Monday, November 21, 2011

M.I.A.: Detroit is Crap

DIC has been down for the last 5 days. I don't know what's going on, but it looks to be more than a server issue, as these are usually resolved within several hours or a day at the latest. It may have either been shut down by external forces or Detroiter may have simply thrown in the towel.

All speculation at this point, of course. Anybody out there has some solid intel, let us know here.

Detroit is Crap has had it's up and downs over the years with prior shut downs, in-fighting and several months of what appeared to be an absentee land lord as far as the forum was concerned, but in spite of it all, I always stuck with DIC. It was the first place on the webs that I felt inclined to join, interact with like minded people, and contribute.

The fact of the matter is, this blog would not exist were it not for me contributing to DIC's sister site Diversity is Crap, which not only demystified the whole blogging process, but infused me with a passion to strike out with my own thing.

Many, I get the feeling, dismiss DIC as a mere "nigger bashing" site. Detroiter and many of his followers are some of the most jew-wise people I've ever encountered. Believe me, that pissed a lot of people off.

Detroit is Crap is a habit for many people, myself included. It would be a shame if this really is the end.


  1. Hey its leet.

    I couldn't help but notice that around the same time the site went down this was posted on some nigger blog.

    Yeah, that's me in the comments lol.

    It also happened to coincide with the SOPA act they were trying to pass in congress.

    I am thoroughly upset about the passing of DIC. I had just hit "robocop's mechanic" the day before it went down. mfw :-( I do not mean to use a nigger vernacular but for lack of a better saying the site "freed my mind and my ass followed".

    I am pleased to announce that I am currently working on a message board that should be done sometime around the beginning of next year. It will be rudimentary at first but hopefully I can expand from there. If I can get a good block of free time over this holiday weekend It might be up and running for beta by Monday. will hopefully provide a new home for us so that we may get back to business as usual. What was that host that detroiter used? 1st amendment something or other. Maybe using that one is not such a good idea since he is down.

    I hope he is ok...

    Your brother in arms,


  2. I heard from D and he states that the server is just down without any real reason why behind it and no word as to if it will be back with the same host or if the site has to begin again, hopefully not from scratch though. I pray everything was archived properly. It sucked losing the first site all due to some silly copyright infringement order.

  3. Good to hear from you brother, I know how busy you are. I sure hope it is up again soon. I feel like I lost my home and had to move again.


  4. oops. Didn't think the Leonard Nimoy avatar through...

  5. Good to hear from you guys. Thanks for the information, MCK. I don't know how forthcoming D is being. A server down, going on 6 days now? Difficult to believe...but we'll see.

    Leet, those coons you roused out of their trees sure did resort to the 'muh dick' in fairly rapid order. Not surprising how they bash us for dehumanizing them, when every comment on that blog claimed the same thing about Whites. I always assume that every nigger I encounter hates me and is seething with rage that I even exist. I'll never be caught off guard like stupid White liberals who get mauled like a dip shit at the zoo trying to pet the polar bears.

    I'm mostly pissed about the fact that we had that neo-kahn jew on the ropes and called him out...then the damn plug gets pulled before we could see what his response would be. I have wondered over the past several days if that was coincidence or not.

    Whatever the fate of DIC, I think you should go through with the message board. Seems like DIC always has server issues even well before this. At least it would be a place to regroup, stay in touch and carry on.

  6. I was under the impression that maybe the bill came due. After shopping around for hosting I have realized that it could get pretty expensive, especially if you had one with as many hits a day as hid did. I hope that if that was the problem he could have come to us at any time. from the looks of it he had tshirts printed when it went down so I do not think it was a money issue.

  7. Looks like all of 1st amendment hosting is down.

  8. Ok so on Google Chrome I can post but it won't work on Explorer? WTF?

  9. XD mfw Cleveland still uses internet explorer. lol

    jk man. Pretty soon using firefox will be lulzy. It is on the way out. They don't include it with linux anymore, atleast thats what I heard.

    Good to to have you with us.

  10. is now up. Please bear with me as I set this up.

    Also check out and

    I successfully thwarted an attack on them by "anonymous" today. Talked to him for a little bit. Seems like an ok guy.

  11. I had both of my sites hosted with 1st amendment hosting which is completely dead. I assume everyone they hosted is too. They have been hosting my site for free for the past couple years so I don't know if they just couldn't pay the bills or what.

    I really don't know whether or not I'm going to bring back Detroitiscrap but chances are it won't be back unless my host magically comes back online.

    I feel like I've said all I have to say over the last few years and I'll be honest, it feels kind of good not having to worry about posting content and thinking of new ways to try and say "detroit is crap".

    To everyone who donated money and supported over the years I truly thank you, it's been great fun and I think it really did have purpose and may have awoken some of our sleeping kin.

    A special thanks to Reichsmarshal for the support over the years, his commentary was gold and his consistent contribution kept both DiCs afloat.


  12. I think we posted as much we truly could.
    Thank you Detroiter for starting it up in
    the first place.Without it I never would of
    gotten in touch with such a like minded and
    intelligent bunch..

    May I be the first to give a big MUH DIK
    MUH MONEY Salute and hope you keep in touch with us..

  13. Thank you for your service Detroiter. Your website woke me up and hopefully many others. I am pretty bummed out by the whole thing but shit happens.

    Anyone who wishes to continue can stop by my forum. I would like to stay in touch with you guys. There is a chat board located there as well. It's no where as good or as popular as Detroiter's site but it will due.

    Thank you again Detroiter and all of you guys. You really took it to those bastards.

  14. Thanks Detroiter, both for the kind words and for letting us know what's going on.

    I understand completely the problem of repeating ones self over and over(and often to no avail). Posts on this blog are far and few between these days for much the same reasons. Not much left to say, and I said it better the first time.

    While life without DIC is like a strange, empty hole that I'm not quite used to, you've earned the right to hang it up and move on. Echoing the sentiments of the other guys, your service has been greatly appreciated. I'm proud of being associated with that site, and as I said, this blog wouldn't even exist without it. Nor would I have "met" the outstanding group of posters who seemed drawn to DIC.

    Thanks again, and good luck, Brother.

  15. Leet, I checked out the site earlier today. Looks cool. I'll definitely sign up this weekend.

    And don't worry about replicating the DIC forum. It's not possible, and this was really proved after that first crippling shut down where our growth was derailed and we never could quite get that same intensity and momentum back.

    Maybe this new venue to kick shit around in is just what we need.

  16. so glad Detroit is crap is gone. so long bitches! your friend Kdub.

  17. Detroiter, thank you for DIC. I liked the community there, and I'll look for you all at some of the other sites.

  18. Don't give up Detroiter - check out these pathetic Detroit pavement apes:

  19. kdub: admit it. You love DIC and you need it more than even us die hard fans do. In fact, you were so distraught that DIC was gone that you googled it to find out what happened, which is likely how you ended up here.

    whare u gon' troll now, nigga?

  20. I am glad for the time and effort you put into your endeavor Detroiter. It was entertaining to say the least. It will be missed like a loved family pet, but in the end its loss will pass and will be replaced.

    kDub just because an avenue is closed does not close the people’s minds. We continue to exist, much to your chagrin. You and those of your like mind could not silence us with logic so you stepped into a realm of censorship, but this will not work, it never has. You and those like you will never be able to force me to believe you are my equals and I will educate as many as I possibly can, whether on the net or through face to face contact.

    I too have to agree we should have let the site die the first time it was removed. There was no way we could possibly live up to the previous installment. The only regrets I have is the amount of data and writings that I and many others lost in its removal from the web.

    I think I will also put to bed the moniker MCK. That was a name solely for DIC.

  21. Rest in peace DIC. It was a great site and gave me many friends I would not of had otherwise.

  22. I read DIC posts everyday just to see what the spooks were up to. Your commentary was some of the funniest shit ever. You should keep writing.

  23. I just let them niggers have it over at check it out and add your own.

  24. Dixieman here. I will have to take my hat off to Detroiter for a job well done. I too will miss the site tremendously. I have also enjoyed reading your blog Reichsmarshal and I will check into the others mentioned in this thread. I am pleased to have shared some thoughts and ideas with Detroiter, Reichsmarshal, Cleveland, MCK, and the rest of the crew. You guys have helped me to continue the education of my children toward the reality of the world, and for that, I will always be indebted to you and can't thank you enough. Bravo gentleman as we continue our struggle to educate the white masses.

  25. Thanks, Dixieman. Statements like yours make it all worth it, especially when it seems no one is listening. Your commentary is highly valued so I hope you'll join Leet's new forum, or at least pop in here from time to time. I haven't been posting here that often over the past year, but I have a feeling that's going to be changing, given the vacuum that's been left. I'll never be able to fill it, but I'm going to do everything I can to make this a worthy stop for all those who will be searching for DIC in the coming days and ending up here.

  26. Looks like they are on to me already. My profile photo was flagged. lol XD Too funny. I just reuploaded it. Hopefully I do not get v& by joogle.

  27. Dixieman here. Reichsmarshal, I will be keeping a tab on your blog and the other one mentioned here. I promise I will not be going anywhere and will keep in we continue our effort to educate our white brethren who have been influenced by toxic means, it is important that we continue the our heritage certainly depends upon our efforts.....every mind we enlighten, is one less being thrown with the rest of the sheeple carcasses upon the throne of the malignant epidemic of apathy that has taken hold of so many of our white brethren.........we all know the epicenter of the evil choking the life out of our once great country........the more we can educate, the more we can provide a means for the continuing of our race...........

  28. Whites need to lead by example, educating ourselves and proving we are better. It would also help to drop the retarded Nazi bullshit, no one is ever going to listen to you when you are draped in a Nazi flag. Nazis were a bunch of fucking sheep that would take your freedoms away in a fucking heartbeat.

  29. Thanks for regurgitating the inaccurate kosher slander against National Socialism. Your jewish masters will be very proud to know your operant conditioning is holding firm. You may want to reassess who you've determined the “fucking sheep” to be in your “retarded bullshit” comment.

    I know. I should clean all of this up and become “respectable” a la pussified eunuchs like Jared Taylor, right? White people are flocking to him in droves and his message is really resonating isn't it? I mean, nobody calls him a “Nazi-racist-bigot-hater-White Supremacist” do they?

    I've made it clear from the very first post of this blog that this isn't about people “listening” to me or waking up White people, and it sure in hell was never about making it kosher for hyper sensitive dip shits like you. This blog was and is about White Insurgency. Aimed at people who already know the score. Most Whites are a lost cause. Since they can't and won't learn, they're going to have to feel. No amount of pontificating I or anyone else can do can avert them from their suicidal course with their own destruction.

    If White people can be deterred from pursuing their own rational self interest by seeing a Totenkopf, then they deserve whatever fate they've allowed to happen to them. Whites are either fit for survival or they are not.

  30. Since Detroit is crap has been down i found a site at their a image board with a page called nig its not quite Detroit is crap but its ok. filled with slimier type images

  31. Detroiter,
    Thanks for your hard work. I only started joining in on the fun and path to racial understanding in 2008 and came upon your site after evolving from kosher AmRen in 2009, but just as I am now about to move from a place I've enjoyed living in for over three years, so too must I get used to Detroit/Diversity is Crap being gone as well at the same time. All is fleeting, but I'll retain the pleasant memories I associate with both, steel my resolve, and keep working for a Whiter future. Detroiter, Reichsmarshall, Moon Cricket Kicker, Dixieman, and all the others who commented regularly (unlike me), thanks for your voices and keep up the struggle.

    -"Good Citizen"

    1. DIC was a great part of my motivation as well, RM and all. It doesn't take a genius to see the obvious subversion at hand. Regrettably,though, it does take someone to slap you in the face at times...

      Keep up the good fight. I know I will!

      Hail, ;)


  32. Racists! every big city is crap...not just detroit...

  33. Every big city is crap because of one glaringly obvious common denominator: a high population of nigger savages.

  34. Detroit is Crap was shut down because it was a racist crap website. The website owner is probably molesting some child somewhere, that's what white people do.


  36. Dixieman here. Wow Anonymous, I'm sure you really strained that 85 IQ (probably being generous with that estimate) to regurgitate the ignorance you posted in all caps. And don't break out the malt liquor and blunts just yet, as you might be surprised by the number of whites who will respect their heritage and not mate with feral animals.

  37. What kind of life do you have anonynigger, that you've come to this "toothless redneck site" to vent? Your own anti-White bigotry and the sheer glee with which you await our genocide and total destruction is why we will never simply bury our collective heads in the sand and surrender to scum like you.

    And to the nigger who made vulgar references to Dixieman's wife because his simian IQ allowed for no other discourse but to resort to muh dick: your unoriginal comments were dumped in the proper trash receptacle. You could not even spell your insults correctly. You can regurgitate all the cliches about "trailer trash", "racists", and "toothless rednecks" that your limited minds see fit. This is a place for respectable White people to gather. A line must be drawn, and I draw it at nigger preoccupation "wif dey dick."

    1. Dixieman here. Thanks Reichsmarshal. I have grown used to the vile nigger trolls who obviously masturbate at the thought of violating my wife....yet they never seem to comprehend that she would take her own life before she would ever even touch a feral simian beast, much less bed down with one. It is a tribute to the impact that you and Detroiter have had that you can log in months after your last update, and still find the nigger trolls coming on here throwing their insults around. The vermin that we are trying to educate white people about actually miss us. I have to chuckle at the irony of it all. I'm guessing that while you guys have helped to educate many whites, the more impressive factor is that you have actually taught a few feral silverbacks about their true nature. That my friend....considering the IQ of said very impressive!!!

  38. No problem, Dixieman. The fact is that I now get more comments from nigger trolls since my hiatus than I ever got while this blog was regularly updated. It's like an abandoned building in Detroit; niggers see the lights are out and they come in here to defecate.

    I believe the up-tick in all of this impotent nigger rage is due in no small part to the fact that since DIC is gone, they have to come here and lash out at anyone or anything connected to it. They miss it more than we do, it would seem.

    Incidentally, the anonynigger has tried numerous times to leave yet more penis obsessed comments. I find his persistence, and my constant swatting down of him, amusing. Truly, he/it is someone as devoid of any meaningful discourse as he is of any true purpose in life.

  39. Dixieman here. I have to fully concur with you Reichsmarshal. I have to believe that the feral chimps are preparing for a feces flinging riot in case the "ordained magic mulatto" fails to achieve another term in what has truly become our farce of an electoral process. As those who have been shown the light truly understand, the "tribe" still controls which puppet will be installed in the office. We either face full fledged riots of feces flinging in defeat, or a full fledged celebration of feces flinging in victory, while the vampires continue to mainline what little is left of our nations money, while I have prepared myself and my family the best that I can, I have to sit and laugh at these feral mudbeast trolls as they hurl insults with no knowledge of their expendable caged animals in a zoo, they are left to no other devices than muh dick, grape drink, 40's, weed, watermelon, and what is available to steal.......I can only sit in wait and hope one of these trolls can show up near my home, with their hoodie on, with their skittles and Arizona tea.....

  40. I'm a man without a country. I hate black people. I don't mind Asians. And I don't mind Jewish people. I'm not a fucking Nazi. I can't hate Jews because some of the best comics in the world are Jewish and they're civil and intelligent. Black people are subhuman, violent, and ruin everything they touch.

  41. Anonymous, you are without a country, one I might add that was built by our ancestors, because you are confused. You see the destruction that is wrought on those who believe in this whole notion of multiculturalism, but never recognize its source. While you see the jews as being civil and intelligent, you miss the punch line. You mention comics as being some kind of contribution the jews have given us. When you look at what they have given us, which I will admit is a great many things, it is vastly outweighed by what they have taken. Not just by us or our present nation, this is a systematic parasitic action on a global level.

    Really what have they given us, cheap entertainment? When that is held next to what they have done with that domination of that whole medium. They control the issuance and value of an imaginary monetary system, which they are using to strip vast reserves of true wealth from almost anyone they associate with, all in the name of the good. I stand in awe that they have not been at least exiled from this nation.

    If you do not recognize the true entities that are withholding a country or nation from you, how can you ever expect to either win it back or create a new one? On a global level we as a nation are their golem, on a more personal note we are the host in which not only the feed from, but a great many others who are taught it is everyone’s duty to help everyone, whether they truly need it or not.

    Try to see the disease as a whole, don’t devote all your attention on just the symptoms.

  42. Anonymous, I can't top Mooncricketkicker's deconstruction of your faulty reasoning, but I will add some observations of my own.

    First, you accept a false premise(created by jews) that anyone who would dare stand in opposition to jewish parasitic and destructive actions is a "fucking Nazi."

    It's nice that you have a list of people you "don't mind." As the multicultural cesspool continues to deepen(with jews opening the spigots) you will continue to be "a man without a country." These same folks you "don't mind",DO mind your existence very much. Balkanization of White countries has ensured a tribal coalition of non-Whites whose goal is to dispossess and breed out of existence the White dupes like you who think "they're not so least they aren't niggers."

    I don't need a country. My race is my nation. Once we all start thinking like that, things will fall into their proper place.

    Giving jews a collective free pass because of some inconsequential comic books they've created is as foolish as me becoming a nigger lover because I like the black(as in negro, not the Norwegian genre) metal band Body Count. It's a complete fallacy of logic.

    The very comics you have proclaimed as some kind of sacred jewish texts were and are subversive, nation wrecking anti-White propaganda. Your false world view of what constitutes a "Nazi" was likely formed by this dreck. Are you cool with your favorite classic characters being turned into niggers and faggots? How many people, jew and non jew alike, has Stan Lee ripped off? Steve Ditko, a "lowly gentile", is the man who actually created Spider Man. Luckily for Lee(Leiber) he and his jewish cronies owned the printing press and could give credit to whomever they chose.

    Heed well Mooncricketkicker's words and dig into the true roots of the malady. You may be quite shocked to find that the jews you hold in such reverence are the architects of your demise.

  43. Hahahahaha serves that website right hahahaha