post rang a bell on something I'd read - the jew boys at it again ? Take a look at this link on Council of Concerned Citizens -

  2. my "rule of thumb"....if yr a white adult and yr not a white racist, or close to it, then, yr just a piece of SHIT!

    we need groups of WNs turning up to these Tea Parties and "calling the shots"....MAKE it go our way...the best "modus operandi" for that is to batter any opposition into A BLOODY PULP...worked for the Führer in the 1920s....will work again!

  3. "RM"....good to see you getting "stuck into it" again...nice 1, m8!

    BTW: was recently on the Derek Black Show on SF!

  4. The destruction of our race is not important enough to get most white people off the couch. The transformation from middle class to lower class is.
    It is one and the same, our race is why there was a middle class. Our misplaced charity has produced a cancerous,parasitic group of malcontents who are able to gain power by out breeding us.

  5. These people are unable to recognize or understand the symbolism of white history. These are the people who denigrate the brave soldiers of Germany and the Confederacy.
    Who cares what they think?
    They denigrate everything about us. They worship and celebrate the dangerous and worthless black and brown parasites.

  6. i don't understand why people are not understanding their race is under attack... from blacks especially and the muds from south of the border as well as all the nations currently guilty of illegally coming here to "milk the golden calf" as it were. our jobs sent out, illegal alien criminals allowed to violate our borders, steal our jobs, destroy our dollar, screw up our economy... filling our prisons, trashing our cities and yet the people being targeted are more concerned with american idol and useless trivial pursuits. i'm not getting it...???

  7. I am afraid to say that it may take some colossal calamity to wake the White race. However, when they awake (and possibly go into "survival mode"), we will be a MOTHER FUCKER.

    There is no way out except through the rat faced jew! We solve that problem and the rest will follow.

  8. He could have been an infiltrator from but but it's iffy. One thing he certainly didn't understand was he's deep in enemy territory, the tea pary movement is full of sheeple, and he would have done much better passing out 3.5 CDs dressed up as "liberty CDs" with lots of our messages on them. That's how you become a revolutionary.

  9. I agree, Orion. If he was really what he represented himself to be, he would have done well to just wear regular clothes and an apolitical plain t-shirt to feel out the crowd and plant tiny seeds. Too much jewthink going on at those things to mount a frontal assault.

    I did laugh my ass off though when he said in response to removing his garment "why don't you take off your obama shirt?" "That's Ronald Reagan, sir!!!" The only difference between zio-clown puppets is a matter of degrees, something these grazing biped bovines are resistant to realizing.