Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Mouth of Mississippi Vs. The Occidental Dipshit

Jim Giles, Radio Free Mississippi

Thanks to a feature Orion did over at Access St. Louis about Jim Giles and his radio show I have been immensely enjoying as many interviews and broadcasts as time will allow. I had not been aware of Giles before, but, enjoy his demeanor and interview style, making me want to hear more.

Then, this weekend, things got kind of bizarre. Some character of dubious credentials came out of the woodwork last week claiming to be an associate of Bill White. The details can be seen at Radio Free Mississippi, but, the long and short of it is that Giles felt a Fed trap was being laid for him, so, he essentially came forward to authorities to protect himself. A reader took notice, and forwarded it to Tom Metzger, calling Giles an informant. Metzger, whom Giles had recently interviewed, simply stated in reply “Giles is a coward.”

Giles responded on his radio show. I was kind of taken aback by the voracity of the attack, which was an unhinged expletive “F-bomb” laced rant. Prior to this I had been listening to reasoned interviews with Arthur Kemp, Jared Taylor and a few others.

My affinity for Tom Metzger is not a secret. But I worship no man, and so I took no particular offense at the heated comments, just quite surprised at the usually mild mannered(as far as I knew from limited exposure) man making them. I have learned since about the attempts by local Mississippi authorities, who have had it in for Giles, to rail road and imprison him. His explanation for his actions, given this additional information, is sufficient for me to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tom should know better.

This out of character behavior then set the stage for the following day’s interview, with some geek going by the name “Hunter Wallace” who runs a blog called “Occidental Dissent”, a gathering place for hand wringing intellectual egg heads(and, as it turns out a hot bed of faggottry) .

As part of the subtext for this next debacle, there is some kind of feud between Alex Linder of VNN and this egg head and his cohorts at Occidental Dissent. Giles, who also interviewed Linder recently, seems to have made it his mission to drop Linder’s name every other sentence. Linder, apparently, made inference or an out right declaration on VNN that jews will have to be exterminated.

This notion of a theoretical(and that’s important to keep in mind in reading this post and listening to the broadcast) “genocide” of the jews was one of the things Giles pressed “Wallace” on. Wallace seemed more concerned about “jewish girls” being killed. Giles countered that niggers are killing White girls and not a damned thing is happening to jewish kids. Hunter Wallace would not acknowledge that there is a genocide against Whites being prosecuted. At least four more times he voiced concern about how horrible it would be to “kill jewish girls.” Giles tried to get him to admit that in publicly denying a “genocide” as retribution, we still had to acknowledge privately that removing the jew would be necessary and not be a bloodless prospect. The interview did not go well for this goofy kid. Basically, Jim Giles bitch slapped the fuck out of this kid.

And it’s the aftermath of that bitch slapping that really is my purpose in even doing this post at all. You see, I’d maybe seen “Occidental Dissent” on a few blog rolls, but never actually ventured there myself. After all of the “hulla-balloo” I had to have a look to see what this ass wipe was really all about. I did not like what I found.

The first troubling thing is that Hunter Wallace, as a result of his being verbally man handled first by Linder on the VNN forum and then by Giles on live radio, is now calling into question his own beliefs. How weak and irresolute can one be if a harsh word can spin your head around on the core fundamental issues facing our race? I would have packed it in a long time ago if all it took was a less than kind word from some of our Kindred.

Take a gander at some of these pussified statements:

“I won’t touch the Jewish Question again before examining it with a moral eye. How did I become so morally broken that I was willing to engage these degenerates?”

“In my entire life, I have rarely felt so guilty or ashamed, or embarrassed…”

“I’m also taking a small break from blogging. I need a few days to sit down and seriously reflect upon everything else I may have been wrong about.”

“It is clear to me now that the extreme anti-Semitism within the White Nationalist movement promoted by genocidal maniacs is a serious problem. “

“Here is the major issue that we need to address: does blogging about the Jewish Question, that is, drawing attention to the issue, is that aiding and abetting the exterminationist anti-Semites? Are we making their job easier? Are we making people more receptive to the idea of killing Jews and non-Whites? What are the moral implications of that?” [don’t you feel good knowing these intellectual pin heads are hand wringing and furrowing their brows contemplating such questions while niggers rape and murder White women and children?]

“I’m suspending my activities here for a few days. I need some time to consider the moral implications of anti-Semitism. Is this project aiding and abetting exterminationists? I will return to posting when I have answered that question.” [this emasculated eunuch makes me fucking sick]

His head has been completely twisted by a theoretical notion(fantasy) about “exterminating” jews, but seems unmoved by the genuine atrocities our Folk face every day. Oh, and one blog is not enough for writing bland essays, navel contemplation and intellectual masturbation. He's got a whole blog dedicated to analysing to death the "Jewish Question":

As if that were not bad enough, there seems to be an over all air of trying to extend an olive branch to jews in order to peacefully co-exist in an all White society that permeates this wretched blog, or otherwise bring them into White Nationalism. Here are but a few of the too numerous examples to post, by one of their most revered posters “Friedrich Braun”:

"We need to appeal to the Right-wing (Orthodox or other), Islamophobic Jews. Priority number one. God knows there’s a lot of them out there!"
“By working with Jews and including them in our ranks we will have, among other good things, polarized the Jewish community and successfully inoculated ourselves against charges of a Nazi-like hidden agenda.” [It’ll never fucking happen, Shlomo.]

What we need to do is to adapt to post-modernity by couching our case as a defence of liberal democracy, the way Geert Wilders has done, thereby stealing from liberals their rhetorical weapons and showing them to be the true illiberal ones. The ultimate rhetorical coup! [Braun probably re-read his own statement 10 or 20 times, smugly satisfied with his own "brilliance" at having churned out such a pretentious line of utter bullshit]

“Israel is on the first front defending the West from Islam” This has the advantage of being factually correct. Have you been to western Europe? Islamic immigration is the number one problem. I have noted that the JDL has praised and defended the Swiss vote. I want to work with the JDL. [Are your red flags going up yet, friends?]

[Jared] Taylor’s hobnobbing with known neo-Nazis and Holocaust-deniers is problematic. [to whom, exactly?]

Let me be clear, I want Jews inside the tent. They can be an incredible asset and appeal to the eugenicist in me. They are a people of immense talent, energy, organization, skill, work ethic, determination, drive, intelligence…I want to extend my hand in genuine friendship and love and say: “I want you to work with me for a better future for us!” I want White Nationalism to not only include Jews, I want them at all levels of power and authority. [“friedrich” is obviously a kikejew hasbarat who has infiltrated this blog and is leading these dupes by the nose on what amounts to a fool’s errand]

A random post I picked out:

"70Race Realist Rick":

“The main problem is White Liberalism, not some nutty ‘ZOG conspiracy’!”

Jim Giles, who ended the interview on a pretty congenial, friendly note, even offering to have Wallace back on again, went into another rampage on the following day’s show. Here’s only a small sample of his choice words for these clownish goof balls:

“Fuck you little pussies. Fuck you intellectuals. Fuck every last one of you. You chickenshit. Where is your fucking honor. You anonymous sorry shit. Fuck you Occidental Dipshit. God damn. I feel embarrassed for having associated myself with some of these people. There is something wrong with your courage, manhood, mental stability, faith. That’s why I talk about Wyatt Earp. Legal! Wyaat Earp. None of this horseshit. You don’t care enough about your own to protect them.”

- Jim Giles

Other than denouncing these Occidental Dipshits as frauds , I don’t and won’t take sides in any of this insanity: Metzger hates David Duke, Giles hates Duke and Metzger, David Duke is out for himself, Linder hates pretty much everybody, but has unleashed particular scorn against Jared Taylor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, and Patrick J. Buchanan(?!) and at the end of the day, we’re no further than when we started. Maybe this is all by design?

I like Jim Giles and will continue to listen to him, but I can’t help but wonder if his credibility hasn’t been destroyed beyond repair with the last 4 or 5 broadcasts. His latest few shows have him delving into these long buried nigger on White rape and murders dug up from the Mississippi court system. He sits in his “$16,000 trailer at the end of a gravel road” gulping down black coffee by the pot, pondering each and every word of these atrocities recounted in court documents and police reports, working himself up into a rage. He might be damaged goods at this point, after a winning streak of interviews with some pretty influential, serious people.

I will say, I’m beginning to see what others have been saying about David Duke. I wont denounce him or the great work he’s done in exposing the jew, but, I’m a little less enamored with him as many of the rumors floating around out there turn out to be substantiated.

I don’t consider myself a part of the “Movement”. I despise the term, in fact. It’s clear, just from this mini-soap opera, which is but a microcosm of the discord and tribal warfare going on, that there is no “movement”. Any (serious) talk of a “movement” is dead on arrival. It’s an impotent, disjointed, and often times fraudulent paper tiger, much like the “militia” movement. I put absolute zero faith in charlatans, money changers and mad men. A veritable circus side show.


  1. Spot on. I have pretty much not commented on this latest spat because both of them are acting like, well...movement drama queens. I've always liked Giles but he's too enamored with Linder, who I dispise for reasons I won't go into here since I don't want to add to the drama.
    I'm really disappointed in Hunter Wallaces' reaction and his adversion to a theoretical cleansing of our enemies. Reminded me of a woman having second thoughts. That's pretty weak and you have to question someone's appreciation/dedication of the real issues.

    While I appreciate what Giles is doing, he needs to learn how to interview better. I really get irritated at Giles constant interuptions and his inserting his own opinions. I wanted to hear the McDonald interview for example, but he kept saying "Linder this, Linder that" and totally distracting from what MacDonald had to say. An interview is for discovering what the interviewee thinks, not the interviewer. And can we learn to pause the recording when yelling at the dogs, or getting coffee?

    Oh well, one day it might come together. If you want to hear a semi-professional network, check out reason radio, it's pretty good.

  2. Wow great post! Just reminds you that no man is perfect.

    For the record, I can't stand Linder. Metzger sorta scares me. That said, does not mean that either one of them has not contributed some good work.

  3. Excellent post and it brings much food for thought front 'n center.

    I'll admit that after taking a cursory look at Giles when Orion posted about him I've not delved further. Still haven't learned to squeeze 36 hours outa 24 ... but we're trying.

    But I'm hearing more and more good stuff about him. Reckon I need to check it out first but how long has he been active ? He looks ex military which could be a plus. Does anyone know if he is totally anti Christian ?

    Didn't really understand the part about him thinking he was being set up, so he went to the cops (?).
    " and at the end of the day, we’re no further than when we started. Maybe this is all by design?

    I will say, I’m beginning to see what others have been saying about David Duke. I wont denounce him or the great work he’s done in exposing the jew, but, I’m a little less enamored with him as many of the rumors floating around out there turn out to be substantiated.

    It’s clear, just from this mini-soap opera, which is but a microcosm of the discord and tribal warfare going on, that there is no “movement”.
    I know Martin Lindstedt is itching to be interviewed by Giles, and if he (Giles) is truly interested in hearing the unadulterated version of Christian Identity (versus Kemps bogus one), much good seed could probably be planted.

    I betcha alot of us have long pondered the divisive nature among our people when considering those who profess to stand for us. Naturally, being a Christian and bearing such identifiable fruit is paramount to me, but even so as mentioned here - look at those who continually push the line of acceptance and tolerance farther and farther.
    Seeking quantity over quality.

    We've learned how to take the good parts from this one, gather the few from that one ... and put the pieces of the puzzle together ourselves.

    Perhaps it is best for now that any "movement" be fragmented ... hard to identify, hard to penetrate, hard to quell. If the Spirit that flows thru the remnant is true, then we must trust God for the timing of implementation.

    Will it be a collective thing ... will it continue on a sporadic basis ? Time alone will tell.

  4. Well, Orion, it seems Jim's admiration of Linder ended with today's broadcast. "Fuck VNN. Linder, you need to clean that fuckin' mess up over there. Clean up that god damn fuckin' horse shit!! Fuck all y'all. Sip of coffee." haha. At this point I'm mystified by it all, but, I gotta admit it beats the standard fare that can be found on the talmud-vision in terms of entertainment. It's a bad car wreck that I'm having trouble not gawking at and driving away from.

    Agreed, he could use some polishing in terms of interview skills. It seems like Linder just got inside his head and camped out there like some kind of cancerous tumor pushing him towards the irrational.

    "Whut?! You don't like when I take a coffee break or yell at muh ol' blue tick hounds?!?! Fuck you!!!! Where's yuh honah at?! Huh?!?!" haha.

    I concur with you and Joy about Linder. I've got no use for him. And I pretty much know your reasons, Orion, so 'nuff said.

  5. Jeff, I've only heard Giles come down hard on judeo poisoned "Christianity" and jew loving big money preachers. He in fact was one of these hard core Christians before he knew better.

    To be honest, I don't think he knows about Christian Identity, because, first, I think he would be very receptive to it and second, there's a lot he doesn't know about WN. He didn't know who The Order was until he interviewed Glenn Miller. He got into all of this over a move to change the Mississippi state flag and ran for congress a few times and then for governor. He's just a pissed off White man and right now it seems he just doesn't know where to direct it at. How long he's been going, I can't say, but he seems like a newbie, in a lot of respects.

    About why he went to the authorities: Well, best as I can decipher it, this shady character came out and asked him to interview him. He said "by the way, as part of my bond, I am not allowed any contact with the internet. Don't tell anyone we're doing this on the internet." Personally, going to the cops was a bit too far for my tastes. He could have just declined and left it at that. But, this guy is paranoid. He says helicopters are flying over his house.

    "Perhaps it is best for now that any "movement" be fragmented ... hard to identify, hard to penetrate, hard to quell. If the Spirit that flows thru the remnant is true, then we must trust God for the timing of implementation."

    This is my way of looking at it and I'm going to come back to your statement every time I get fed up with these prancing drama queen charlatans who make me want to just throw up my hands in disgust at the whole mess.

  6. It was shameful bullyin on Giles' part, and completely unlike his other interviews which were much more civil.

    Hunter isn't even 30 yet, his worldview is still not fully set in stone, he only recently fully committed to WNism. Hunter got in over his head, Giles ripped in to him for no apparent reason in the interview, taking advantage of Hunter's nervousness and natural introversion, his first interview ever by the way.

    Absurd and stupid shit, man.

  7. I concede that Hunter was bullied. I also don't think, on the whole, that he did that bad. My problem with it was the response, running back to his blog writing about it, airing his confusion, contemplating in public. He opened himself up to this kind of scrutiny as a result. He's a writer, I get it, but, I think in hind sight, he knows it would have been better to sit on the experience until the shock of being basically ambushed wore off and he could approach the matter with a clearer head. That "Mea Culpa" entry just fueled Giles' madness and made for more sport on VNN.

    I don't know a lot about Giles, but I do know he's probably got less experience in White Nationalism than Hunter. He's coming into the game in the middle of it and he's wondering why we haven't won it yet. He wants action. And he wants it yesterday.

    Jim keeps harping on this notion of a "leader". "Legal! Wyatt Earp!". He's really all over the place. Like I said above, he's just a righteously pissed off White man looking for answers that most of us have spent years trying to get to the bottom of.

    Once the whole thing started going south he probably should have just softly hung up the phone. Undoubtedly, there would have been an on air meltdown, but at least Wallace wouldn't have been standing there taking it, as he ultimately did.

    Tempest in a teapot. But points to a larger fundamental problem that does not bode well for our survival as a race, if we don't get it together.

  8. And since I know that Wallace has linked to this story and made a blog entry of it, and OD people are reading this, I'll just say this:

    If anyone is “taking advantage” of Hunter Wallace, it’s this Friedrich “I want to work with the JDL” Braun character. Extending an olive branch to parasitic jews who have nation wrecking in their very DNA and even handing over leadership roles in a pro-White organization/government is complete madness. As students of Dr. MacDonald, you people really should know better. Giles is right about one thing: you spend more time worrying about how to placate our enemies and prostrate yourselves before them than you do about the survival of our Folk.

    "Blood alone moves the wheels of history." -Martin Luther

    The anti-Muslim, pro-kike organization that Braun dreams of already exists. It’s called the GOP.

  9. Thanks for all that helpful insight RM. Giles warrants our further consideration as he grows and hopefully he will do so rapidly.

  10. "perhaps it is best for now that any "movement" be fragmented ... hard to identify, hard to penetrate, hard to quell. If the Spirit that flows thru the remnant is true, then we must trust God for the timing of implementation"


    what we can't hope to do, in a future white home-land, is to force white people to believe this or that...which, of course, didn't work even in NS Germany!

    as a matter of public policy, "that which is good for the White Race" should be the guiding principle behind all legislation but, what any particular white man believes in the privacy of his own home & family is and must be at his own discretion!

    even "fundamentalist" xtians can be accommodated IF they put their race first, reject miscegnation, accept the total exclusion of jews from our midst and do not interfere with/hinder the implementation of any political policy aimed at furthering those goals!

    NS Germany excluded jews from major areas of socio-political/socio-economic influence but, at this late date, we are too far gone and our white societies/Race is/are in too much danger of imminent extinction to tolerate ANY jews amongst us!

    ("F von Braun" might have been a bit more "palatable" if he had advocated some-thing along the lines of retaining those jews with ¾-or-more white genes for the purpose of "up-breeding" the caucasian component to recover our viciously stolen valuable genetic heritage and, then, dispensing with the kikes-in-question!)

  11. "Wallace" just 'deleted' my l8st post on whacked up this little 'missive' as a bit of a "head`s up" for this kike-kissing cunt......

    “Hunter Wallace”…..listen up!….you fckn MAGGOT!… “delete” any more of my posts here….and, i’ll SPAM yr fckn ‘blog 24/7….got that, you fckn cunt?!?…..i’ll “drop” a handful of meth’ & stay awake for a fckn WEEK if i fckn have to, you prick!….you’ll have to hire 50 extra “admins” to ‘take out’ my posts…..don’t try & take me for a mug, you FUCKING CUNT… that?

  12. ha ha ha....i just "flooded" that cunt "Hunter Wallace's" 'blog with a few doz' comments.....he deleted them all...but...i was gunna keep it up all night long if necessary....right into the "wee", he's gone back to "moderation"....ha ha ha....the fckn maggot!

  13. here's what the cunt 'posted'....the 'funny' thing is...the post he deleted was fairly moderate & restrained....mainly referring to white men keeping fit &c & referring to jew pogroms in the Middle Ages &c...that, basically, is what "got on my goat"!

  14. ".. what we can't hope to do, in a future white home-land, is to force white people to believe this or that...which, of course, didn't work even in NS Germany!

    as a matter of public policy, "that which is good for the White Race" should be the guiding principle behind all legislation but, what any particular white man believes in the privacy of his own home & family is and must be at his own discretion!"
    Jimbo - I don't want to start a full fledge back 'n forth rock chunking battle with you here on RM's blog. It tends to clog up anothers venue if nothing else. I've stated my beliefs here before and will only lightly touch upon them. You can do with them as you will.

    I took a look at your profile page and if it is an indicator of what is contained in your blog, it answers a few questions for me. Thou art a god unto thyself. Will that well go deep enough ?

    From my perspective there is only one God, and I would assume you view Him as some jewish entity if you give His existance credit at all. This legislating of morality and societal law must come from somewhere - it will either be mans or Gods. Do you really understand the freedom of living under His law and how beneficial it is to the white race ?

    My experience has been that most folk harbor nothing but contempt and hatred at the mention of any Deity - I cannot understand this, for if nothing else it seems a very shallow outlook on the immensity of it all. My God doesn't limit me, He enpowers.

    Though it may be foreign and contemptible to you, my Bible says that every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Christ is indeed King. Doesn't sound like a nation filled with "come as you are" beliefs.

    I hate the jew and the nigger the same as any awakened white man ... but I recognize the bigger picture and see Gods hand in it. How we got here and how we're gonna get out. The might of our arm alone will not deliver us.

    I've spoken words along these lines for quite some time - many refuse to listen. That's your choice. But it is from true concern for my folk that I mention it in the first place.

    I wish our folk would learn how to dispense of their pride and humble themselves before God while they can still do it the easy way. This will be a white Christian nation under Jesus Christ alone. Warring against Him is a lost cause from the get go.

    Yep, only time will tell.

  15. "Hunter isn't even 30 yet, his worldview is still not fully set in stone, he only recently fully committed to WNism."

    After a few days away from all of this, I'm coming back to this comment with a fresh set of eyes.

    It has been stated elsewhere that this girlish, effeminate looking kid(I've seen the photos posted on VNN) changes his "world view" with the regularity that a fickle woman changes her shoes. I dismiss whitesurvival's statement as a lame apology for someone who really has no business representing White Nationalism in the first place. He was an anti engaging in less than honorable cyber terrorism, and it's my guess he'll come full circle and reveal himself to be an "anti-racist" again.

    "Hunter got in over his head"

    Without a doubt. And was exposed as a cowardly little apologist for jews and a not quite ready for prime time player.

    "Giles ripped in to him for no apparent reason in the interview"

    In listening again, there was plenty of reason. Giles smelled weakness the way a shark detects bloody chum and went in for the kill. This dork's refusal to condemn homosexuality out right only agitated Jim and caused him to harp on that one particular issue.

    "taking advantage of Hunter's nervousness and natural introversion, his first interview ever by the way."

    Then keep him in the monastery with his parchment and quills, penning endlessly droning words that will inspire no one, light no fires, and ultimately do nothing. Thank God we live in an age when precious timber isn't being sacrificed for this tripe.

  16. Jim Giles -- Fruitcake or Fed?

    Jim Giles' Radio Implosion

    To Reichsmarshal: I myself have read your post and commented on it extensively. StumbleInn Forum has a thread with a poll as to whether Jim Giles is a Fruitcake or a Fed. And, like most of the popular wisdom, sometimes the proles sense the political earthquake ahead.

    I just don't know about Jim Giles. He has gone off to where he is in love with TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller and seemingly thinks that these ZOG false-fronts are the future of the bowel Movement. It is admitted that Alex Linder testified on behalf of the Prosecution at Bill White's trial concerning information that he had no business keeping after banning Bill White and after Bill White was going to trial. I think that TraitorAlex Linder runs a ZOG observation post paid for by TraitorGlenn Miller since before the Christmas Coup of 2004. And thus by any definition, VNNF is a ZOG data-mining outfit meant to keep tabs on 'radicals' on the racist right.

    The rest of my rant is posted on above link, as well as other forums.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  17. Jeff, you've never been uncivil in stating your beliefs, and so long as others reciprocate and honor that, feel free to engage in whatever discourse you feel necessary. I don't moderate, and I have only deleted about three comments in this blog's entire 1 year existence, and those were just substance-less vulgarities coming from the usual suspects.

    I don't want to step on any toes, but first impressions, even on the web, are lasting ones. And I'm real concerned that Jimbo mentioned "dropping meth". I don't feel that spamming another's blog or website is very becoming of serious people. A blog named "kike killa" is kind of suspect, no offense.

    I have no use for Occidental Disgust, but I'll speak my piece here and not darken their door step. Their way will never work, but, let them go on thinking that because of their acumen they are "leading" WN. In the mean time, war preparations go on as scheduled.

    Perhaps you'll never be back, Jimbo. Maybe you're one of those guys that just enjoys the in-fighting and you've already moved on to the next flame war. But, if you've got something of value to say, this is the place to say it, and I'd like to hear it.

  18. You're correct about first impressions RM. We live in an age where time and substance of online conversation is of the utmost importance and we all want to know where potential comrades stand. We are at war as you say, have been for some time and how seriously our folk take this matter is quickly noted.

    I had hoped Jimbo was speaking tongue in cheek concerning the meth but even so that's not exactly a confidence builder among a seriously minded crew. Hopefully he will take a step back, amp it down a bit and do some indepth study. We don't need rank and file cannon fodder ... we need specialists who are committed.
    "Then keep him in the monastery with his parchment and quills, penning endlessly droning words that will inspire no one, light no fires, and ultimately do nothing. Thank God we live in an age when precious timber isn't being sacrificed for this tripe."

    Ha ! You know I like a good right jab !
    Reckon we'll see if Giles is only going thru a growth stage and will progress, or if he is just another in a long string of those who get sidetracked for whatever reason.

  19. Pastor Lindstedt, thanks for commenting.

    Also, before I respond, let me say that I'm somewhat disappointed at being characterized by yourself elsewhere as a “whigger nutzi.”As to the aesthetics of the blog, which are not to your liking, all I can say is that it was designed to please one person, and one person alone, and that would be the one writing this response. On the other hand, harsh criticism, or a few boos from the gallery, whether off base or not, will not have the effect of dissuading me from my core beliefs as they have this “Hunter Wallace” kid.

    Jim Giles, Fed or Fruitcake? Well, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he might be both. Throughout the article and the subsequent posts, it’s pretty clear that I’m leaning in Giles direction in terms of favorability, with some degree of reservation. I want to like him. Ultimately, I don’t know. One thing I did find alarming is that after he lost his gig with IBM and went back to Mississippi, he stated on air that he tried to join the FBI.

    I don’t know what to make of it. He’s very erratic in his thought processes. He likes genocide one day as a plausible plan, then the next he goes on a tangent about “strictly legal!“ Maybe, I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that snitch jacket too soon.

    Unless one plans to hitch their wagon to Jim Giles and follow him up the hill into machine gun fire, I don’t think it matters much whether he’s being groomed to be the next Hal Turner or is just a crazed country bumpkin self destructing in public. To my mind, all of these “movement” people are suspect. I wouldn’t trust Tom Metzger himself in a real flesh and blood situation. It’s the ideas I’m interested in. I lean with you and others in thinking Linder is mining data. It’s already been established that IP addresses have been handed over to the Feds. Whether he’s a fed or not would really only be the concern of those stupid enough to sign up for VNN, or any forum for that matter. There’s not much a Giles or a Linder can do to you if you keep them at arms length and just get whatever of value they may have to say. Giles said he doesn’t want your money and to stay the fuck away from him. It’s a request I find easy to comply with.

  20. The same thing applies to Radio Werewolf. You don’t like the store front, or what I might be selling inside. Fine. You may even suspect a kike working in the back store room, overseeing the entire operation, passing intel along to Abe Foxman. That’s your right and caution is wise no matter who you’re dealing with.

    I could tell you I’m above board and the genuine article. I could be lying. But here’s how I reconcile the image that many have trouble with or find suspect: I don’t collect personal information, I don’t even ask people about their work or families, even those who correspond privately, and never will. I never ask about weapons or plans, and, if you were to do your research on me, you would find that I often dissuade any such talk. I’m not gathering people around me in the physical world, or even the cyber one. I’m not a part of your aptly named “bowel movement.” I issue no marching orders, nor do I take them. I have never asked for money and will delete this entire blog the day the thought even enters my mind. I’m told through various channels that a lot of people follow the blog anonymously and without commenting. How will I rope those folks into my nefarious kike plan? I hope the seeds I’m planting are taking root far and wide, in places that I can‘t even imagine. I don’t want credit for any of it, I want a healthy, safe future for my children and my race.

    I hope you have (or will in the future) read the rest of the blog to see that I’m just one man trying to make sense of it all, while giving individual survival advice and tips here and there. If, after all of that, you still dismiss me as a “whigger nutzi”, then so be it. For your personal edification, I am not “trying to be what I think a WN should be” through the trappings you find so distasteful. It IS who I am. Keep in mind also, this is the internet. It’s a place where disembodied people with ridiculous handles congregate, and anonymity as well as showmanship are the rule. Some people actually think that sites like Stormfront or VNN constitute “the movement.” Does anyone honestly believe that me dropping the Totenkopf is going to get more of the sheeple to know that niggers are dangerous? I think, in my tiny little corner of cyberspace, I’m doing far less damage than clowns like the NSM.

    In writing this story, I only set out to explore something that I kind of found interesting personally. I had no idea that it would generate this amount of attention. It was meant to be though. Because, with all of the bullshit that has been left on my door step as a result of this debacle, it’s pretty clear that my initial analysis of this pathetic, inept “movement” was an immense understatement. I was not, and never have been a part of it. It’s safe to say that I never will.(and in spite of your accusation about me not knowing the history of the movement, I'm sad to say I do, which in large part is why I hold such a negative view of it, and see no viability any where within it.)

  21. for the "record": Linder was, from my under-standing, subponae'd to give evidence in W White's "trial"...i guess that means: he had NO choice, eh?!? for him keeping IP address records...not sure about that can't really be interpreted adversely w/out further evidence...many people in the WN movement appear much too eager to "jump to conclusions" on whether or not some-one or t'other is a police informer or "a dog" as we say here Down Under!

    "Jim Giles"...i'v spoken to him on the 'phone...i doubt very much if he is any sort of "double agent"....mainly because he's made it quite clear that he wants to "keep him-self to him-self"....doesn't even want people "emailing" him....

  22. RM - if I might interject a thought here ... it's a certainty we all have an ongoing growth period. For if it is not continual, we whither and stagnate on the vine. I've never thought of myself as having already "fully arrived" and needing no further insight.

    Rightly or not, I think it goes back to first impressions again. Look at my blog - someone happens upon it and what would first come to many minds ? This guy is some kinda fruity Jesus freak. Not saying this is necessarily bad but they stick me in with and equate me to the judaized crowd.

    I confess to being hesitant at first long ago of tying into your blog because of certain misconceptions that have unfortunately crept into our minds. You know of which I speak - the unthinking, goose stepping crowd who would bow to a Hitler, etc. etc. and have no further need for information beyond that. Sometimes the initial evaluation is correct, oft times it is not.

    But I kept coming back and realized you were not like that. Indeed, I learned that you are a searcher and a white man who is not above trying to find his God and who has a true concern for his people. Your manner of writing is concise and pulls no punches. It's uncompromising and I find that appealing.

    That said, I would just say that I think first impressions are oft just that - first impressions.

    Jimbo - Pastor Lindstedt has documented cause sufficient to doubt Linder's trustworthiness. Backtrack on his links.

    Sadly, too many times in our peoples past history have "spokesmen" stood up and proclaimed to be "all that" and beckoned us to trust them ... only to find out that the goal was merely to lead us astray, milk us for what they could get and to collect as much bloodied silver from their true masters as they could earn by betraying us.

    All this done with the sweetest smile and silver tongued words you ever heard. They can be very convincing but we must dig deeper than the surface. Yes, we do have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water but after you've been beaten bloody a few times, you learn to exercise caution. Ask some of our POW'S how that works.

  23. i'm not overly concerned with Linder's "trust-worthiness" because i don't reside in the 'Kwa...he encourages & promotes the total extermination of the jews....for me, that is good enough!

    all this "double agent" stuff is, quite simply, "a red herring"....fedZOGjewSA has got NO REAL IDEA of how many white people peruse Linder's site and/or direct others there...all they know is the official member-ship stats and many of them are inactive, any-way...not having posted in over a year!

    as such: they've also got no real idea of the actual numbers of white people who are seriously considering Linder's injunctions to "off" the jews!

    that'll only "come to light" when rich & powerful kikes start getting gunned down in broad day-light!

    all in all, this god-damn tribe of psychopathic desert pirates has got too much blood on its hands to continue any longer as a viable entity on this planet!

    AFAIMC, they're all culpable and their time is UP!

    (and so is the "time" of any-one who stands in the way of that sentence being executed!)

    *"free energy" for ALL!...another kike cover-up?*

  24. Jimbo, my own dislike for Linder doesn't even really have to do so much with whether he ratted out this or that person(though the allegation leads to my general wariness about him). It has more to do with the manner in which he does business, burning people and bridges, sometimes while they're still on them. He's just a caustic individual. I'll read and listen to what he says, but beyond that, I wont be one of those finding out the hard way that he is not a man of character.

    The coin on Giles is still up in the air. We'll see which side it lands on. As I said previously, though, you can listen to Giles and lurk at VNN and nobody is the wiser(as Jimbo pointed out also). Nobody can do to you what you don't let them.

  25. Jeff, as always, you bring the wisdom of your unique insights to the table, and this whole enterprise (and me personally) are the better for it.

    I appreciate your candor on the matter, and I know you mentioned something similar privately a while back.

    Since I had not expected to be in the spot light,drawing fire from disparate camps, I have been pondering making a new post about my journey and how I got here. It's been in the workings for a while now, because these issues have been at the back of my mind for a while now. It's not a defense, necessarily, but merely a statement of what and why it is. It can be taken or left as others see fit.

    "I learned that you are a searcher and a white man who is not above trying to find his God and who has a true concern for his people."

    I am receptive to the message that you and Joy are offering, the little seeds here and there. I've still got some Scripture chapter and verses that you gave me a long time ago and I jotted down. I may not be there yet, but I'm the sort that always takes the longest route to the final destination. Being a stubborn son of a bitch doesn't help either. I take note that you haven't written me off yet or given up. That means quite a bit to me.

  26. "I may not be there yet, but I'm the sort that always takes the longest route to the final destination. Being a stubborn son of a bitch doesn't help either. I take note that you haven't written me off yet or given up."
    The long route is the one that usually garners the most intel on that which we approach, scrutinizing from every approach and angle. It also shows caution and individuality - I would of expected no less from a serious soldier.

    I got no problems with SOB's in my court - indeed they prove to be the most tenacious and committed to the cause. No shortage of such on this end either, man.

    Aint giving up on ya no time soon brother ... I sensed good in you a long while back. Keep hammering away with those AA guns and your kinfolk will continue to back ya up.

  27. Don't know if you guys missed it, but here's Linder's defender in the flesh. Haha This is hilarious!

  28. "Aint giving up on ya no time soon brother ... I sensed good in you a long while back. Keep hammering away with those AA guns and your kinfolk will continue to back ya up."

    Sums up my feelings too! I have said before, I am privileged to be in the same company with you. Carry on brother.

  29. Let me say that how you decorate your site and what and who you have on it is your concern and responsibility, not mine.

    That said, I liked the content of your web page and came to it because it was formatted differently over on StumbleInn Forum. Like a lot of Christian Identity people, the nazi/nutzi trappings usually comes attached to skinhead criminal vermin which ended up losing Pastor Butler his farm. My faction of the Aryan Nations is concerned with creating an alliance of aboveground DSCI churches to upgrade the small One-Seedline CI churches and keep them underground. I think that Pastor Butler made a mistake in simply letting skinhead vermin run wild in his paramilitary organization to the expense of the family-men who used to be the backbone of Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Now we are not going to flush altogether young confused White men who make mistakes and end up in prison, but the days when these idiots and poseurs and agents provacateurs ran things into the ground needs to come to an end in how we run our above-ground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church. Myself and a number of other DSCI pastors want to simply impose some noise and light discipline upon anyone claiming to be Aryan Nations and rein it is to where it again is the political arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church. The family men need to regain control of our racial religion, not insane criminals whose only virtue is that they got caught by ZOG piglice.

    Now as for the [bowel] Movement. It exists. Most of the time it is an embarrassment. And some of the nutzi trappings make us wince. However, in the past year of the Desolation of Obamanation I have seen a great improvement in the DSCI forums, blogs and other communication efforts and in some cases, like your blog, a corresponding increase in quality in the overall Movement. It is as if sensing what lies ahead has concentrated the minds of the inherent White neo-aristocracy wonderfully and they have also decided to get rid of the Movement dross on their own as best that they can.

    If you sell trinkets, then what of it? Every Movement site needs to sustain itself and I would far rather you sold trinkets or wheat berries or colloidal silver than be on the ZOG payroll like Traitor AlexLinderMiller or $permFront/$pamfront.

  30. My problem with Alex Linder is not that Linder is an amoral vicious little asshole sporting a colostomy bag, but that Linder is a traitor collecting ZOGbux from TraitorGlenn Miller. The noisome cage of VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF, in addition to caging many a foul and unclean jew-bird, is simply a data-mining operation, in which TraitorAlex Linder collects this information to use in ratting out other foul birds, like Bill White/Weiss. That Linder is a rat and snitch who collects information, then 'neglects' to flush it, is a given. Linder could have dumped the data on Bill White -- he had plenty of advance notice that this might happen that he had to testilie and thus had nothing to say upon subpoena -- but he didn't. What does that say?: Linder is a rat. Another Hal Turner and TraitorGlenn Miller.

    Insofar as Jim Giles is concerned, after the past week's roid-rage rants I am not sure whether Giles is a fool or another self-serving whigger easily driven into treason. A bit of both, I think. Giles abandoned what good will and trust he had accumulated by his measured, interesting interviews by the past week's antics. It is as if he was one of them nuts I met at the NutHouse who go a day or so off their medications who are clawing the wall and letting what little control they have over theys' emotions dissipate and are simply letting theys' uncontrolled emotions run wild.

    So if any criticisms of this site hit home, please let it slip off your back like water from a duck, Reichsmarshal. I don't like a bunch of nutzi trappings. But I do like the content that you wrote, and have used it to my own purposes. My 52 year old eyes would prefer to take it easy, but what I do is simply do a cut and paste into Notebook and then read it for myself there. How you run your blog is your business and if I didn't think it was worth reading, I would go do something else that is a bigger chore, like spy on VNNF and $permFront.

    So you have no reason to be annoyed at me. I like your blog. I like the fact that you seen what was important the past few days. That others are annoyed at your telling it like you seen it means that your opinion holds some weight. So if it is read, you will indeed gain some measure of controversy and opposition.

    I think that you write a good blog and have good sense. Your opinions may not always run congruent with mine and vice versa. However, you usually have your reasons for your beliefs, something which is rare in the (bowel) Movement. I have always been of the opinion that the Movement is a network, not a hierarchy, and thus you having your own system of doing things is no threat to myself. The same holds true in the obverse.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  31. "orion"....i'm not "defending" Linder because, never having met him personally, i know 3/5 of 5/8 of EFF ALL! about the bloke....k?

    BTW: i got banned from can check that out if you don't bloody believe me, champ!

    AFA Linder's "medical condition" is concerned: my under-standing, from "Banjo Billy", a practitioner of alternative/Chinese medicine & naturopathy on the VNN forum, is that it is easily cured/reversible!

    as for my "radio appearance" with those two goober-knackers, "Jett" & "Jahn"...if you really want to hear me "on air"....check these FTLs out...from a coupla yrs or so ago...

    October, 2006 with Geoff Beck...

    first part; (about ½-way through the brd/cst!)

    second part; (all of it!)

    July 2007 brd/cst with another Aussie...Rob Halford!

    first part; (last 1½-hrs)

    second part;(all of it!)

    another appearance with Mishko Novosel of VoR & Mark from Sth Afreaka... (i'm "on" after abt the first ¾-hr, i think!)

    there's other "odd spots" of me on "FTL"...look them up, if youse're interested!

  32. correction to the abv:.....try the "75-mnt" mark....

  33. Hey Pastor,

    RM does have a good blog. One of the best. You have a good one too and I link to it. I remember you from the militia days and Patrick Henry online was the website to go to back then. You've always had a good nose for sniffing out traitors and feds and I have always trusted it. I don't care who says what about you, Keep up the good work.

  34. Thank you, Joy and Orion, for your kind words of encouragement.

    Pastor Lindstedt, I appreciate your comments and further clarification of your reasoning. The knuckle dragging degenerates who lost Pastor Butler his farm and ruined the remaining days of his life do me no service either, by profaning symbols that I happen to revere for my own reasons.

    I listened to you a few nights ago on that radio show you did Monday night(the entire 5 hours in fact). I don't know a lot about Christian Identity, but now know infinitely more than I did prior to listening. It was highly interesting and I agree with that lady who said you should have your own show. I also hope Jim Giles will grant you your interview request.

    Hearing your voice and these "Lindstedtisms" in actual practice gave me a better sense of who you are as a person. I echo Orion's sentiment; keep up the good work and to hell with the naysayers.

  35. Brother ReichsMarshall,
    I hope Sister Joy and Brother Jeff have not given up on me eather....They both offer great insight to your and their forums.

    I read Orion's from time to time and from what I have seen so far I enjoy it. Just don't get as much time to read as I use to.

    These fellows who you are writing about I have no clue who they are..So can't make a call eather way.
    Some ways I am a Lone Wolf without even realising it. Just don't get into the big crowds and all.
    Take good care all.

  36. You're always in my heart and thoughts Cleveland.

  37. Cleveland - I'm still here for ya buddy ... sorry I haven't extended my hand lately but been busy too.

    (hey ... can ya paint brother ? I can drive a truck - how many of them gears you still be needing when I'm done ?)


  38. You know that martin lindstedt is a pederast,right?

  39. I only "know" what everyone else does: that an allegation was made by the State. An allegation which could not be substantiated.