Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rendier Youtube Channel Removed From Links

I've looked the other way a few times before, but it's time to finally let White South African "Rendier" go.

Rendier never proclaimed himself a "White Nationalist" or a "racist" of any kind. He was just a fed up White South African who produced some pretty compelling rants about the conditions facing Whites in South Africa. I fully accepted what he was and what he wasn't, taking his videos at face value for their insight into a hell that is increasingly becoming our reality here in Amerikwa, often times excusing his embarrassing naivete.

I always felt he was somewhat ignorant of the reality of his situation, in that he never seemed to quite hit the nail on the head. Others convinced me that he was "just playing it safe" to avoid the jewtube censors.

But this? The second nauseating video of it's type, and an indication that more like it are to follow?

I'm now getting the sense that this fool is less concerned about his survival than he is about currying favor with his nigger tormentors. Rendier just wants the kaffirs to like him. How about some charity for the orphaned children of White farmers whose parents were raped, tortured and butchered by shitskin savages? Oh, that's right. Most of them were raped and murdered too. There are still a lot of dispossessed White professionals who have now been rendered destitute and homeless under this Planet of the Apes scenario that are far more worthy of consideration. Of course, philanthropy aimed at Whites is "racist."

The thing that really solidified my decision to drop Rendier from the resource links was the fact that I left a comment which was deleted(and pretty quickly at that). It's not sour grapes over being censored, it's more about being miffed at what was left up.

This was allowed: "take your NIGGER TAR babys and shove them up your arse"

This was deemed far too over the top for Rendier's sensibilities: "Misplaced altruism. These savages will one day rape and murder future generations of White South Africans."

My comment, far less offensive than the one that preceded it, hits upon a truth that Rendier would rather pretend is not the reality. He really does believe in this coexistence bullshit. Most of his rants are laments that Boer and kaffir "can't get along."

Does he really think he is buying himself a little mercy once they kick in his door and drag his bloody body through the streets?

I've kind of had it with South Africans in general. They are among the most stubborn and stupid people I've ever encountered. They think the jews and Israel in particular are their friends. To suggest otherwise and they will denounce you as a "jew hating nazi." Ask them about the jews who were openly behind the murderous ANC and the sound of crickets as a response is deafening.

Eugene Terre Blanche is lionized and revered by many on our shores. But what was he doing employing the blacks who murdered him, especially when so many Whites in South Africa are in dire need? I believe Apartheid was necessary for societal order, but it is probably Blanche's mindset that imported the nigger problem in the first place, just as a handful of greedy traitors infested our own country with these dangerous beasts in the quest for "cheap" labor .

We've all seen the horrible pictures of the atrocities committed against our Folk in South Africa. They are as heart breaking as they are rage inducing. Some people though, regardless of how much you sympathize with them, simply don't want your compassion. Perhaps it's best we let them go their way and fight their fight the way they see fit. We've got problems of our own.


  1. I really couldn't have said it better myself. Rendier is way, way over the top on this one. He's deleted my posts before as well and I tossed it off as just trying to keep things low key but this is to much. Why isn't he helping orphaned white kids? You're right about the South Africans. I believe the best one's have already immigrated, after being unable to tolerate the mess that their kinder, gentler cousins had initiated. Those fools think they can co-habitate with the blacks. They will meet their doom in a few decades, at most but you can't tell them that, any more than you can tell these idiots in the US about our own appointment with destiny. I say let them go, there and here. It's time to preserve the best and say goodbye to the rest.

  2. Please don't generalise about white South Africans. Opinion-wise, they are a motley bunch. South Africa has a high proportion of jews which is perhaps why the whites there tend to have a jewey outlook. But believe me, many of them like myself are tuned in to what jewry is up to and detest it. Keep up the good work.

  3. PS - I meant to mention - some expat South Africans continue to maintain that blacks are just "poor victims". Check out this barf:

    She makes me embarrassed to be South African.

  4. You're right, anonymous. I allowed my frustration with the small handful of South Africans I've "met" online to distort my perceptions. I apologize.

    No matter how tone deaf they appear to be on the truth about jews, though...I'll never stop doing my small part to let the rest of the world know the horrors being inflicted upon them.

    Yeah, the video of that kike-ess is pretty disgusting. Subversive nation wrecking is in these people's very DNA.

    From my understanding, many of those Whites(and jews) who voted ANC quickly got out of SA...where they could comfortably say how great the abolition of Apartheid is.

  5. Well, as a white south african I see it useless to post some YouTube video about how crap things are while my people get tortured, raped and murdered. I prepare myself for the worst. Rendier's "new" liberal leftist views are sickening, he's an asshole.