Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bilious Brain Flatulence From a Multi-Kult Lunatic

Henry Rollins doing his best Al Jolson impersonation

Those not prone to turning over the rocks of cultural rot that litter our society probably have no clue who Henry Rollins is, much less aware that such a slug actually exists. His (tenuous) claim to fame is having served as the "singer" of noise punk band Black Flag in the 80's. I've seen him in quite a few B grade movies, and he was on the FX show "Sons of Anarchy" last year.(Ironically playing a 'roid raging "skin head". His character rightly died an inglorious death in a tattoo parlor shitter. Hopefully life will soon imitate art...)

This hysteria generated by libtards over these "Tea Parties" is very telling. They can barely hold back their anti-White invective(though they use proxies like Palin and "Christians" and "racist homophobes", we know exactly who they are referring to and the intended meaning of these diatribes). I don't hold out much hope for a wider White awakening, but, this will certainly rattle a few of the sheeple not completely comatose into an understanding of the situation.

We're Gonna Have a Tea Party Tonight! by Henry Rollins February 8, 2010

The head spins. This will take days to filter. Days? Weeks, months even. There’s Tom Tancredo’s recent baby’s-up-past-bedtime blather at a Tea Party event about the “cult of multiculturalism”—wow! Mr. T, do you really want to have a literacy test for voters?
(This meme is a blatant lie. Tancredo said "civic literacy", a fact that libtards conveniently leave out in order to paint their Jim Crow picture of Whites organizing for their own self interests)Think if they had one when you ran for office that you would have been elected? Oliver North’s melding of homosexuality and pedophilia(actually, both are deviant aberrations and unnatural acts...) on Fox News when he flexed his mini-mind and ranted paranoid on the topic of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell—righteous! Ollie, you need better makeup to hide the gills on your neck! Don’t Ask Oliver North where he can get one solid fact to back up his bizarre assertions. Don’t Tell the shamed ex-Marine that the military already has thousands of brave homosexual men and women serving their country and defending the Constitution(defending Israel, perhaps. The Constitution? Not so much), who would never think of behaving as he did back in the Iran-Contra days. Then again, why bother with Lieutenant Colonel North? He’s an irrelevant relic of the failed Reagan administration(I'm not a big fan of politicians of either party, but I'd say the Reagan administration was far more successful than your pitiful career, Hank).

Then there’s Sarah Palin, who, egged on by other intellectually malnourished “real Americans,” has said so many startlingly stupid things in the last few days, the comedic furnaces won’t be cooling down any time soon! She’s a dynamo of dumbassity! An inferno of idiocy! Yes, Ms. Palin, 2012 is almost in your grasp! Reach for the stars, get a map, find Iran, start another pointless war we can’t afford! Score!

Just when America really needs to get to work and move forward, some of the dimmest bulbs in the country decide it’s time to turn on and lead the race to the bottom.
(They lead nothing. They are just disparate voices in the wilderness. Your nigger president is the one with his foot on the accelerator heading towards oblivion) Christian groups freaked out by the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and its threat to their religious freedom to hate homosexuals—don’t worry, homophobes! The First Amendment protects your right to tell the world that gays are hell-bound! No one’s trying to impose a “homosexual agenda” on you! The rest of us are just trying to impose some much-needed decency and cultural evolution(a.k.a. "whiggerdom"). I know, I know, fear the change, fear the equality, progress, blahblahblah …(typical brain dead whigger liberal. Shepard was a faggot drug dealer murdered by other faggot drug dealers for being a double crosser, not for being a sodomite. Two victims of "hate crimes", one of them dubious at best. How about the 37,000 White women raped by nigger bucks every year? How about the White people raped, robbed, tortured and murdered every day by sub-human savages? )

You silly grown-ups! The future is hilarious
(it will be when you're hanging from a lamp post, faggot) and very problematic, thanks to you. Cheer up! I’ll do my best to track your epic, very public nosedive(Should it happen, it will be far more spectacular than your fizzled career which didn't so much nosedive, crash and burn as it just sort of went out with a whimper, heard by no one).


In 1992 I was 22 years old and I watched one of Henry Rollins' "spoken word" performances (which is a fancy term for bad, amateur poetry mixed with unfunny stand up comedy and anecdotal narratives). This was shortly after the L.A. riots, which was the subject of one of his stories. I was not particularly racially aware at the time, though I understood that niggers were dangerous animals that I generally disliked, but was young and stupid enough to buy into the canard of "they're not all like that".(Subsequent life experience and personal observation has taught me that there is a marked correlation between boorish, criminal behavior and shit colored skin.)

In any case, like all liberals, he made excuses for the niggers who looted and burnt down their own neighborhoods. He spoke of being a pathetic whigger in a mostly black school, the taunts and ritual beatings at the hands of black savages. His lust for some sheboon named "Rhonda."

The kicker though, was when he told the story about his best friend Joe Cole. The lead up to what happened to Joe, and the way he painted their relationship, I noted very creepy homosexual overtones to it. In subsequent years Rollins has become a "queer rights" activist, though he adamantly denies that he himself is a poo-pusher.

One evening, upon returning from one of their homosexual outings, a pair of nigger gunmen held them up outside their home. Rollins ran for it. Joe Cole was shot dead in the street. According to Rollins the cops made fag jokes as they took his statement.

A trip down memory lane, recounting the contents of some obscure, long ago discarded video tape to say what?

Metzger says something like "if you don't learn, you're gonna have to feel." Well, how many nigger loving dipshits like this Rollins are out there, who know what a fucking nigger is, have suffered greatly at the hands of the beasts, and yet still cry out for their own destruction? Apparently, their brains are so filled with shit that even the ability to feel(or see) is so incapacitated that you just have to get the hell out of their way as they stumble towards the pyre, lest they drag you down in flames with them.

I got out of the "waking people up" business a while ago. Most of the shuffling zombies you see about you day to day are committed to their own annihilation. Even attempting to drag them to metaphorical safety is to risk being bruised by the flailing arms and resistance they'll put up to being shown the light of truth. I've got no time to enlighten ungrateful slobs with a suicidal death wish. The only way to help lemmings racing towards the cliff is to give a few of 'em a good shove.


  1. According to Rollins the cops made fag jokes as they took his statement.

    Ok, that is funny.

  2. Got outta the waking people up buisness or providing entertainment for the goyim. Am with you on that my friend...

  3. I had to look this nut up and sure enough I recognized him, he looks like a fruitcake degenerate.

  4. That is one of benefits from not watching television I get. I really do not have a clue who he is.. I do wonder if he is a northern Catholic. Good to see ya back posting Brother.Hopefully won't be so long for your next one..

  5. I guess I just sift through the cultural cesspool so you guys don't have to. If I hadn't had some level of knowledge of who this clown was, I wouldn't have even bothered with it; just another liberal loon vomiting in public.

    Yes, this is where I will be posting from now on, so updates should begin to appear more frequently. I wont be posting much (if anything)on that other site. It's in a total state of stagnation at the moment. The in-fighting wasn't really a factor, as it was easy enough for me to stay out of; it really boils down to the way friends of Radio Werewolf were treated there. The mockery and ridicule of their particular beliefs, even after they stopped posting there, has been weighing heavy on my mind for some time now. In good conscience, it's just something I can't be a part of anymore, at least for the foreseeable future.

  6. I understand where you are coming from when you say you got out of the "waking people up" business. I believe that people must "wake up" of their own accord. The truth is all around us, we need just look around to see it.

    I thought that the other site was a good place to present information for people to make their own decisions from. In the end it looks to be stuck in the position of a TNB site. That's fine, it's fun to knock niggers. IMHO, mocking niggers is just a distraction though.

    I have benefit from my encounters there, I now have thicker skin than before.

  7. And you got to meet some good Volk Dave.

  8. compare what the average white adult is like today to what they were, say, 30yrs ago...if you weren't alive, then, the best way is to watch old movies & TV series from the late 1970s...the average white adult today is a brain-dead, jewified, nigger-luvvin' ZOG-bot....are they totally irredemable.....?....¾ of white adults proably are!.....only healthy white females of breeding age should be kept from being "thrown to the nogz"...until they've produced four/five white babies a-piece...after that....they should be "recycled" like the rest of the whiggerised white ZOG-bots....apart from WNs, only white children under the ages of sixteen or seventeen should, IMO, be admitted to a white home-land....we simply can't risk any more contamination of our kids' minds by these nigger-luvvin', kike-kissing, fag-hugging, femi-cunt-head, whigger, lib-tard clowns!

  9. HEy big R what going on over at the dic? you joy, cleveland, porchmonkey stopped posting or going over there? Is everyone mad at the Detroiter? Ive seen posting going down at his site, is there a big riff over there or something, ive been out of the loop for a while.

  10. mate...yr not putting up enough posts!....if you want this 'blog to "kick on", then, you should be posting AT LEAST TWO ENTRIES per week..... here's a good one to cover! (hint!)

  11. Don, I'm going to email you privately to bring you up to speed on what's going on. I'd rather not air it publicly any more than I have. There are far too many out there who would love nothing more than to see a circus sideshow develop out of this. They'll have to get their entertainment elsewhere.

    Yes, Jimbo, I've not been posting nearly as much as I should or would like to. Truth be told, after that Jim Giles nonsense I have wondered about the longevity of this blog, because that, along with subsequent events and revelations concerning the bowel movement have left me wondering if it's worth even doing anymore.

    But, I've spent the past weekend completely off-line and with family save a few emails I responded to today, and checking in here to make sure the hasbarat zoglings haven't set up camp. It's been a much needed rest and time with loved ones puts things in greater perspective.

    So, for now, I've resolved to carry on. I wont make you any promises that I can't keep, Jimbo, but I do promise I will try to be more attentive here, and post more frequently. I appreciate your interest and commentary, so, I hope you'll be patient while I get it together.

  12. Big R I dropped my email address mazdarx7v8 you can email me through the DIC email i have a new email address i got rid of my old one due to massive spam, i got sick of dealing with it and got a new one.