Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hate Mail

Hey, it happens. Your beloved Reichsmarshal is not as universally loved as you might have thought.

So, I was having some fun with this Haiti thing over at jewtube, celebrating the fact that several thousand potential rapist/murderers expired. I was in such a magnanimous mood of good cheer that I asked where I could send my care package to, which consists of a bucket of KFC, some grape soda and a couple of 40's.

Some libtards took notice of my "racist" comments and stopped their blaspheming of Christ and wishing that kooky christo-zionist Pat Robertson would die, just long enough to say even more stupid shit that I ripped to shreds with precision and fury.

Then it happened. The personal message. Boy, did I really get told by this androgynous(I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl, it's name is "Stefan" but the writing and some of the other comments from it lead me to believe this is a girl. Or a very faggotty male) jew-thinker.

that's where i'm pretty positive - if there is one (which duh there isn't) - you Should be.

bye now. and unfortunately for you, while you are smart enough to structure a sentence quite well, you're reasoning abilities fall short when it comes to generalizing human behavior by man made institutions, like race.(parotting Marxist drivel like the ed-jewcated lemming he/she/it is) i guess you must realize that, or, maybe you feel deep down, that your chance at being anything significant on this planet has come and gone, so you'll lower yourself worshiping at the alter of race-based (fiction) 'absolutes'. what a waste of life, brain, time, and how pathetic. (Damn. I've been found out. I hate niggers not because every encounter with these beasts was negative and that they have destroyed my country, but because I'm such an abject failure. At leest i kin rite pritty goood.)

why did i write this to you - to show you that people who are significant, or at least still live in truth, can see your hate for the pathetic retreat it is(uhhh why did you write this again?). sad. but do I care? no.(you cared enough to craft a personal message) Do i care about you? hell no, in fact, if there was a way to zap idiots like you off the planet like we do roaches in a kitchen, i'd sponsor it. it's not like you've already committed suicide anyway. hail hitler lol

Really got my number, doesn't he/she/it? Once again, these diversity mongering multi-kult freaks show their hypocrisy by always ending their estrogen soaked rants with wishing some sort of death, violence, misfortune etc. on us. So it would zap me like a cock roach? Do you also notice that with these nigger loving lunatics that words often outweigh actual violence, i.e. calling a nigger savage who rapes and murders a--well, nigger savage is more aggregious than the rape and murder itself in their mushy minds, and that anyone who dares speak the obvious should be killed in like fashion(or worse)?

When Christian Identity people like Pastor Lindstedt say that 95% of these whiggers are going to die, I'm starting to believe it. Hell, I'm hoping it happens, and hope to be able to do my part while I'm still young enough to have steady aim. I'm certainly not spending my time, talents and energy for pukes like the above Marxist lemming. When Chittum's vision comes to pass, it's dip shits like this hate mailer who will run to its nigger companions with open arms...only to be met with a brick in the face.

I didn't write this person back, and don't plan to. More than likely this was a hit and run piece, and I've been blocked from responding anyways. I'll let him/her/it go on thinking that he/she/it really told off the mean old racist, and that those "cutting" barbs are going to keep me up tonight. A person who's already living in that much delusion, well, hell, a little more isn't going to hurt. "lol".


  1. On whiggers

    You got to understand that whiggers are like zombies -- they WANT to die. whiggers want to rub theyz' leprous sores against healthy White flesh and infect it to where it is as sick as they is. (When talking about whiggers, proper grammar means talking about theysselfs in the third person singular -- as Pastor 6Killer says, "The wunderfool thang about whiggers is that they think they's the only one." 'whiggers', being a highly improper noun, is NEVER capitalized, any more than the word 'jew' is, cf. "The Eric Thomson English Handbook of Proper Usage.")

    Want to see the essence of ZOGling whiggerdumb: I suggest checking out the 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead" or some other zombie picture. Then you will see the very epitome of what whiggers are like: Even the Old Testament lepers had the decency to warn off the innocent uninfected with cries of "Unclean, leper, unclean!!!" Whereass whiggers want to ALWAYS make you as theys is.

    Usually a head-shot will take them down. Aim for the pea-brain betwixt the eyes.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  2. When Christian Identity people like Pastor Lindstedt say that 95% of these whiggers are going to die

    Good riddence to em

  3. I hope there is a disaster, and you are buried alive under rubble, and a black man comes and saves you.

    That would blow your mind, wouldn't it?

  4. It should be pointed out that "anarchore" is a nigger loving troll(a whigger, if you will) who tries to leave his little pearls of jew-think "wisdom" here. I'll allow this one, because it demonstrates, yet again, the liberal mind and the utter hypocrisy these deluded clowns exude. He wishes me evil and calamity, just like the eunuch who said I should be "zapped like a cock roach."

    It also says a lot about him that he has sought me out, keeps coming here, and yet I've never gone to his Palestinian love fest blog to respond in kind. I keep forgetting that he exists and he has to keep coming here to remind me. But, that's the life of an emasculated beta male like anarkike. When he shows up you've just got to scrape the bottom of your shoe and go on.

    A nigger would never "save" me or anyone else for that matter. Unless its intent was to rape, rob or otherwise finish the job and kill me. And I don't like your foul language, anarkike. We call 'em by their proper name here: niggers. If you want to talk about "blacks" take it to one of those egg headed, PC, hand wringing "intellectual" blogs.

    So, anarkike, are you one of those slow, shuffling zombies from the original Dawn of the Dead or one of those spastic, fast moving zombies from the re-make?

  5. It never ceases to entertain me at the way the uneducated libturds "tell us unintelligent scum off".

    The difference between a normal (healthy-minded) person and a brainwashed person is that the normal person is taught how to think, while the brainwashed person is taught what to think.

  6. Herr Reichsmarschall....i suggest you transfer this 'blog to "word-press" before 'Joogle' pulls-da-plug on you!

    an 'aside'...try invading this fckn Christ-tard's 'blog.....he censors ALL comments there.....blocked me out a while back because i, despite having only a "community college"-type education (called 'TAFFE' in 0zz!), fckd the prick on his "response to Alex Linder" thread there!....Linder chewed him up and SPAT him out!

    fckn drongo thinks he's "it-and-a-bit" but...if he can't satisfactorily answer some-one like me, who ain't exactly a PhD "rocket scientist", then, he's just another fckn SHIT-man!

    *VNNf 'thread' on same!*

  7. Hate mail is a sign that you're doing something right.

  8. According to this Black actor Danny Glover claims the earthquake in Haiti was caused by Global Warming. I watched the included video that shows Danny giving the interview where he supposedly makes the claim, but Glover comes across as unintelligible to me.

  9. I hate to beat this further, but if you look at my comment over on Al-Fin (link) you will find that Haiti is a failure compared to other Black countries in its IQ range, which is in the mid 70's.

  10. I agree with most of what is being said here. I do not follow the logic of shooting someone between the eyes though. When you shoot someone like this you not only end their life you end their usefulness. If instead you were to shoot to incapacitate the individual then you may get more of a value out of them. If you injure someone to the point of them screaming for help, they may bring others in either for assistance to them or simply someone who is looking to loot the body. One injured soldier may attract a dozen of his compatriots to his plight.

    These people have no training in being covert. They base their strength on fear and intimidation. This may work well in the inner cities but out here in the real world it does not mean shit to the real warriors of this nation. If they chose to ride around in the back of their pickup truck, like their counterparts in Africa, firing blindly at everything that moves, well I say more power to you. The only thing that that will accomplish is making their presence known for all to see and to make them a very large and inconspicuous target.

  11. I am surprised the dipshit didn't call you trailer trash.....

  12. I was wrong about Haiti's IQ. After the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations was put out the authors put out a follow up book entitled IQ and global Inequality. According to the follow up book Haiti has an IQ of 67. This puts the Haitians a good twenty points behind the Niggers in Detroit. Equatorial Guinea is the dumbest country in the world with an IQ of 59, only 8 points behind Haiti.

  13. Ihr Amerikaner brauchen mehr als eine Waffe, um die Herrenrasse zu verbinden. Sie verfügen nicht über die Gene und damit auch das Gehirn Macht. Trotzdem ist der Aufwand bewundernswert.