Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mel-o Drama Continues...

So, the tape does exist. But the question is "why"? Note how Mel's voice sounds like every phone recording you've ever heard and her end sounds crystal clear. This cunting whore doesn't even look White to me.

While this tape, obtained under illegal pretenses, is being used by the jew to further stir up hatred for Whites(and destroy a man they utterly despise in the process), the story of High Yellow Holder's "Justice" Department dropping charges against the nigger panthers in a voter intimidation case, and the subsequently discovered incendiary commentary, has slipped under the radar.

A movie star (in a town where celebs can do no wrong provided it's immoral and debasing) chooses, in a heated moment, to correctly point out the true nature of the nigger savage and it is roundly condemned by the usual suspects. Using the word "nigger" to describe a subhuman is "wrong". Calling on your minions to "kill crackas" and murder White babies...not so much.


  1. Could'nt agree more. Very apt and concise analysis of the story. I always eagerly await new content here. Keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, I asked some lems if they had heard about the killing white babies comments and no one had. The media is completely ignoring it except for Fox, and even then they are making excuses for it by saying the por niggra be crazy and shite.

    I believe Gibson's wife is a Flip mongrel, but I don't remember. She certainly is not white. I believe he had a kid with her too. Having sex with a mud is bad enough, but reproducing with one is the unpardonable sin.

    My prediction is that Gibson grovels on this one.

  3. Just heard Gibson may be arrested for domestic violence. I thought recording a conversation without the consent of all parties was illegal in CA?

    "Twelve states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington."

    Was this recorded in California? Anyone know?

  4. Can't find it where she is a joo...I thiink it was on Judicial's site but it is closed down again....
    I like Mel even though he is a sept of Clan Campbell,,,,
    But really though if he of kept his(hard core) Catholic faith (no not tryting to sound like rondick) and not fooled around on his wife with this skank he wouldn't be having these troubles...Call me old fashioned

  5. NSM DE, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. It's comments like yours that let me know I'm on the right track and gives me the added boost I need to keep going when doing this blog seems futile.

    Orion, I think you're right about Mel caving on this one just like the jew thing, but, I hold out hope that one day one of these White men caught on tape using politically incorrect speech would just tell the kikejew media to go fuck themselves. Just once, I'd like to hear that. I hope Gibson is that guy...

    From everything I've read about it, all indications are that this recording was indeed made in California. Law be damned though. If the kikes want to destroy you, legality goes out the window. Even if there are ramifications, the whore and her jew enablers have done the intended damage. This mud shiksa will be thrown under the bus and left to burn while the chosenites greedily rub their hands together in celebration of the destruction they've caused.

  6. This mud shiksa will be thrown under the bus and left to burn while the chosenites greedily rub their hands together in celebration of the destruction they've caused.
    This ish duh vay didn't you know? Muh Money

  7. Orion, I don't know but my wife claims that Oksana is living in New York which is only a one party state. I guess I don't see what all the big fuss is over. Who cares if Mel doesn't like niggers, spics or jews. How is any of this considered news. With the real news going on in this nation, most of which is never televised other than locally it astonishes me that they have grasped onto this drivel for all they can squeeze out of it.