Sunday, December 4, 2011

McCain and Graham's Proposed Police State

I wonder how much more 'kwans are going to take, now that we're reaching the point where their very existence has almost been criminalized. Where do "tea party" retards stand on this? "Hurrah! Can't let the terrorists win. This is amurika! Can't wait 'til we nuke those Iranian bastards! They want to wipe Iz-rell off the map!!!" That might be an unfair assessment to blanket that entire "movement" with, but I'm willing to bet it's the attitude of at least 7 out of 10, especially since the tea party has morphed back into the republicunt party. Hey, vote for Newt Gingrich. He'll fix everything.

I never liked either of them, but let me just say that John McCain and the creepy faggot Lindsey Graham are a pair of the lowest pieces of steaming excrement anyone has ever scraped off of the bottom of their shoe. They should be dead ten times over for the laundry list of treasonous acts they've inflicted on the United States. But instead, "conservatives" keep electing them. Over and over.

The message of this legislation is clear. If you dare think you're going to live off the ZOG grid, even for a meager 7 days, you will be thrown into a gulag and all evidence of your existence will be wiped away. Who decides who is an "enemy combatant"? No court of law or court of public opinion. The Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General will decide who is deemed a "domestic terrorist"(what an Orwellian title, which aptly describes the ZOG itself).

I hope one day we're not all looking through the wrong side of a razor wire fence saying "y'know, maybe we should have done something..."


  1. It is so amazing how damn dense people are.
    Even if its for their own good they would rather pick these idiots then a democrat..

    I found this in Forbes Magazine..Very Conservative that no one can argue that. And it actually tells the truth about romney/obama care and how things needed to change or the revolts will happen sooner then later.

    ""If you believe that the end of private, for-profit health insurance is some type of nefarious step towards a socialist society, then you might want to attend church this Sunday to mourn the loss of health insurers being able to worm out of covering the bills of a cancer patient because she forgot to write down on her application that she had skin acne for three months when she was a teenager.""

    I posted this on my facebook and some other republican bashing..I look at it as who is the joo getting the most benefit from?

    And you see so many tea baggers that believe the propaganda from faux news and did not really know what it was about it..So blinded by hate and stupidity they couldn't take five minutes to realize it was for their best interest.

    I'll be damned if I didn't get my tail chewed off by one of our very own on this.
    It truly amazes me.

    And I see these people are all for less government and blah blah blah except when comes to their agendas..Like abortion rights and all.. Or you see the old tea baggers carrying signs to keep the government out of their Medicaid and Social Security..

  2. I am all for less government, especially less power for our government to ultimately wield over our heads. By giving more power to our government does any of us feel safer, I for one do not. I no longer feel security in my own personal property. They are doing away with our rights to own and possess many certain things and if we voice our discontent they label us racists and bigots, then take what they feel is rightfully theirs. Ultimately I am against unearned rewards and unrewarded labor.

    Our government has treaded all over our rights and they can’t even accomplish the three basic jobs the constitution lays out for them to do, yet they are always jumping at the chance to try and fix another person’s problems. Maybe they should try to fix their own house before coming to mine and telling me how I must fix my own.

    As far as the health care law goes, where in the Constitution does it state the Federal government has a right to force me to purchase any type of service? What’s next are they going to tell me what type of car I must buy or what food I must eat. Once the precedence is set the laws have a tendency to run away with themselves. Since Obama laid out this great plan that will lower health care costs for everyone, my insurance has went up over 300%. WTF I pay for my family to have this commodity but now I have to pay for everyone else to have it too, and they don’t even have it yet, just the vague promise they will get it later, sounds fair to me.

  3. I have no problem when a person can post a bond of $100,000.00 Because something major goes wrong it goes up and past that.Why should I get stuck with something like this here?

    ""But this much I do know: Bankruptcy proceedings frequently leave doctors and hospitals with unpaid bills. When that happens, doctors and hospitals write off the cost as “uncompensated” care – and pass along at least some portion to the rest of society, in one form or another. Some credible estimates have suggested uncompensated care adds up to more than $40 billion a year. ""

    My rates go up and coverage goes down because of this..Now what is unconstitutional? I have to pay more and get less because someone does not put aside for a rainy day?

    A different note we all know this isn't OUR country anymore. It was signed away in 1913.
    I try to explain to people when it was the United States of America from 1776 to 1913 a period of 137 years we had three wars where we were attacked..the banker war (civil) and American Spanish skirmish. So from 1913 to 2003 we have had seven wars where one we were attacked by the japs..but ended up fighting Germans..and this war on Arabs that could barely fly a single engine Cessna but could fly a jumbo jet in a way that Top Gun Pilots on a simulater could not..

  4. Thanks a lot Reich. Your video has successfully flipped me the fuck out again. I was just starting to feel normal again after all those zeitgeist videos few years ago.

    Basically if they say not to stockpile food or ammo, FOR GODS SAKE STOCKPILE FOOD AN AMMO!!! Can you imagine how crazy people are going to go once we get close to this time next year? OMG ITS 2012 WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!! I have already warned my sisters to get out of major cities before the end of the year but keep being dismissed as a kook. I don't think the the poles are going to shift or anything crazy. I just think people are going to go apehit thinking something is going to happen. Luckily I have been prepared for years, because frankly I am a kook. XD

    I don't mean to be rude Cleveland. You are cool in my book and you know that but I have to ask. Have you been drinking? How did we go from the constitution being burned to obongo care? I am pretty much with MCK 100% on this one.

    I hate discussing politics because it is much like discussing religion. No matter what you say someone is going to get pissed off.

    Maybe I will make something similar to the cass corridor at our old home for such subjects.

    Here is a fun fact. Based on the first video most mormons are terrorists because they are all encouraged to have a food surplus to last at least a year. There are survival stores all over Utah.

  5. The problem with ceding the power of choice to the government is that you are left dependent upon a substandard product or service. It's much like addressing "income inequality." The goal is never to elevate the poor to a higher status, it's about downgrading everyone to a common denominator.As the saying goes, you can make a lame horse equal to a healthy horse by crippling the healthy horse.

    What you'll most likely end up with is rationed care. If you're looking to the government for food, shelter, medicine, etc. you must accept what you are given, no matter the quality or lack thereof. Who are you going to vote for? The politicians that subsidize your existence. What's the incentive to strive for a better quality of life if those same politicians are going to punish you for your efforts?

    The arguments framed by politicians are never really about the issues they profess to's a wider agenda of absolute control. Create a majority permanent, dependent underclass and you can win election after election and push whatever agenda you want. "Oh, you don't like it? Well, vote for those other guys who want to take your food and freebies away then. I thought so..."

  6. Cleve, I hope you know I am not trying to personally attack you, but I do disagree with some of your political views. This is what once made this nation great, that we can have different views but yet both can prosper.

    We can talk about how Drs and Hospitals are forced to pay for people who do not pay and how they ultimately push those deficits on to the regular people who do pay, this cannot be avoided, there will always be those who wish to scam the system.

    For me what it comes down to is force, in a free society we cannot force anyone to do anything even if it is for their own wellbeing. Because what we then end up with is a power hungry government who wishes to force us into all sorts of behaviors it sees as being beneficial to our livelihood, or for some random vague social good. Who is it that defines this good though? Is it the intellectuals who sit in their offices on college campuses, who have lost touch with the reality of the world around them, or how about the spiritual advisors and their thoughts about how we need to be a more moral society, based again on their own definitions of what we as a society should be striving for.

    Personally I would like to have the opportunity to express my own will and views and pursue the ideals I myself feel to be important. If I am to be considered greedy because I do not feel the need to help large swaths of people, to whom I have never met nor have any real bond with, so be it. I would much rather help out those in my own family first, then move on to the community I belong to. It is my understanding that this is the only viable way to have a workable welfare system. With local communities caring for their own, there is less chance of continued abuse like we see in the present system, because we would know about those who really do not need it or are taking advantage of the system.

    We have come to a point in this system of government where they are holding the people hostage, all based on promises the politicians had no real right to offer the people in the first place. Some politician in Washington has no right to offer someone, whether they need it or not, my property or service. I get upset when I am expected to shell out thousands of dollars to programs I myself am not entitled to. If anyone should be entitled to these programs it is those who have paid into them. Like SSI, I believe if you have paid into this system you are entitled to get back what you have paid into it, if you need it. But now that children that have been labeled as having autism are eligible so many people are pulling out of the system, even before they have ever even paid in one dime. This is a system designed for collapse, which seems to be exactly what they are hoping for. I believe one person should not be able to pull out more than they have put in, if a child needs to get this service they must pull the funds from their parents account, which would diminish the amount the parents could ultimately collect later on. The problem with SSI and its insolvency is that the majority of the people pay in only a few dollars a week and yet when the get to collect they are pulling out thousands a month, they exhaust the amount they paid in. But ultimately it is a ponzi scheme that will never pay out to everyone who paid in, as with all ponzi schemes there must be a sucker left without a chair when the music stops. When the program began many people got benefits that they did not ever pay into, so on that note there will be many people who have paid in their whole lives who will get nothing when it comes time to collect. Add that to the fact that the Social Security Fund has been pilfered throughout the years and you have to begin to see the amount and depth of corruption that is rampant in this system.

  7. It seems to me that they are hoping for a large catastrophe in the hopes that they can declare Marshall law and suppress the rest of the dwindling freedoms we still possess. I see clamoring for complete takeover by the Federal Government, of all large businesses and many other institutions that have no bearing on the government, I can see it happening, and these people will get everything they were hoping for, but the outcome will be far different than what they were expecting.

    The October Revolution got the people of Russia everything they were clamoring for, but what they winded up with was a far cry from what they wanted. I see the same mentality in the faces of those people today, they want something and the easiest way to get it is from some faceless government that is promising it to them, if only they are given a little more power. The only trust I hold for this government is that they will continue to take advantage of whatever they can to seize even more power to beat the people into submission. The government will not help the people, because if they could or even wanted to it would have been done long before now.

    Remember when you vote for the lessor of two evils you still wind up with pure unadulterated evil. Democracy is a lose, lose situation, which is why we did not form a democracy in this nation, but a republic. It’s been a long time since those views have been expressed by anyone but the fringe group or haters or bigots, that we have been relegated into being. How sad is it that those that wish our country still stood by what it was created to be are labeled racists and bigots.

  8. I don't have a problem with the ones who don't want it..Or to do not carry any..Make sure they sign a waiver stating they have the funds and they don't pay their own way or let them die .Man,Woman and their child. I am all for freedom to I am also for responsibility..I should not have to pay for ones who gamble not to have it.

  9. But on a note treason again.
    How arrogant these joos are. Unreal.
    And the sheeple will just keep doing what the Big R stated earlier..

    ""Now, Eric Cantor (R-VA) will soon be the Majority Leader of the House, and he has joined the ranks of treasonous legislators, and taken it further by breaking a Federal law. Cantor engaged in talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the same day that the U.S. Secretary of State met with Netanyahu, and vowed that he and his GOP colleagues would protect and defend Israeli interests against his own Government; the United States of America.""

    Here is the link

  10. South Africa's past is America's future...

  11. Well surprise surprise the bill passed both the house and senate and the CIC signed it into law. I do not understand how the people do not see where this would be construed as treason or at the very least breach of contract. All of these govt officials swore on a bible to uphold the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I guess maybe it is we who are the enemies now, anyone believing in the constitution and not wanting a nanny state to tell them what to do or what to think is the new enemy of the state.

    So Be It.

  12. I think I accurately summed up the mindset of the average cuntservatard lemming, as this random comment from "Hot Air", a jewthinky kosher kahnservative website, demonstrates:

    "I couldn’t care less about indefinitely detaining terror suspects. Do what you need to do. With many of these people, we should just lock them up and throw away the key."

    bluegill on January 1, 2012 at 6:09 PM

    I guess these Pavlovian conditioned retards see the word "terror" and skip over the fine print, no further investigation required. Big Brother knows best.