Saturday, February 20, 2010

Epic Beard Man Speaks

Kind of a bizarre character. Not sure how much of it is true regarding the nigger showing him a knife or being a murderer on parole(as well as some of the obvious embellishments regarding what actually transpired). He does exhibit some hippy dippy multi-kult jewthink though in regards to still thinking that niggers and other non-Whites are his "brothers" even after admittedly being victimized several times. But, we can't judge him by the standards of White Nationalism because he clearly is not, nor should any of us have ever assumed so. It doesn't diminish what he did in annihilating that nigger in awesome fashion, but, sadly, the less known about legendary characters who capture the public's imagination as he obviously has, the better.

Apparently, where ever he goes in Oakland, trouble ensues:

I don't know what transpired before the tape started rolling but I can't see what he did to warrant the sadistic treatment administered at the hands of regime criminal ZOG dogs. But perhaps that's my biased general dislike for pigs coloring my opinion.


  1. The EBM videos have gone viral world wide now.

    Have a look at this jew-brit newspaper piece and see how they try to spin EBM as a "WAYSIST"!

    Damage limitation I suppose, but lots of the commenters are seeing through the ploy.

  2. One of the officers that tazered Tom that day at the stadium already had a complaint filed against him but the complainant in that previous complaint was named "Uganda."

    As an aside, the police become hardened in their jobs, and therefore become pigs because of all of the TNB they have to deal with on the job. Since Oakland is 1/3 Black it follows that the police there are probably a lot more calloused than your average cop, and this spills over into their handling of everyone else. Imagine spending 8-10 hours a day doing nothing but having to go to shootings, beatings, homes with starving children, enslavement by pimps, prostitution, and crack dealing.

  3. Mr. Murray, that article is a crock of steaming shit. Not sure if they saw the same video that we did. "Vicious swipe"?! It's called a left jab and it's one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Best used in softening up nigger punks, getting them ready for the right hand.

    I suppose you're right, Ronduck. Seems to me though that these punk cops are all too eager to take the cowards way out and taze people simply because they can. I think most of these authoritarian assholes are closeted sadists acting out their inferiority complexes on the general public.

  4. Looking at his body language and his happy to crying and back happy real quick,,I would have to think he is still a little shell shocked from nam. Post traumatic stress disorder always on your guard.

    I can remember when I was kid my Father was a officer in the Air Force. Some times when the Vets were coming home there would be 10 or more of them and if there was..My family along with others would give them sodas,snacks, cookies and coffee. This was back in 1970 to 1973.

    I can still remember some of the looks on their faces..Lost,confused,flashing back, etc.
    Never will forget it. I guess that is why I still to this day shake a Vet's or on duty Personal's hand and thank them. If I have any money I will buy them coffee or soda.

  5. Good to see you again Mr.Murray,
    Don't be a stranger I enjoy your post and insight old Friend.

  6. This fellow is obviously 'disturbed'. Still, I have not lost respect for him. His 'programming' may have been different than mine but, I am in no position to judge him for that. I believe RM used the term 'berserker' a couple posts back in regards to this event. That term still fits quite well.

    This man speaks in 'code' when he refers to the negroid he pummeled. Yes, he put another 'murderer' behind bars.

    I'll stick to my respect for my ancestors, direct blood or not. You cannot learn everything you need to from one man. In fact, you will never learn everything. If you think you have learned everything you are a fool!

    The lesson learned from this gray old man still stands...

    Never go down without a fight!

  7. Hey Cleveland!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting on the DIC forum as of late. Because VNN has a UK section with a few BNP members that has ended up getting most of my posting time as well as a UK site (under a different name though).

    I still read the main DIC site though. Compulsive viewing really. Keep safe people.

  8. Here is a page titled Epic Beard Man Facts.
    He does have a few screws lose,,but he is a vet and deserve respect.