Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Talmudic Fashion, Kikejews Mock Jesus Christ

While I don't call myself a Christian, even I am deeply offended by the rank blasphemy and hatred on display here from the usual "Synagogue of Satan" suspects. The pathology and utter sickness that emanates from these murderous deceivers on a regular basis would be unbelievable were I not so steeped in their methodology of supremacism and anti-White invective.

While preacher men with saggy jowls like John Hagee worship at the foot of the bandit state, urging their followers to do the same(and simultaneously picking their pockets), G_d's Self Chosen laugh at them, mock them, curse them, spit at them, and cast all manner of derision upon them behind their sanctimonious backs.

The next time your zio-Christian friends, neighbors and relatives lay that chosenite trip on you, direct them to a couple of these videos. In fact, there's more videos on the subject than I even have time to sift through and view. These are just two of the more concise examples of kikes behaving badly.

The video below is in their unnatural "hock and phlegm" tongue, so you'll have to read the captions. It doesn't get any clearer than "you're a Nazi, Jesus."

In additional news, I'm a bit behind in getting the news to those who may not yet know that Original Savage Chick's(of which we're a big fan of here at RW) jewtube channel has been deleted. Yes, the usual kikenweasels were behind it, this time using some kind of bogus "copyright infringement" clause. Her "synagogueofsatan" blog was also deleted in what appears to have been an orchestrated attack against her. The truth must sting for those not in possession of it.

Fear not though. She was back up within a few days with a new channel. Update reflected in the side bar also.

For those unfamiliar with the work this proud White woman is doing:


  1. They (jews)are crazy, demented motor-mouths. Saying nothing more than what they are themselves.
    I am weary of them.
    You know it's just like that kike/? Trump, raging on about the birth certificate, then POOF! after years of demanding it, it is 'provided'. This smells to high heaven of gelfite fish.
    Believe nothing that is shoved down your throat 24/7. Quote: "Nothing in politics happens by coincidence",(well something like that).

  2. There is a comment missing from here.

  3. Yes. Was that your comment pretending to be "cannibal rabbi"?

    I am told that the comment in question was from an imposter. And since it was a vulgarity laced screed that was purely meant to incite rather than make a substantive point, I removed it after a lengthy grace period.

    I left it up long enough for all to see, before disposing of the garbage. I just don't have the time to be distracted by shit disturbers.

  4. OK. I see you have a GREAT capacity for learning my not so qualified for SS service brother. I can truthfully say that I have no problem with the likes of you and yours existence. Your bunkers are safe. Hide in them!

    I wish you luck.

  5. Was there some sort of "wisdom" I was supposed to glean from your fake cannibal rabbi comment?

    How does it feel knowing that I'm living rent free inside of your brain? Your obsession with "Huns" has you so twisted up, you're back here commenting after you said you never would again.

    Your apparent need to be noticed has caused you to once again seek me out, and with the usual word pollution of your rambling, incoherent psycho-babble.

  6. Did you miss the sarcasm? I did not make that comment you fool. I'm just fine with the Hungarians and do indeed count them (and even you) among my brothers. You do not however, nor do they, qualify for the symbols and ranks that you use to represent yourself here and elsewhere.

    I have no need to be "noticed". You however possess the same exact power monger (AKA demand for undeserved respect) that another blogger that I know from another place has.

    Your reaction here has been almost identical to the other fellow.

    NOW, LEARN, YOU STUPID FUCK! I find it interesting that you call my OBVIOUS sarcasm "psycho-babble" when you yourself have claimed to have "psychologically" gotten to that blogger I mentioned above.

    As I said before, I'll say again. I wish you luck.

  7. Yes, I missed the "sarcasm." I do not have the time, nor am I well versed in deciphering obtuse, cryptic writing that fails to arrive at its meaning in a straight forward manner. If whatever it was you were trying to say was "obvious", I'd hate to wade through your truly ambiguous, substance-less verbiage.

    I'll take you at your word that you didn't leave the cannibal rabbi comment. Though it is suspect as to why you would be interested in its absence.

    I don't think that you "qualify". We only have your word(which is not worth much)as to what your heritage may be. In any case, drunkards and mentally unstable individuals do qualify for something: entrance into the T-4 Euthanasia Program.

    Take a look at the Totenkopfs on top of the page, David. They're laughing at you.

    I am not aware that I have "demanded" (undeserved or otherwise) respect from you or anyone else. As you are a disruptive force where ever you go, I certainly don't need any from you. Though you did once consider my every word gospel until I told you to quit being an asshole. Your outbursts and odd ball behavior are just wounded pride at hearing a particular truth that you didn't like.

    That you have now launched into vulgarities and niggerish all cap typing, will make it clear to any observer how unhinged and unstable you are, and how tenuous your grasp on reality really is.

    And you did prove the point of my previous comment. Even after pointing it out to you, you've come back to seek my validation for your existence, and I, perhaps unwisely, am here now giving it to you. Well, I always have at least a little time for well-wishers, no matter how insincere I deem them to be.

  8. That's a most interesting and seemingly carefully crafted statement. I'll not bother to carefully craft anything for you or your readers. I'm just a simple man. As you have clearly stated, you "don't think I'm qualified" to use the symbols, ranks and names of my ancestors that you do. The fact of the matter is, that I don't. So, why would you tell me I'm not qualified to do something I don't?

    Also, I did notice you mentioned that you only have my word on my ancestry. That is a fact. All of this crap you AND I have stated here was in fact, words. That is the nature of the internet. It's merely words.

    So, now that you have slated me for a euthanasia program that you carefully decided to state simply because of it's supposed use against Aryans "like me", I wonder. When will you and the other Magyars that live in your bunker with you come and execute this "order" against me? Ha, there is no one else in your bunker. You don't even know how to deal with people in real life anymore.

    Here you go... Come get me you Magyar "NAZI". Come euthanize an Aryan because he is not "qualified" to use symbols, ranks and names that he does not use!


    I'll leave you in peace now, and let you talk to your CI cultist friends. These last few statements of yours have been among the jewiest shit I've heard in a long time. I commend you on that.

    That is all.

  9. I was going to write a “carefully crafted(?)” response to your obvious disconnect from reality, but, the comedic value of the steaming pile of shit you've left here really requires no deconstruction. As funny as your histrionics are, I do realize that you are mentally ill. I truly do feel sorry for you.

    So, we all done tittin' and tattin' now?