Monday, February 1, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes Part 6: Military and Police

Those skeptical about the ability of mobs and guerrillas to overthrow our government will point out its professional police and military, its great stores of heavy weapons, and its numerous military bases, and conclude that lightly-armed guerrillas and amateur militias have no chance of success.

Practical and historic examination of the perceived military strengths of the
federal government reveals them as fatal weakness that will only hasten its downfall.

Our military bases... sited on supposedly friendly American soil
weren't designed, to withstand sieges.

To withstand a siege, certain fundamental features are required:

First: A cleared field of fire outside the outermost defensive perimeter to deny cover and concealment to besieging forces. Our military bases often abut cities or suburbs that tend right up to the outer perimeter. Others are surrounded by hilly and wooded terrain that will likewise provide ample cover for future besiegers.

Second: They must have a serious defensive perimeter consisting of such features as mine fields and bunkers for heavy weapons. Our military bases typically have a chain link fence and nothing more.

Third: They must have sufficient manpower, preferably dedicated infantry, to man the defensive perimeter. Our bases are typically guarded by a handful of security guards.

Fourth: They should have hardened, on-base facilities for storage of food, water, and ammunition sufficient to last out sieges. They should have securely-located internal runways and hellipads for resupply by air during a siege. Critical command and control buildings should be hardened and located at some distance from the outermost perimeter.

Few, if any, of our in-country bases have all of these features; many have none.

...they're dependent on outside sources for food, water, and electricity which will be easily cut off by besiegers.

...many will be tempting targets for guerrillas seeking an easy source of heavy weapons and helpless federal troops to slaughter.

...federal military bases will likewise be taken under siege by ethnic
militias, and many of the federal defenders will be co-ethnics of the attackers.

There will be numerous instances of defenders siding with the attakers, supplying them with information, deserting with their weapons, and even turning their assault rifles on their own comrades and officers.

Our Police and Military Divide and Clash

...some police departments will be among the first organized groups to attack the federal government. Watch to see if our police voluntarily divide into ethnically-based groups hostile to each other. If they do, Civil War II is that much closer.

...many of our urban police have already divided themselves into ethnically
exclusive and mutually hostile organizations called associations, one for each ethnic group. And the minority associations are successfully blocking the recruitment and advancement of white officers by racist affirmative action. Minority politicians are seizing control of the major cities, and accelerating this purging of whites from their police departments.

Urban police departments will become almost exclusively minority. The police outside the cities will remain primarily white. Armed clashes between police of different ethnic groups will occur, first between policemen within the same police department, and later between separate and ethnically exclusive police departments where their jurisdiction meet.

Should our regular federal military likewise divide along ethnic lines, we will be past the point of no return towards Civil War II... it appears that racial associations have begun to appear in our military.

On April 30, 1995, the television program Sixty Minutes reported that an underground magazine called The Resister was quietly circulating in Ft.
Bragg, North Carolina and other American Army bases.

The Resister is put out by the Special Forces Underground, a clandestine group of the United States Army's elite Green Berets.

[These] Green Berets believe that the constitutional rights of Americans are being illegally violated by the federal government. In The Resistor, [they] are discussing the possibility and means of resisting the federal establishment by armed force, including guerrilla warfare.

The appearance of the Special Forces Underground is ominously significant because the Green Berets are the military's primary counterinsurgency force, the very ones who will be assigned to track down and eliminate anti-government guerrillas in Civil War II.

It is predictable that the military brass will use the appearance of The Resister as an excuse to politicize the Green Berets, and that they will instruct affirmative action officers who are mostly minority to purge the Green Berets of conservative white soldiers and replace them with radicals and minorities carefully screened for political reliability...

Any who doubt that our military is being racialized and politicized should read an article by a Mr. C. J. Chivers that appeared in the Oct. 16,1995 issue of The Nation magazine. In this article titled "Looking For A Few Good (Black) Men," Mr. Chivers enthusiastically described his activities while a Marine Corps captain assigned to recruiting officer candidates:

"I was actively discriminating against whites. While selecting college students for officer candidate school, I routinely turned down long lines of qualified white males to save room for blacks. I denied whites interviews. Every few months I threw stacks of their resumes into the trash."

...our entire military is being racialized and the message will not be lost on
other white military personnel who will form other clandestine organizations in reaction, which will be used as a pretext for yet more purging and politicizing of our military.

...this politicizing is going on right now in the form of "discrimination hotlines" used to turn in whites accused of racism. "Sensitivity" classes are used to intimidate whites and ferret out and discharge those whites who can not be intimidated. Watch for more allegations of racism to purge conservative white officers and men, more "sensitivity" (brainwashing) classes, racist affirmative action programs, and racial quotas to racialize and politicize our federal military.

Our current system of racist recruiting and promotion means that every minority officer, NCO and soldier knows that he owes his rank not to his own merit, but to an artificially maintained system of racist special privileges.

Should any political reform movement gain power in Washington and attempt to dismantle this racist system, minority officers and soldiers will be tempted to attempt a coup d 'etat or face losing their special privileges.

If the minority soldiers and radical white soldiers outnumber the non-radical whites, America will become a military dictatorship and race war will erupt.

Gen. Colin Powell rose to the ultimate military position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff not entirely on merit, but partly because he was black, but few dare say this out loud.

It is... no surprise that someone with Gen. Powell's demonstrated lack of character favors racist affirmative action. As revealed by the Oct. 6, 1995 issue of the New York Daily News, in 1985 Gen. Powell was one of a group of prominent blacks who bought WKBW-TV, a Buffalo, New York television station, taking advantage of special tax breaks not available to whites. (He also openly endorsed the Kenyan Pretender, putting race before his supposed "conservative" values.)

Blacks are making much progress in their racist agenda to gain
exemption from taxation (as illustrated by Gen. Powell's above manipulation) while simultaneously siphoning off more government aid intentionally channelled to blacks but not to whites.

Gen. Powell was engaging in this "business" while on active
duty and drawing government pay.

Our military is looking more and more like a third-world military force every year - corrupt, politicized, tribalized, more interested in finance than fighting, and more oriented towards putting down internal rebellions than combating foreign enemies.

Our Army is currently about 40% minority, which means that it is more minority-dominated than society in general.

This is not an accident. It is intended to put the ultimate power - military power -into hands beholden to the New Order.

The saturating of our military with unqualified minorities and "racially sensitive" whites is being consciously and deliberately promoted by the New Order to insure that there is absolutely no chance that a reform movement can reverse the ongoing imperial conversion.

When the federal military exceeds 50% minority, there will be only the smallest chance of stopping our conversion into a completely racist, undemocratic imperial dictatorship without fighting Civil War II.


  1. I suspect that most normal people will support the troops that support their own interests, and oppose those that are hostile to them. This will indeed result in a split, confused, and dangerous situation in the armed forces. And I believe that most of the civilian forces will side with the local populations, regardless of what the military might be doing. It's gonna be a real big clusterfk, and people are gonna resort to their automatic programming.

  2. don't count on any support from white military or LE....while the non-whites will almost certainly support their fellow "ethnics", the white patriotardic uniforms will, as always, support wtf ZOG tells them to (OTW: they wouldn't be in Iraq & the 'Stan right now fighting wars for the jews, now, would they?).....and, don't forget, you also have a
    n° of mercenary groups (like 'BlackWater') who are, apparently, doing the "lion's share", militarily, in Iraq & the 'Stan....NO!....any-one, white or OTW, who wears a uniform is, unless clearly proven OTW, AN ENEMY of the White Race in need of being "taken out" ASAP....make no mistake about THAT!

    the only thing we have going for us is, as the article describes, the easy accessibility of military bases/ such: the only way for a viable and potent white resistance group to survive is to get into those facilities and totally 'loot' them ASAP when the SHTF....or even when it looks remotely like doing so! (conventional small arms easily obtainable, for now, by the average citizen should, with a modicum of planning, be sufficient to do that!....another priority is getting copies of the DoDIC, which tells you what each olive-drab wooden box contains!)

  3. The ongoing seperation along racial lines will ultimately be the 'undoing' of the jewish agenda.
    I really like this series you're doing RM.

  4. If racial awakening has not already been a growing seed in the hearts of our kinsmen in the military and police ranks at this late a date, one really questions what more will it take to do so ?

    Certainly many are trapped to an extent by economic necessities, but what of the tomorrows to come when the beast will require more active involvement on their part in "quelling" the civilian populace of their racial "dissidents" ?

    And how are we to trust any of them ? Lead by example I say.

    As far as "beefing up security" I've witnessed that over the last few years they've done just that (as I'm sure others have noticed also). I believe our local PD could withstand a direct nuclear strike by the looks of it. The military bases have indeed gone underground with storages - steel & concrete have replaced wood.

    Long gone are the days of my youth when I can recall casually strolling onto base ... back when I was a long hair and the thumb and boot leather was the only means of travel. My mom worked in a civilian capacity and I walked in and out of many buildings with hardly a side glance from anyone.

    I can remember walking past the open barracks and looking in at the rows of M-16's lined up ... all unlocked. Just try and snoop a bit today ! There is much going on not apparent to the eye.

    They collectively know what is coming, that it is inevitable and are preparing. And of a certainty the aliens in the ranks have not been slack in coordinating the plans they will undertake when it does. Let us hope our brethren are doing likewise.

  5. This whole series has been very informative. Thanks for spending the time on it.