Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Civil War 2 Notes: Part 1

One aspect of every New Year for me is wrapping up loose ends and completing things that have been put off. One of those(many) things has been the reading of Thomas Chittum's Civil War 2 which Ronduck has been urging me to read for quite some time now.

As I suspected, I am not learning things that I did not, to varying degrees, already know. Even so, Chittum's prescience in regards to certain things that have come to pass since he wrote it(a publication date of 1997) are remarkable.

My purpose in creating this series of blog posts is to break down the basic points of the book and having a quick reference for myself and those who haven't the time or inclination to read the book on their own.

The book is not so much laid out in chapters as it is particular sections. These excerpted notes are from the first two sections. As I read further, I will break the rest of Chittum's thesis down in similar fashion, in manageable, small bites.

Civil War II, [is] a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations.

America will explode in tribal warfare in our lifetime.

And as America breaks up the very concept of multiethnic democracy will likewise be forever shattered.

Long columns of doomed refugees will clog our highways.

Bands of guerrillas will stalk about the countryside— raping, looting, murdering, clashing with each other. Food production will all but cease.

The hungry will fight to the death over scraps of garbage. Millions will starve, and millions more will die from infectious diseases.

Throughout world history, all multiethnic empires have broken up, and almost always in cataclysmic violence.

ongoing and dramatic changes in this country's ethnic composition are rapidly transforming America into a more empire-like entity, a naturally unstable political cardhouse doomed to collapse exactly as every other multiethnic empire throughout world history.

Urban riots have long been a fact of American life, and many were ethnic in nature. Today, they are almost exclusively ethnic in nature, and it doesn't take much to ignite one. Electrical blackouts, unpopular legal decisions, traffic accidents, real and imagined police brutality, and racial incidents of all sorts are commonly followed by ethnic riots.

Eventually, being an American will be meaningless in practical terms, and therefore there will be no point in the continued existence of America at all.

Eventually for working-class
white Americans our ethnic group and income level will be our de facto nationality.

The racist euphemism for this systematic dismantling of the rights of English-speaking Europeans is affirmative action. Increasingly, economic opportunities and even legal rights are determined not by your status of being an American citizen or not, but by your ethnic group. Increasingly, government documents require that individuals state their ethnic group. This data is not merely for informational purposes.

The politically-correct social planners have assigned English-speaking Europeans to the very bottom layer of imperial America, and racist affirmative action is the tool they're using to construct their brave new world. Even though racist affirmative action will suffer occasional setbacks, eventually this racist concept will triumph completely.

Eventually, the growing minorities and their New Order allies will seize absolute political power and expand racist affirmative action to all areas of everyday life in the new multiethnic American Empire.

The politically-correct elitists who run the multiethnic American Empire keep telling middle class, white Americans that they are now whites first and Americans second. Have the imperial elitists seriously considered what will follow when most white Americans actually start to agree with them?

Our corrupt politicians will grant amnesty to illegal aliens so they can become citizens and receive racist affirmative action special privileges. When our corrupt politicians give amnesty to illegal aliens, it's another flashing red warning indicator that Civil War II is that much closer.

watch to see if the establishment media drops the term illegal alien and substitutes the politically-correct euphemism, undocumented immigrant.(this has come to pass)

Watch for more such amnesty acts in the future. There are millions of illegal aliens residing in America, almost all of them nonwhite. Should they be granted citizenship, the cultural and political landscape of this nation will be radically and permanently altered beyond peaceful modification.(amnesty for mudstizos is a high priority for obongo and company in 2010)

[the]...goal is nothing less than destruction of American citizenship and therefore, ultimately, the destruction of America itself.

Now that America is being re-engineered into an undemocratic, multi-ethnic empire, our concept of citizenship must be (and is being) destroyed, and is being replaced by ethnic group and social class, because the concepts of a multiethnic empire and rights based on citizenship are absolutely and completely incompatible.


  1. If food production is to completely cease, then owning land exclusively for farming is a waste of resources. Land should be purchased strategically for security and hunting.

  2. CWII ain't as "readable" as the HAC tetrology....'fiction'/'faction' is the best way to present such scenarios....but....to clarify....our biggest enemies are the (white) ZOG-bots (politicians, judges, police, military, private contractors &c), liberals & white anti-racists...the feminists, the gun-grabbers, the race-mixers & the multi-culturalists et al ....they have to GO FIRST!...when they've been "dealt" with...then, it'll be time to deal with the muds!

  3. Rusty, I think Chittum is saying that standard means of commercial production and supply lines will be disrupted. I still think a family farm or even a small garden is indispensable in off the grid living.

    Jimbo, I don't disagree with your list of villains who will need to be disposed of, but, the reality is that here in the 'kwa, roving gangs of niggers and mestizos are going to be a primary concern for anyone just trying to survive the initial chaos.

    What is the HAC tetrology? I would be interested in reading a fictionalized scenario along the lines of CWII.

  4. "HAC" tetrology refers to Covington's books..."A Mighty Fortress", "The Brigade", "A Distant Thunder" & "The Hill of the Ravens"....wtf-ever you think of the author, those books are well worth the effort....you can dwn/ld them free here

  5. 1. Thank you.

    2. If you look at Chittum's short self-description at the back of the book he states that he volunteered to fight in Rhodesia and later for the Catholic Croats in the Yugoslavian breakup. So Chittum has personal experience watching both racial conflict and the breakup of multiethnic empires, hence why he was so prescient.

    3. This will destroy the global order as we know it. The US Navy secures the global supply lines that make commercial shipping safe, so we could easily see the end of global trade too. A few Somalis on the Horn of Africa engaging in TNB have been able to divert shipping from the Suez canal causing such ships to instead go the long way around Africa. With the US Navy gone every thirdh worlder from the Barbary Coast to India to SE Asia to Latin America will decide that robbing ocean-going ships is a quick way to make a buck, and as such the oceangoing trade as we know it will cease. Considering that India (and soon China) import grain this could lead to famine over there.

    4. The extreme libertarians will finally get their dream, with every person in the third world unconstrained by government able to do whatever they want - see #2.

    5. I read part of A Distant Thunder and I didn't feel the urge to read it further, but then I am not usually much of a reader. However, in the book the narrator recounts how new recruits are inducted into the racist organization, and states that new recruits are often relieved to be able to say 'nigger' publicly for the first time in their lives. The inductess often break down, some into tears, as they finally let loose and say nigger endlessly for a few minutes, finally free to state the truth.

    Around the same part of the book the narrator states that when a concept in English is suppressed it bubbles up in new ways, and he then goes on to say that English has several hundred alternative words for nigger because of this suppression. I never thought of that.

    6. The truly infuriating thing about our current plight is that without Welfare the niggers would be confined to a marginal existence in the countryside, most spics would be in Mexico and the Somalis wouldn't be able to establish a foothold in America.

    The one great hope in the coming collapse is that when the welfare checks end some of these people will starve. Cannibalism may become common - and that's just in the liberal-arts departments of our major universities. For our sake I would like to see welfare end soon enough before the collapse to make the strategic situation for our race better. Winter in the D can be long and brutal when Whitey isn't paying a nigger's heating bill.

  6. Excellent postings R! It is very good to talk about all these scenarios.

  7. Since I'm so far behind I'll start at your first. I agree this book does have some good tips and believable scenario's, and also that I like Covington's stuff better ... although he has outright antichristian sentiments. But good can be extracted from the dross. Patriots was a good book.

    I guess we all may differ on exactly where any racial geographical lines will be drawn. I don't know if it'll be so cut 'n dry. Myself, I was never one to envision only some northwest enclave - we want the whole damn country back ! And we will get it.

    Without welfare the niggers will do what they do best - rob, rape and destroy. They'll clean out and burn down there immediate inner city zones (whigger warm up) and then branch out into the 'burbs. But the farther away from their jungles they get, the more resistance they will meet. White boys aint been sitting 'round shelling peanuts.

    The time for OUR clean sweep will come. Let the niggers, whiggers and cops have at it - yall wouldn't listen to us, you willingly served the beast to the detriment of our race and God, and you thoroughly enjoyed your sin for a season. The meltdown is way overdue and longingly awaited.

  8. This makes me glad that I served in the Army. Ill be the one picking spooks off 1 by 1 with a smile on my fuckin face. I cant wait for the day to come. Put those bastards back in the fields or in the dirt where they belong. Im tired of them living off my hard earned dollar. I cant even afford a good truck because they want their food stamps. I say drop em' all. I want my homeland back...