Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"We're gonna have a Mel-ocaust...I love seeing him burn"

First choice for a candidate for "Slap a jew Day"

Eli Roth, for those who don't know, is a caustic little jew faggot who makes torture porn "movies" like Hostel and Cabin Fever, and played in Tarantino's anti-White propaganda piece "Inglorious Basterds."

Here he is uncensored where he cannot refrain from expressing his contempt for Mel Gibson nor his glee in what he surmises will be his ultimate destruction. The video has embedding disabled so you'll have to go to the jewtube link to view it...if you can stomach a preening little kike sodomite spewing his anti-White invective.


Roth waxes hypocritical: "Now we have the perfect villain (in Mel), everything that is disgusting in Society." Is this hook nosed filth merchant fucking serious? And who's "we", Shlomo? Would that be The Tribe?

Also worth noting about the video is that TMZ founder, Harvey Levin can be seen seated on the right. Levin is a muck raking filthy heeb(is there any other kind?) who got rich from setting up Gibson the first time with that supposed drunken "anti-semitic rant", which may not have actually gone down as we were led to believe. TMZ was destined for bankruptcy before this "windfall" landed in Levin's lap.

A kikejew like Levin is the sort of parasitic bottom feeder who is so low he sucks the shit of the other bottom feeders

And this is all occurring even as the perverted child rapist Roman Polanski's pursuers have been denied extradition from Switzerland, preventing the administering of justice long over due. Funny how a White man utters a few "offensive" words and he's publicly stoned day after day until the next Thought Crime occurs, but niggers and kikes can call for, if not actually commit, crimes of rape, violence and murder...with nary an eye brow being raised.

Mel Gibson isn't perfect and I don't approve of his mud sharking with this "Russian" woman of dubious ethnicity. But then I don't hold Gibson to a White Nationalist standard since he has never declared himself as such. He doesn't need to because he is a throw back to the proud White man who reminds me of the era of my father and grandfathers. And when I hear this Roth scumbag revel in Mel's destruction and fantasize about reprising his Basterds role, it makes me sick and puts me in the pro-Gibson camp 100 fucking percent. Compare his body of work as both an actor and director/producer to Roth's pathetic (and skimpy) resume and the quality of the man and his craft are glaringly apparent.

Mel is rumored to be working on a Viking movie. If it ever sees the light of day I'll be there on opening night.


  1. A viking movie would be great, especially with Mel directing. I agree that would be one of the few movies I would pay to go see. I don't think I would even watch it first like I do with most movies to assure that I don't have to pay for pc bullshit.

  2. I agree with everything you have posted on this subject lately. The fact these recordings exist in the first place point to dubious intentions. As I said earlier, what is it they want me to hear or see or feel.

    The question I would have is in regards to the woman. What is a slav supposed to look like? While she obviously doesn't have the Nordic look that we most associate with the White race here in the West; she doesn't have the Ashkenazi/Khazar look either. There are of course some light haired and eyed Russians (probably from their Rus Viking namesakes). Russians are predominately dark haired and eyed. I respect Russians and include them in my definition of the White race.

    I'd hate to come across as throwing a whole group of Whites (Russians) under the bus because one of their women acted like a degenerate whore.

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  4. Sometimes I look back in a Land a long time ago were my Ancestors ruled over half of it..
    and makes me want to get a two handed broadsword and learn how to use it properly in joolywood..Those parasites annoy me.

    You can look at spinger,maury,and these two kikes here, are proof joos will do anything for money,,

  5. "Mel Gibson's ranting tapes total 5 today as experts believe Gibson tapes were altered"


  6. Thanks, Joy. I suspected early on that things were not as they seemed.

    Dave, whether this slut is an ethnic Russian or some kind of Roma(gypsy) hybrid doesn't so much matter to me as the fact of what she's doing, why she's doing it and "cui bono" who benefits?

    I know virtually nothing about Gibson's personal life past, present or future, but I have to agree with Cleveland, if he walked out on his family for this silicone bag, then he's reaping what he has sowed.

  7. And I think using a broad sword to slap a beanie off of a kike's head is a grand idea!

  8. Well said, RM. I'm looking forward to the day that someone pulls the sword from the stone. Not all our enemies wear the beanie but all those that wear the beanie work for our enemies. Some of our enemies are not "jews" at all... but for lack of a better term that is what they are. All fingers point in that direction. Illuminati, Mason, whatever, As you said, "who benefits"

    Cleveland, you're a good guy. I believe you made the best point of all us. Who only marries once these days? There has to be a loophole in that "forever do us part" thing right? Perhaps the "Supreme Court" will tell us...

  9. Did you know that Oksana Grigorieva is Ukranian. Ukranians are Russian slavs. Slavs are more attractive than Norse/Scandinavian peoples... Your wife is Khazar.....she had her nose job and jewfro removal done early on to hide it.