Monday, June 27, 2011

Politics As Usual

It appears that it is now official. Israel's favorite boot licking, bought and paid for shabbas goy toady is going to make a run for the Whore House. All you really need to know about this lunatic is contained in the brief video above. New readers can refer to the piece I did on mizz Bachmann last year.

Is Bachmann a crypto-jew? Who goes to a "kibbutz" unless they are a chosenite?

In 2008, Bachmann appeared on the drooling faggot Chris Matthews' show "Hardball" calling for a "media investigation" of all the "anti-American" politicians in the Congress. This traitorous harpy should have first looked in her own mirror. Pledging one's allegiance to a foreign, alien power is an act of treason. In fact, it's about the most subversive, treacherous act of national betrayal one could possibly engage in.

Not that I expected it to be any different, but this years crop of Republicunt contenders amounts to a clownish collection of empty suited cyphers, perennial candidates, and rotting left over retreads from the last election. If none of those are to your liking there is always the boot lipped nigger Herman Cain. An endorsement of Herman will assuage that White Guilt and protect you(not really) from the "racist" tag, as is the primary concern of Tea Party retards. And don't worry about the color thing. AIPAC left a big pile of money on Whoring Herman's night stand, so you know he's "right" on Israel!

Ron Paul? Are you people still falling for that old line of bullshit? If anyone in pro-White circles is still placing their hopes in this goofy charlatan, then they are fucking stupid. Lone Wolf of Thy Weapon of War has a must read analysis of the Paul Delusion that should rub the sleep from the eyes of those not yet awake to reality.

The sad thing is, once you see the whole system for what it truly is, you become jaded. There is no refuge in the Blight Wing, even on an entertainment level. I have read most of Ann Coulter's books and even really liked a couple of them. She put a new one out a few weeks ago and I was thinking about buying it. The first barrier to me actually putting my money down was the premise of the book stated in the subtitle "Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America."

Sorry, but when I think of "mobs" that are "endangering America" I tend to envision scenes like what's been going on in Chicago, Illinois for the past two months, with shitskin savages running amok, targeting White victims. Not feminized birkenstock wearing hippies swinging their purses at a rally for fag "marriage."

The second thing that turned me off was the requisite press tour. Goofy Ann, flipping her locks around like a dimbo-bimbo, jabbering back and forth with the T.V. talking heads like she's on dope. Then she's going on about Thurgood Marshall. Not to bash him, but in proclaiming him as some kind of new found hero! She praised him for his legal skills in arguing Brown vs. Board of Education. You know, the landmark decision that opened the gates of hell, exposing subsequent generations of White children to rape, assault, robbery, intimidation and general TNB. Yeah, Ann thinks that was great.

She also thinks Michael(a.k.a. Martin Loofer) King is great too. Because he "peacefully" stood up to the "vicious racist"(her words) Bull Connor who was a ~gasp~ democrat! (I guess Ann doesn't know about the mudsharks and jewesses who were fornicating with nigger bucks on people's lawns, and savages defecating in public which enraged the communities we see in those old news reels).

Eventually I did make it to a book store and leafed through the thing to see what the general tone was. I read with interest a passage on the Ku Klux Klan. They belonged to the democrat party and terrorized "african-americans" and, yes, I'm not making this up, they also tormented "republicans." Generally, it was just a trite tome, beating the dead horse of partisan politics, which never gets any deeper than "republicans good, democrats bad". The jew was not named, nor were any racial truths revealed(surprise!). I set the book back on the shelf and walked away, concluding that the only thing "demonic" about this waste of precious timber were the lies and distortions put to paper by this hideous crone who does herself no favors by draping her cadaverous body with a slinky black dress in order to sell books to sexually repressed conservatards. The grapefruit sized adam's apple, the sunken cheeks, hallowed out eye sockets, man hands, knobby knees and bones protruding through her skin don't really do much for me.

But being jaded by the waste land of politics and media isn't such a bad thing. You can at least say with some confidence "wont get fooled again."

It helps if you've got a pair of these:
"Hoe-leeeee shit. There's a lot more jews walkin' around than I thought!"

The new republican boss. Same as the old democrat boss


  1. I catch flack for being a democrat..I don't care for obongo really to much..
    The reason is, you have useful idiots like this who have their noses so far up joo butt they really could care less about the regular working stiff. Weather White, black, brown, yellow or purple..All they care about is our
    precious 51st state.. And I for one am getting tired of these degenerates
    making it out to be anyone who isn't making $150,000.00 a year plus,out to be some kind of low life..Getting fed up with it..
    I know for the most part its all the same but damn who benefits the joo the most? Atheist democrats or Christian republicans?
    It is truly scary this crypto or rapture idiot could have access to nuke codes
    and the war powers act..Not like that hasn't been abused before.
    Good call on the "They live" pictures.. I still think John Carpenter was
    trying to tell us something back in 1988...

  2. I think most Whites still vote democrat because of economic survival. George Lincoln Rockwell said that right wingers were stupid because their economic prescriptions for people who are struggling amounted to a cold bucket of water being poured on them. Why should I care if usurious bastards practicing ponzi scheme "capitalism" get their precious tax cuts? Why would a union member vote for union busters who want to deny them the right to collective bargaining and destroy their livelihood? Democrats never really deliver on their promises, but I'm sure it feels better than casting a vote for someone who is actively trying to ruin you.

    Michele "small government" Bachmann has been bilking medicaid for the last 6 years. $137,000. That's not even counting her farm subsidies and grants for her "foster children." She's as big a welfare queen as any sheboon in the city of Detroit.

    She also wants to eliminate the minimum wage. I guess the White goyim can go pound sand and compete with turd world invaders for a 25 cent an hour job. "Let the market decide!" Maybe the truly fortunate can get a job on one of her subsidized farms for a daily bowl of rice and a tiny spot in the horse barn.

  3. Great commentary guys! For some reason I cannot post using by Google/Blogger account.