Monday, January 24, 2011

Craig Cobb Says No to Mau Mau Zulu Music and the Niggers and Wiggers Who Love It

I recognize the voice and am 99.9% certain that this is the one and only Craig Cobb in this video, who apparently was out and about promoting his Creativity religion, when the best and baddest of ZOG's dogs found him to be a major security threat. I wonder how many White women were battered and raped by subhuman nigger savages in the vicinity while this important matter was being tended to.

Oh, and I've always thought Craig Cobb was a pretty good writer and speaker. This incident and the way he handled it has his stock rising with me. The way he berated the affirmative action ape and his White handlers was pretty ballsy...and funny.

Hail Craig Cobb! Hail Victory!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Latest Holohoax Fairy Fable

Holocausted yet again....

Does the suffer-ink ever end? How many more preposterous lies can these filthy kikes conjure to keep their victimhood shake down racket going?

Revealed: How even German civilians took part in killing concentration camp survivors(note the tabloid style headline)

By Allan Hall

The horrifying story is detailed in 'The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide,' by Daniel Blatman

A new book about the closing days of WW2 chronicles how German civilians murdered many concentration camp survivors as they moved through their towns and villages on infamous 'death marches' back into the shrinking Reich.(Why would they march emaciated kikes all over creation when they could have just as easily gunned them all down to get rid of "witnesses"?)

The violence shows how even with their nation in ruins, the Allies advancing on all fronts and the war hopeless, ordinary people were so indoctrinated with Nazi hate they were prepared to kill defenseless people in cold blood.

'The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide,' by Daniel Blatman, is the first book to research what drove these civilians to acts of savage murder.("Research"?! The first book because this imaginative pile of excrement is more outlandish than a Star Wars movie and couldn't have been conceived of except in the mind of this neurotic kiken-weasel)

Some 500,000 prisoners from the concentration camp gulag(Freudian slip? Gulags are jewish inventions) both within and without Germany were on the move in the first months of 1945.

As the Allies advanced, the shocking fate of approximately half of them became all too apparent.

' was the case in Gardelegen, a town in east-central Germany, where US soldiers found hundreds of charred and mangled bodies in a barn in mid-April 1945.(The bodies of who? German victims of Soviet brutality? Oh wait, atrocities against Germans don't count. Piles of dead bodies = jews. End of debate)

They were the bodies of prisoners from various camps who had been forced inside' writes Blatman, an Israeli, whose book is published this week and goes on sale in Germany.(We only have this kike's word for who the bodies, if there even were any, belonged to)

'It was later discovered(much later, as it turns out. Oh, about 70 fucking years later!!!) that people had volunteered to guard the prisoners, including ordinary civilians, some of them armed with hunting rifles, who mutated into prison guards of their own volition.

'We're going hunting, to shoot down the zebras!'' cries youths, in reference to the striped uniforms of the inmates. (Actual quote that has gone unheard for 66 years. Until now. Now it can be told. The most shocking, horrifying tale of the holohoax since....the last fabricated pile of holohoax bullshit)

'Men from the Volkssturm militia, police officers, soldiers from a paratrooper division barracked nearby, guards and civilians helped drive(in Uncle Addy's Volkswagon, I hope) the doomed prisoners into the barn.

'Then they locked the doors, lit gasoline-soaked straw on the ground and tossed hand grenades into the building. Anyone who attempted to escape the inferno ran into a hail of bullets. (I saw this same absurd scenario in a Sgt. Rock comic book in 1979. Didn't believe it then, either)

'Some 25 prisoners survived, while about 1,000 died.' (Ya. And dis iss da first time dat dey have told dis story. Da painful memories haf been suppressed all of dese years. Or it vas found by dere grand children in a diary written in ballpoint pen after da var. Take your pick)

'Some will say that the Nazis were responsible for this crime,' said Colonel George P. Lynch, of the 102nd US Infantry Division.

'Others will point to the Gestapo. The responsibility rests with neither.(Yes! He's going to hold the jews accountable. Finally!) It is the responsibility of the entire German people.'(Spoke too soon. So this means the next time I hold the jews collectively responsible for this or that, it's acceptable?)

The same thing happened in Celle, not far from the terrible, disease riddled concentration camp of Belsen.

Prisoners were 'killed like animals' in a forest according to a British military report("which I made up"). Some 300 died in April 1945 massacre, a Hitler Youth leader("who I wont name because he didn't exist") aged just 17 accounting for 20 alone.

Blatman, a historian at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said; 'The more the war approached its end, and the more obvious the prisoners' presence in the midst of the German population became, the more regularly German civilians participated.' ("Because I'm a jewish 'historian', and because I said so")

In Palmnicken near the former East Prussian city of Königsberg some 3,000 prisoners from the Stutthof concentration camp were herded by civilians on to beach of the frozen Baltic Sea to be mowed down by S.S. men.(*Reichsmarshal yawns before reading on*)

Along the country roads of a huge swathe of Germany can be found the little memorials to terrible acts where people were killed in ones and twos and sometimes tens and hundreds. (and these "memorials" were never reported on until now...)

Blatman believes(well hey, if Blatkike "believes" it, who are we to argue? Only an "anti-semite" would) tens of thousands of 'ordinary Germans'(note the sneer quotes. All Germans are evil. Because all White people are evil!) became killers despite no documentary evidence whatsoever that any of the S.S. or Nazi party hierarchy had ever ordered them to behave in such a fashion.(Forget the entire contents of this sentence except for "despite no documentary evidence whatsoever")

Blatman says that the mentality of the prisoners' sadistic guards(which only blatty could know using his kabbala crystal ball) - that they were defending their homeland from 'subhumans' - somehow resonated with the civilian population as they saw this 'enemy' passing by their homes.

A decade of indoctrination, a genocidal mentality that had systematically dehumanized the Jews and the Slavs, led to the collective hunt,' he said.(Indoctrination, a genocidal mentality and dehumanizing are something vicious kikes are well steeped in)
Oy vey. The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

I've mocked and made light of this story in spite of the fact that it has made my blood boil. I pass on dozens of stories a day that could be potential blog posts, but because it is either too similar to something I've already covered or every other WN blog is covering it, it's a rarity that I'm moved to post anything anymore. Sometimes there's just not much left to say.

But these sorts of outrageous lies will always stir my passions and force me to break my silence. The only holocaust I'm aware of is the fire bombing of Dresden and the millions of German women and girls who were savagely raped by judeo-bolshevik invaders, often while their men folk were forced to look on, before they themselves were tortured, castrated and murdered. I dare say the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki qualify as a literal holocaust, before these jewish lies are given credence. Unlike the capital H holocau$t, the horrors I mentioned actually happened.

I've been hearing the word "blood libel" used a lot in the last week, and who does and doesn't have the right to use the term. Once again, the kike has co-opted and crafted words to differentiate his own "suffering" and hardship(or rather provide cover for his own heinous crimes), because after all, that's the only victimhood that matters.

It's time we took back our language and affixed these descriptive terms like "holocaust" to events to which they actually apply.

The same applies to "blood libel." Whenever we are presented with these defaming(and above all, false) stories used to engender anti-German(White) hatred, we must denounce them as the blood libel that it truly is.