Monday, January 24, 2011

Craig Cobb Says No to Mau Mau Zulu Music and the Niggers and Wiggers Who Love It

I recognize the voice and am 99.9% certain that this is the one and only Craig Cobb in this video, who apparently was out and about promoting his Creativity religion, when the best and baddest of ZOG's dogs found him to be a major security threat. I wonder how many White women were battered and raped by subhuman nigger savages in the vicinity while this important matter was being tended to.

Oh, and I've always thought Craig Cobb was a pretty good writer and speaker. This incident and the way he handled it has his stock rising with me. The way he berated the affirmative action ape and his White handlers was pretty ballsy...and funny.

Hail Craig Cobb! Hail Victory!!


  1. Over ten police officers ranging from county to local is what they deem as necessary to control one man who was just walking down the street carrying a flag from what it appeared to me? I have to agree, was there nothing more important for all these officers to be doing, and if not maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the budget they are receiving. I find it odd that so many officers would be dispatched to something as trivial as this. If it was Cobb, what were they thinking he could do, really what could a 60-year-old man do, it’s not like he could out run them or fight them off. Two police officers is all that would be necessary to subdue a man of his age and stature. But if all he was doing is voicing his opinion by peacefully marching up and down a street with a flag, trying to make people aware that not everyone is buying into this whole equality mantra, I do not see a reason for police involvement at all.

    It did sound like Cobb, but I thought he was trying to keep a low profile as of lately. Either way if the average American does not see the formation of the thought police growing all around them, they are in for a serious wakeup call one of these days. To me it looks like the police have been trained on how to respond and are just now awaiting the laws to be in place so they can actually enforce this form of tyranny.

    I was reading somewhere a few months back about Cobb and how he is now in the United States, and how our attorney general wants to extradite him to Canada for the supposed hate crimes infractions he has against him there, but to do so would set a precedence about us not having a similar law to which we would extradite for.

  2. I've added Craig Cobb's Adventure Journalist youtube channel to the youtube channel links on the side bar.

    Craig's on the run in Montana and chronicling the whole thing.