Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kikejews Shut Down Incogman

As most of you know by now, Incogman's Wordpress blog has been flushed down the memory hole by the usual suspects, in this case some kikejew hasbarats who set up Incogman for his fall by posting comments advocating violence, from my understanding of the situation.

I like Incog and have a tremendous amount of respect for his writing as well as his unwavering commitment to exposing the jew for the subversive nation wrecking parasites that they truly are. Before I ever laid eyes on his blog, I lurked at Stormfront and he was one of the most notable posters that I have yet to come across there.

The thing I disliked most about Incog's blog(though not really his fault) and the very thing that ultimately led to it being put in the recycle bin, was the high number of shit disturbing hasbarats who hijacked threads and just generally stunk up the place with vile jewthink.

May he go on to a self hosted Wordpress theme and redouble his efforts against the forces of pure evil.

Incog speaks: "Yes, they did shut me down. Permanently.

Although I have no specific knowledge of why they did it at this time (I've been up almost 3 years and had 1.8 million hits, even as a semi-censored blog). Possibly all this Lieberman bill business made them want to forestall any government request.

I was classified as "mature" and foolishly believed that this gave me a degree of "invisibility." This complete censorship came out of the blue. I have noticed a major uptick in searchs for my blog and my listing was often at the top for a wide variety of search strings. I was getting close to 4000 hits a day and was in the 400,000 range for Alexa (I'm told is pretty good for a blog).

I am not sure what exactly I'm going to do now. I can put up the email address to the Wordpress guy who responded to my email on why they did it and people can email him about the matter, should SF allow that. Maybe enough emails might change their mind.

Let me state for the record: Soon enough they'll shut down every place on the Net for White people to freely talk. Maybe even here.

The White race cannot be allowed to talk freely in any public venue, if the Jews have their way.
Are we going to let these people keep cutting off our balls forever"


The reasons this blog was shut down are perfectly clear: it was a highly trafficked, successful site that spoke hard hitting truths with each and every post. That it was effective (and therefore dangerous) is a testament to that fact. When you get too big, the kikes come gunning for you. Incog did it right. A round of applause, please...


  1. He is back Big R..And like usual you nailed it.
    This backfired on the joos. They shut it down, it is getting all over it was shut down. People who are smart enough to read are naturally curious,,,So more and more (Americans) believing in free speech (?) are getting their eyes opened...So more and more will see his new site and wake up more to it..

    I would like thank Orion for posting the new address ,,,,

  2. I found INCOG MAN's articles to be great and well written. Although I disagreed with him on some finer points, I always have had respect from him on others.

    The domain name "" was a mere redirect to his wordpress blog. The domain isn't owned by INCOG MAN nor does it appear that the new webpages that domain points to are authored by INCOGMAN. We'll see if the owner of the "" domain points to Phillip Marlowe's content in the next few weeks. Until then "" should not be viewed as his work but only as a tribute.

  3. I'm gonna go ahead and make my assumption known here. I suspect that the "" domain is owned by a man named Julian Lee. I'm not trying to insinuate anything bad about Mr. Lee. I've communicated with Mr. Lee many times and respect him.

    See for yourself:

    The layout, style and content are all quite the same. I know that publicly INCOG treated Mr. Lee with respect and admiration. I'm not suggesting anything negative... just awareness of the realities.

  4. Well put RM and that is what I have been stating to a few others for a little bit now. While I did enjoy his writing and broaching on certain subjects, some of which I never even thought of, I could not avoid the fact that his comment section was a rat’s nest of infestation. I rarely posted on his forum mainly for the reason that the majority of the people on it were so consumed with playing the “you’re a jew” game. Hardly ever did the comments pertain to the article in question especially when they got a day or two old. They became a hodgepodge of shit that was just too much to wade through. So many people just copied and pasted other people’s articles and did nothing to discuss what it is that they were putting up.

    I do not know too much about webhosting or what is entailed, I would think that Phillip (if that is his name) owns the name incogman. I don’t know if someone could legally put up a domain name that is his property without his consent. But again I do not know how all this works so it is just a guess.

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