Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farewell Address

This past year I have been wrestling with the obvious fact that this blog has run its course. I've been in denial for some time, waiting for some external burst of inspiration to fuel the passions that led me to create this blog in the first place. And in that respect, the well has run dry.

The reality is, I've simply said everything I wanted to say, and even repeated myself a time or two. And probably more.

You will have no doubt noticed the difficulty I've had in even eking out a single monthly post in 2011. The reality that it's over hit me last night as I was searching for a story, any story, just to post something to keep this blog current and relevant. The day I simply "cut and paste" and merely "phone in" a post is the day it's time to hang it up.

Is it over for good? For the foreseeable future it is. Call it an indefinite hiatus. I can't definitively close the door forever(anything can happen to change the current state of affairs), and the blog itself will not be deleted. I hope this repository of knowledge I've created over the past three years is of some value to someone who might stumble in here after the lights have been shut off on my way out.

This is not a decision based on "depression" or defeatism. Nor have I changed my views. I am, however, in a rut in terms of my thinking and analysis. As I've stated, I've said everything I have to say. It's time for study, reflection and seeking new stimulus in order to be effective and not just another voice in the White Nationalist echo chamber. This is going to require some time off-line.

I make this announcement at all for my own sense of closure, and out of respect to the people who faithfully read this blog and come here often, hoping today will be the day that a new post finally goes up. You deserve to know that I'm going to be going away for a while and the reasons why.

I also want to express my deepest gratitude to those who read the blog and an added thanks to those who actually take the time to comment. You have made the last three years worth it.

Hail Victory!



  1. Best of luck in all your endeavors. Keep in touch.

  2. This is sad to hear Big R. Hopefully we will still see you regularly over at NoWhiteGuilt.com and The 1488 Bunker. Your insight is always greatly appreciated. You have been one of the people most responsible for my awakening.

    Vielen Dank Reichsmarshal,


  3. Can understand Big R. Kind of burnt myself.
    Seems like we are preaching to the choir.
    We know whats going on and we can learn new
    things..But we have learned the basics.

    Yes do keep the blog up and do a drive by every so often. Hopefully you and the rest of the 88 Boys will meet on Sundays..

    Thank you for your friendship and fellowship.

  4. Thank you for all of your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. Not only that, but I think that blogging about 'forbidden' subjects is a journey of discovery... Learning about ourselves and the reality of building a New Society.

    I was first attracted to your blog because of the title: "Radio Werewolf"... the last-ditch struggle by National Socialist Germany against the Allies. I felt that we were in a similar situation, here in the United States... as many others have felt.

    But the good news is that I discovered the 'light at the end of the tunnel'... We can win this struggle... We will win this struggle!

    Maybe, the society that we build will be so different from societies of the past that many of our people will be frightened of it? Good! The future is only for the brave!

    As National Socialists we always must be on the cutting edge. Ours is not a 'historical society'. It is the mastery of the present. To master the moment we cannot dwell in the past. We must be in the vanguard - the leading element of the struggle!

    That having been said... Thanks again for being there when you were needed most. And best of luck in all your future endeavors. There is a whole world out there for you to conquer!

  5. Hey RM! I do understand your decision to leave. The tide has changed and it is time to put into action what we have preached over the years. Please stay in touch. (You should have my email)
    Shieldline if you are seeing this, you too stay in touch, I miss your blogging too!
    Joy (Sojourner)

  6. Dixieman here....Reichsmarshal, I can completely understand your decision and would like to take the chance to thank you for all of your hard work in helping to educate those who otherwise would have remained in the vast majority of the blinded sheeple herd. I will admit that I have an air of sadness about me as Detroiter with DIC and you with Radio have made the decision to conclude your blogs at this time. There is a point when you realize you are possibly repeating yourself. You have done a splendid job and are certainly deserving of some time to relax and reflect. I will always look back and smile at the memories of schooling the pc/multicultural morons who had no trouble vomiting their ignorance on DIC. Whether it was Josh, Mudickie, or Kdumb, they didn't stand a chance when Reichsmarshal brandished his intellectual sword. I truly appreciate the friendship of you, Joy, Detroiter, Cleveland, MCK, and the others. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  7. You ritings will be missed brother, I recommended RW to comrades here in Britain two years ago & I know they've been following it ever since.

    Best wishes on future endevours.

  8. Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes. It means more than you can possibly know. I'm encouraged knowing how much my work means to many of you.

  9. Sieg Heil! Reichsf├╝hrer! Wear your Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub, Schwertern und Brillianten with pride.

  10. "...Bottom line: this is a battle for minds, for hearts and for souls. It’s the total package. You don’t get that by hiding your views, but by spreading them. You don’t get that by watering down, but by passion. And you don’t get it all at once, but by constant repetition. I’ve amazingly heard, and this from a writer I respect, that he has pretty much written all that he has to say, and his past work is there for anyone who is interested. What the fuck? Did the Jews just make their case with the Frankfurt School, say they’ve pretty much said what needed to be said, that people could either agree or disagree, and now it was time to hit the links? Hell, they had written the subject pretty well to death by the early fifties. Did they stop there? The answer is obvious..."


  11. I feel sick when I read what you write. You dont deserve to be alive, or have arms or have thoughts or all of the above

    1. Dear Anonymous, yes you feel sick because you ARE sick. That's the bottom-line. You are sick because you have allowed your mind to be contaminated by nonsense. Free thought is the basis for Western Civilization. That means, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. In your 'perfect world' everyone would be a clone, repeating some silly 'party line' until it had no more meaning than some religious chant (like the Apostle's Creed). What has been written here that is sickening? That the world is going to hell? That in the future Americans will be 'picking shit with the chickens'? Theses theories are not idle conjecture. The world is going to hell, and we already are picking shit with the chickens. That's why you feel sick. In the future, your sickness will grow. Until, finally, you will commit suicide. That is your glorious future. Please, feel free to avoid suffering by speeding up the process. That way, you will have removed one more 'useless eater' from our already overpopulated world. I think that this is probably the best suggestion for you. Because there is no cure for weakness, other than elimination of the infected cells. Or, as Jesus so aptly puts it, "If thy right hand offendeth you then chop it off." (And, this coming from the 'Prince of Peace'.) In other words, it is not words that are offensive so much as your mind, which interprets them in a negative sense. Get well soon, bro, or kill yourself!

    2. You sir do not understand the gospel of Jesus Christ (which is not actually of Jesus himself because it was written significantly after his passing). You also seem to struggle with the concept of metaphor and historical context.

  12. Anonymous: I laugh when I read what you write. It's a mirror reflecting the sickness you are trying to project onto me. I express thoughts and ideas that you don't like so I should be dead, mutilated, mentally castrated, etc. I have never even remotely called for the infliction of harm on those I disagree with. Whatever moral high ground you believe you're standing on...you're not.

  13. I get a laugh out of some these dipshits..
    I was reading on face book a dipshit was giving
    a joo a hard time for telling the truth on joos..

    Now how can a torah joo be a anti semite toward atalmud joo? The torah joo actually hates the talmud joo and visa versa..The talmud joo is the zionist vampire that got holocausted...And the torah joos blame the holocausting on the talmud joos...

    Such fun family squabbles...lol