Sunday, August 2, 2009

"It's a trick, we always use it..."

"Anti-semitism" is a knee jerk canard leveled against ANY criticism of Iss-rael and G_d's Self Chosen. As this video reveals, it is used by kikejews to obtain their political, social and economic goals by bludgeoning dissenters and critics, and labelling them with a term that I believe is beginning to lose it's validity and ability to damage through over use and abuse. Similarly, the holohoax is a political weapon to be wielded in order to achieve jewish aims, by inducing "goy" guilt and "shaming" the governments of Europe and the U.S. to bend to its will.

Funny, isn't it, how Churchill's multi-volume memoirs on WW2 didn't mention "gas chambers" a single time? Nor did Ike the kike's remembrances ever once broach the subject (even though we are told what an impact Dachau had on him, and Patton allegedly vomitted upon seeing the "atrocities" which, were in fact merely war dead stacked due to interrupted supply lines bringing in necessities like, say food. And why would a blood and guts, war hardened general like Patton become weak in the knees in the first place? Oh yeah, they were jews which made it so tragic and sickening, err...wait, there were no jews interned on German see how quickly this farce falls apart when you're even in partial possession of the facts).

The fact is, that "holocaust" was not even a term related to the "jewish experience" in WW2 until the 1970's with jewified rewriting of history and the tv miniseries entitled, ironically enough "Holocaust." Follow the trail of this curious thing called "da holla cost" here:


  1. She forgot when mentioning the halo cost to lift her hands up and cry a little and then get their always availble hanky that matches their beanies and wipe a few tears away....

    And datsh duh vay

    Muh Money

  2. Whenever we hear that accusation, we should respond in kind with something like, "Are YOU an anti-caucasion/ White"? Or "That's anti-White"! Give the fuckers the same crap back.