Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arthur Kemp: Jews? What Jews?

Arthur Kemp, the British variant of our own kosher kahnservatives, says, with a presumably straight face, that all of this talk of kikejews is nothing but "conspiracy theory".

Well, he's correct in saying there is no conspiracy. Conspiracy implies some sort of clandestine plot carried out covertly, in absolute secrecy. No, the ZOG carries out its treachery in the broad light of day for all with half a brain and a working pair of eyes to see. Media control and ownership is more than just "good business" acumen; it's the pipeline to pump their perversion and lies into the homes and minds of every White Amerikwan under their boot heel. But, if you're reading this, I likely don't have to tell you any of this.

I can't make any conclusion other than to say that Kemp and the BNP are really nothing more than a compromised, jew infiltrated disinformationist false front and controlled opposition. If they can only even exist by playing the kike's game, then they've already failed. I hear that Kemp is a wanted man in South Africa and is likely denying the jew behind the curtain because he doesn't want his kike overlords to extradite him to an ANC gulag for not playing nice.

You can tell a lot about where these clowns are coming from by how they view the fighting element of the bowel movement; those who will one day be wearing the actual boots that hit the ground. Kemp wants to remove the "cancers" of WN such as Christian Identity. He'd rather you vote for a back pedaling coward like Ron "I'm not a racist or anti-semite" Paul, or some other such empty suit. The goofy bastard isn't going to stop his own country from drowning in a tidal wave of mud much less "kick out" of the "movement" who he deems inappropriate to his panty waist sensibilities.

And I still listen to Jim Giles, if only for the entertainment value. I can't help but conclude that he's a fucking fruit loop. This guy is so easily influenced by whoever he's talking to at the moment, that it's almost like he doesn't have a brain of his own. The interview with Mark "the punk" Potok of the SPLC was some of the most nauseating ass kissing you're ever likely to hear. The interview with Tim "not White like me because I'm a jew" Wise wasn't much better as he gave the dipshit uninterrupted air time to spew his anti-White venom. It does, however, point out what a non-entity and light weight pussy this Fade the Bitcher/Cunter Wallace kid is, because he's the only interview subject I've ever heard Giles verbally pistol whip, and sent him face first through the "Overton Window" he was trying to sell.

Giles has been advocating for the past few months about running for localized state representative office. Those comprising the "hard core nucleus" are to go door to door and say "Hello, I'm so and so, and I am running a pro-White anti-nigger campaign." You see, Giles used to say he was running an anti-zionist, pro-White campaign, but Arty set him straight and showed him the folly of his ways. His "blue tick nose" told him Kemp was onto something, speakin' all eloquent an' such, like he knowed a thing or two about a thing or two.

If only the damned helicopters would stop flying over his $16,000(recently depreciated down to $10,000) trailer at the end of his 1700 foot gravel road.


  1. Griffin, Darby, Kemp, Duke collectively are cash-register con-men. Lane's description of CRAP very revelant.

  2. I will agree that it may have been a conspiracy back at the turn of the 19th-20th century. Now if you believe it to be all some vague conspiracy theory you are either completely ignorant or blind to the world around you. Many of these charlatans use the premise of a conspiracy to desensitize the public to the real threats around us. That way they can claim the person who has a grievance to be a complete goofball, tinfoil hat wearing, sociopath. Whether this is true or not, to label someone as such without looking into an issue is what they are trying to accomplish. These people are used as a smokescreen for the people too simple to look into any particular issue and at least try to find the truth. It’s all a slight of hand for the puppetmasters.

  3. who cares what "Kemp the kike-kisser" sez?

    most Brits are worthless fckn maggots any-ways....the "proof" of that is that most of them still believe they fought on the "right" side in WWII!

    come to think of it, it would be better if the whole frickin' island vanished into the North Sea...after British children under the age(s) of fourteen or fifteen had been evacuated!

  4. Jim 'Roid-Rage-Retard' Giles used to run a pretty good show as a sort of 'Dick Cavett of the bowel Movement.' And I don't have any problem with him having to be a polite and understanding host to these jews and whiggers playing at Revolution that he had on his show, when he used to run much of an Internut Radio show.

    Arthur Kemp is yet another whigger false-front who 'thinks' he gets to determine who is or who is not 'acceptable' within the bowel Movement. Yet if ZOG can't pick and choose -- other than by infiltration and cash payments and parole agreements -- who can and cannot play at Revolution, how exactly is Arthur Kemp supposed to decide? Arthur Kemp, if he insists to certain people here in flyover ZOGland specifically us Christian Identity 'maniacs' that we don't get to finish off ZOG, then us allegedly violent CI 'maniacs' might finish off that idiot edjewmacated pseudo-poofter who whoop-te-doo-doo wrote a book, and put him to good use fertilizing the cotton and soybeans.

    So in order to cover for the object of his man-crush, the gut-sick guido weasel with jew ass-cancer, Giles simply invited up the little rich frat boy Fade the Butcher/Cunter WallAss on Dec. 18th 2009 and then ambushed pore Cunter/Flake for no other reason than to take the attention off of Alex Linder who testilied like another Sgt. Snitch at Bill White/Weiss' Roanoke Sedition Trial. The matter went as planned: off tangent as to whether some intellecshul who was buddy- buddy with Cunter and Dr. Kevin McDonald was a faggot or not -- as if this meant something. And being an 'intellectual' -- all supposed edjewmacated whigger with a pea brain full of programmed jewshit from the whigger factory and no balls -- pore Cunter was reduced to tears.

    Now 'intellectuals' have a part to play in making inherent White racial hatred and Genesis 3:15 enmity 'respectable' in the eyes of some solipsistic whiggers who worsheep theysselfs. I use Genesis 3:15 as YHWH's Commandmant to hate the dirty spawn-of-Satan jews and to remove the miscegenated bastards known as mamzers and the 6th Day Beasts of the Field away from White Aryan Christian Israel. So for those who think that Christianity is gauche and not for edjewmacated whiggers, I have no problem with Dr. Kevin McDonald and the lesser 'intellecshumacated' whigger shitheads doiung some 'whigger whimpering' in trying to turn other whiggers feral. Every little bit helps, said the old woman who pissed into the Ocean.

    And Fade the Butcher/Cunter Wallace has been useful in setting up phorafags/feebs back in early 2005 after I got kicked out for fighting with TraitorGlenn Miller after the VNNF Christmas Coup of 2004. Fade sets up his own little blog and sometimes there is something worth reading and commenting over there at that circle-jerk palace.

    But Jim Giles has pretty much pissed away any good feelings that he used to have. I myself listen to him every now and then because even the blindest swine can sometimes unearth a truffle.

    But I have my own Internut Radio Show, -- The Movement Turd on Talkshoe -- and while I am definitely not polished, I do speak the truth as I see it.

    Thanks for helping keeping us all up on what is happening in the Movement.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  5. You're spot on about Giles. I still link him on my blog, if only, as Pastor Martin says because even the blindest swine can sometimes unearth a truffle.

    I've heard Giles say he doesn't get the jewish thing. This, after years on VNN and other forums and blogs with the entire Internet available to him. Anyone who says that is either truly stupid or working for someone else. Another thing he doesn't get is how the Military works. With Top brass running around singing the praises of diverishity and pushing for open faggotry in the Military, not to mention women on Subs, it's a pretty safe bet that the Officer Corps has been purged of anyone who diviates from the standard line. There isn't going to be any junior grade leutenants or Captains staging a putsch anytime soon. Better to reach out the enlisted grunts if anything, since they have to deal with niggers on a daily basis.

    Kemp is a great speaker no doubt, but he's no Tyndall. How anyone from South Africa can hold such views is beyond me. I've noticed this in other South Africans too, completely oblivious to who really ran the nigger war against whites there.

    Wake the fuck up.

  6. Kemp had some good writings a few years back (for one - documenting the SA'n version of the Order) but he is to be numbered amongst the dazzle, dilute 'n divert crowd these days .. and I think he knows exactly what he is doing and whom he is serving. Most deceivers start off saying all the right things to draw 'em in.

    Like so many others, he gives the people just what they want to hear ... that which "tickles" the ears but is simple enough to digest. Devoid of "burdensome" facts that might upset the greater portion of the judaized masses, that is.

    Isaiah 30:8-13

    Conspiracy is spoken of in the Bible and the perpetrators are the same as always (conspiracies are made to be implemented and undertaken) -

    Ezekiel 22:23-31

    The Princes - the rulers; albeit we see only the visible underlings they have set out as decoy bait .. the "grand manipulators" are indeed existant. Jew and proselyte alike.

    The Prophets - all these little minions who run about scattering to and fro the "gospel" of what is PC and touting the "grandeur / wisdom" of their masters and lords. Stirring up the mobs 'n masses against those who would question their kings apparel - or obvious lack of.

    The Priests - need I elaborate ? The jew does no wrong, you must bow without question or their god will damn you ... nothing else you need to know til you get that right.

    One common theme all these pundits of "white salvation" seem to have is - keep your arguments in the political arena ... play according to the rules they set forth (and have we not for years on end ? And where are the fruits of these labors ?).

    (but all the while, pay no heed nor physically respond, to the savage heathen atrocities playing out DAILY in tidal waves of blood in our white nations - we'll get it straight in the courts)

    The individual Brit and SA'n are not to be written off as a whole - they still have good folk amongst them same as us. There is CI movement in both nations, and I don't speak of British Israelism wherein the jew is wrongly included in our ranks (and the dissident controllers seem to be most upset over this occurance).

    The BNP had a good platform to start but the truth of where their leaders hearts pledged fealty has now outed. Check out Colonel Buckshot on my link list ... he understands the real deal.

    Allegiance to Jesus Christ should be our initial step, followed by an understanding of / obedience to His Word and will. With this greater overview and grasp, much that has been complex to us is clear as day. And so is the path to victory.

  7. Pastor Lindstedt, I've been listening to your Talk Shoe program since it was first announced. What I do is download them the day after they air and put them on my cheap little mp3 player I've had for years so I can listen without being chained to the computer. I'll be downloading Movement Turd 5 & 6 and will be listening either tonight or tomorrow.

    I listened to you on the William Finck Talk Shoe program back in December and agreed with those who said you should have your own show. I don't mind "unpolished". The truth of what you say and your insight into what's "heard on the turd" is enough to keep me coming back.

    Orion, I'm glad you commented because I've been curious as to your take on Giles (post numerous meltdowns) since the article you did on him was my formal introduction.

    I agree with your assessment of Giles. And while he is "playing(?)dumb" about the jew, he has coined the phrases "nigger media" and "nigger government" to further misinform or misdirect those listeners who might not know better. He seems to have scrubbed his whole web page clean, including the archives. Maybe he talked to somebody who influenced him to go on a whole new tangent and scrap everything.

    Jeff said:"One common theme all these pundits of "white salvation" seem to have is - keep your arguments in the political arena ... play according to the rules they set forth (and have we not for years on end ? And where are the fruits of these labors ?)."

    Indeed. One has to look with a skeptical eye at those who would advocate us spinning our wheels in ventures that have the deck stacked against us before we even begin...especially when such "legitimate" endeavors force us into getting in bed with the very powers we are trying to break free of. The BNP at present should be sufficient evidence of the fool's errand that is.

  8. Damn! I wish my trailer was worth $10,000! Of course, they don't know about the bunker I have dug below it...

  9. 加油-不論如何都期待您的新發表! ........................................

  10. "Who said what to who now?"

    Each period following their 'writing' is a separate link to some website. I may not be able to read Chinese but Google can. It's spam.

    It's good to see you're still alive RM.

  11. The only important thing is the preservation of our race and culture. Western Christianity sent the crusaders to push the Moslems out of Europe. It is Jesus's will that we love our enemies. Jesus also said sell your cloak and buy a sword.

  12. Cracker - I'm certainly not mocking your words as they are indeed scriptural, but I do believe I know the sense in which you mean it. Jesus didn't command us to arm ourselves in order to turn the other cheek to those who would kill, steal or destroy us.

    The instance used is in Matthew 5:43-44, but what is the definition of enemy used herein ? Is it not our own personal enemies (and not enemies of Christ) who would slight or offend us, who would smear us and spread lies (look at vss. 10-12 and 38-42) ? A lot of insults and the like we should just let ride. I guess I should be a bit more cautious myself in this area as I'm hot tempered at times and guilty of this.

    But dedicated enemies of Christ are a whole 'nuther matter and this is scriptural also -

    Psalms 139:21-22
    Romans 13:1-4

    As you know that last quote is not justification that we should bow down to all ungodly, antichristian authority (as they try to make it seem).. we must read the context. This speaks of Godly rule according to His law (which this beast system is in violation of).

    She's a-coming down according to His plan -

    Revelation 18:1-8

  13. I tend to stay out of the discussions based on this subject for a few different reasons. One being that I believe it is necessary to focus at the goals at hand before I start worrying about how we should be governed afterwards. I know and respect a great many Christians, it is not that I agree or disagree with them, it comes down to that I think religion is a private belief or choice. No one can say that one is right and one is wrong with absolute sincerity, it is in the end a belief. It is what you choose to do with your belief that marks your cause just or not.

    As far as CI goes I may not be the firmest believer but I do respect the direction they are pushing towards. The bible has issues with consistencies and contradictions, for all the great teaching that can be had from reading and interpreting the bible yourself there are quite a few amoral behaviors that are glorified

  14. "Reichmarschall"....give us "access authorisation" here & i'll "whack up" a few 'blog posts for you, eh?!?.....i'll cut 'n' paste a few from Kelso' Forum, where i post in the Austrl/NZ sub-forum...but, i'm sick of it there 'cos they got too many bull-shite rules!....a cunt on "Incogman" had a go at you a coupla days ago, too!'s the "thread"....if you decide to do that, then, you don't have to make it "permanent"...say: six months or so, eh?!?...i had a 'blog with quite a bit of stuff on it (co-access with "expose-them-all" from VNN) but they (joogle) took it down....

  15. Jimbo, I'm perfectly capable of "whacking up" copy and paste blog posts on my own. I value quality over quantity and I prefer original content rather than swiping the same stuff that hundreds of blogs put up. This takes time, which I do not always have. And the stuff I choose to cover may not be of interest to everyone. Blogspot is free for anyone, as is Wordpress. If you have a burning desire to say something you can resurrect your old blog or you can create a new one, and let it all fly. I've no doubt you would be more prolific and frequent with updates than I would be.

    As for this gook mamzer: Who is that? That Brian Akira faggot? The same slanty eyed slope who wrote that defamation piece about Christian Identity. I went over to Incogman anxious to see if there was some new slander or creative insults against me, but it was a disappointing recitation of the same old hackneyed cliches about "nazis" and mockery of Lone Wolves. You'd think pseudo-intellectuals like A-kike-a would be able to come up with a substantive/new line of attack.

    Just like Kemp, these disinformationists reveal what they truly fear the most by what they choose to attack. Christian Identity and White Insurgency seem to elicit the most terror among non-White mongoloids like Akira.

    I wont bother responding, though. Why create traffic to a blog that nobody reads? If a goofy mamzer gook spews bullshit in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

  16. Quality over quantity ... I hear ya man. Not speaking of anything or anyone here, but I've noted many others who must post 3 different articles a day (or more) just to keep folks "entertained". (is that what it's all about ?) I'd think the time would be better spent looking over older posts and gleaning what has already been presented.

    " If a goofy mamzer gook spews bullshit in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

    Ha ! Thought I heard an 88 crew sounding off - Hammer down man !

  17. If you have a burning desire to say something you can resurrect your old blog or you can create a new one, and let it all fly

    the old 'blog is dead & buried...can't even get access to it any-more....not even through "way back machine";

    most of my stuff probably wouldn't interest youse 'Kwans'd be too Aussie-centric for youse, i think, eh?!?

    As for this gook mamzer: Who is that? That Brian Akira faggot? The same slanty eyed slope who wrote that defamation piece about Christian Identity

    the same!

    (check his response to one of my posts on that 'thread'.....i didn't bother replying....if i ever meet the cunt face-to-face, i'll just let my boots & fists do the "talking", eh?!?)


  18. LOL okay, so here is the thing about conspiracy. Can anyone guess what the #1 federal charge applied to criminals in the US currently is? Anyone? Let me help you. "CONSPIRACY" When someone says they don't believe in conspiracy I laugh because every other crime in America has a conspiracy charge attached to it. You sell dope, you get selling dope and conspiracy. You steal money, you get embezzlement and conspiracy. You sell stolen guns, you get trafficking in firearms without a license and conspiracy to do the same. Conspiracy is added to nearly 65% of all federal crimes. I promise you. Conspiracies are very real.