Friday, January 15, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes Part 5: Gangland

How will the armies that fight Civil War II come into being? Who will join them, and why, and where will they get their weapons?

America is saturated with armed organizations that will blossom into the tribal armies of Civil War II: The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, their reserve components, and fifty state national guards. The Border Patrol, the Secret Service, the BATF, the DEA, the FBI, the CIA and U.S. Marshals.

All totalled, there are 46 civilian agencies of the federal government that have agents who carry guns and have the power to make arrests.

State police, county police, city police, housing police, transit police, Indian reservation police, prison guards, and private security companies.

Just some of the tribes:

The Mafia, the Colombian cocaine cartels, Jamaican posses, The Ghost Shadows, the Flying Dragons, anti-Castro paramilitary units, Moslem terrorist cells, the Jewish Defense League, the Fruit of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, the Christian Identity movement, armed religious cults, the Black Guerrilla Family,

Crips, Bloods, the Gangster Disciples, the Black Disciples, the Latin Disciples, the Latin Kings, the Simon City Royals, the Mexican Mafia, the Big Time Criminals, Hispanics Causing Panic, the LA Boyz, the Netas, the Zulu Nation, the Jungle Boys, the Jungle Brothers, the Abdullahs, Los Solidos,

the Hazard Gang, the Nuestra Familia, United Raza, the Fresno Bulldogs, the Two Sixers, the Insane Deuces, the Insane Unknowns, 20 Love, the Bottoms Boys, the Vice Lords, the Harpys, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Aryan Nations, the White Patriot Party, the Michigan Militia, the Blue Ridge Hunt Club,

the Alabama Militia, the Arizona Militia, the Butte County Militia, the Indiana Militia, the Michigan Militia, the Montana Militia, the Georgia Militia, the Oregon Militia, the Colorado Free Militia, the Texas Constitutional Militia,

the Carbineers, the Minnesota Patriots Council, the Texas Emergency Reserve, the Alabama Minutemen, the Special Forces Underground, Hell's Angels, Banditos, the Gypsy Jokers, Pagans, Warlocks,

the International Posse, the Black Panther Militia, the Aryan Republican Army, White Aryan Resistance, the Islamic Liberation Army, the Freemen, skinheads, and other armed groups too numerous to mention.

These belligerent groups are almost all ethnically oriented, and our police
departments are increasingly becoming ethnically oriented as well.

America is plainly splitting up into armed camps along ethnic fault lines, but no one seems to have noticed, certainly not the establishment media.

Street gangs will doubtless form the core of future black and Hispanic urban militias. Consider these particulars of urban street gangs:

1. They are self-financed by the drug trade.

2. They are ethnically oriented.

3. They are heavily armed.

4. They are organized and disciplined. They have constitutions that ensure organizational survival despite the death and imprisonment of their leaders.

5. They are numerous almost beyond belief. The Los Angeles Sheriff has files on 100,000 gang members. San Antonio has an estimated 5,000 gang members. Chicago has an estimated 50,000 gang members. Malcolm Klein, perhaps America's leading authority on street gangs, estimates that there are over 400,000 street gang members in America.

6. Their leadership is composed of courageous, industrious and intelligent young men - not dim-witted punks as commonly depicted by Hollywood - because promotion is based exclusively on leadership, business acumen, and successful application of ruthless violence.

These urban gangs are evolving into serious armies, armies hostile to the
established government.

These gangs cannot be eliminated by any amount of police activity, just as police activity never succeeded in eliminating the Mafia. These gangs were conceived in, and thrive in, the environment of vast, desperately poor and densely-packed slums - slums neglected and abandoned by the establishment.

The huge black and Hispanic slums are not shrinking, they are expanding, and the gangs are growing in proportion. These minority ghettos are permanent and expanding fixtures of our society, and their expansion beyond a certain indefinable extent means inevitable civil war.

Watch for the first public protest demonstration by gang members, which will further signal that the gangs are taking on political goals. If any black politicians attend it will be a clear sign that the street gangs and black politicians do indeed have a common agenda, a common political and military agenda.

These gangs have even infiltrated the very organizations that are supposedly going to protect us from them during Civil War II. According to the Chicago Sun Times, in the last three years 15 Chicago policemen have been charged with crimes, forced to resign or investigated for membership in a street gang.

Incredibly, the Chicago police brass now allows known and even self-admitted gang members to masquerade as police because the police brass claim they can not fire these gangster/cops until they actually violate a law. Why can't they fire them for lying on their applications?

From a purely military perspective, the urban gangs could probably defeat some of our urban police departments right now...

The federal military itself has been infiltrated by street gangs...these gangs are
active in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. They are active at more than 50 American military bases. They stake out "turf on aircraft carriers, and gang members were photographed flashing gang hand signs during the Persian Gulf War.

On Dec. 4, 1992, gang members, including an army specialist 4th class, hacked a man and his three small children to death, one an infant, to protect a gang drug operation.

This is the military that is supposed to hold the country together in Civil
War II, a military that can scarcely hold itself together today.

Bandit gangs evolve into armies, and armies devolve into bandit gangs.

When civil authority breaks down in America, our criminal gangs will instantly fill the power vacuum, just exactly as has been the pattern in other lands. The gangs have the organization and firepower to serve as the nucleus for actual armies. And since they will be self-financed in the coming time of chaos, they will grow like wildfire. Militias, cults like the Nation of Islam, and other armed organizations will also rapidly grow into full-blown armies.


  1. the REAL future of the 'Kwa?...Sth Afreaka now!....whites a dis-armed, tiny minority (less than 10%) @ the mercy of rampaging mobs of nog thugs "egged on" by a black "government".....'Kwans.....ACT NOW!....or this will be YOUR future!

  2. While I agree that the inner city gangs pose a problem, I do not believe it will be a long lived problem. These people will more than likely kill off anyone that may help them when the chips are down. Doctors, scientists or anyone with any intelligence will be the first to fall under their sword. Given a complete breakdown of services these people are not intelligent enough to feed and support the populous they need as a power base. Without food and electricity these fools will revert back to the savages they are in their core. Think of it this way, after a year most of the provisions that any one city may have will be gone. Food, gas and most importantly ammunition will be very scarce. With no intelligence to resupply these mainstays they will resort to cannibalism and in the end complete their self destruction. This has been evidenced around the world. The only reason somalia still exists is not because the people there are self sustaining it’s simply cause people feel sorry for them and send them aid.

  3. this nog gang "problem" is a real menace for the White Race and will be long-lived enough...seeing as how they apparently have a significant presence in regional as well as urban areas!...the real "problem" for white people, how-ever, is that these nog gangs are both overtly & covertly tolerated by the kike-controlled ZOG power structure and given tacit political approval (hence: their clear, unobstructed presence in the military), whereas "white gangs" are not tolerated or, if they exist in the military at all, then, their presence, compared to the vicious, psychopathic, nog gangs, is miniscule...

    what does this mean?

    it means, quite simply, this: white people, in particular WNs, have NO OTHER CHOICE but to coalesce quickly and, by any means available, "take out" the physical manisfestations of the ZOG appartus....that means: cops, politicians, judges and (probably, most) military....while simultaneously "staking out" the organic kernel of a white enclave/home-land for the White Race!

    to do this, white people need to rapidly over-come two major hurdles:

    i/their petty nationalism/patriotardism (yr RACE should be first, not yr "country"....yr country is dead & GONE!)

    ii/their fear/respect for law & order which keeps them from justifiable, defensive violence...a problem that non-whites (particularly, niggaz & spics) do not seem to have....what ZOG has "over" white people is their fear of being interned indefinitely in a ZOG gulag with hundreds if not thousands of psychopathic nog savages...there is only one effective way to neutralise this...when "taking out" the agents of ZOG....ensure that you are NOT TAKEN ALIVE!...ZOG will soon "pull its horns in" if, every time they try to arrest a WN, their minions know that up to ¼-of-them may well not be coming home alive....the "sick parade" will increase dramatically!

  4. If ZOG's past record is any indication, I don't see them doing much if anything about nigger (or spic) atrocities against white folk. Have they thus far ? Who is largely spelled out in their
    "terrorist" descriptions and deserving of their investigational time ?

    Maybe a large percentage of the niggers that we notice are mere street thugs but it wouldn't do to underestimate their capabilities. They certainly have interstate connections/intelligence and the drug money to invest in armaments and provisions. And don't think they haven't.

    This is certainly not to induce fear for if we don't learn to get as savage as they are, we will be at a further disadvantage. But common sense dictates being realistically aware.

    Hoping that many more will awaken to what the deal really is ... but still believing that multitudes will seek refuge in a system that is geared for their destruction. Or they will continue to suck up to the heathen in the hopes of being spared. Yeah, South Africa - sounds about right. There is a whole lot more to plunder here than there.