Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arthur Kemp: Jews? What Jews?

Arthur Kemp, the British variant of our own kosher kahnservatives, says, with a presumably straight face, that all of this talk of kikejews is nothing but "conspiracy theory".

Well, he's correct in saying there is no conspiracy. Conspiracy implies some sort of clandestine plot carried out covertly, in absolute secrecy. No, the ZOG carries out its treachery in the broad light of day for all with half a brain and a working pair of eyes to see. Media control and ownership is more than just "good business" acumen; it's the pipeline to pump their perversion and lies into the homes and minds of every White Amerikwan under their boot heel. But, if you're reading this, I likely don't have to tell you any of this.

I can't make any conclusion other than to say that Kemp and the BNP are really nothing more than a compromised, jew infiltrated disinformationist false front and controlled opposition. If they can only even exist by playing the kike's game, then they've already failed. I hear that Kemp is a wanted man in South Africa and is likely denying the jew behind the curtain because he doesn't want his kike overlords to extradite him to an ANC gulag for not playing nice.

You can tell a lot about where these clowns are coming from by how they view the fighting element of the bowel movement; those who will one day be wearing the actual boots that hit the ground. Kemp wants to remove the "cancers" of WN such as Christian Identity. He'd rather you vote for a back pedaling coward like Ron "I'm not a racist or anti-semite" Paul, or some other such empty suit. The goofy bastard isn't going to stop his own country from drowning in a tidal wave of mud much less "kick out" of the "movement" who he deems inappropriate to his panty waist sensibilities.

And I still listen to Jim Giles, if only for the entertainment value. I can't help but conclude that he's a fucking fruit loop. This guy is so easily influenced by whoever he's talking to at the moment, that it's almost like he doesn't have a brain of his own. The interview with Mark "the punk" Potok of the SPLC was some of the most nauseating ass kissing you're ever likely to hear. The interview with Tim "not White like me because I'm a jew" Wise wasn't much better as he gave the dipshit uninterrupted air time to spew his anti-White venom. It does, however, point out what a non-entity and light weight pussy this Fade the Bitcher/Cunter Wallace kid is, because he's the only interview subject I've ever heard Giles verbally pistol whip, and sent him face first through the "Overton Window" he was trying to sell.

Giles has been advocating for the past few months about running for localized state representative office. Those comprising the "hard core nucleus" are to go door to door and say "Hello, I'm so and so, and I am running a pro-White anti-nigger campaign." You see, Giles used to say he was running an anti-zionist, pro-White campaign, but Arty set him straight and showed him the folly of his ways. His "blue tick nose" told him Kemp was onto something, speakin' all eloquent an' such, like he knowed a thing or two about a thing or two.

If only the damned helicopters would stop flying over his $16,000(recently depreciated down to $10,000) trailer at the end of his 1700 foot gravel road.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Epic Beard Man Speaks

Kind of a bizarre character. Not sure how much of it is true regarding the nigger showing him a knife or being a murderer on parole(as well as some of the obvious embellishments regarding what actually transpired). He does exhibit some hippy dippy multi-kult jewthink though in regards to still thinking that niggers and other non-Whites are his "brothers" even after admittedly being victimized several times. But, we can't judge him by the standards of White Nationalism because he clearly is not, nor should any of us have ever assumed so. It doesn't diminish what he did in annihilating that nigger in awesome fashion, but, sadly, the less known about legendary characters who capture the public's imagination as he obviously has, the better.

Apparently, where ever he goes in Oakland, trouble ensues:

I don't know what transpired before the tape started rolling but I can't see what he did to warrant the sadistic treatment administered at the hands of regime criminal ZOG dogs. But perhaps that's my biased general dislike for pigs coloring my opinion.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The White Fist Felt 'Round the World

The aftermath of the previous video I posted, which has been featured on just about every White Nationalist blog and forum by now, is nothing short of phenomenal. At the latest viewing, there have been 1,067,609 views, and comments upwards of 28,000 and counting. Nearly all of the comments are in support of this new internet sensation/White Hero known as "Epic Beard Guy." I detect a definite sea change in thought occurring here, because all of the comments are openly "racist"(meaning anti-nigger) and these are not people with "14/88" in their names or appear to be overtly racial in any of their other jewtube activities. The sheboon who filmed the thing and stole EBG's bag has had her channel flooded with hate mail, 4283 and counting with no signs of slowing down. It's like a damn has burst.

This brief but spectacular display of White Man's unbridled fury has done more to galvanize White people than all of these pussified "Tea Parties" combined and this fiasco with Jared "I'm o.k. with jews, how about you?" Taylor being chased from hotel to hotel by a maggot infested mob of rotting hippy relics. What kind of a dipshit goes to an AmRen Conference anyways, as they mug for the FBI cameras at the biggest racialist petting zoo gala event of the year, jeered by unwashed vermin?

However fleeting this euphoria may be, it sure has me personally more pumped than any bullshit "muh dick" comments I can read from sock puppets on internet forums, or the endless intellectual masturbation in contemplation of the "Jewish Question" by closeted fags at the Occidental Dipshit. "Epic Beard Man" has shown the way. Fight back. Don't be a victim.

People are obviously tired of being called "racist" when in fact they may not be, and they are certainly tired of being victimized by subhuman savage niggers. I have asked "what's it going to take" so many times on this blog and elsewhere that I've stopped asking the question all together. Perhaps it may take only one man to set things in motion, so long as cameras are there to spread word of the deed.

Here is the lying sheboon trying to spin the story while covering her own misdeeds(she stole the man's bag and was the one yelling "say it aginn pinky" and "beat his white ass"). Listen to the effeminate faggified jewthinking libtard "journalist" and his exasperation that a White man would dare stand up to evil.

The bus video has been online for less than 48 hours and the ensuing pressure is so intense that this sheboon has to do all in her power to get the heat off of her(her address is plastered all over jewtube and elsewhere now). Here she is lying her considerably sized black ass off, denying that she stole the bag or had anything to do with instigating the "fight." ("oooooh, oooooh, go through dat shit. hahaha")

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Proper Way to Handle A Feral Nigger Savage

Clearly, this old man is from the generation of my father and grandfathers, who knew what a nigger was and that loud mouthed shitskins getting in your face were to be dealt with in a direct manner, not cowered from, as is the usual White man response in this pussified day and age.

Make no mistake; not only are we hated by these savages, we are expected to cower in fear and stand there and be punching bags. Listen to the sheboon in the background egging the nigger on: "Say it aginn, pinky!!! Beat his white ass!!!!Fuck heeim up!!!" She expected the script to play out as it usually does, with another White victim. Her glee turns to shock as the Hammer of Thor knocks that savage upstart into the middle of next week. Instead of "fuck heeim up" it's "I got dat on video, we can press chojez..."

This is what needs to happen every time niggers act up. White men need to reclaim that atavistic berserker rage and unleash it on the deserving recipients of our wrath. Every piece of shit nigger who dares fuck with Whitey needs to be left in a puddle of his own blood crying out fo' an amba-lance. It's the only way we're going to survive, and it's the only way these ignorant beasts are going to learn. Brutality is the only thing that registers in their simian brains.

Some where in the 'kwa, there is at least one nigger who will think seriously before flapping his blue gums at a White man again.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Israel's Bitch(literally)

Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’

Kike loving, jew boot licking republicunt vomits her heresies

At a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Los Angeles last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann offered a candid view of her positions on Israel: Support for Israel is handed down by God and if the United States pulls back its support, America will cease to exist.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is the same organization that recently hired former Sen. Norm Coleman. Bachmann’s appearance on Feb.1 is part of a whirlwind of national events for Bachmann in February. Next up: she’s keynoting the Take Back Washington North Dakota event in Bismarck this Friday night.

Here’s a transcript of some of her remarks at the RJC event:

I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States . . . [W]e have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play. And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong and beautiful principle. Right now in my own private Bible time, I am working through Isaiah . . . and there is continually a coming back to what God gave to Israel initially, which was the Torah and the Ten Commandments, and I have a wonderful quote from John Adams that if you will indulge me [while I find it] . . . [from his February 16, 1809 letter to Fran├žois Adriaan van der Kemp]:

"I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist, and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations. If I were an atheist of the other sect, who believe or pretend to believe that all is ordered by chance, I should believe that chance had ordered the Jews to preserve and propagate to all mankind the doctrine of a supreme, intelligent, wise, almighty sovereign of the universe, which I believe to be the great essential principle of all morality, and consequently of all civilization."

. . . So that is a very long way to answer your question, but I believe that an explicit statement from us about our support for Israel as tied to American security, we would do well to do that.

I can't believe there are still some of you out there who honestly believe that there is a difference between the two inept, bought and paid for political parties, and you are buying into this "liberal versus conservative" shell game. It's a single party that comprises an elite establishment club and the goal of any candidate or elected official is to get in and ride the money train, get as much of the pilfered loot as they possibly can, and then retire in splendor. The partisan bickering you see on your cable news programs is merely entertainment to get the rubes fired up for one "side" or the other.

Fealty to Israel, is, of course, the quickest way not only to lucrative profitability and a comfortable life filled with amenities, it also insures you holding a seat on the money train by being re-elected cycle after cycle, either until you decide to leave of your own accord with your cash and prizes or decide to test the tether of your kikejew masters and they destroy you politically.

This Bachmann lunatic is a different kind of animal all together. Yes, she's flush with kike shekels and I know for a fact that she and her family have been wined and dined on the jew's dime with trips to Isra-hell.* But, she strikes me as one of these zio-"christian" nut bags who actually believe this "G_d's Self Chosen" clap trap. The perversions and obscenities spewed by this deranged whore regarding kike parasites is utterly revolting, so much so that my skin crawls and I can feel the bile creeping up my esophagus.

* Comment from Karl, a reader of the Minnesota Independent on this story:

"It’s no wonder Bachmann speaks so fondly of Israel. They’ve provided her and her family members free annual vacations to Israel every year she’s been in office–to the tune of $44,380.

Most recently, in July-August 2009, Bachmann and her daughter traveled to Tel Aviv on the dime of the American Israel Education Foundation, living like royalty in $500-a-night hotels. Cost of the trip for Michele and Elisa Bachmann: $19,414.74, covered entirely by the Jewish group, which is affiliated with the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). They each even got a nice photo album from their hosts as a momento of their junket.

In 2008, Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, traveled to Jeruselum, this time courtesy of the Jewish Community Relations Council. Cost of trip: $7,170.

In 2007, Michele and Marcus jaunted off to Tel Aviv with the American Israel Education Foundation picking up the tab again, including luxurious $436/night hotels. Cost: $17,796.

It’s not like Minnesota’s 6th District is heavily Jewish or anything. That matters little to our bought-and-paid-for congresswoman. What really matters is that for their $44,380 investment in Bachmann, the Israeli/Jewish lobbyists, er, “educators,” have gotten a loud mouthpiece to drum up support for Israel among the evangelical Christian base."

Transparency statement regarding the August 2009 trip to Tel-Aviv can be found here:

And let us not forget that this timely reminder is just another propaganda piece to prime the sheeple for accepting an apocalyptic war with Iran...for israel's benefit of course.

These regime criminals are all guilty, only differentiated by the varying degrees of their culpability. In a perfect world, such treasonous bitches and bastards would be dragged through the streets before their mutilated corpses are hung in the public square. That they paid lip service to this or that pet issue of yours(in order to get your vote) does not merit mercy. To offer it is akin to letting the fox back in the hen house to resume his steady diet of poultry. We (or whoever picks up the pieces after we're gone) had better be smarter than that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bilious Brain Flatulence From a Multi-Kult Lunatic

Henry Rollins doing his best Al Jolson impersonation

Those not prone to turning over the rocks of cultural rot that litter our society probably have no clue who Henry Rollins is, much less aware that such a slug actually exists. His (tenuous) claim to fame is having served as the "singer" of noise punk band Black Flag in the 80's. I've seen him in quite a few B grade movies, and he was on the FX show "Sons of Anarchy" last year.(Ironically playing a 'roid raging "skin head". His character rightly died an inglorious death in a tattoo parlor shitter. Hopefully life will soon imitate art...)

This hysteria generated by libtards over these "Tea Parties" is very telling. They can barely hold back their anti-White invective(though they use proxies like Palin and "Christians" and "racist homophobes", we know exactly who they are referring to and the intended meaning of these diatribes). I don't hold out much hope for a wider White awakening, but, this will certainly rattle a few of the sheeple not completely comatose into an understanding of the situation.

We're Gonna Have a Tea Party Tonight! by Henry Rollins February 8, 2010

The head spins. This will take days to filter. Days? Weeks, months even. There’s Tom Tancredo’s recent baby’s-up-past-bedtime blather at a Tea Party event about the “cult of multiculturalism”—wow! Mr. T, do you really want to have a literacy test for voters?
(This meme is a blatant lie. Tancredo said "civic literacy", a fact that libtards conveniently leave out in order to paint their Jim Crow picture of Whites organizing for their own self interests)Think if they had one when you ran for office that you would have been elected? Oliver North’s melding of homosexuality and pedophilia(actually, both are deviant aberrations and unnatural acts...) on Fox News when he flexed his mini-mind and ranted paranoid on the topic of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell—righteous! Ollie, you need better makeup to hide the gills on your neck! Don’t Ask Oliver North where he can get one solid fact to back up his bizarre assertions. Don’t Tell the shamed ex-Marine that the military already has thousands of brave homosexual men and women serving their country and defending the Constitution(defending Israel, perhaps. The Constitution? Not so much), who would never think of behaving as he did back in the Iran-Contra days. Then again, why bother with Lieutenant Colonel North? He’s an irrelevant relic of the failed Reagan administration(I'm not a big fan of politicians of either party, but I'd say the Reagan administration was far more successful than your pitiful career, Hank).

Then there’s Sarah Palin, who, egged on by other intellectually malnourished “real Americans,” has said so many startlingly stupid things in the last few days, the comedic furnaces won’t be cooling down any time soon! She’s a dynamo of dumbassity! An inferno of idiocy! Yes, Ms. Palin, 2012 is almost in your grasp! Reach for the stars, get a map, find Iran, start another pointless war we can’t afford! Score!

Just when America really needs to get to work and move forward, some of the dimmest bulbs in the country decide it’s time to turn on and lead the race to the bottom.
(They lead nothing. They are just disparate voices in the wilderness. Your nigger president is the one with his foot on the accelerator heading towards oblivion) Christian groups freaked out by the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and its threat to their religious freedom to hate homosexuals—don’t worry, homophobes! The First Amendment protects your right to tell the world that gays are hell-bound! No one’s trying to impose a “homosexual agenda” on you! The rest of us are just trying to impose some much-needed decency and cultural evolution(a.k.a. "whiggerdom"). I know, I know, fear the change, fear the equality, progress, blahblahblah …(typical brain dead whigger liberal. Shepard was a faggot drug dealer murdered by other faggot drug dealers for being a double crosser, not for being a sodomite. Two victims of "hate crimes", one of them dubious at best. How about the 37,000 White women raped by nigger bucks every year? How about the White people raped, robbed, tortured and murdered every day by sub-human savages? )

You silly grown-ups! The future is hilarious
(it will be when you're hanging from a lamp post, faggot) and very problematic, thanks to you. Cheer up! I’ll do my best to track your epic, very public nosedive(Should it happen, it will be far more spectacular than your fizzled career which didn't so much nosedive, crash and burn as it just sort of went out with a whimper, heard by no one).

In 1992 I was 22 years old and I watched one of Henry Rollins' "spoken word" performances (which is a fancy term for bad, amateur poetry mixed with unfunny stand up comedy and anecdotal narratives). This was shortly after the L.A. riots, which was the subject of one of his stories. I was not particularly racially aware at the time, though I understood that niggers were dangerous animals that I generally disliked, but was young and stupid enough to buy into the canard of "they're not all like that".(Subsequent life experience and personal observation has taught me that there is a marked correlation between boorish, criminal behavior and shit colored skin.)

In any case, like all liberals, he made excuses for the niggers who looted and burnt down their own neighborhoods. He spoke of being a pathetic whigger in a mostly black school, the taunts and ritual beatings at the hands of black savages. His lust for some sheboon named "Rhonda."

The kicker though, was when he told the story about his best friend Joe Cole. The lead up to what happened to Joe, and the way he painted their relationship, I noted very creepy homosexual overtones to it. In subsequent years Rollins has become a "queer rights" activist, though he adamantly denies that he himself is a poo-pusher.

One evening, upon returning from one of their homosexual outings, a pair of nigger gunmen held them up outside their home. Rollins ran for it. Joe Cole was shot dead in the street. According to Rollins the cops made fag jokes as they took his statement.

A trip down memory lane, recounting the contents of some obscure, long ago discarded video tape to say what?

Metzger says something like "if you don't learn, you're gonna have to feel." Well, how many nigger loving dipshits like this Rollins are out there, who know what a fucking nigger is, have suffered greatly at the hands of the beasts, and yet still cry out for their own destruction? Apparently, their brains are so filled with shit that even the ability to feel(or see) is so incapacitated that you just have to get the hell out of their way as they stumble towards the pyre, lest they drag you down in flames with them.

I got out of the "waking people up" business a while ago. Most of the shuffling zombies you see about you day to day are committed to their own annihilation. Even attempting to drag them to metaphorical safety is to risk being bruised by the flailing arms and resistance they'll put up to being shown the light of truth. I've got no time to enlighten ungrateful slobs with a suicidal death wish. The only way to help lemmings racing towards the cliff is to give a few of 'em a good shove.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes Part 6: Military and Police

Those skeptical about the ability of mobs and guerrillas to overthrow our government will point out its professional police and military, its great stores of heavy weapons, and its numerous military bases, and conclude that lightly-armed guerrillas and amateur militias have no chance of success.

Practical and historic examination of the perceived military strengths of the
federal government reveals them as fatal weakness that will only hasten its downfall.

Our military bases... sited on supposedly friendly American soil
weren't designed, to withstand sieges.

To withstand a siege, certain fundamental features are required:

First: A cleared field of fire outside the outermost defensive perimeter to deny cover and concealment to besieging forces. Our military bases often abut cities or suburbs that tend right up to the outer perimeter. Others are surrounded by hilly and wooded terrain that will likewise provide ample cover for future besiegers.

Second: They must have a serious defensive perimeter consisting of such features as mine fields and bunkers for heavy weapons. Our military bases typically have a chain link fence and nothing more.

Third: They must have sufficient manpower, preferably dedicated infantry, to man the defensive perimeter. Our bases are typically guarded by a handful of security guards.

Fourth: They should have hardened, on-base facilities for storage of food, water, and ammunition sufficient to last out sieges. They should have securely-located internal runways and hellipads for resupply by air during a siege. Critical command and control buildings should be hardened and located at some distance from the outermost perimeter.

Few, if any, of our in-country bases have all of these features; many have none.

...they're dependent on outside sources for food, water, and electricity which will be easily cut off by besiegers.

...many will be tempting targets for guerrillas seeking an easy source of heavy weapons and helpless federal troops to slaughter.

...federal military bases will likewise be taken under siege by ethnic
militias, and many of the federal defenders will be co-ethnics of the attackers.

There will be numerous instances of defenders siding with the attakers, supplying them with information, deserting with their weapons, and even turning their assault rifles on their own comrades and officers.

Our Police and Military Divide and Clash

...some police departments will be among the first organized groups to attack the federal government. Watch to see if our police voluntarily divide into ethnically-based groups hostile to each other. If they do, Civil War II is that much closer.

...many of our urban police have already divided themselves into ethnically
exclusive and mutually hostile organizations called associations, one for each ethnic group. And the minority associations are successfully blocking the recruitment and advancement of white officers by racist affirmative action. Minority politicians are seizing control of the major cities, and accelerating this purging of whites from their police departments.

Urban police departments will become almost exclusively minority. The police outside the cities will remain primarily white. Armed clashes between police of different ethnic groups will occur, first between policemen within the same police department, and later between separate and ethnically exclusive police departments where their jurisdiction meet.

Should our regular federal military likewise divide along ethnic lines, we will be past the point of no return towards Civil War II... it appears that racial associations have begun to appear in our military.

On April 30, 1995, the television program Sixty Minutes reported that an underground magazine called The Resister was quietly circulating in Ft.
Bragg, North Carolina and other American Army bases.

The Resister is put out by the Special Forces Underground, a clandestine group of the United States Army's elite Green Berets.

[These] Green Berets believe that the constitutional rights of Americans are being illegally violated by the federal government. In The Resistor, [they] are discussing the possibility and means of resisting the federal establishment by armed force, including guerrilla warfare.

The appearance of the Special Forces Underground is ominously significant because the Green Berets are the military's primary counterinsurgency force, the very ones who will be assigned to track down and eliminate anti-government guerrillas in Civil War II.

It is predictable that the military brass will use the appearance of The Resister as an excuse to politicize the Green Berets, and that they will instruct affirmative action officers who are mostly minority to purge the Green Berets of conservative white soldiers and replace them with radicals and minorities carefully screened for political reliability...

Any who doubt that our military is being racialized and politicized should read an article by a Mr. C. J. Chivers that appeared in the Oct. 16,1995 issue of The Nation magazine. In this article titled "Looking For A Few Good (Black) Men," Mr. Chivers enthusiastically described his activities while a Marine Corps captain assigned to recruiting officer candidates:

"I was actively discriminating against whites. While selecting college students for officer candidate school, I routinely turned down long lines of qualified white males to save room for blacks. I denied whites interviews. Every few months I threw stacks of their resumes into the trash."

...our entire military is being racialized and the message will not be lost on
other white military personnel who will form other clandestine organizations in reaction, which will be used as a pretext for yet more purging and politicizing of our military.

...this politicizing is going on right now in the form of "discrimination hotlines" used to turn in whites accused of racism. "Sensitivity" classes are used to intimidate whites and ferret out and discharge those whites who can not be intimidated. Watch for more allegations of racism to purge conservative white officers and men, more "sensitivity" (brainwashing) classes, racist affirmative action programs, and racial quotas to racialize and politicize our federal military.

Our current system of racist recruiting and promotion means that every minority officer, NCO and soldier knows that he owes his rank not to his own merit, but to an artificially maintained system of racist special privileges.

Should any political reform movement gain power in Washington and attempt to dismantle this racist system, minority officers and soldiers will be tempted to attempt a coup d 'etat or face losing their special privileges.

If the minority soldiers and radical white soldiers outnumber the non-radical whites, America will become a military dictatorship and race war will erupt.

Gen. Colin Powell rose to the ultimate military position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff not entirely on merit, but partly because he was black, but few dare say this out loud.

It is... no surprise that someone with Gen. Powell's demonstrated lack of character favors racist affirmative action. As revealed by the Oct. 6, 1995 issue of the New York Daily News, in 1985 Gen. Powell was one of a group of prominent blacks who bought WKBW-TV, a Buffalo, New York television station, taking advantage of special tax breaks not available to whites. (He also openly endorsed the Kenyan Pretender, putting race before his supposed "conservative" values.)

Blacks are making much progress in their racist agenda to gain
exemption from taxation (as illustrated by Gen. Powell's above manipulation) while simultaneously siphoning off more government aid intentionally channelled to blacks but not to whites.

Gen. Powell was engaging in this "business" while on active
duty and drawing government pay.

Our military is looking more and more like a third-world military force every year - corrupt, politicized, tribalized, more interested in finance than fighting, and more oriented towards putting down internal rebellions than combating foreign enemies.

Our Army is currently about 40% minority, which means that it is more minority-dominated than society in general.

This is not an accident. It is intended to put the ultimate power - military power -into hands beholden to the New Order.

The saturating of our military with unqualified minorities and "racially sensitive" whites is being consciously and deliberately promoted by the New Order to insure that there is absolutely no chance that a reform movement can reverse the ongoing imperial conversion.

When the federal military exceeds 50% minority, there will be only the smallest chance of stopping our conversion into a completely racist, undemocratic imperial dictatorship without fighting Civil War II.